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Clean hands are important for maintenance of good health - if not for good appearance. But our hands always get dirty - sometimes very dirty. Our Personal Nail Brush has two brushing areas - one for the whole end of the finger and the smaller one to get under the nail surface itself. It's easy to use, it really works -and it's inexpensive. Get an extra one for your spouse - or special friend, and another for the workshop. You'll be pleased with your appearance, and so will others. Made of unfinished beechwood and soft, light boar bristle.

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Overall Rating
  • Disappointed

    A. Customer, 8/4/2020 I bought this because of the design, which is normally the large brush is softer and the smaller brush is stiffer which is used for fingernail. Both of the brushes are made from the same fibers so the smaller brush is not strong enough to get the dirt removed under the nails.
  • Just what I was looking for!

    Michael , 7/24/2020 Great nail has to be , it was made in Poland!!
  • Great nail brush for you gardeners out there!

    Denise S. Wood, 2/17/2020 Like all Garrett Wade products, high quality, lasting.
  • More than one use

    Greg, 12/15/2018 Does what it was designed to do, cleans fingers and nails. As a side note, I bought one for the wife’s pedicure set. She says it’s softer and better designed than anything she has bought before.
  • Must have

    Josephine, 12/15/2018 A little brush that does so much after a long day at gardening. Must have
  • A must for a gardener

    jasonn, 12/10/2018 hard to find style, double sided with short stiff but not harsh bristles - I bought two right away. Love these.
  • Functional brush

    Joseph Abraham, 11/5/2018 I’m not the manicured type but I work in soil sometimes and the short brush brissles help clear out the dirt under my nails
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