Pair of Long- and Short-Handled Garden Hoes

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Pair of Long- and Short-Handled Garden Hoes
54A03.28 Long Handled Garden Hoe, Double bladed

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54A03.29 Short Handled Garden Hoe, Double bladed

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This pair has a wide 3" main blade with a 1" blade on the other end – to double the tool’s usefulness. The Long-Handled Hoe saves your back as you turn soil, prepare garden beds and plant rows. The Short-Handled Hoe works well in cramped areas or when seated or kneeling. Use both for mixing compost or peat into your soil when planting. Both handles are lightly oiled solid ash. Hand-crafted in Germany.

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  • Head is what I expected. Handle, not so much.

    Charles E Voigtsberger Jr, 8/5/2020 I was notified that my order had been shipped yesterday. It arrived today. That is absolutely amazing considering it came from Ohio to California. Better than Amazon Prime.

    The blade is as I expected. IT is a heavy duty hoe blade. I'm sorry I can't say the same for the handle. I hope it lasts, but it really doesn't match the hoe and the kind of work that I will be putting the hoe to. It is much lighter and thinner than I expected. I will report again after I have had a chance to put the hoe to work.

    I would like to say something about the packing. The lady who packed this hoe did a masterful job. I wondered how well the box would survive having the heavy hoe blade in cardboard. It survived just fine thanks to her attention to detail in packing the hoe. It comes completely assembled which certainly makes it a challenge to pack. The lady who packed it (I don't know if I should mention her name, so I won't Garrett Wade will know who she is) spent considerable time thinking about how to accomplish a difficult packing job. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into the packing job,
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