Replacement Mantles for Pressure Lamp

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Clearance Replacement Mantles for Pressure Lamp
Made in Australia
75A02.20 Replacement Mantles (6)

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We are passionate fans of English-pattern kerosene pressure lamps. Kerosene is much cheaper and safer for these types of lamps than more volatile fuels like naphtha. With only about 20 initiating strokes of the internal pump, it will burn with a very bright light at full power for about 11 hours (and much longer at lower power levels). Rugged as well as handsome, it measures 12" high and 5" wide at the base. Very simple and intuitive to operate, but full instructions are provided, and two extra mantles are provided with the lamp. It also gives off substantial heat--a valuable side benefit when camping in cold climes.

Our Pressure bowl and all external fittings are steel or chrome-plated solid brass. The Optional Reading Reflector (see inset) fits around the body and reflects light in one direction. Historically made in Glasgow, these are now made in Australia. Anyone who has had the good fortune to see these in operation knows how simple and reliable they are. They may cost a little more than the old fashioned camp lantern, but the difference in quality is substantial. Recommended unequivocally.

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