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Bestseller Portable Brass Candle Lantern
The optional leather case makes an ideal travel package
83R02.01 Candle Lantern

Available 12/05/2020


83R02.10 Candle Lantern (2)

Available 12/05/2020

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16A01.09 9 hr White Candles (3)

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16A01.14 12 hr Beeswax Candles (3)

Available 12/08/2020


15A02.04 Leather Case

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15A02.40 Lantern, Leather Case + Beeswax Candles

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This beautiful Lantern can be hung on a wall nail or carried by its handle. An early 20th-century design called the Stonebridge Lantern (after its designer), it was developed and made in New York. The fitted leather case is a modern yet authentic option that protects the lantern and keeps the candles close at hand. This handsome and accurate reproduction is 6-1/4 x 4-1/2 x 3/4" when folded flat, and 8-1/2" high (with a 4-1/2" square base) when setting up.

Made of brass with mica windows (a natural mineral that is heat resistant). Because of the vents and air intake design, the candle will not flicker, even when walking with the lantern. The fitted, USA made, leather case we developed turns it into a travel or backpacking light. Three candles fit nicely in outer "pockets."

The light alone weighs only 12 oz., and easy to fold and pack. (Candles and case not included except when noted below.) Get a set and save. India.

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Overall Rating
  • Amazed by this product!

    Chris Dallas, 10/23/2020 Unique! I feel as if I purchased a museum piece.
    I am amazed considering how fast the delivery was from US to UK and everything were well packed.
    I'm over the moon with this product, this lantern could be used as a family heirloom.
    Its design is unique, made out of brass, compact with multiple uses (outdoor adventures, ornamental piece, emergency light, survival kit item etc). No batteries, no charger needed, just a humble candle.
    The case, made out of real leather (probably cow's) is fantastic! It fits the lantern perfectly tight and safe and its candles are like bullets fitting on the outside.
    It looks pricey but don't worry, it worths every penny you'll spend.
  • folds flat

    Samuel Phillips, 10/20/2020 The lantern folds flat to a 1 inch x 5 1/2 x 7 inch package. Folding was a little stiff at first. The candles are an odd size but are easily available at most outdoor equipment stores.

  • Very kind and polite.

    CHINAMI, 10/7/2020 I'm an international buyer.
    This is the first time I have used this service!
    He was prompt and courteous in his email guidance throughout.
    I never had to worry about it, as I was given a thorough guide each time.
    All of the several brass lanterns we purchased were products with good product management!
    The condition of the mica was of very good quality and I am very happy with it!
    I am now looking forward to the arrival of the leather case I purchased at the same time!
    Thank you so much for giving us a good product.
    We will use it again in the near future as you were very responsive. m(_ _)m
  • Buy it!

    Joshua Glennan, 9/26/2020 I love it! It’s sturdy and a great price. It is very packable.
  • Exactly what I paid for

    Cory, 5/1/2020 I ordered this as an extra option for my family should the need arise to have an electricity free light source. I bought the two pack lanterns with beeswax candles and I have to say it was far better than I expected. A bit pricey, but the light is useable, though I dont think reading would be great, finding your way through the house, or a trail is easily accomplished. There are far superior light sources available, but this was what I decided my needs were and with those needs being met I am happy with the product.
  • Back to the good old days

    Billy Rex Harper, Jr., 4/17/2020 This appears to be an accurate reproduction of the candle lantern used in the early 1900's by Horace Kephart, the "godfather of modern camping". It is quite simply a beautiful candle lantern that gives off a surprising amount of light. I wouldn't try to read "War and Peace" by Tolstoy with it but it is just the ticket for a night light around the camp. You can see quite well for those late night or early potty breaks tp avoid trees. holes, and guy lines. The only negative I can point out is that I received it slightly bent and the latch wasn't working correctly. Five seconds with a pair of needle nosed pliers had it working perfectly. I give it an A++.
  • Stone Bridge Folding Lantern & Leather Case

    Stephanie, 3/26/2020 My husband and I love to camp "rustic" and have been looking for a "travelling" lantern we could take in our canoe. We have plenty of LED lights but wanted the "ambiance" of candle light during the evenings around the campfire. This lantern is the perfect fit and design for our trips, land or water. My only wish would be for a Canadian website.
  • Stone Bridge Folding Lantern

    Conrad, 1/13/2020 I have two of these and am very pleased with these little lanterns. I am a Bushcraft camper and even though this is just a little on the bulky and heavy side, and does not provide as much light as modern day LED light sources. Fumbling around in the dark with matches and candles for the warm flickering glow these lanterns provide is well worth the extra weight and bulk. For me it sets a very pioneering experience and a century old ambiance. These are built pretty well but care does have to be taken to not bend something. I give 10/10 to Garret Wades customer service for quickly resolving the issue and making sure I was satisfied, as my first lantern was damaged in shipping.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner December 2019 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Conrad!
  • Lantern and leather case.

