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Bestseller Premium Ratcheting Pruning Loppers
Superb for heavy work - Ratcheting and extendable handles
Made exclusively for Garrett Wade
11G12.01 Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper

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11G12.02 Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper

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11G12.10 Both Heavy Duty Loppers

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11G12.11 Replacement Blades, HD Anvil Lopper

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11G12.12 Replacement Blades, HD Bypass Lopper

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Ratcheting Pruning Loppers

These pruning loppers are designed with an over-sized ratcheting mechanism to let you put more power into every cut for branches up to 2” thick. The telescoping handles of our extendable loppers go from 26” to a full 40” with 6 pin stops and rubber grips.

When the job needs to get done, make sure you have tools that are up to it. We’re proud to bring you equipment that works as hard as you do. Be sure to check out our video to see these pruning loppers in action and pick up your multi-purpose oil for proper maintenance. The extra length not only lets you reach higher but acts as a lever for additional power.
Maintenance is easy. Just clean after each use and oil the pins on the ratcheting loppers occasionally to aid their movement.

Air shipping not available.

Professional-Quality Tools

We’ve looked at a lot of pruning loppers over the years, and most just don’t make the grade. That’s why we have these ratcheting loppers custom made for our customers. Designed to give you a longer reach, these extendable loppers also let you put plenty of power behind the cut to get your pruning done quickly and efficiently.

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

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Overall Rating

    Mary , 11/17/2020 Great investment!!! I’m helping my son make trails in his timber, and it’s really nice to cut small limbs and underbrush.
  • Great Tool

    Mary, 11/17/2020 I love this tool, my son owns some timber and we’re busy clearing trails. I’m 65 years old, it’s a little heavy, but my son uses it as if it’s a toy, it’s a workhorse!!!
  • operation of tool..

    D.A.Bunten, 11/15/2020 The ratchet action does help with the slightly larger green branches of my evergreens, I hope it will sharpen back up with good files,extension is nice to have to each.So far I like the tool, D.A.Bunten
  • Wood workers dream

    Vicki Jessop, 11/9/2020 My husband does A LOT of woodworking. He lathes bowls and other things and makes furniture. He does not buy any wood, only uses dead trees and makes all the boards himself. These clippers are amazing for him to lop off the branches. He loves these. He likes how study and clean they cut. Makes his wood gathering so much quicker.
  • Ratcheting Clippers

    H156, 11/8/2020 The tool works great before chipping, making the job easier in the long run. Very tough and sharp, with power behind the cut with a little muscle.
  • Chop Chop

    Tim Canfield, 11/3/2020 We moved out to the country recently and have probably 100+ pine trees. We've got some big dreams so I decided it'd be a good idea to clean up the space and clear the dead branches. On day two and about tree #79, my eldest daughter came by to hang out. Naturally she picked up the anvil loppers. I gave her a quick lesson. After her first cut, she enthusiastically exclaimed, "THESE ARE THE COOLEST!!" She helped me out for quite a while. Then mom came around. I told her she had to try these. I gave her a quick lesson. She wanted them. Badly. She started going after a branch with some green needles. I protested at first, but then I relented. After that first cut, she was hooked.

    There you have it: so easy to use a 4 year old can do it. If you're even thinking about getting these, get them. You won't be disappointed. And remember, anvil for the dead stuff and bypass for the live branches (generally). My job here is done.
  • Twice the work and half the effort.

    Oscar Mederos, 10/26/2020 I bought a set a few years ago and lent them to a friend to use since I had another brand that I was using. One day we were working together on trimming some bushes and I picked up the ones from Garrett Wade to use and switched them out. They cut so much easier that I got the work done much faster and with less than half the effort. I have two houses so I just bought another set for my other house. I will never use another brand again. BTW I had to order two sets because a contractor that was doing some work on my house used them to cut some roots and asked if I could get him a pair.
  • Not user friendly

    Ruth, 10/25/2020 Splendid idea. Good materials. Not user friendly. Very heavy, requires a huge expanse of area to open well enough to utilize the ratchet and once extended, it is unstable; it wobbles. Makes it difficult to keep the blade straight. The arms go off-kilter when extended. Requires a lot of strength to close the ratchet. Way too heavy to hold over head for very long. Best for someone with good upper body strength, but they wouldn't want a ratchet.
  • Great tool

    Gregory, 10/24/2020 This is my go-to tool. It has the strength and capacity to handle my toughest bushes. The ratchet work great and allows the blade to slowly but steadily eat into any limb.
  • Great tools

    Carol Rauch, 10/21/2020 He has been very happy with the tools and has had no problems with them. Definitely a good value
  • Like a Hot knife through butter!

