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Perfect Hinge Setting Kit
$ 24.4000
Setting hinges that are aligned, square and flush is not that difficult to do as long as you carefully layout your work and perform each simple step well. Maddeningly, it can often be the last and simplest task - setting the screws - that mars an otherwise skillfully performed job. To take the frustration out of this crucial step and help ensure flat screw heads and square hinges every time, we’ve put together two favorite hand tools to create the Perfect Hinge Setting Kit.

The Self-Centering Automatic Punch, with an internal spring and steel point, uses a cone-shaped retractable tip to remove the guesswork. With the hinge flat in the mortise, simply position the tip and push down until the spring fires for a perfectly centered starter hole. Use the Universal Screw Starter to enlarge each starter into a pilot hole for your screw size. It’s as simple as that, and yet, of all the different types of tools and methods that we use to mortise hinges, these two little tools are always on our bench.
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