    Paul, 12/7/2019 Great lantern. I find the leather case a little tight. Have to be carefull getting the lantern in and out.
  • Vintage lantern

    Bruce , 5/25/2019 This is a fantastic lantern, especially if you’re into “old” things. This lantern is a great addition to all the other “old” pieces decorating my 160 (or so) year old house. It gives off a warm glow and look great in the living room as well as hanging on the front porch.
  • Great vintage styling.

    Bruce , 5/24/2019 Fantastic lantern. I really enjoy the “old ways” and the history behind this lantern. I live in my old family home place, around 160 years old and have mostly “old “ things in our home, this lantern fits right in. Great looking and adds a warmth to the room and front porch.
  • Very nice but needs work

    Bill, 3/31/2019 Excellent quality lantern. Only grip is with the leather case. Had to stretch the case to get the lantern to fit. Same with candle loops. Once that was done it is an excellent addition to my camping and emergency gear.
  • Brass Candle Lantern

    Gary Jensen, 3/23/2019 This is one of those items that you don't really need but brings pleasure to yourself soooo, maybe you do need it! It is old technology but looks and feels nice and makes me smile when the candle is glowing. A bit like the feeling you get staring into a warm , real wood fire. Maybe it is part of our pioneer DNA. When technology fails, you might be able to still read a book or smile at the warm glow on your partners smiling face.
  • Easy to tote and serves the purpose

    Georganne, 3/9/2019 Planning to use these lanterns and candles while camping this summer. Collapsability is a plus for packing and transporting.
  • Useful gear reborn from the past

    Al P, 2/24/2019 I baught this candle lantern purely for the nostalgic look. I like to use “Old Time” looking gear when possible and this certainly fits that niche. Looks great hanging in front of my oilskin tarp. And in a power outage it’ll have a place on a table somewhere for a cool source of a bit of light. If your looking for some “Old time” gear this is it.
  • candle lantern case

    Justin Garber, 2/14/2019 the prorective case is everything I hoped for an more
  • Candles

    Tim, 2/8/2019 The candles are not as bright as I thought they would be. How ever I am looking forward to using them while camping. Should work very well for use in my tent. Very period product, and glad I was able to get them.
  • Great lantern

    William Crowder, 12/18/2018 Very pleased with the quality of this lamp. Figured since it is folding it would be very flimsy but I was wrong. I love to camp and everyone comments on this piece of equipment.
  • Lantern &Candles

    Karl, 12/3/2018 Well made! Excellent lighting.
  • Awesome

    Ian, 11/16/2018 Excellent but if kit. It will be used in the woodlands on many camps but it’s first outing will be in Sweden this winter on a snow shoe trip.
  • Cool brass

    Steve, 11/10/2018 Very cool lantern. Will look great at the tiki bar with its distressed copper bar top.
  • Almost old timey enough

    Tim Nyhus, 11/2/2018 I re-enact a fur trade era sutler, and while this folder is not quite period correct, I'll be using it anyway. Now I need molds for that size candle, since I make all my own candles.
  • Bright idea

    Mark Vaughn , 5/17/2018 I'm extremely happy with my Lantern. It's very well made, and puts out more light than any other candle lantern that I own. If you're thinking about getting one, go ahead and pull the trigger you can't go wrong.
  • Great product!

