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30C03.01 Pinpoint Oiler (1)

Available 01/22/2021


30C03.10 Pinpoint Oiler (3)

Available 01/22/2021

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This simple tool is very well made. The case is solid turned aluminum, and the internal needle is steel. The threads are well formed and the rubber gaskets serve to seal the case at both ends.

To deliver a tiny drop of oil precisely where it is needed, just press the thumb button at the top once. The drop is delivered just where you place the steel tip. To fill up, screw the top off and fill the reservoir. Get 3 for the cost of 2-for the toolbox, kitchen, and your car.

Made In Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • precision oiler

    chris hastings, 12/25/2020 the oiler was everything I hoped it would be. excellent product
  • Perfect for small gear lubrication

    Sean Duncan Courtney IV, 12/20/2020 This Oiler is the perfect solution for getting the correct amount of oil on the tiny gears inside a working Grandfather clock as well as other timepieces. Does the job without over lubricating . One touch for the right amount of oil. Well made, sure grip , will be adding several to the workshop.
  • Oiler

    John Hepner, 12/18/2020 I like mine A LOT! So much I bought 3 more for Son, Son in Law, and Grandson. This is the easiest way to put just ONE DROP of oil where it is needed.
  • Pinpoint oiler

    Nancy Greece , 12/4/2020 It's excellent! My husband already found a million uses for it. It's a hit!!
  • Stylish Oiler

    Paul Seaman, 10/26/2020 Great Pinpoint Oiler. Works great for oiling all small precision jobs. Stylish and great construction
  • Great Small Oiler

    Paul Seaman, 10/26/2020 Great small oiler. Just what I needed to get oil into small places. Does not drip because of the great construction. Works Great.
  • Gets the job done

    Paul Firnstahl, 7/26/2020 The minute I got this I was impressed with the construction of the oiler. I received three. O)ne for myself and one for my model "A" friend and one for my son who is an avid VW collector. I fount the oiler to be easy to use and it lived up to it promise. So easy to . It works very well when I am oiling my distributer and other sensitive parts of my Model "A"
  • Pinpoint T Oiler

    Diana, 5/9/2020 This little oiler is extraordinary! very well made, pretty, the oil doesn't leak out of it because of the rubber gaskets, so I can leave it in the drawer of my sewing box without being afraid of any accident. It is perfect for putting the one little drop of oil in every lubrication point of my antique sewing machines as well as the little drop in the bobbin case, no oil stains in my fabrics when I sew. I got the set of three and as in other items I got from Garrett Wade, my husband stole one.
  • Spot Oilier

    Tony, 4/15/2020 Nice little unit. Exceptionally well made. It has always been hard in the past to just get that one little isolated spot or gear w/o drenching & having to clean up the surrounding area. Ideal spot on (pun intended) oil placement. Will keep one in the tackle box & the other for precision tool & gun lubrication.
  • Pinpoint Precision Oiler

    Malcolm, 10/26/2019 I have had a pinpoint oiler for at least 2 decades having inherited it from my father-in-law. I had no idea what it was for, but seeing as how it was precision made and turn aluminum etc., I kept it my desk drawer . Today I received a Garrett Wade small catalog and on page 25 "low and behold" I saw a picture of a "Pinpoint Precision" oiler. I am very glad I kept the oiler and am looking forward to using it as soon as i decide what oil to use in it. I showed it to my wife and we are both glad we kept it as it belonged to her father.
  • Pinpoint T Oiler

    David W. Miller, 5/10/2019 A handy dandy instrument of fine quality.
  • Pinpoint T Oiler

    David W. Miller, 5/10/2019 A handy dandy instrument of good quality.
  • OIler

    Jim , 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Love My Oiler

    Josephine, 3/10/2019 I love my oiler. Very handy. Thanks so much.
  • Pinpoint Oiler

    Jon Holmquist , 2/17/2019 It’s nice but for me the reservoir is a bit small and the Oiler barrel a bit long
  • Pinpoint oiler

    Lynn Carroll, 1/18/2019 I bought this for oiling my vintage sewing machine; it reaches oiling points easily and is less wasteful of oil than the purchased can of sewing machine oil (BTW the only kind of oil to use on a sewing machine).
  • Pinpoint Precision Oiler

    Anna Marie, 12/19/2018 Thank you for the catalog-My husband Steve found it and hinted: ) He loved it!
  • small oilder

    Anna, 12/15/2018 bought as a stocking stuffer, won't know until boys and husband use. Like the size and will fit perfect in their pockets.
  • Pinpoint Precision Oiler