    Joseph, 10/19/2020 These loppers made trimming hard wood up in the north east easier then ever. I love how lite weight they are and the how they expand to reach those branches typically out of reach.
  • Not as good as advertised

    Terrance P. O'Malley, 10/18/2020 This product is over rated. It crush dead branches rather than cuts them. On live branches it cuts but is unwieldy. Opening the mouth of the lopers requires an extreme stretch and the ratchet effect is minimal.
  • Nice & heavy

    Linda Hale, 10/17/2020 Best tools I have had in a long time.
  • Great Tools

    Sue Day, 10/11/2020 Great tools - durable and effective. What more could you ask for?
  • Best Loppers Ever

    P Smith, 10/8/2020 A really super item. Actually need a second one. My husband and I fight over who gets to use it when we are working outside together!!
  • Super Loppers

    Flyboy, 10/7/2020 After buying a set of nippers I decided to give the big loppers a try planning fall yard trimming. With sliding handle extensions and sharp cutting edge it makes quick work of branches and love the adjusting center pivot point for extra cutting force to cut green limbs at higher unreachable places before without a step ladder. Older and wiser now prefer to keep feet planted solidly on ground..
  • Lopper

    Robert Mroski, 10/7/2020 I have had many loppers, but these are the best.

  • Tools you can count on

    richar , 9/27/2020 As usual Garrett Wade comes through with these excellent pair of loppers. I'm now a senior citizen and rely on their tools for doing the job and making the chore easier on my arms. You get what you pay for has been the case with every tool purchased from Garrett Wade
  • Das loppers

    Robert Gwozdz, 8/31/2020 Das loppers ist gut.
  • Kudos to Garrett Wade's great customer service

    Edward, 8/21/2020 This review is not about these great loppers per se. The loppers are great; I've purchased several pairs over the years (a long story). This is actually a shout out to Garrett Wade's excellent customer service. You see, somehow one of the buttons that locks the handles in place got broken rolling around in the trunk bed of my truck. Joe Wolfe of Garrett Wade dropped the appropriate parts into the mail to me and a couple of days later, I'm back in business. Thank you Joe and Garret Wade.
  • Why Did I Not Buy These Sooner

    Dee Channell , 8/6/2020 I never purchased the least expensive but usually closer to that pricing than higher prices... such foolish behavior!
    A good tool makes a huge difference by making the job easier. The ratchet on this is an awesome feature & now I buy from Garrett Wade instead of ‘just looking’, can’t wait to get another great tool!
  • Loppers

    Carlane Svoboda, 8/5/2020 As an older woman with shoulder issues the ratcheting feature is a huge help. Also like the weight and balance. Hope the sharpness lasts.
  • Quality pruning loppers

    David Vallant, 8/5/2020 these loppers are the best tool on the market! They arrived promptly and are very well built and have made my yard work much easier. You offer a fine product at a fair price and I thank you for your service.
  • Heavy duty loopers

    Velva Reed , 8/4/2020 We love these loppers!!! Have been looking for a pair that work like these for several years. The hunt is over!!! These are the best loppers money can buy!!! Thank you!! Would definitely recommend & have recommended them already!!!
  • Every Gardner needs these Great Ratcheting Loopers

    Carol, 7/28/2020 I bought these Premium Ratcheting Pruning loopers to replace an existing pair that no longer would "ratchet" . They are absolutely the best and make cutting down the freeze dried branches at winters end a breeze.
  • Premium Lopper Set

    Daryl Unruh, 7/25/2020 Well constructed hand tool. Will make keeping limbs trimmed much easier.
  • Premium ratcheting lopper set

    Scott Elwell, 7/18/2020 Great product. Great value for the set. Items arrived quickly. Makes the job easier, especially with the ratcheting jaws and the extendable handles.
  • Love it

    Mike, 7/17/2020 I love this lopper. What more can I say?
  • Premium Ratcheting Pruning Loppers

    Bob Sullivan, 7/13/2020 My loppers finally died, but I bought a new one.
  • Premium Ratcheting Pruning Loppers

    Carol S Hatfield, 7/12/2020 I am very pleased with the purchase of these Premium Ratcheting Pruning Loppers.They are the best work killing tool in our tool shed. They take most of the work out of cutting brush around our house, which we have a lot of.I am a 78 yr old woman and my arms could not cut the brush I cut without these loppers.
  • Super loppers

    rasput585, 7/12/2020 Super loppers. Really impressed with the ease and ability of these guys to cut limbs. Where were they all these years I have struggled?
  • Fit My Off-brand lopper.

