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Sale Premium Hair Cutting Scissors
Beautifully made in France and Italy
65S01.04 Pro. Standard Golden Hair Scissors

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02B13.03 Pro. Thinning Scissors

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02B13.02 Pro. Sculpting Scissors

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02B13.10 Set 3 Professional Scissors

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02B02.02 Cobalt Steel Scissors

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The very best hair cutting scissors feel weightless, have beautiful action, and microteeth (0.1 mm in size) on one blade. The blades are kept as a matched set throughout forging and grinding. Slight variations in style of the rings and shanks, as well as overall length, may be present.

The Cobalt Steel Scissors (5" long) are as fine as any made - truly superior precision cutting. The Mat-Gold Professional Standard Scissors are 6" overall. The Sculpting Scissors (with 13 indents per inch) and the Thinning Scissors (with 9 indents per inch) are professional tools, and work beautifully. Save with a set of 3 Pro. Scissors - the Professional Standard Hair Scissors, plus the Sculpting and Thinning Scissors.

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Overall Rating
  • Scissor review

    GERALD FACHETTE , 9/14/2020 Having been a barber years ago I found this scissors a great buy. Almost professional grade quality. Fits my hand like a glove and cuts hair perfectly.
  • Bravo on these scissors!

    Mike V.W., 12/7/2017 I bought these scissors for my friend who is a barber who just had all of her scissors stolen. Right now she is working with four pairs of very cheap scissors and she was absolutely delighted to receive these high-quality, made in Italy, professional scissors. She absolutely loves them! Good choice to whoever your purchasing agent is!
  • Just what we needed

    Melanie, 10/1/2017 We bought both the thinning scissors and the sculpting scissors. My sisters and I love them. We use them to extend our haircuts, especially on our bangs.
  • Still wanting...

    John Downing, 3/24/2017 This pair is still not what I want or what I'm looking for. Somehow the scissors my wife bought some 45 years ago have come up missing. They were perfect. I wish I could say these were as good, but I can't. The balance or something just isn't right for me. When I use them on my ear hair, beard, etc., I have to be so cautious so I don't cut myself...
  • Disappointing hair scissors

    William K. Faisst, 7/31/2016 My wife and I were greatly disappointed with the sculpting and thinning scissors. The add notes that the scissors are made in France or Italy. Neither part was marked with its country of origin. The finish is rough at best. Neither pair opens or closes easily, a real detriment as one grows older and has minor hand challenges. We are returning both pairs.
  • Work at home

    Jill, 6/24/2016 Beautiful scissors for home grown haircutting.
  • Short, but Sharp

    Michael Young, 1/20/2015 My earlier review was sent by a mistaken push of the submit? button. Actually, I have the Cobalt Shears, the Professional stainless thinners and the gold professional scissors. I cut my own hair and my wife's hair and have used all but the Cobalt Pro. scissors for seven years. The Cobalt Pro Scissors cut like a dream- especially the wife's fine hair. The micro teeth make them ideal for close work and detailed trimming. I had to adapt my grip for the Cobalt models because they are shorter than the Pro Golds and my hands are hard to fit with even extra large gloves. They still are worth every penny. As an aside, the pro gold shears were sharpened for the first time this year and really had not dulled all that much. I expect that the Cobalt knew will probably not need sharpening in twice the time it took to dull the others. So, a five for everything but the size. My wife says that the size is ideal- I am not."
  • These Are A Joy To Use

    Vicky, 9/14/2013 These are pricey but worth every penny. I cut my own hair and would have trouble getting my other scissors to cut my hair in the back. Seems like my hair would slide away from the blades making for questionable cuts. These cobalt scissors are lightweight, fit my hand perfectly and cut beautifully. What a joy to use. And my hair cuts are much smoother with better shaping now. Great product.
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