Portable Leather Tool Bag

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Bestseller Portable Leather Tool Bag
Made of Buffalo leather and tough as nails
Garrett Wade Exclusive
15A02.07 Portable Leather Tool Bag

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This fine carryall, designed by Garrett Wade, is made from 1/8” thick Buffalo hide, with straps of cowhide and solid copper rivet fasteners. Measures 15 x 7 x 7” and weighs 1-1/2 lbs. empty. Designed by Garrett Wade to store and transport those few, select tools and fittings that we reach for 90% of the time to do chores and fix things around the house, the interior is capacious enough to easily handle the necessities, but not so large or deep that it begins to be a catch-all for everything. Fits easily in any closet to have at the ready for whenever the need arises. Highly recommended. Sewn by master leatherworkers in the USA.

Also available in gray/blue tanned leather here.

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Overall Rating
  • Sturdy

    janis, 12/7/2018 Extremely useful
  • Nice project bag

    Walt Donaldson, 11/11/2018 This is a great tote for small projects. It being a smaller bag, you won't tend to throw too much into it. It will hold enough to do most chores around the house and yard. It is well made and I expect that I will get many years of service out of it.
  • As advertised: lovely AND rugged

    Peter J. Van Hook , 8/19/2018 As advertised. Thick oiled leather body, riveted corners, decent straps (a somewhat lighter leather). Misleadingly gorgeous, which belies the ruggedness. I have always purchased tool bags with zippered opening, but I recently realized that I never close them. Doh! My only hesitation was the lack of side, end or inside loops or pockets. I will deal with that with Velcro Straps and plastic bags.
  • Portable Leather Tool Bag

    George C Reeser Jr., 8/12/2018 This is a great tool, I use it almost everyday while working in the yard. Plus, I bought it for a birthday present to myself..
  • Just short of really good.

    Paul, 7/15/2018 This bag should have some kind of closure to be more all around useful.Perhaps a heavy duty zippered flap.
  • great heavy bag

    JOHN, 6/25/2018 great bag well made
  • If it was made just a bit wider and taller.

    Michael Thompson, 6/13/2018 Sure looks good, i guess it would be nice if it was offered an inch or two wider and taller on the sides?
  • Rivets missing. Handles wimpy. Still a great bag.

    Marcus G. Smith, 5/8/2018 My bag was missing TWO of the rivets that hold the top corners together. So I took it to a local shoe shop to have it made right. This seemed easier than returning and/or replacing, even though it added several dollars to my total outlay. I'm using it for garden tools. It feels good to haul it out into the roses, shrubs and weeds. Note: The buffalo hide is so thick and tough, it makes the cowhide handles feel wimpy by comparison. Why not use buffalo throughout? Overall, it looks good and feels good. Pride of ownership is still high, despite the shortcomings listed above.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Portable Leather Tool Bag. We’re sorry that it was missing two of the rivets, and that you had to pay to repair it. We send you an email, and hope to hear from you soon.
  • A Gift Any Guy Will Love and Treasure

    Barbara Sotcan, 12/16/2017 If you're innately frugal, as I am, you'd never spend almost $100 on a tool bag! BUT, as a special Christmas gift for a beloved son-in-law, it's an instant winner. Beautiful, quality construction, something he'd never splurge on for himself, but perfect and useful in every way. I recommend this as a special quality gift for that special someone in your life!
  • Great Tool Bag

    Paul, 12/4/2017 Perfect size. Extremely well made. Definitely worth the price.
  • You get what you pay for!

    Ernst, 11/10/2017 Most Excellent! Lifetime quality!
  • Grandad's New Tool Bag

    Ryan Bonney, 11/4/2017 Regarding the Garrett Wade Portable Leather Tool Bag; I can report that this item is extremely well-built, with high-quality materials and tried and true old-school design. I bought this bag for my father for his 72nd birthday. He has been the family's handyman for the past 50 years and he is still going strong! For the past 20 years he has carried his tools in a non-descript, cheap canvas shoulder bag with a broken zipper. Dad deserved a proper upgrade so that he can carry his hammer, screwdrivers, fasteners and battery-operated power tools in style! He loves this leather tool bag because he knows it will long outlive him and can be passed-down to his grandson when he is gone. Dad also likes the way that the stiff leather construction of the bag with its flat-bottom design allows him to set the bag down without having it tip over, spilling his tools on the floor. No matter how fast he drives or how sharp a curve he takes in his Highlander, he knows he won't be picking up screws, nuts and bolts off the floor of his SUV when he arrives at his destination to do his work, since the bag will stand firm against his "Grandad G-forces!" Thanks, Garrett Wade, for making my Dad's birthday a special one!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner November 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Ryan!!
  • Leather tool bag

    Michelle Stomber , 11/4/2017 Smaller than I thought , but well made and beautiful leather !
  • Leather tote

    R. Amano, 9/9/2017 Well constructed, heavy duty. Good size to be used as an ammo carrier which is what I'm using it for.
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