Personal Pen & Pencil Box

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Personal Pen & Pencil Box
an innovative office organizer
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With its double-layer hinged design and sliding top, this 10” long wooden case is the perfect place to keep those pens and pencils that you reach for most often – because you will always know where they are – even perhaps on your desk surface itself. If you are anything like this writer, your desk drawers seem endlessly cluttered with writing detritus. Most of us have preferences and they can get irritating hard to locate quickly. In addition, if you travel, here is a way to not “lose” these small implements in the jumble of your travel case. An excellent stocking present for the person who “has everything”. Made exclusively for us.

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Overall Rating
  • Wonderful boxes

    Laney Norman, 12/5/2018 These are beautiful boxes and so well made. Bought them for Christmas
    presents for my sons to use in their workshops. Can't wait to get their reactions.
  • Remembering the past

    Hans-Henning Boerst, 11/27/2017 I got a pencil box like this as a gift from my mother at my first day at the grammar school March 1944 at Kolmar, East Germany. One 1 year later it was lost in the last days of World War II. Very surprised that this pencil box is now well made in India.
  • Personal Pen and Pencil box

    Carol Ray, 12/27/2016 Very impressed with the quality of the items. More than expected!
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