    James Black, 5/7/2018 Love this little lantern! Well built, I take it with me every time I venture off into the woods.. Puts out a really nice, warm glow.. i find once my eyes adjust to the light it puts out, it's enough to read with.. but lets be honest, I didn't buy this because its the brightest, lightest, or cheapest way to provide light in camp.. The cool factor is through the roof! When everyone elses batteries die on the 3rd or 4th day, I'll be cozied up in my shelter with a nice orange flicker.. laughing at their failed modern technology
  • Good nostalgic candle lantern but a bit less than expected

    Walter , 5/6/2018 Good but not great. Candles were not 12 hours unless you take the 3 pack and add them up. Looks and feels period and not low grade.
  • Folding candle lantern

    Timothy Plonis, 4/26/2018 A very well made little lantern. I've had two that are made of light steel for facades. I didn't know there were and as well made as yours. They are very handy to have around, as we have many power outages here.
  • Best camp candle lantern

    John Tester, 4/20/2018 Very well made and easy to unfold and fold back up. This lantern will be in my pack this summer and fall. I can't wait to use it.
  • Great lantern and excellent for camp

    George, 4/17/2018 An amazing little lantern, Old school cool. It folds out into a nice sized candle lantern big enough to light up a small area and is perfect for your camp gear or even in your home as a decoration. I plan on using this while camping for some light outside of the tent at night. Between the brass and Mica it gives off an amazing warm glow! I liked it so much I did a review on YouTube for it!
    Youtube: Stonebridge Automatic Folding Candle Lantern

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Portable Brass Candle Lantern, and also for that amazing demonstration video! We're beyond pleased to hear how happy you are with it. Thanks again!
  • A true classic.

    Richard, 12/20/2017 Truly its the real deal, if you like your old school camping / bushcraft gear then this is the lantern for you. Recently took this on a winter camping trip and it really creates the type of ambience that you want in the snow.
  • light for a Lighter

    B, 9/14/2017 Bought this as a gift for a lighting designer who loves the outdoors. His Bday is this week so time will only tell. It is a bit smaller than I anticipated but am very excited to gift this to our outdoorsman!
  • An old classic candle lantern, case and candles

    Alan, 7/21/2017 This style candle lantern has been in use for a long time. Even Horace Kephart used one. I've bought 3 of these so far. I'm sure they aren't the same quality product they once were when they were made in the USA but, this version does work. The leather case is very good and will protect my investment and hold 3 candles! The UCO candles are the best quality, commercially made beeswax candles I've used. Buying this trio was a great money saving package
  • Beautiful, unique candle lanterns.

    Keith Labecki, 7/7/2017 The most excellent candle lanterns I've ever seen. The shiny brass frame and Mica lenses look fantastic with the softest candle light you can find. Unique!
  • folding brass candle lantern

    robert jordan , 6/30/2017 i saw DAVE CANTERBURY use one on you tube and it sold me on it . got it and am very happy with it.
  • Such a great lantern!

    Brendan, 5/5/2017 This lantern is exactly what I have been looking for. It is compact, portable, wind-resistant, and the sort of classic design that works beatifully in city, country, campsite and beach evening. No, not as bright as a Coleman lamp, but who likes D batteries anyway? This set, with its beeswax candles, is just the right gear. Love it!
  • Useful and snazzy

    Aaron E. Granados, 3/11/2017 This product produces an exceptional amount of light with a great amount of character! What people may fail to realize about candle light is that you're in the woods with pitch black your eyes will use any light extreamly effectively. I have never herd or seen an object with such character untill now and Garrett Wade provides great customer service!
  • It sheds no light

    David E. Cox, 2/17/2017 It's OK if you are looking for a decorative, warm glow type of thingy, it's probably for you. As for me, I was looking for an actual lantern that would provide light. This was definitely not that, but I'll probably keep them as gifts for next Christmas or granddaughter's birthdays.
  • Nice but candles don't fit

    G. Labedz, 2/11/2017 Haven't had it for very long, but it's nice and gives a good light. It is not the most sturdy, but, after all, it does fold. Leather case is very nice. The candles recommended do not fit well in the lantern or the case. You can jam them in, but that's not so good. Strikes me as a fairly big mistake on GW's part. And yes, the handle can get quite hot, so be aware of that as you pick it up after burning a candle for a while.
  • Brass candle lantern

    Kay T Ruma, 1/24/2017 I haven't received this yet but I know it will be great. I bought it as a gift for my daughter's boyfriend who repairs huge windmills for a living and is often out in the elements at night. How could this not be a great item for someone like this?!
  • Excellent

    Mary, 1/23/2017 Excellent quality and beautiful design. Very happy with my purchase
  • Nice Lantern

    Clark Harless, 1/16/2017 Item as described. Nice lantern for the camp. Good customer service!
  • Excellent arrived when it was supposed to.