    Allen Rider, 7/11/2020 Blade is a replacement for a no-name lopper. Identical except for the hole for the return spring. Had to enlarge with file. Assembly is fairly tricky but doable with patience.
  • Premium Pruning Lopers

    Roy Larson, 7/9/2020 I've owned several different brands of lopers, but none can compare what the quality, craftsmanship, durability and cutting ability of the Garrett Wade pruning lopers. Since my second shoulder surgery, I do NOT use any other lopers other than Garrett Wade!
  • Best Loppers ever made!!

    Carol Hatfield, 6/22/2020 I purchased a pair of these racheting pruners several years ago and my family and I have used them a lot. They are amazing and make a big job of cutting so much easier. I am a 78 year old woman .These loppers do the work for you like a car jack lifts a car for you.
  • Ratcheting loppers

    gary mccullough, 6/21/2020 I have used these for about a week they are excellent tools. I have used them for a week clearing the brush from a logging they are trimming beasts!

  • Wonderful Loppers, questionable telescoped handles.

    Elizabeth S., 6/13/2020 While I love the power of both the Racheting and Anvil lopers, I'm concerned about the durability of the telescoping handles. A particularly stubborn 2" branch had the extended Anvil lopper handles bending alarmingly. Unless the handles are carbon fiber, I suspect the blade has a lot more strength than the fully extended handle. Unextended, both loppers are tree trimming beasts!
  • Racheting Loppers

    Browning Garrison, 6/9/2020 found the racheting loppers slipping even when tightening up the nut that loosened retuened for the loppers without the ratchet and they were excellent cutting and less chance of problems because of there simpler design was able toreturn even after warranty which i was given which I thought highly of the Co.
  • Loppers

    Joseph , 6/8/2020 Excellent product, made very well, would recommend for the quality and workmanship
  • Best tool

    Cng, 6/8/2020 Very good tools. I love them.
  • Strong!

    Victor Barrera, 6/7/2020 Love these durable tools. I'm glad I got them.
  • Durable

    Victor Barrera, 6/7/2020 Had to get use to but it works great after I figured it out.
  • Excellent tool

    George Skala Jr., 6/5/2020 Great tool for everyone Easy to cut thru large branchs
  • Great company excellent products

    Marty, 6/2/2020 These loppers are excellent quality and performance. I am a senior with permanent shoulder injury. These loppers are so helpful and a god sent. I have had others that break or don't cut properly. I'm so glad I found your company. I am impressed with your delivery system. The updates on orders and your customer service reps. You have a customer for life.
  • Nicer than more expensive commercial loppers - really nice deal

    Mike, 6/2/2020 I have used a commercial pair of loppers for about 15 years, well the blade broke and the company that made them is going through an internal family fight - NO SUPPORT. I searched for a few days and finally found this pair of loppers and I am VERY HAPPY with them! They cut small to massive limbs and they do that much easier than the commercial pair I had that cost a TON more money. The part that really helped me take a chance on these, was the ability to return them if I didnt like them. WELL DONE team - nice loopers
  • Best pruners/loppers on market

    James , 5/31/2020 These are by far the best loppers out there. I had to anvil pruners for years of use before needing replacement. I purchased both the bypass loppers and another anvil pruner and could not be happier. The bypass loppers go through green limbs like butter, and even tackle my oaks with the ratcheting
  • Loppers

    Rick Rogers , 5/24/2020 I have property with a lot of trees.l was using hardware store loppers broke the handle and was looking for something that would do the job. Went on line for the best pruning tools and found Garrett Wade . Bests choice l could have made. Both the loppers and pruners are professional quality. My first cutting of the loppers was a 2 inch ash limb cut thru it like butter. I love great tools and these are among the best. Worth every penny. Even told a friend and he immediately ordered the same set.
  • Much Better than anticipated , quality and easy to use

