Pickaroon for Easy Log Handling

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Pickaroon for Easy Log Handling
Save your back with these tools
Made for us in Germany with American Hickory Handles
54A03.08 Small Log Pickaroon

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54A03.09 Large Log Pickaroon

Available 10/20/2020


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The Pickaroon is a tool for safely moving cut logs, known as “rounds.” The heads of these two, commissioned at a third generation German foundry, are the same size, with different handle lengths. The longer one (31") is great for wrangling larger logs, and the shorter (15") is great for moving shorter sections. The handles of both are American Hickory, nicely shaped, and the heads are forged steel.

With the curved beak-like precision point driven into a log, a round can be pulled, flung, rolled and pitched where needed with a surprising degree of leverage. These are two exceptional tools that will make your life easier when you take on the job of being Paul Bunyan.

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Overall Rating
  • Picaroon

    Picaroon, 9/22/2020 Does exactly what I wanted it to do!
  • Pickaroon

    Josh S, 8/4/2020 Still wondering why I didn't order one many years ago. Makes life alot easier while trying to beat the heat.
    My back is happier with me now that I am using the long handled pickaroon. Very sturdy too.
  • Full size pickaroon

    Craig Gilbert, 7/23/2020 Well made, light and strong. Will order the smaller model soon.

    Scott, 7/19/2020 The pickeroon does it job well. I am concerned about how the handle was hung, feel certain I'll be working on that at some point. I've been buying quailty hand tools all my life, I don't buy junk. I was a bit disappointed in otherwise outstanding German craftsmanship in the past, the casting is not finished as well as I belive it should have been!
  • Pickaroon

    Adrian, 6/11/2020 Perfect for what I was looking for. The beak is far better than the short handled version I have (it has a crook in it that tends to hang) and I prefer this design far better. Sanded the handle down a bit and will oil it instead to keep it conditioned. I did have someone stop by and they asked about it and I gave them your website and approximate price.
  • 36" pickaroon, awesome!

    John, 6/9/2020 I purchased the 36" pickaroon and glad I did! Light, strong, high quality traditional tool. I purchase my firewood log length 12' to 16' long by the truck load. Makes easy work out of pulling the logs off the pile for cutting to length. Buy one these and you won't be disappointed! Shipping was fast and the pickaroon arrived in perfect condition. What more can you ask for??
  • small pickaroon is brilliant

    Blair, 6/2/2020 Great tool for saving your back and quality machining of head. Have bought both the long and short versions. Found the short version is most versatile one for lifting rings onto log splitter, pulling rings away from other logs saving fingers and generally being able to keep a straight back. The tool is easy to use, it goes into the grain easily, and simply pushing the handle towards the logs allows it to release with no effort
  • Short Handled Pickaroon

    Darryl Henry, 5/25/2020 Just received this short handle pickaroon yesterday ! I used it today as I was cutting firewood, this was such a timesaver also a back saver !! I wish I knew about this years ago. This is now part of my tool supply when I cut wood forever. Thanks for the great product.
  • Love my pickaroon

    Christopher, 5/20/2020 I bought the long handle pickaroon to help with firewood processing! OMG I have no clue how I went 53 years without a pickaroon! Actually planning on buying a second long handle and most likely a short handle also. The long handle is outstanding for picking up pieces when loading the trailer and also very handy when it comes to pulling rounds up to the splitter. Outstanding tool!
  • Quality and price are there!

    Joshua, 5/10/2020 I From the city. I bought a place in the woods with an outdoor boiler last spring. I spent a lot of the summer splitting and stacking firewood by hand. I wish I had known about these tools last year! Over the winter someone introduced me to the pickaroon, and boy am I glad they did! I purchased a decent Brand name one off of amazon with good reviews. It broke within a couple of weeks. It just wasn’t built with the ruggedness I need. When I was looking to replace I googled top ten pickaroons and these popped up high on the list. I’m not a fan of amazon and figured if I could support a business directly I would. I was very impressed with the quality of the tools and the speedy delivery of my products. I have moved a lot of material with these tools from rounds to split and more. Garrett Wade is my go-to for new garden and wood processing hand tools.
  • Great price for a great pickaroon

    Daniel, 5/7/2020 Just picked up the small pickaroon and what a deal! Perfect shape to the pick and length is exactly what is needed for handling firewood. I can't imagine being without it now. No more sore back from stooping. Just stick and go. Cut my handling time in half.
  • Small Pickaroon

    CARL, 5/3/2020 very nice pickaroon lightweight but very strong
  • Pickeroon

    Thomas Yeoman, 2/13/2020 I purchased a large and small pickaroon to help with processing firewood. Great tool like having an arm extension. The small one is great for getting blocks onto the log spliter and the larger one to position logs to block.
  • Awesome

    David, 12/15/2019 Was looking for a tool to make moving the big pieces of wood to my splitter easier and I found it! Wouldn't be without it now. Use it for everything from pulling long lengths off the pile to moving cut pieces to the splitter. Great back saver!
  • Sappie/Hookeroon

    Tim Hall, 9/22/2019 Purchased both the large and small sappies as I had a chance to use a friends and it seemed like a good option. I knew they would be useful on softwoods such as pine and cedar but had doubts about dense hardwoods. I am happy to say that they tested out well with 3 different types of oaks including live oak which is noted for its denseness. They are a great backsaver and will replace my Stihl lifting tongs on a number of occasions.
  • Quality large pickaroon

