Personal Foot Care Tool Kit

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We like these a lot, as good ones are scarce
38B01.01 Steel Handled Emory Board (with Emory Pads)

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38B01.02 Steel File with 4 Grades – Coarse to Fine

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38B01.05 Nail File

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Good abrasive cards and files and specialized trimming tools are needed to keep the your feet trimmed and comfortable. But good tools that are not mass-market drugstore items are not easy to find. So quite naturally we went to France for a solution. There's nothing exotic here - just good function.

Four tools are offered: Two wet/dry silicon-carbide abrasive surfaces (including 8 pads of two different coarseness) that attach to the 4-1/2" stainless steel Handle, a 6" stainless steel Rasp (with 4 highly varied filing faces), a brushed steel toenail Clipper and a 3" Nail File. You'll use them all the time.
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