    Vickie Buckwalter, 5/23/2020 Recently widowed the upkeep of the place is up to me. I had a pair of loppers I was happy with and during a trim the lower jaw broke. This particular looper was no longer available. Searching the internet I came across Garrett Wade. I am not knowledgeable on tools so my primary criteria was the loppers had to have telescoping handles. I ordered the anvil loppers and was thrilled when they were received and I tested them. I didn’t realize they were ratchet type and now I am so glad they are. The telescoping handles are smooth and secure and the ease of using these are incredible. I love them. So glad a catalog was included with the packaging. I am needing to replace some items in my husbands shop and this will be my go-to source. So glad I came across you on the internet. These loppers are easy to use, I’m 65 yo and these are the best. Thank you.
  • Great ratcheting loppers

    Wendell , 5/22/2020 My first use was on a 2 inch weed tree in the lilac bush. These ratcheting anvil loppers made short work of removing the tree. A few, easy closures of the handles is all it took. Even my wife likes this tool for the bigger branches.
  • Could also be called “limb buster!’

    Androc kislevitz, 5/19/2020 Can’t believe how heavy duty the product is—Not flimsy or cheap in in anyway.
  • Heavy Duty Anvil Loppers

    Alice Collins, 5/18/2020 These are nice heavy duty loppers that will be an asset to my gardening tools. I have not used them yet, but I like the feel of them.
  • Heavy Duty Bypass Loppers

    Alice Collins, 5/18/2020 I bought these Heavy Duty Bypass Loppers along with the Heavy Duty Anvil Loppers. These are replacements for Loppers that had the handle break.
  • Heavy Duty Loppers with Telescoping Handles

    Alice Collins, 5/18/2020 I have had these type loppers for a number of years, and loved them. I would not let others use them because I loved them so much. I bought my first pair at the home and garden show in Houston. They broke this year when someone else was using them, and the handle didn't look like it could be repaired. So I ordered some more.
  • good tool

    Jay Lundahl, 5/18/2020 cut thick branches no problem
  • Great purchase

    Trista , 5/17/2020 These loppers work so great! Even my 70 year old mother is able to trim her trees like she likes with ease. Much better than I expected. Lightweight and cuts with little effort. Awesome!
  • I Love these Lopers, like cutting trough soft butter

    Gayle Garbarino , 5/17/2020 I borrowed my neighbors two years ago and by using the ratchet I was able to cut through much larger limbs I love the easily extended handles and the ability to replace blades EVERYONE should have these for yard work.I bought both for a terrific price! I plan to purchase the long reach ones next for higher limbs. Handles like pruning shears rather than the rope. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  • Buy as a set, it is worth the price.

    Karol Klim , 5/12/2020 I bought the anvil loppers for my husband and he loved it so much we had to buy the bypass loppers. He particularly liked the extension feature and replacement blades.
  • Replacing the Blade Saved Money

    Mikel W Conner, 5/8/2020 By replacing the blade ($10.95), that had a broken gear tooth, on my "Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper" I was able to not have to spend $69.95 to buy a new lopper. It took maybe 30 minutes to replace.
  • Always Better

    Dirk Schroeder, 5/6/2020 Reliable tools and the extendable handles make for easier cutting at higher heights. The ratchet lopper can power through the heavier stuff. Recommend!!
  • "Civilized man is known by the tools he uses!"

    Laura and Al, 4/30/2020 We've been working together in the yards that surround Laura's childhood home since 1967. With every decade, we've modified our work strategies. In our 20's, we worked hard . . . in our 70's, we're working smarter! We recommend the two pruners as one of the smartest buys we've ever made.
  • A Quality Prtoduct

    C. Guzowsky, 4/27/2020 These loopers work very well, the ratchet is a very useful feature especially for us seniors. I also like that the handle extensions lock in place instead of the friction type. The only issue is the one is a bit heavy.
  • OMG... The Best!!!

    DENNIS, 4/25/2020 OMG!!! Once You Get The Nack of Using These... YOU Shall Find That THESE Are The Best Bypass Loppers EVER!!! Very Much Worth The Price!!!
  • Both Heavy Duty Loppers

    Paula Ramsey, 4/25/2020 I have only used the loppers once but they did the job with ease. I would highly recommend this product.
  • Great product

    Jack Rein, 4/23/2020 Works perfect. Have already used extensivel.
  • Great loppers!