    Duane, 12/19/2016 High quality very well made. The leather Case is made of top grade leather I am very pleased with the lantern.
  • non US reproduction of US origin lantern

    BayAreaUser, 11/20/2016 Interesting collapsible candle lantern, made overseas as a reproduction of the original American lantern. I got one from Garret Wade nearly 10 years ago; the UCO candles they sell are too large; IKEA canles are 7/8 diameter and you can squeeze down the two folded candle supports to capture the IKEA candles - 6-7 in.long, too long (btw, I use a mitre box to cut the candles down to 3 in. each and carve off the "newly made candel" to expose 1/4 in of wick (use a peeler if you have one).
  • Folding lantern

    Michael Caterino, 11/1/2016 A great piece of "AMERICAN HISTORY". Love it!
  • Great Lantern

    Greg, 10/30/2016 Beautiful lantern and solid construction!
  • Portable Brass Candle Lantern

    Kirk Tathwell, 9/23/2016 These lanterns are built better than an older Japanese aluminum one I found in an antiques store. They are kind of expensive, but they should last a long time. I've found the UCO candles are a bit too wide or thick to easily slip into the holder, but I got them to work. I'll try to find other candles a bit thinner.
  • It's nice....but

    Ken Fair , 9/4/2016 It's a nice looking lantern and will be nice to have during a power outage. My only complaint is that after the candle burns a while, the handle gets HOT!
  • Brass folding lantern

    Graham Archer, 7/25/2016 Great compact yet sturdy practical lantern when unfolded, easy to stow and carry in knapsack and quite the conversation piece around the camp, another terrific preserved piece of American history that can be yours forever today for such a small cost and superior shipping.
  • A great value in a candle lantern

    Don Goforth, 5/29/2016 This lantern is exactly what I' was looking for. The quality, style and convenience of having a folding lantern are exceptional.
  • folding candle lantern

  • Good buy

    stephen, 5/6/2016 Only burned for 11 hrs 27 min
  • Lantern.

    stephen, 5/6/2016 Nice warm glow.
  • Great Light

    William B Fisher, 4/10/2016 Wonderful little lamp. Puts out a warm glow and plenty of light to see what is around you. Well made and folds small.
  • Gather around the Lamplight

    Sara, 4/8/2016 Nostalgic Lantern stirs memories of camping out under the stars. Bought this to celebrate 7 year anniversary as brass is the traditional gift
  • like a tiny fireplace

    Va R, 3/4/2016 like a tiny fireplace
  • A cool clasic

    Brian, 3/4/2016 A great find. I used one of these years ago for camping. The mica windows are really unique.
  • Nice Vintage Look

    Deryl Frary, 8/22/2015
  • Beautiful

    Thom, 7/18/2015 Very nice looking lantern. We have it displayed on our mantle. Will be nice for Christmas.
  • Folding Brass Candle Lantern

    Keith Labecki, 6/2/2015 Fantastic! I bought one for myself and three for gifts. These top quality lanterns are perfect to fold up in the camper and beautiful enough to use in the home, inside or outside.
  • Replacement Candles

    Keith Labecki, 6/2/2015 Very Satisfied. The first candle we used indoors in our lantern lasted over 8 hours as advertised.
  • Alot of Compliments!

    Vince, 6/2/2015 Friends and family love them around my house. We use them inside and out. Can't wait till my birthday to ask for a couple more.
  • Display Worthy

    Ed, 12/9/2014 The Frankenmuth Library had a display of historical objects last summer and borrowed this lantern to put in that display. It fit right-in with old manual typewriters, telegraph keys and similar items from the near past. The target audience was teenagers and it contributed to a clear success with that group.
  • Just What I Needed

    Joe N., 11/9/2014 Purchased this lantern from eBay (before I knew they sold them here for alot cheaper) and couldn't find candles that fit. My friend suggested this site, I ordered them and received them before the end of the week. They burn for a long time and fit perfectly. I will definitely be buying more of them and more lanterns. Thanks again.
  • Old World Charm