    Lisa Bradford, 12/8/2018 My husband is always working on woodworking or metal projects and needs a pinpoint oiler quite often. He saw this in the Wade Garrett catalog and made statement that he would like to own it. It is a Christmas gift, but I know he will be thrilled to see it under the tree and own it as he does need it.
  • Pinpoint Oiler

    Phillip Cuffman, 11/17/2018 It was just as I thought it would be. Well constructed, nicely priced and works as advertised. I'm completely satisfied.
  • great, but issues

    Boone, 8/4/2018 What a neat little item. it puts oil right where you want it. Unfortunately everyone wants to play with it so I have to hide it.
  • perfect oiler

    james Fabozzi, 4/24/2018 nice product to oil my folding knives and door hinges. the perfect tool for many small jobs. delivers oil right where it is needed
  • Pinpoint Precision Oiler

    John S. Walls, 4/9/2018 The product description for this little gem of an oiler is spot on. It really does deliver oil with pinpoint precision, and it's constructed of high quality materials. It puts two other small oilers I have to shame. One or more of these would make a great gift or a stocking stuffer. Highly recommended!
  • Pinpoint Precision Oiler

    Elizabeth Gray, 11/24/2017 I purchased these as gifts so I don't really know how well they work. My brother-in-law was impressed when he received his for his birthday. The other two I will give as Christmas gifts. I do wish they had included instructions for using them since I was giving them as gifts.
  • Great item.

    Criss Morgan, 10/29/2017 These pinpoint oilers are very well made. No junk here! If you have a need to get oil into hard to reach places these are just what you need. I went ahead and bought three. One for me and one each for my two best friends.
  • Oiler

    William Popowicz, 10/28/2017 Great little oiler. I bought this to use on my guns but it is great for thins like squeaky door hinges where you don't want to make a mess. It's well made and doesn't leak.
  • Very nice

    RP, 7/19/2017 I like the precision oiler. It does just what they say it will. Filled mine with Kroil, silenced some squeaky problem areas and put it in a ziploc-type bag in aplace where I can remember it for future use.
  • Sandyfork

    Douglas Fullilove, 7/10/2017 Excellent product, excellent control of the amount of lubricant applied. Dous not leak and easily stored.
  • Excellent

    kazcon, 6/12/2017 Love this oiler. It is PERFECT for fishing reel maintenance where accuracy is essential. Also with various and sundry things in the workshop, garage or hobbies that require this type of accuracy.
  • Very Useful Tool

    Susan Pyper, 5/1/2017 My husband has wanted something like this for years, and he began using it the day it arrived. He said it is awesome and just what he needed. Also arrived within a very few days after ordering. Thanks, Garrett-Wade.
  • Pinpoint Oiler, Awesome!

    Patrick Romero, 2/2/2017 This is a tool I have been using for years. This pinpoint oiler was imported from Taiwan under another company and I am glad to have found garrett wade to be caring it. I took advantage of the multiple buy offer and purchased a quantity of 6. I operate a sharpening service for knives, tools and scissors and appreciate the pinpoint accuracy that this tool does so well.
  • Pinpoint Oiler

    Patrick Romero, 2/2/2017 This is a tool I have been using for years. This pinpoint oiler was imported from Taiwan under another company and I am glad to have found garrett wade to be caring it. I took advantage of the multiple buy offer and purchased a quantity of 6. I operate a sharpening service for knives, tools and scissors and appreciate the pinpoint accuracy that this tool does so well.
  • Buy these!

    Casey Bevan, 1/11/2017 Three pinpoint oilers: gun oil, instrument oil, light weight around-the-house oil. No spills. Where I need it. When I need it. Excellent quality. Great value. Will buy more as gifts for my sons and friends!
  • Precision Oiling at the Tips of your fingers

    Carol Valleau, 1/7/2017 Bought as a gift for my husband, he absolutely loves it! Well made. Quality. He uses it for oiling difficult to reach areas and recessed screwheads.
  • mini oiler

    Laura Taylor, 12/26/2016 Took advantage of the buy one get one free offer for my husband! He will use it for his guns and racecar
  • Well Oiled

    Gene, 12/14/2016 Nice product. Well made as I expect from tools made in Taiwan and not China. Will be handy with my gunsmithing. Only complain was that the price was excessive otherwise I would have rated this 5 stars.
  • Great product

    Victoria, 12/8/2016 Gave as gift to husband. He loves it! Excellent for his model airplanes...really any small space.
  • Pinpoint oiler

    Roger, 12/3/2016 Great item for my applications
  • Seems to work as described

    Daniel, 11/28/2016 Right size for small jobs-gunsmithing
  • pinpoint oiler

    Marianne, 5/29/2016 needed a way to have oil available to lube metal in the small project lathe. this should do the trick with less waste and less mess.