    Brad Walter, 4/11/2020 I have a small Felco and a Corona Super Duty with 37" wood handles 3" cut capacity that is a beast. The Garrett Wade Premium loppers are a size in between. They weigh just a little more than the Felco and have about the same cutting capacity as the Corona (but with way less effort and shoulder pain) Great product!
  • Excellent loppers

    Larry Bray , 4/10/2020 Cut easily and easy to use.
  • Reasonably Priced, Sturdy Product

    D.K. Carr, 4/9/2020 Very sturdy, easy to use product, with a reasonable price.
  • Replacement blade

    Bassam, 4/3/2020 Nice quality replacement blade. No issues. Good service
  • Get ready to chomp away that brush, you are now equipped!

    shereen, 2/25/2020 Absolutely fabulous value in these loppers. My husband owns a pair of super "name brand" that I could never find so I bought my own-and these were literally half the price. These will extend to keep you from overreaching for those higher limbs, these have a super tough bottom jaw to really get through the thicker limbs. So impressed and think they were a great deal.

    Greg J, 2/24/2020 Superb for cutting thick branches, metal handles are easily cleaned of sap, and adjustable handles a real boon.
  • Best value for the money

    Marty Simmonsen, 2/6/2020 Excellent quality at a great price, far better than the ones we would get locally for the same price. When you buy Garrett you by quality, nice stong metal and very easy to operate.
  • Excellent tools

    Liz, 1/26/2020 Have used these for several years and love so much I purchased another set for a garden and conservation preserve where I volunteer.
  • Store owner

    Robert whipple, 11/10/2019 I bought the pair of loppers. I have all kinds of limbs and branches to prune and keep pruned, these loppers are by far the best and easiest to use. I can prune as fast or faster than using a bulky chain saw. They are great!!
  • GREAT!!!!

    Sharron, 11/5/2019 Excellent quality. Easy to use.
  • Greatest loppers ever!!

    Gina Roberts, 6/17/2019 Good balance,not too heavy. Very sharp and easy to use. I am a breast cancer survivor and can't lift very heavy items. These loppers are great . Cut beautifully.
    My trees and brush have never looked better.
  • Pruners

    Mel Dowell, 6/9/2019 The ratcheting pruner is wonderful! I am a 73 year old woman who weighs 80 pounds and these make it easy to get rid of all the Honeysuckle.
  • Excellent

    Donna Anderson, 6/9/2019 Excellent quality, super sharp and very easy to use.
  • New loppers

    Theresia, 6/7/2019 Well I haven't used them yet... I just got them this week.... to say they weren't what I expected is an under statement... they were no where near as heavy as my previous loppers and extremely extremely light weight... I m in my 60s and ease of use is really important to me... I can't wait to use them!!!
  • New loppers

    T, 6/7/2019 Well I haven't used them yet... just got them this week... but they weren't what I expected... I thought they'd be as heavy as my current bypass loppers... to my surprise... they were extremely extremely light weight... and the adjustable extenders work like butter...Im in my 60s so ease of use is important to me...I cant wait to use them!!!
  • Excellent

    Donald Doria , 5/26/2019 Love the Anvil it does everything I was hoping for you don’t have to use a lot of effort just a few clicks it is a great addition if you have trees ???? & bushes you need this Lopper you can get to hard to get places with the extensions!!!
  • BAD to the BONE

    Karl, 5/22/2019 Should have got em the first time I saw em.
  • Great Lopper

    Helene T, 5/10/2019 The lopper is really well made and performs wonderfully. It is a little bit too heavy for a senior female. But I like it and I manage to use it.
  • Genghis Khan

    Richard Turnert, 5/7/2019 I gave our first Premium Pruning Loppers to our yard man as a Xmas present because I was so happy with them. Brought another set for myself
  • Excellent Loppers

    iceblinkluck, 4/29/2019 I bought both of these loppers since we are older and we have a forest with many trees in our backyard. I love both of these loppers so far. I use both of them. So far, no problems. The Bypass lopper cuts tree and shrub limbs very great. The Anvil Lopper cuts dead wood great. I hope they last for very years. I am so glad that I purchase both of them. I can recommend them. I would buy them again. They are easy to use.
  • Well Built Premium Pruning Loppers!