    Jarod Hillyard, 9/10/2014 Talk about old world charm! This brass lantern has it in spades. I'm talking beautiful design, charm, functionality, portability, and looks on top of that! It's truly a crowd pleaser. Wherever I take it, it always gets positive comments and I'm always asked where I acquired this little wonder. I love it. Whether the power is out, camping, or just sitting out at night with the neighbors, this little beauty delivers. I bought the white 9-hour candles with it, but intend to buy some of the beeswax candles from Garrett Wade as they burn longer and give off a pleasant odor. I love the fact that this is an entirely accurate reproduction of the original design. It's flicker free, the candles don't drip like you would think they might, and it puts out the most pleasant warm light you could imagine. Built solid, I expect this product to stand the test of time. The nostalgia this lantern imparts is entirely a thing it's own. And I much prefer burning and packing solid candles as opposed to liquid fuels, which can be hazardous and cumbersome. All in all, it was a great purchase and I'll probably be buying another one or two for friends, as they just can't stop admiring it. Thanks for offering such high quality products, Garrett Wade!
  • Taste of History

    R G Baker, 9/7/2014 The real McCoy. This lantern is not only a good decorator item , it really works. You can never tell when the power might go off and you are out of batteries for your flash lights. Campers should have one in their pack.
  • Great Little Lantern

    Marty, 6/2/2014 This is a great little lantern I keep two of them on a shelf over my throughway from my living room to my kitchen. They look great on display there. I keep a plumbers candle in each one and have a box of matches next to each one in case the power goes out. Several people have admired them and those people end up getting one for Christmas or a birthday.
  • Old Technology Still Works

    John Taylor, 1/4/2014 This lantern has been such a blessing to me. A light weight way of bringing light to the darkness that is fitting of many of the old longhunters, campers and hikers. The warm light of a beeswax candle is such a soft inviting golden color that makes a space warm and inviting unlike a modern gas lantern or flashlight. I hope companies such as Garrett Wade continue to keep the old was alive by offering these kinds of products.
  • Awesome Lantern

    Mr. Fisherman, 8/22/2013 I bought one of these lanterns after reading a review on Kifaru forums. I love this lantern and have taken it on thousands of miles worth of trips on my motorcycle. It has held up well and it has become a trusted companion. I need to get a couple more.
  • Great Little Candle Lantern

    Marty, 7/31/2013 I got 6 of these. I gave 3 away as gifts, but I kept 3. I keep two of them on a shelf over the doorway opened up with a candle in them ready for use in case the power goes out. I don't like to have open flame candles sitting around, I like the fact that the candle is enclosed and can be moved around easily without having to protect it from blowing out. It looks nice on the shelf on display also.
  • Foldable Candle Lantern

    Marieanne McCullough, 7/20/2013 I love these. I haven't used them yet but I have a friend who swears they are the thing to have so I look forward to trying them out!
  • Candle Lantern

    Charles Jensen, 7/20/2013 I bought the lantern a few years ago. A lot of money for a piece of junk. I thru it in the trash a few months ago.
  • Canterbury was Right

    Bill Ventura, 5/3/2013 Saw a youtube video on the original.. Dave Canterbury of the Pathfinder School had nothing but praise for it and referred me to your site.. He was right its a great little item to bring with you on a camping trip or just a weekend away..
  • Own a Piece of History

    Steve , 4/10/2013 This simple but ingenious lantern was designed more than one hundred years ago when an individual could take a clever idea from concept to reality with the use of handtools and basic manufacturing skills. Antique originals can still be found today, which is a testament to the durability of this design. Accurately reproduced down to the smallest detail, this timeless lantern functions flawlessly.
  • Super Functional

    Hoodoo, 1/2/2013 As an avid traveler in the boundary waters wilderness area year round, this lantern excels in packability and function, casting the perfect nostalgic glow on our long winter nights. Stays lit in rain, snow, wind and any mix. The handle stays cool for carrying. Any candle can be made to fit. Top notch.
  • A Retro Classic!

    Liesl, 2/7/2011 We took a pair of Stonebridges with us to a winter vigil and not only did they perform well, but drew lots of attention. It was about 15 degrees with snow and wind, and we were out a couple hours. Rock solid--and you can carry them with clumsy mittens! When we got home, they looked great on the mantle. They're not light weight, and we had to wrap foil around candles to get a snug fit, but these are minor complaints. With their folding design, these classics will be regular camping companions from here on in.
  • Great Lantern

    Brian, 2/7/2011 Don't hesitate. Get one for yourself and give one as a gift or keep both, they're great!
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