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Solves a tedious layout problem
Improved Mk 2 version - tougher and more accurate
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The Point 2 Point Mk2 extends 7 markers over a maximum distance of 28", maintaining an equal distance between each mark. Using marks 1, 4 and 7 you can also easily find the center of any board. In addition to its use in woodworking, it can be used for any craft that requires neat, equal subdivisions - like sewing or even baking. It is usable both right and left handed.

The Mk2 has heavier gauge aluminum bars, nylon bushes, wider span and greater accuracy than the original version. To mark out positions on even wider boards, simply divide the panel into equal sections of less than 28" and then subdivide with Point 2 Point. Always expand the tool fully and then compress to the final size. Because of the necessary slight "float" in the joints, it is not recommended for high precision joints like dovetails. Made in Great Britain.

View some Point 2 Point Operating Tips to help you with the Layout Tool.

Scroll down for video. (Please note that the original version is shown in the video, not the Mk 2)

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Overall Rating
  • Worth the buy

    Mike Loisel, 2/4/2019 Great product. Works well for laying out equidistant marks and can be used as a center finder. I was surprised that the materials used to construct it were thicker than I would have thought. Great tool to have in your arsenal.
  • Great tool for layouts

    FDRMaine, 4/20/2018 Good quality, and it works well. Very helpful. I design many of my projects on Sketchup, which can set multiple/repeating points easily, but when it comes to actually producing the item, this tool can be set to the distance Sketchup determines, and then the wood quickly marked.
  • Point 2 Point

    David P., 6/20/2017 I love this tool. I make case racks and that requires laying out a number of openings. and while you can do it with a ruler, I find it a lot more convenient to set this tool and use it as a reference guide.
  • Another must have

    David , 2/28/2017 Another must have. Used it the first day it arrived. I find more uses for it as I work in the shop.
  • No Comment

    Juan Rodriguez, 7/16/2016 This is a great tool for dividing an area. And it will last a long time. The price is a fraction of what other companies charge for such an item!
  • Point 2 Point

    Don, 6/20/2016 Excellent tool, makes the layout of multiple repeat spacing quick and accurate. Previously I would use a calculator and either a metric ruler or inch with 1/10 of and inch markings which means that you did not have to convert fractions.
  • Great tools, must have!!!

    Dorald Keefer, 6/1/2016 Excellent tool to have. It's one of those kind of tools that you don't need all the time but when you do, it's really nice to have. Saves a tremendous amount of time and potential error. My math skills are not one of my strong points.
  • Follow the directions

    WEBPAC , 5/31/2016 I haven't used it yet but the quality seems very good and does exactly as described. The to Tommy bars to tighten the lock nuts are nice little addition.
  • Scrapbooking

    Patricia , 4/21/2016 I love it! It's probably not your intended use, but I use it for scrapbooking. When closed, it's compact and easy to store and it opens easily to lay out a 12"x 12" page. I wish I'd had one sooner. I'm sure eventually my husband will catch on and start using it for his own purposes!
  • The Point

    Duncan, 4/13/2015 One of the most useful layout tools I've ever owned! Love this! Use it almost every day!
  • Point To Point Finder

    Michael latzke, 9/30/2014 I have been looking around for a tool to speed up spacing out parts at are shop for years and thanks to this sight I found the right tool. The point to point finder works great and it's simple to use. After looking around I have found some great products on Garrett Wade's online store.
  • Makes Projects Easier

    Glen, 1/31/2014 This tool makes layouts fast, easy, and accurate. Trying to use a tape measure to do what this tool does takes much more time and is easy to mess up.
  • Outstanding

    Jim'll Fix It, 10/15/2013 Bought both for Christmas gifts. They will love them. PS one is my gift. I love it.
  • Not just for jointry

    Kevin Menard, 9/14/2013 While this is useful for laying out joints like dovetails and box joints, it also works great for dividing thing into equal portions like cutting steel laminates for Damascus. Being steel it's heat resistant. It's easy to use and I color coded it with a Sharpie for halves, thirds, quarters, etc.
  • Great! Just Wish It Was Longer.

    ChuckyD, 1/20/2013 This saves me time whenever I need to calculate the spacing of nails, screws, or similar items. No math needed! I would give it 5 stars if it was longer, or if there was a way to add extensions to it. I have other devices that came along before I found this one, but they were plastic and only allowed you to divide a space using 2 points. They would show me where to mark a single point that is 1/3 or 1/4 the overall distance. So if I wanted all 4 points of the 1/4 spacing, I would have to move the device forward for every 1/4 point. It was slow, but this tool does it in one pass. I just wish it could span more distance. Other than that, I would recommend it to everyone.
  • She thought it was a dumb idea.

    W. R. Wing, 1/2/2013 Actually ordered for my wife to aid in cutting odd numbers of evenly sized slices of baked goods in rectangular pans. She thought it was a dumb idea until she discovered how well it works.
  • light duty

    piratebrian, 4/8/2012 The idea behind this tool is completely awesome. It is basically a physical screw/nail spacing calculator. You can quickly determine a presentable spacing for holes for hardware. Despite these qualities the tool is very light duty, it feels flimsy and would have been better if it was made with 1/8 aluminum and not something that looks like less than 1/32" non-alloy aluminum.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    The Point to Point is made of #12 gauge stainless steel (a bit over 1mm thick) with brass lock pins and rivets. The flexibility of the tool is intentional because among its many uses is  inlay and marquetry layout. It is used to mark equal distant points on a radius, an arc or even the circumference of a circle. For these applications, the light weight and flexibility is a real asset. We have not heard complaints about the durability of the Point2Point, but of course, care should be taken in how it is stored and transported. We thought this information might enhance your appreciation of the tool. Thanks for your comment. "
  • Multi tasker

    SteveK, 12/22/2010 I needed 3 wide pieces exactly for a cockpit table for my boat. This tool was the perfect solution for making those exact pieces to fit together for the teak and holly look I wanted. Easy to measure without making mistakes of a cm or more with one plank or another. Great addition to my work bench."
  • easy devider

  • Great Tool

    Mark, 4/16/2010 Not only have I used this in construction and woodworking projects, I have also used it to help the kids with their school projects and homework. Makes layout quick and easy!
  • Time Saver

    Mark, 1/27/2010 Doing simple layout stuff like rows of screws and nails, it just makes the job look a hole lot neater and is much quicker than measuring and dividing. Great tool Garrett Wade!
  • Thanks Garret Wade

    Stan, 12/9/2009 Great little tool!
  • Wouldn't be without it

    Carolyn D, 12/4/2009 received my “layout tool” as a gift from my Mom, she got one for herself and then sent me one from Garret Wade and although I'm not a woodworker I thought I'd let you know I love it. I sew and make a lot of clothes. So the layout tool is perfect when setting out button holes and for spacing pleats. I'd never seen one before but wouldn't be without it now…
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