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30C03.99 Pinpoint Oiler Special

Available 01/22/2021

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This simple tool is very well made. The case is solid turned aluminum, and the internal needle is steel. The threads are well formed and the rubber gaskets serve to seal the case at both ends.

To deliver a tiny drop of oil precisely where it is needed, just press the thumb button at the top once. The drop is delivered just where you place the steel tip. To fill up, screw the top off and fill the reservoir. Made In Taiwan.

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  • Dandy Little Oiler

    Gregory Knox, 2/5/2020 I really like this little oiler. Precision made, I immediately filled it with gun oil and am anxiously looking for opportunities to use it. The o ring seals have prevented any leakage thus far and I don’t expect that to be a problem. The application plunger allows for precise placement of small amounts of oil in just the right places.
  • A machinists advice

    Mary, 12/22/2019 I asked a machinist which oil to use. "Whale oil" he said. Which will be a good slightly thicker lubricating oil like Singer sewing machine oil. My Pin Point Oiler works as it should while using the correct oil. Do not use any oil that also removes rust like WD40. It will deteriorate the rubber seals and cause it to leak. I will enjoy using this. It's just the right size. It will hold plenty of oil for my machines.
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