    Eric Long, 7/14/2019 Quality tool that looks great and works well. Handle comes unfinished, except for the hi-vis paint on the end of handle, which is rare now days and gives the ability to properly finish the wood with boiled linseed, tung, or oil of your choice. Mine was on backorder and customer service was polite and helpful every time that I called. Only wish there was more email communication so that I didn't have to call to find status. Other than that, great job!
  • heirloom picaroon

    john lamonica, 5/5/2019 this pickaroon is the real deal ! i have been using it since i unwrapped it . my old one ( that was my granddads ) bit the dust last month and i decided i needed to hand off to my grandson one day and this one fits the order

    Kelly S., 5/3/2019 Great German engineering quality head. Was considering purchasing a Ochsenkopf one but Garrett Wade uses a hickory handle rather than ash.
  • Best quality, decent price, great tool

    2Knives, 4/18/2019 A pickaroon is used to move small or large logs by hooking the wood and rolling it or directly picking it up. This tool does this with complete authority. Handle is straight grain wood and the head is tempered steel. One of the best ones I have ever used. If you need one, and anyone who heats with wood does, this is the one.
  • Amazing

    Krassimire Kostov, 4/14/2019 If I could put 6 stars I would. It doesn't getting better than that. Grabs strong, holds great. Amazing quality. Worth more than it costs.
  • Why did I wait so long to get one?!?!?

    Chance Hazelnis, 4/8/2019 Absolutely love this little thing!!! Just mad I waited so long to get one. Craftsmenship is tremendous, definitely will be getting the bigger one soon.
  • small pickaroon

    James R Warner, 4/7/2019 what a tool, must have for cutting wood.
  • Pickeroon

    Nick, 3/22/2019 Excellent pickeroon! It’s built really well with the nice hickory handle. One swing and it locks in the wood with the duck bill style tip. I’ll be telling friends about this product and website
  • Great pickaroon

    Donald L Wilson, 3/14/2019 Excellent pickaroon, has great balance, the head is amazing, very heavy and reinforced, also appears it will be pretty easy to to rehqndle.

    My only complaint is the red paint on the handle but that's easily remedied with a rasp.
  • Large pickaroon

    Brian P Oneill, 3/14/2019 Gives every log a long sturdy handle. Great for pulling and lifting logs. Wish i had one in years past and looking forward to giving some as gifts.
  • Loving The Pickaroon

    Kevin Faust, 3/8/2019 I have a bad back and this tool is a godsend. Very simple yet very effective. I no longer have to bend over to lift pieces of wood at the farm. I now carry my chainsaw and the long pickaroon!!
  • Great/ lightweight

    Lizzi, 3/7/2019 Got this to move rail road ties in yard- and to do wood this summer.
  • Excellent Pickaroon

    Alan Walters, 2/19/2019 I ordered the long handle pickaroon and I love it. Makes it easy to grab rounds when splitting. Very nice quality made tool.
  • Long Picaroon

    Phil McCoy, 2/3/2019 Awesome!!!!! If I win the $100 I will buy another. Maybe 2 more...
  • Long Handled Pickaroon

    Bill Sewell, 2/2/2019 Long Handled Pickaroon works excellent for me. I have had surgery on my left hand making it difficult to lift logs to the splitter with one hand. With the pickaroon I stick the log, pickup by holding the head, set it easily on the splitter.

    roger, 2/1/2019 great item
  • Fine Quality and and my back loves them.

    Steve, 1/30/2019 These looked so well made and functional I bought both sizes. I have some pretty fair size rounds and needed the longer for those and the smaller for the quarters. The smaller pickaroon has a well shaped, but hefty handle for it's size and came smoothly finished with no sealer. The larger actually has a slimmer handle and is 'elegantly' shaped. The finish on the longer one was still a little bit rough, but smoothed up perfectly with a bit of steel wool. The heads were fine as delivered. After oiling both I put them to the test and they performed very well indeed. Very happy with my purchase as is my back.
  • Small log pickaroon

    Albert Miller, 12/9/2018 Hi all,just got this fine tool and it goes on the splitter,to pull the rounds from the log loading lift,into the splitting area...I am very fussy about my hand tools and i love this short pickaroon...
  • Nice Pickaroon

    Jerry Crawford, 10/5/2018 It is a lot easier to handle rounds with my pickaroon.
  • Nicely made product

    Brant Thomas, 8/12/2018 Only used this one time, but I was very happy to see how easy it was to pick up a round. Helps the back, too! A quality product. Bought the smaller one, but have not used it, yet.
  • Great quality

    Brian Pierce, 12/6/2017 I'm a bit of a axe snob, builder, and collector so I wasn't expecting much at this price point. I had bought the larger of the two and I must say I am extremely pleased. So far I've used it on close to 2 cords of a mixture of oak, pine, fur and madrone. Seasoned and green. It grabs the wood with ease and a lite amount of force which makes it let go with little to no effort when ready. With a little practice and aim you can grab a hold of a small(stick) round the size of a golf ball. The handle feels good and the grain orientation is suprisngly perfect. The head is properly hung and nicely wedged. I am extremely happy that there is no varnish on the handle, already gave it a lite sanding and hit it with boiled linseed oil. The quality of the forging is very good. I wouldn't say it's quite Gransfors Bruks quality but at least equal to Husqvarna or some Wetterlings. It could be forged equal or better but the only noticable difference is the finish work, no big deal if you don't mind a little file work. And truly it doesn't need it unless you're looking to polish it, either way it looks good. This is my first Garret Wade purchase and definitely looking forward to giving there axe's a try. I would definitely purchase this again and highly recommend it.
  • Happy with my long handled Pickaroon

    Michael G, 11/22/2017 This tool is well made, and works perfectly. It really saves time and reduces back strain. Have used it to move and drag heavy oak rounds, and also has been a good tool for trail cleaning.
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