    Gary, 4/24/2019 Gets the job done in 3 clicks! Ruggedly durable, cuts clean, adjustable handles are nice to reach further or higher area, and yes - it's heavy!
  • Very heavy duty poppers

    Ron Bush, 4/6/2019 I was looking for heavy duty loppers to clear a large tent camping area of saplings. I cut hundreds of saplings with ease. These tools worked even better than I hoped for. They are sharp and extremely rugged. The ratcheting feature made the cutting very easy. I have showed them off to several friends already. I am 68 and my father in-law who helped me is 86. We cleared a very large area for a boys group to camp in two days.
  • Loppers

    Tom, 3/22/2019 Super heavy duty-more than expected-very well made compared to my old loppers
  • Anvil Lopper Blade Replacement

    Greg Browning, 2/26/2019 The anvil lopper has served well for years and I don't want to be without it. A strong young man recently managed to shear off one gear tooth on the blade. Fortunately Garrett Wade offers a replacement which fits and functions well. The first step you will want to take is to cover the sharp edge with 3 layers of masking tape to avoid adding a laceration to the process of installing the blade. Once the opening spring is attached and anchored back in place, the next challenge is to align the holes in the blade and the two large fender washers on the sides with the specialty pivot screw while simultaneously stretching the spring and engaging the teeth with the spur gear. It really helps to clamp the handles to the workbench and have a second person help to feed the pivot screw in place from below while you attempt to align all the circles and gears. Once reassembled and lubricated, you are back in business, lopping away as good as new.
  • Pruning Loppers

    Phil, 2/24/2019 Great loppers. Both work better than expected, easy to use and cut very cleanly.
  • Loppers

    Iva Parkhill, 2/14/2019 My husband’s favorite ....strong and efficient! A great tool.
  • Bypass Loppers

    Robert Klein , 1/28/2019 These are just excellent professional quality tools. These are my second purchases of the same loppers for another home. The blades stay sharp after repeated uses, and the unique extension handles add incredible utility.
  • Strong and Efficient

    Pete Bromley, 1/22/2019 I had to get right out and try the loppers. I liked the strength and ease of lengthening the handles. Much superior to my old and now discarded loppers which had a twist to lengthen mechanism. I also liked the ratcheting cutting action, which I had not expected. While pruning my home orchard is always going to be time consuming, at least now it will be more efficiently done.
  • Ratchet Review

    Jan Lopes, 1/21/2019 First encountered Garrett Wade loppers helping a friend prune his tropical garden. I am a senior gardener, but the ratcheting feature of these loppers turned me into the Edward Scissor-Hands of cabbage palms! Needless to say, I now have my own Garrett Wade ratcheting loppers!
  • Good product

    PATTY HEATH, 1/18/2019 1/2 the price of a competitor and every bit as good!
  • Heavy Duty Anvil Looper

    DR. BRIAN , 1/4/2019 It is the best looper I have ever used. .My personal looper is still perfect after 5 years .but I continued loaning out to my friends. .so I guess what I bought 2 of my friends for Christmas. Haha the heavy duty looper.

    And your Customer Service representative's are outstanding.

  • Great Loppers, Heavy Duty

    Robert M Durstenfeld, 12/28/2018 I've had my loppers for a few years and use them every fall for prunings. I loved them so much that I just bought a pair of a friend.
  • Whoopee Lopper

    Mary Pat Tyndall, 12/20/2018 I just used the lopper to clip branches offvthe Christmas tree. It was so easy to use. I look forward to using it in the Spring to finally get rid of the Wisteria ruining my yard.
  • great loppers

    kris evelhoch, 12/20/2018 love that you can make the handles longer and they stay in place. easy to use and light weight
  • Like mother, like daughter

    Eva Stillings, 12/17/2018 My dau got me the premium lopers for Christmas last year and I truly love them. They are so easy to use, so this year, I am giving her the same lopers for Christmas
  • 12/13/18

    Ml, 12/13/2018 Love it
  • Gets the job done

    David Allen, 12/9/2018 The heavy duty concept is great and both tools, work as advertised, however the extention handels are a bit tricky. The handles are a constant concern during operation, they do not secure in the position intended. Some time they do and other times they don't. I'm keeping them because I can deal with the short commings.
  • Homeowner

