Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set

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Sale Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set
64A01.10 Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set

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Imagine how a solid-feeling, very smooth handle would feel. If you like that idea, these are just the ticket. And the thumb recess on the top of the handle provides a surprising amount of additional control. All hand trowels or multi-prong garden cultivators do the same kind of work. But as we all know, how a tool “feels” in the hand has a big impact on satisfaction in using. These feel great and are “bomb proof.”

This unique set is not expensive, and we’ve grown very fond of working with it. The leather hanging strip (shown) is a nice plus.

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Overall Rating
  • Sleek and well designed

    Shereen, 2/25/2020 I have used these for everything from planting to cleaning out the bunny cages. Love them. Nice weight and you don't worry if you left them in the garden, no swelling of wooden handles that get weight (or cracking or paint peeling) Delighted I bought them.
  • Perfect!

    Ellen Curtin, 6/4/2019 Light in the hand, well balanced, sturdy. I used the trowel the day I opened the package and was immediately delighted. These will be my go-to garden tools, no question.
  • Awesome Replacement Gardening Tools

    Joan, 5/24/2019 Our home was flooded last year by Hurricane Florence and we had 6 feet of river water in our garage. Needless to say we lost all our gardening supplies and tools when mitigation people came out to rip everything out. These are very sturdy and easy to wash off. Hoping I will never have to reorder them again. If we ever think we will flood again they will be brought upstairs!
  • Trowel

    Teresa Brown, 3/18/2019 I shouldn't have to replace these items. Like others I've had to. One piece aluminum products, perfect!!. Thank you.
  • Better than the one we lost.

    Warren Menche, 1/1/2019 Some how some way we lost our cast alluminum trowel that was 40+ years old. This set is of equal quality and are more comfortable to grip. (Better design}
    Very pleased!!
  • Digging after the snow storm

    Mary Pat Tyndall, 12/20/2018 I could not wait until spring...after a snow storm we had a hest wave of 50 degrees. I went outside and dug up weeds. The set is strong and easy to use. I am so glad I ordered it.
  • Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Se

    Rodney , 11/12/2018 Light weight and strong! Exactly what we were looking for.
  • Great for pots and raised beds

    Jason, 11/2/2018 These are surprisingly very sturdy tools. I was apprehensive because they are aluminum, but they are very rigid for medium gardening. The polished surface will reduce wet soil from sticking. They also feel great in my hand.
  • Cast aluminum will never break or tarnish they’re really great my garden looks dynamite

    Richard Elam, 10/29/2018 I will absolutely have these tools for the rest of my life until I lose them . Cast aluminum will never break or tarnish they’re really great my garden looks dynamite.
  • Polished Cast-Aluminum Trowel/Cultivator Set

    jpob, 10/19/2018 Very good quality - as advertised
  • polished cast-aluminum trowel/cultivator set

    valerie c. walton, 9/21/2018 have always bought the cheapest tools, so decided ti treat myself to an early 73 birthday present. great to have a tool with some "heft" to it
  • Garden tools

    George Karvel, 8/23/2018 Excellent quality and strong as advertised.
  • Great tools!

    Tanya, 5/10/2018 This is a nice, hefty well made set of garden tools. The handles will never break off of these, which is what happened to my old tools that had plastic handles. These will probably be the last set I buy.
  • customer

    Roy Smith, 5/9/2018 It is a gift to our green thumbed neighbor who was impressed and plans to plant more flowers now.
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