    WILLIAM, 4/11/2016 GARRETT WADE comes through again! I'm sure something like this has been around, but leave it to GW to have it in their luscious catalog!
  • A Great Tool

    Edward Sierzenga, 10/9/2015 These oilers are more than worth the money you will spend on the set. Very finely made and of high quality. Great for putting a drop or a few drops of oil just where you need it to go. Use one for cleaning and oiling a firearm. One for oiling door hinges, doing fine tool cleaning or cutting threads. The size let's you put the oil where you need it a drop at a time, not all over as when using a spray. I was not sure I needed them and now l would not be without them. Surely the small size of the tool does not equate to the number of uses for the tool.
  • Oily Issue

    Scott Bowen, 1/23/2015 I always had a problem lubricating items such as door hinges without getting too much oil either on the item, or on finished spaces when forced to use a spray-on lubricant. This works as advertised and is perfect for getting only the amount I need on the only item I want it on.
  • Oiler

    Scott, 3/10/2014 Very well made, drop size is about a quarter of what would be expected. Great control. Some instructions would be useful. Shirt clip is useless due to size of the oiler.
  • Well Made.

    Wayne, 2/28/2014 The device delivers a droplet of oil to the tip of the oiler where it can be deposited by touching the tip to the object being oiled. The oiler does not leak and does deliver a precise droplet each time the thumb button is pressed.
  • Tool Saver

    B Haramis, 1/12/2014 What a terrific little tool. Have it stored at the ready in my kitchen tool draw to use on my food processor container handle. During the holiday, just when I needed the processor to work, the metal in the handle seized and wouldn't seat properly to work. A bit if salad oil got it going, not without a mess since I didn't yet have my oiler tool. It arrived and the first thing I did was to try oiling the processor handle. Perfect! I'm saving the other 2 as little gifts.
  • Great Oilers!

    GrumpyHeloMechanic, 2/24/2013 These oilers are very well made. I bought 3, one for my firearms, one for the garage, and one for work. It delivers just the right amount of oil for wet torquing fasteners on helicopters! Precise work is very important in aviation maintenance and these fit the bill nicely.
  • Awesome Oiler!

    Ken Archer, 1/20/2012 This became very useful right out of the box just after filling with break free for all my oil needs for my firearms. The quality is great being the best oiler pen I have seen to date! One that can be in a pocket and not make a mess or get crushed. I have 3 and they are VERY VERY awesome!
  • Pinpoint Oiler

    Jeff The Bear, 1/11/2012 This oiler really lives up to it's description. It is the perfect tool when lubricating firearms, fishing reels, or any time precision is needed. AND IT DOES NOT LEAK! I've carried it in a shirt pocket with nary a problem. I ordered one but I'm sure to get more as gifts.
  • Best Oiler

    SteveK, 12/22/2010 I had not thought I would need or use this when first I received it. It worked extremely well in doing all the hinges of my home doors, my car, the garage door hinges. Always a messy job before but with this pin point oiler lubricating items was a cinch as well as a time dripping mess to clean up from sprays with plastic tubes!
  • Best Oiler Ever

    Mike, 12/18/2010 This oiler works better than described. It delivers one drop wherever you want it at a push of a button. With an o-ring seal at the fill cap and one at the cover, you can keep it in your shirt pocket, it will not leak. I bought three - one for gun oil, one for 3in1 oil, and one to give away.
  • Pinpoint Oiler

    Wayne Mabb, 11/26/2010 These put as drop of oil exactly where you need it. Use them to oil tools and fishing reels with ease. Makes great gift also.
  • Leak Like a Sieve

    Doug White, 7/16/2010 I tried to use these with RemOil" for my target pistols, which is very low viscosity. I've tried two of these oilers, and neither one is capable of keeping the oil inside. It might work for something much thicker, like motor oil, but I don't use motor oil on "precision" stuff."
  • No Leaking

    Mark Baldassare, 4/15/2010 Outstanding, accurate and best of all does NOT LEAK!!!
  • Perfect for Firearms Maintenance

    JS, 4/15/2010 This is a very useful tool for firearms maintenance. Proper lubrication of firearms typically requires very sparing applications of oil to specific locations. In the past, I have struggled with placing small amounts of oil just where I wanted them. When I first saw this tool in the Garrett Wade catalog, it seemed like an ideal solution, and so far I have been very happy with it.
  • Precise Oiler

    J.Thomas, 2/27/2010 Incredibly precise oiler puts a small amount of oil just were it's needed. Nice idea well made.
  • A Great Addition

    Jay, 12/20/2009 I use this oiler for my French is compact and fits easily in the horn case.
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