Premium Italian Professional Loppers

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Sale Premium Italian Professional Loppers
Perhaps the very best industrial Grade Loppers available
Exceptionally Sharp
44C01.03 Italian Industrial Bypass

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44C01.04 Italian Industrial Anvil

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We are Lopper fans. So are our customers. What we like best is excellent value in a first class tool. Although these are certainly not inexpensive, the value is there for the active user. One is a Bypass model and the other is an Anvil model. In both cases, the geometry of the cutting action is absolutely unique - providing powerful and rapid cutting (without the need to ratchet) function for less effort. The rigid aluminum handles are 28" long.

We debated long and hard about whether our customers would value these the way we do and finally decided that we had to make the offer. We hope you agree.

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  • A lifetime purchase

    Philip, 7/23/2018 Surpassed expectations in every respect, this is one of those tools that will last long enough for the grandkids to inherit them. You wonder how you got by with the cheapie hardware-store loppers all these years. Solid cutting mechanism with large, sharp blades make for effortless cutting. After unpacking mine I tried it out on the thick branches of an old ficus and the operation was butter-smooth. The tool weighs a bit more than a lot of the budget-quality loppers but the minimal effort needed in actually cutting things more than makes up for it.
  • Jim

    Jams E. Lydon, 3/26/2018 I am extremely happy with these loppers. They are a very high quality tool that makes a hard job easy
  • Light in weight, long on power and cutting ability

    Bob, 6/14/2016 Sharp with great leverage. High end metal with super sharp blade.
  • Greatest Lopper

    Pat, 9/17/2014 I was trying to get rid of the sage brush that has been taking over or fields. I ordered the lopper because the one I was using was not doing the job to my satisfaction. WOW want a difference, this is great for limbing trees or cutting down sage brush, it makes the job so easy, with the long handle & sharp blades it makes the work so much easier. I am getting a lot more done than I ever thought I would. I am amazed at how share the blades are & that they keep their edge even with lots of use. Great tool I am a very happy customer!!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner September 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Pat!!
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