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Clearance Premium Float Glass Sharpening Kit
A precise and accurate surface plate for all home & shop sharpening needs
Complete with waterproof PSA-backed abrasive rolls in 4 grits
36B01.10 Float Glass Complete Kit

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36B01.01 Float Glass (only)

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06K02.04 Repl. Master Pack PSA

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06K02.05 100 Grit 40 in Strip PSA

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06K02.06 220 Grit 40 in Strip PSA

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06K02.07 400 Grit 40 in Strip PSA

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06K02.08 600 Grit 40 in Strip PSA

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This very flat and stable commercial Float Glass made to our specifications, is a full 14" long, a very wide 4 - 1/2" and 3/8" thick (over 60 sq. in). It makes a superb sharpening surface - better we feel than oil or waterstones or diamond surfaces.

Our 4 - 1/2" wide German-made waterproof PSA-backed abrasive paper (100, 220, 400 and 600 grit) fits the plate perfectly. Not only can you sharpen the bevels on woodworking tools, you can also rapidly flatten the backs of chisels and plane blades - even flatten the soles of planes.

Each Float Glass Complete Kit will come with a 40" roll of each of the four grits (the Master Pack) - enough for two lengths, plus some extra. Use extra Float Glass plates to set up permanent stations.

Each Float Glass Complete Kit also comes with a Side Clamp Honing Guide for chisels and plane blades and a Knife Guide (total $18.45 value) at no additional cost.The large surface area of the Float Glass gives you the ability to sharpen knives with a lot of control. The guide works very well on all kitchen or sheath knives at least 6" long.

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Overall Rating
  • worth the money

    Luke Iliff, 12/17/2018 very good product and used to sharpen my shaving razor and restored the edge beautifully. It is a good product and you will not be disappointed.
  • Great product

    Ben, 10/2/2018 Perfectly flat! Used this to flatten my hand planes and it worked great!
  • A Great Investment

    David S, 3/25/2017 When my package arrived, I sharpened all my chisels and a plane that I thought was sharp until I used the Float Glass Complete Kit. I was very please with the results. The glass must be special at that price. I appreciate the cork legs put on the bottom of the glass. The glass did not move.
  • Stop using scrap for such an important job

    Allen Rudolph, 3/25/2016 This glass may seem expensive for a small hunk of glass however just try to go find a glass shop that will happily cut you a small rectangle of 1/2 inch float glass. I love these and have 4 of them for various sharpening uses. I use both Garrett Wades PSA abrasive papers and I also buy the 3M micro abrasive sheets. They work wonderfully. No one likes sharpening but nothing makes your work easier than a fine edge. It is one of those things that is always a nagging problem. Having a fine set of sharpening tools starting with these super flat heavy glass plates makes an unwanted job just feel better. Stop messing around with scraps of maple or MDF.......You deserve it.
  • Made To Last

    Gary, 8/28/2015 I have diamond plates but wanted a couple of these to go to a courser or finer grit than my plates. I am very impressed with them. Very heavy, stays put on the table while in use. Easier to use than the diamond plates due to size. Just a tiny dab of contact cement at each corner, very tiny, and the paper stays put.
  • Scary Sharp

    Wayne, 2/16/2015 The items contained in this kit will allow you to get your chisels ,plane irons,knives ,very sharp with a stead pace and taking your time so your sure each pass the edge stays at the same angle .then just keep using finer and finer sandpaper. You can go as fine as you want the 600 grit is good but pick up some wet or dry automotive 3m paper assorted pack gets you 1000,1500 ,2000,2500 sheets if you polish the edge up to at least 2000 the edge you get is scary sharp
  • Fantastic System

    Lou, 7/3/2014 I've already brought a set of chisels and a plane back to life. Now I just have to catch up with the rest of my chisels. It's a fantastic system.
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