    Michael A. Brown, 11/8/2018 Especially like the rugged design & the capacity of the jaws. The extension handles are another good feature.
  • limits

    john eaton, 11/7/2018 they have limits. I broke my last one
  • Love them

    Patty Amos, 11/5/2018 As I have gotten older, it makes it more difficult to cut larger branches. These slippers make me feel like I'm in my 20's again! Yea!
  • Handles never stay extended

    Jorge de Goicoechea, 10/25/2018 I have these for over a year now I don't use them as frequently as I would like due to the fact that the extension of the handles never holds. You extend them out and as your working the slide all over the place. Not certain if this can be remedied with an adjustment or not, doesn't look so. Cutting wise they are great.
  • Ratchet Action

    Sharon Kirkland, 10/11/2018 I think these loppers are great. This is my second one. They are built for heavy duty work. I am a 77 year old female and the ratchet action allows me to cut branches that I otherwise wouldn’t be strong enough to cut.
  • premium pruning loppers

    Sarah lowe, 10/7/2018 My lopper is just great. My companion has one also and he uses it all the time
  • Great reach, great quality loppers

    Mary, 10/2/2018 These are the best loppers ever. Well made and the extension allows me to reach branches i could never get to before without a ladder.
  • Simply The Best

    Karen Poysed, 9/30/2018 Best loppers ever! This is my second pair; they are strong and well made. Being a short senior citizen I love the extending handles. They easily enable me to remain safe on the ground to lop branches that would otherwise require me to stand on a ladder.
  • Great loppers

    Marian Li, 9/18/2018 I have a ratcheting lopper but this lopper has extended handles for the branches that are just out of reach. Also, they are much lighter than my older loppers and once the rain stops and it isn't so muggy out, I am going to enjoy using them.
  • A premium product at a great price

    Dorothy Lenhart, 8/24/2018 I love these loppers! As I get older, it's harder for me to use brute force to get the job done. Garrett & Wade Premium Pruning Loppers to the rescue! I was able to prune a lot of shrubs all in one day using these. The blades are sharp and the racheting feature saves me a lot of energy.
  • Light and sharp

    Bill, 7/28/2018 Light and Sharp. I love the Press and Pull extension system.
  • Needed my own

    Emily, 7/20/2018 My friend has these loppers and I have always LOVED them--so useful for getting high, thick branches without breaking your arms/back! Now that I've purchased my own acreage that needs some TLC, I knew I needed my own pair. They're solid, strong and should last forever--I'm excited to break them in!
  • Fine tools

    Andrews, 7/1/2018 both these loppers work very well. The anvil loppers are very handy for cutting up dry branches for kindling for the stove: way quicker than a saw or hatchet. The ratchet on the anvil lopper is very secure and progressive. The bypass lopper uses a different mechanism, and the ratchet will reset to wide open if the handles are spread far apart: this can be useful for getting a fresh grip. The extension handles work easily and reliably. Considering their power, they are quite light, and feel very sturdy.
  • Greatest loppers you can purchase.

    JAMES ALLEN, 6/30/2018 Have had a pair of anvil loppers for at least 20 years but a different name,but when I got these they were identical,shame great quality.I gave my 20 year ONES to my son He's always wanted a pair.I have friends that have borrowed them.WANTED TO KNOW where I got them.They were a one time deal .I have found WHERE to get them and will definitely tell them WHERE to purchase on line and 800 hundred number. the old ones have really had a work out over the 20 years and could go 20 more.greatest loppers any one could buy.
  • Lopper Heaven!

    glaciergirl, 6/9/2018 These tools are Lopper Heaven! We had a major late spring snow event in northern Michigan and many of my trees and shrubs were damaged by the lingering, heavy snow. My old loppers required a lot of muscle to use, and I just couldn't prune the broken limbs safely. I vowed that I'd find better ones and did with the Garrett Wade anvil and by-pass heavy-duty loppers. The tool really does all the work and doesn't require anywhere near the effort my old ones did. The incremental ratcheting into the wood by the device makes a quick, clean cut and is easy and fun to use. Plus, the ability to extend the handles add additional reach and opportunity for pruning without having to pull out a ladder. I highly recommend both of the Garrett Wade loppers for anyone, especially if you're on the small side or short on upper body strength.
  • Are They Worth It .

