Pickaroon for Easy Log Handling

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Pickaroon for Easy Log Handling
Save your back with these tools
Made for us in Germany with American Hickory Handles
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54A03.08 Small Log Pickaroon

Available 03/10/2018


54A03.09 Large Log Pickaroon

Available 03/10/2018


The Pickaroon is a tool for safely moving cut logs, known as “rounds.” The heads of these two, commissioned at a third generation German foundry, are the same size, with different handle lengths. The longer one (31") is great for wrangling larger logs, and the shorter (15") is great for moving shorter sections. The handles of both are American Hickory, nicely shaped, and the heads are forged steel.

With the curved beak-like precision point driven into a log, a round can be pulled, flung, rolled and pitched where needed with a surprising degree of leverage. These are two exceptional tools that will make your life easier when you take on the job of being Paul Bunyan.

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  • Great quality

    Brian Pierce, 12/5/2017 I'm a bit of a axe snob, builder, and collector so I wasn't expecting much at this price point. I had bought the larger of the two and I must say I am extremely pleased. So far I've used it on close to 2 cords of a mixture of oak, pine, fur and madrone. Seasoned and green. It grabs the wood with ease and a lite amount of force which makes it let go with little to no effort when ready. With a little practice and aim you can grab a hold of a small(stick) round the size of a golf ball. The handle feels good and the grain orientation is suprisngly perfect. The head is properly hung and nicely wedged. I am extremely happy that there is no varnish on the handle, already gave it a lite sanding and hit it with boiled linseed oil. The quality of the forging is very good. I wouldn't say it's quite Gransfors Bruks quality but at least equal to Husqvarna or some Wetterlings. It could be forged equal or better but the only noticable difference is the finish work, no big deal if you don't mind a little file work. And truly it doesn't need it unless you're looking to polish it, either way it looks good. This is my first Garret Wade purchase and definitely looking forward to giving there axe's a try. I would definitely purchase this again and highly recommend it.
  • Happy with my long handled Pickaroon

    Michael G, 11/22/2017 This tool is well made, and works perfectly. It really saves time and reduces back strain. Have used it to move and drag heavy oak rounds, and also has been a good tool for trail cleaning.
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