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Bestseller Full-Size Personal Machete
Has gorgeous balance
No one here can take their eyes off this one
04D04.16 Full-Size Personal Machete

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We've been looking at machetes from all over the world for years and this one is definitely special. The 14" long high carbon steel, full tang blade (1/4" thick) has a beautiful shape with the tip heavy for best effect. The full sized handle with bulb shaped end, tropical hardwood grips and 1/4" brass pins fits your hand like a glove.

All this detail produces great handling control. The fitted full length black leather belt sheath is standard. Made in El Salvador for use by farm workers in that tropical climate, this will not disappoint. It's not as inexpensive as others we know about (and carry), but it's a real honey.

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Overall Rating
  • High quality product

    James Ashcraft, 8/30/2018 Perfect for my clearing project
  • Good

    kvk, 3/30/2018 Great
  • WOW!

    G. Varela, 2/7/2018 I've owned several machetes over the years and used them well. This is my first El Salvadorian machete and although I havent used it yet, my experience tells me I made the right purchase. The craftmanship is impeccable! The handle is not only gorgeous but smooth and girthy. A great feel of stability, and I dont have large hands. It is very nicely balanced & I'm sure the shape of the blade will lend itself useful in many situations.
  • Worth the price

    Jerry Hamilton, 5/12/2017 Great balance. Excellent tool
  • golo machete

    mark koch, 5/10/2017 the condor machete is the most comfortable machete I have ever had in my hands.the back spine is a good 1/4 in in diameter.the weight distribution is perfect.all in all the best machete I have ever owened.thank you. respectfully mark s Koch.
  • Great size and heft

    WILLIAM, 5/2/2017 I use a machete to trim small tree branches and bushes and cut them down to size for bundling up for city collection. I'm anxious to try this one out - it appears to have the perfect size and heft for the job!
  • Great Product

    Rob , 5/1/2017 Great Product! I love the quality and know that it will last.
  • Full-Size Personal Machete

    Larry K. Stanley, 4/15/2017 After reviewing many makes of machetes I chose yours and I have to say I couldnt possibly be happier. The quality on this knife is excellent.
  • Personal machete

    John Kuta, 2/17/2017 I like the final machete I received. My first order fulfillment had large areas of corrosion on the tang. I returned it and received a first rate replacement.
  • Sharp

    William Dean Moss III, 11/25/2016 Well-weighted. Sits proper in the hand. Hungry.
  • Excellent blade

    Pete, 10/28/2016 Excellent fit and finish. Materials are top shelf, however the handle is too round to effectively index the edge. Although the curve of the handle helps, I still filed it slimmer for a better grip and increased control.
  • Highest Quality

    R A Mannweiler, 7/12/2016 The machete is even more perfect than I had hoped. It is of the highest quality and provides significant and real value.
    My purchase was for my collection and display, but I have no doubt that it would perform beautifully.
  • Melon slices be easy peasy!

    kerry whitener, 7/10/2016 First chance I had to use this machete. Was 4th july eve. I had bought a watermelon. Down came the blade.Wow it cut through the melon like it was soft butter. I could use it to slice as thin of pieces as was asked all around. My family was all happy.Because we all go on camping trips. And see this as a valuable tool.

  • It Works

    Mike Fresco, 6/19/2016 Easily the best machete I've ever used. Great balance, easy to sharpen blade.
    We use our machetes a lot for cutting up garden trimmings for the compost pile.
    Now I never want to use any other. Like all the other Garrett Wade products I've ordered, this is the best.
  • WOW

    Michael, 5/27/2016 All I can say is WOW ! This thing is awesome I can not wait to put this thing to work.

    shawn, 3/4/2016 This thing is a BEAST!! Perfect in every way. Excellent craftsmanship. I LOVE it!!
  • Incredible attention to detail!!

    Anthony, 11/14/2015 Worlds best machete !!
  • Beautifully Made

    James Lundberg, 9/28/2015 Good example of function and beauty. Nice balance and heft. Top quality sheath. Should last for generations to come.

    Gudrun, 9/7/2015 This is a very fine and sweet balanced tool that is like an extension of your arm. So easy to keep sharp and it cuts through material like butter. I will be buying another one soon already I have lined you up two additional customers from St Petersburg. Regards G
  • Quality

    Mark Faris, 7/28/2015 I enjoy simple implements of superior quality. To me they function as much as art as they do tools. I'm not a handy-man type. I confine my efforts to the simplest of tasks. Otherwise, the fire department usually becomes involved. But I still like the tools. This machete is so cool, I have it on the wall. I'll probably order another, along with the equally cool French anchor pocket knife I just ordered.
  • MR

    Larry, 4/22/2015 Very solid and perfect size. I LOVE IT!!
  • Great Product

    Sharon, 12/29/2014 Purchased this machete for my husband and he was more than happy! This is made of quality materials and will be a time saver when clearing brush.
  • Nice Detail and Weight

    Stuart, 12/14/2014 The machete is not only beautiful but has outstanding weight and comfortable to use all day. Good quality on the steel and nice finish and comfort in the handle. Great tool at a great price.
  • Perfect Machete

    Jamse Wright, 10/3/2014 I have been looking for a machete this good for many more years than I care to count! Just glad I got it while I still have the strength to put it to use!
  • Highly Recommend

