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Sale Premium Hair Cutting Scissors
Beautifully made in France and Italy
02B02.02 Cobalt Steel Pro. Scissors

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02B13.02 Pro. Sculpting Scissors

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02B13.03 Pro. Thinning Scissors

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02B13.10 Set 3 Professional Scissors

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The very best hair cutting scissors feel weightless, have beautiful action, and microteeth (0.3 mm in size) on one blade. Traditional methods of production ensure that blades are kept as a matched set throughout forging, grinding, sharpening and polishing. In this tradition, the 5" Cobalt Steel Scissors are as fine as any made - truly superior precision cutting tools from Italy.

The Standard Professional Scissors are 6" overall, as are the Sculpting Scissors (with 13 indents per inch) and the Thinning Scissors (with 9 indents per inch). All are professional tools made in France, and work beautifully. Buy all 3 French Pro Hair Cutting Scissors (Standard, Sculpting and Thinning) and Save $15.

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  • Immediate love affair forming with Cobalt Scissors.

    Jess Dixon, 2/8/2019 My hair for over forty years has not stopped growing with sideburns, but has extended them all over my cheeks and nose, which is now called a "beard." When I saw the Cobalt Steel hair scissors in the Garrett Wade catalogue, I decided to order them over the strong objection of my wife. She thinks our six weeks or longer visits to a beauty salon to have our granddaughter cut our hair is sufficient. But beards and fast growing curly hair need occasional trimming, and the little scissors I've used for years, finally was pressing my "Frustration Button" all too frequently. So, you want to know how I like these Cobalt Scissors? You see the 5 Star rating. That is based upon my initial limited use of these. But so far they have not pulled or required repeated passes to eventually cut where I want it to cut. The sound is a crystal-like "SNIP" sound that, to my years, says "CLEAN CUTTING!" I love the finger-rests built into the handle and the added steel rest - like a little rest-stop for a pinkey or ring finger, which is....well, just plain comfortable. I hear my fingers saying an enthusiastic grateful, "YES!" each time I pick them up and begin cutting.
    My only question now is how long will it hold the sharpness it came with, and where can I find a qualified scissor sharpener? If its sharpness lasts as long as the cheap little pair I've used for decades, I shall truly sing more praises.
    But for now my 5 Stars is placed with confidence and personal satisfaction and pleasure. Will it win some verbal praises for a neatly trimmed beard and around my years from an admiring female? I'll let my wife give her response when and if that occurs. (wink)
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