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Precision Digital T-Square
Made entirely of steel except for the digital read-out case. Available in arm (blade) lengths of 6" and 12", the swing arm rotates a full 180˚. The LCD displays the angle in steps of 0.05˚, with accuracy of plus/minus 0.2˚. It is much easier and faster to read than conventional analog protractors while being more accurate and less error-prone. The measuring range is 0-180˚. The base and the swing arm are easy to align to check zero, though zero may be set at any desired point on the range, thus reducing the need for calculation. The steel locking nut secures the arm at any angle.

Quality squares like these are extremely handy for woodworkers, designers and draftsmen. With many uses in home, DIY, crafts, school and lab projects, they deliver high function and accuracy at a very great value. CR2032 battery included.
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