    Johnny Ray Watson, 8/29/2014 This is the best machete I have ever owned. Garrett Wade is one of the best.
  • Solid and Ready To Work

    Laird Cummings, 8/24/2014 Arrived, and I was immediately pleased with it - this machete is not long, but it's sharp, heavy, and well-designed. The nicely-shaped handle fills the hand (I have large hands, and it fills my hand completely - be warned!), and will not slip out easily. The blade is heavy, sharp, and well-curved, with the 'sweet spot' of the striking/cutting edge near the tip, but not too near. It's not a fast, agile blade, but one designed to cut with authority. For all that, though, it's agile enough for what you need it to do. It powers through saplings and wild grape vines without hesitation, and goes through lesser obstacles like they're not even there. The personal machete is so effective that it makes handling brush-clearing fun - fun enough that I have to defend my right to use if. I may be ordering a couple more, just so I can keep mine! The encroaching scrub had better take heed!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner August 2014 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Laird!!
  • Top Notch

    James Scalzo, 6/16/2014 Beautifully made with excellent balance, comfortable perfectly shaped handle. Best machete I've ever owned.
  • Condor Machete

    Raul Munilla, 4/21/2014 As with all Condor products, the machete lives up to its name. It is the go-to when slicing a cold coconut to cool-off while at Muni Farms in Redland, FL. While I don't object to supporting the El Salvador economy, would prefer your tools being made in USA.
  • Exceptional

    Greg Hines, MD, 4/7/2014
  • Strong & Pretty

    Dave Elliott, 3/18/2014 This machete is perfect. It is heavy duty to carry the energy, strong enough to pry. It is just long enough to handle without undo fatigue and the curved lines are beautiful. The curve in the grip makes for secure handling.
  • Awesome Product

    David Mills, 1/20/2014 Was looking for an awesome machete and found it here. It is an absolutely beautiful piece! I will definitely be shopping here again and was so pleased to receive my purchase earlier then I expected, cant wait to put it to good use as I am an avid hunter and am always in the woods. Thanks so much.
  • Christmas Machete

    Rich, 1/8/2014 A very well made sturdy razor sharp machete. What better Christmas gift could you give? Fantastic product. Thank You Garrett Wade!!
  • Custom Machete

    Gene Bianchi, 12/14/2013 You can toss your old machetes when you start using this one. It is comfortable to use and more efficient. The leather holder makes it easy to carry and use when you need it.
  • Perfect Weight!

    Mike Young, 12/10/2013 This machete is the perfect weight for medium woody brush and pesky stuff like bamboo. The construction is first class all the way. I did resharpen the blade to fit my own preferences and found the steel to be easily worked with a file or stone. The edge, even though ground to 30 degrees, held up well against the neighbor's bamboo forest as well as cottonwood and bayberry bushes. The sheath is very good quality saddle leather and fits the blade nicely. The single rivet holding the belt loop was a cited problem in other reviews so I added another brass rivet to make sure". I think the single rivet was intended to let the scabbard pivot when on horseback, a feature I don't need. As usual, I oiled the leather and treated the really well done wooden handle with teak oil. This tool has become my favorite "bushwhacker". I do own four other machetes of various lengths and weights, but this newcomer is the best in the shop and used for most everything."
  • Great Device! Great Balance.

    Newton Greene, 12/10/2013 Machete has great balance. Size is appropriate for both myself and my wife.
  • Easy to Handle

    Jeffery Sharp, 10/18/2013 This is a very well balanced and weighted machete. I've had many over the years but this is my favorite so far. It's a lot more costly than one you might buy at Walmart, but it will last much longer and is much more comfortable to use.
  • Sturdy

    Gregory Hines MD, 9/22/2013
  • 3 tools in one

    C.R.Comstock, 4/21/2013 This is a winner! I have the advantages of an axe, a hatchet and a machete all in one. As for quality, this is more than a tool, it's an instrument made of fine blade steel and a comfortable handle.
  • Exceeded Expectations

    Scott Plaisted, 4/3/2013 I am in a wheelchair on disability so I don,t have much money. I buy about an item a year for myself and when I saw this in the catalog I just hoped it would be as nice as it looked. The balance and weight is superb, finish is top-notch and it fits in my backpacks ski slots as if made for it. Maple suckers - BEWARE!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner April 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Scott!!
  • Machete

    Clint, 1/4/2013 I purchased this machete as a gift for my boy scout son. It is a quality tool with the real heft necessary to hack brush. He loves it. Linseed oil on the wood added the gloss to really top it off. Thank You
  • Personal Machete

    Johannes Liebert, 9/26/2012 Nice tool. AFTER giving it an edge that actually works.Took a while! But now,good steel,nice handle-works. The belt loop of the sheath tore on the first day.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear that sheath didn't hold up so well. A replacement is on its way to you.
  • Superb tool

    Steve, 6/27/2012 I've been looking for awhile for a non-Chinese made machete, very happy to have found this one. It's worth every penny. The handle is well done, there's no skimping on material, it's a darn nice tool.
  • Solid

    Mike , 4/29/2012 Very happy with the machete. It's a little heavier than I like, but I will get used to the weight. Great offering.
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