Point 2 Point Multi Purpose Layout Tool Operating Tips

IMPORTANT: When using the Point 2 Point always rest on a flat surface. Do NOT attempt to use this product without supporting it as this can permanently damage the mechanism.

Check that all the locking pinch bolts are loose before expending the mechanism. When set to the chosen size, gently re-tighten the pinch bolts to lock the points in position. This allows the transferring of the Point 2 Point settings from component to component.

When using the Point 2 Point for the first time the mechanism will be stiff on full extension. This will ease by gently expending and compressing the tool 2 or 3 times.

IMPORTANT: Always expand the Point 2 Point fully before gently compressing the mechanism down to the required size. This increases the accuracy of the tool.

Always mark out points with the mechanism resting on the board you are marking. This helps keep the tool in position.

The Point 2 Point is designed for both right and left hand operation. Simply insure that the right angle cut-out on the points face the hand you write with.

When marking out screw, biscuit or dowel pin positions on a panel, set the position of the outside edge pins first, and then divide the remaining distance with the chosen number of points from the mechanism.

PLEASE NOTE: The Point 2 Point is not recommended for marking out high-tolerance joints like dovetails and finger joints due to the float in the mechanism’s rivets. It is recommended as a guide where critical measurements are not essential.