Portable Drill Guide Jig

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Portable Drill Guide Jig
Give hand held drills the control of a drill press
91G01.05 Portable Drill Guide Jig

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Helps give you drill press control with any hand held drill (cord or battery powered). Simply chuck your drill to the 3/8" shaft, insert the bit you want to use in the drill guide's separate 3/8" chuck, and go to work.

Angle boring up to 45 degrees is easily controlled. Integral V-guides make drilling round stock easy. Depth Stop is included.

Made In Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Works

    Lev, 3/8/2020 Looks like metal in the picture, the piece is mostly plastic, seems that it'll do what is wanted from it though.
  • Good tool that needs a few enhancements

    Rick Gruber, 1/14/2019 This drill guide is a good addition to anyone's tool chest. It does the job that is expected. The slide is smooth and there is little to no wobble, if you set you bit and drill properly. The degree offset is calibrated for 5 degree increments, unlike competing products.For this reason, I give it 4 starts. Why not 5? There were a few enhancements that I needed to make before I could use it on my intended project (60 12degree 1/2in holes). The 1st enhancement was to highlight the two pointers to the degree marking with yellow nail polish. I also highlighted the two center lines on the base. The 2nd enhancement was to burnish the actual degree markings with a melted yellow crayon. This allowed me to see the markings. The last enhancement was to make a stabilization jig for the two holes opposite the pins. This was needed for the larger bore bits.
    Aside from these minor items, I would easily recommend this tool for every workshop.
  • Drill guide

    Edith Lovegren, 5/23/2018 Gets the job done for a lot less than a drill press. Has a little wiggle in it, but if you have to be absolutely precise then cough up all that money for a drill press. It held the angle I needed (15 degrees) for multiple jig moves and did a great job. Depth stop was very reliable and kept me from drilling into my work table. I would recommend this.
  • Great addition to the toolbox

    BobM, 11/21/2015 This is a good, well made unit. Have attached it to some jigs for repetitive jobs and it has worked very well. Had to drill at 45 degrees into the outside corner of a 2x6 many times and it has paid for itself in my time. It may not be as rigid as a drill press but still a great tool. If I was going to make one improvement it would be to change the drill chuck to a 1/4 hex and then avoid having a chuck key.
  • Effective Portable

    Steve Wolfe, 12/14/2013
  • Drill Guide

    John Mallett, 1/20/2013 Does the job.
  • Drill Press

    Chip, 1/2/2013 Titled this drill press because this jig is the next best thing and it can go in your tool box.
  • Quality Tool

    Mark Lang, 1/7/2011 I ordered this portable drill guide jig because I need to occasionally drill holes on an existing device of some kind or in a situation where a drill press is not practical. I was pleased to see that the guide is pretty well made. The chuck slides easily along the guide rods so it does not interfere with the drilling operation, and the angle is relatively easy to adjust. One must set the angle by eyeballing lines on the rotating mechanism at the base of each guide rod. While this is not as precise as a drill press, in practice it seems to work pretty effectively. All in all, this is one of the best drill guides I have seen.
  • Drill Jig Used ASAP

    Alan Wright, 12/29/2010 I was building a gun rack w/ dowel gun support rods inserted in the back frame of the rack so I needed the jig right away. Drilled the angled holes with the jig clamped to the work piece. Holes all lined up well and drill stop kept the drill from punching thru the back. The jig worked well for my app, there's a little play in the slider rods side to side but I over came that by holding steady toward one side. Good material and nicely built for the home craftsman. Alan
  • Handy

    Andrew, 4/18/2010 Versatile and Accurate
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