Palm Screwdriver with Beechwood Handle

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Palm Screwdriver with Beechwood Handle
saves you from wrist fatigue
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The secret of our ratcheting screwdriver is the shape of the Beechwood Knob/Handle. It sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and allows a maximum amount of downward pressure on the bit without tiring your wrist. Almost all of your strength is available for the rotating task at hand (ratchet right or left).

The Palm Driver comes with a useful selection of a dozen bits (Slot, Phillips, Pozidrive, Torx and Square Drive) but it will fit any standard 1/4" hex-shank bit. It’s a simple tool. Nothing fancy, but it’s a great value. Your wrists will thank you.

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  • A perfect fit

    Gregory Knox, 2/5/2020 I love how this driver snuggles right into the palm of my hand. Wonderful use of a piece of Beechwood. I only downgraded the driver on account of the plastic collet. I would gladly pay double for a knurled brass collet, but then, c’est la vie. I will have to reserve my thoughts on the ratchet mechanism until I’ve used it for a while, for now it feels a little rough but does the job. Love having this in my tool chest.
  • Great and Essential Tool

    Walt, 9/28/2019 This is an essential tool that when you need it nothing else will do. I have other short screwdrivers but the shape of the handle on this one does just what it says, it allows a lot of pressure on the bit. The fact that it uses standard hex shank bits is also nice as I have quite a collection of those. Strange that a Robertson (square drive) is not included though.
  • Lyle

    Lyle, 7/19/2019 A nice comfortable screwdriver.
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