Parallel Moving-Jaw Adjustable Wrench Set

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Sale Parallel Moving-Jaw Adjustable Wrench Set
Light years better than any alternatives
62K15.01 7" Parallel Jaw Wrench

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62K15.02 10" Parallel Jaw Wrench

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62K15.03 12" Parallel Wrench

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62K15.09 6" Parallel Wrench

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62K15.20 6 + 10" Parallel Wrenches

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62K15.30 All 3 Parallel Wrenches

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Although not cheap, these professional, German-made wrenches are industrial quality and really a terrific value. The spring-lock button-locked slides have 19 positions. The jaws move absolutely parallel to one another. When you squeeze, an integral pivot forces the jaws tight. The leverage is huge. We have many hundreds of satisfied customers using them.

The German maker recently introduced a 6" size for handiness and we consider the range of the 3 sizes to now be perfect. For the fully equipped shop, all three have great utility.

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Overall Rating
  • Better grip than pliers

    Arthur Fournier, 2/17/2019 Very nicely made adjustable wrench. A bit pricey, but it looks as though it will offer excellent grip and leverage without marring a nut.
  • Moving Jaw Adjustable Wrench Set

    BARBARA, 12/16/2018 Just what I wanted and high quality. Love Wade products
  • Wrench

    Richard Kahn, 12/22/2013 These wrenches are really quite extraordinary in solving problems that ordinary wrenches can't deal with -- no slipping or sliding or destruction of bolts. They are expensive but their quality makes them worth every penny.
  • Finally!

    DPF, 5/5/2012 After years of trying to keep my beloved Channel lock pliers in the right notch as I tried to tighten a large nut, I have the tool that will end that frustration. The parallel jaws are just right, and while it's sometimes a bit balky when adjusting the size, once you get it where you want it, it stays there. Just Marvelous.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner May 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Dave!!
  • Adj Wrenches

    Andy C., 12/26/2010 Like the locking mechanism and the smooth jaws
  • A Bargain

    Jack Young, 7/17/2010 Even Though More Costly
  • Need jaw options

    doon41, 4/15/2010 Terrific pliers! Now I want some options: Jaws with sharp teeth. Jaw slipover lips in nylon. But still a great tool, well made. Too expensive (sigh) but what did we expect?
  • Does What it Says

    Ron, 4/15/2009 I have the large and the small models. They replace a whole slew of my other wrenches and do a perfect, non-marring job on nuts of all descriptions. They are also great for other applications where a conventional tooth-jaw wrench would ruin the work.
  • best channel locks""

    b mccraw, 4/14/2009 channel-lock" type pliers are so cheaply made and never stay in position and have caused me many "blood-blisters" over the years; these german made versions never lose there position and are so easy to use and will never "strip" a nut. I do wish they were also offered in a version with teeth. They are worth every penny! Don't loan these to anyone; they'll definitely disappear!"
  • Great tools

    PVargo, 4/14/2009 Awesome Pliers! Lock firmly into position and work very well. A bit slower to use than standard channel locks but well worth it!
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