    John B., 5/28/2018 When I first tried both tools they were better than expected. No they are flat out AWESOME! Making my job so much easier and saving time . Well worth the money . The leverage is so smooth. Made in the Good Ole U.S.A. I'll be back for other products.
  • Professional Loopers Great Price

    Keith Owen, 5/26/2018 I have one of the heavy duty loopers ,I have used them for a few years and they work great. Then I came across the sale you were offering for the pair plus free shipping I did not hesitate I ordered both thanks Garrett Wade for great products
  • Bult Solid

    David Bahr, 5/19/2018 The words heavy duty can relate to either the the performance or the actual weight. I like the adjustable feature which allows multiple extension lengths with a solid pin locking mechanism. This saves time by minimizing the need to use a ladder. The ratchet feature is the key feature here. With a traditional lopper, if the blade gets stuck there is a tendency to twist,tear and injure the branch being trimmed. The ratcheting feature allows multiple small cuts while holding the lopper steady for a clean final cut.
  • Great loppers and remarkable buy

    Michael H Diamant, 5/11/2018 Excellant tool. Well made and heavy duty. Cuts large branches easily.
  • Great lopers.amd.remarkable price.

    Michael H, 5/11/2018 Well made and very easy to use. Great
  • Bypass loppers

    WyldMarie, 5/6/2018 I already done a review of them anvil loppers so now I'll do a review of them bypass loppers.I do like these loppers a lot, If you got the arm strength you can lop a two" green limb easy without strainin' the lopper none. These fellers are gettin' a workout cause I got a 75 tree avocado ranch that's real overgrown plus a lotta ornamental trees have got real outta hand to get after. So far they's holdin' up fine. PS I wrote on them tools that I'd use'em on anybody caught "borrowing" 'em to scare off my fool brother-in-law what uses everthing he touches
  • Tool review

    WyldMarie, 5/6/2018 Gets after ole dry wood like a big dog! If you got a good cut angle you can lop off a limb the size of a small tree. You'll need a little arm on ya cause these are not real lightweight puny tools but I'm a 67 yr woman who busted an arm back in Jan and I ain't built up my muscle there yet and I can handle 'em no prob.
  • Prunners

    Lou, 5/6/2018 Very Rugged. Cut very good.
  • Pruning Lopers

    Russ, 5/5/2018 Best cutting tools I have ever used in my garden...Very well made and stay shape...I am a blacksmith and these tools rock...Buy them as a set for this price you may want to by a set for a friend.

  • Strong enough to do big jobs.

    Mary Mauz, 5/5/2018 The loppers are very sturdy and heavy but that is what's needed to cut through large branches and not self destruct. When fully extended one needs a lot of room to make the ratchet work but over all they cut well enough to do the job. Wouldn't trade them for others I have used.
  • Both Heavy Duty Loppers

    miguel vivaldi, 5/4/2018 very to easy cut tree
  • Glad I have both!

    J Shaw, 4/30/2018 I am a woman in my 60's with 90 acres of untouched land to clear. After getting used to the ratchet I could easily cut over my head or deep in the brush for clean fast cuts. Having both green and dry wood to clear I was glad to have both to switch out. Both performed better than the previous loppers I was using. The extra length of the handles is a real plus for my dense briar. Looking forward to these!
  • Best loppers ever!

    Bain Cate, 4/27/2018 Best loppers ever! I’ve already used both types of loppers, and the limbs were much easier to trim when compared to my Craftsman loppers.
  • Buy them both!

    D R Looper, 4/22/2018 Really glad I bought the ‘set’ ‘cuz I’ve both living and dead branches on my heavily wooded land. I’m a bit disappointed in how much play is int extended handles but honestly, it’s a physics thing and I understand the price would likely go up substantially to improve handle performance. Still, loppers work as advertised and extended handles have some play. Ultimately, I have adopted a habit of collapsing the extended handles for the bulk of my work.
  • Best Loopers I’ve ever purchased.

    Todd Zara, 3/31/2018 These are awesome loppers. The ability to ratchet helps tremendously and the extendable handles make quick work out of those larger branches.
  • My Awsome New Loppers

    Patti Adams, 3/31/2018 These loppers are wonderful. Have use smaller tools before and struggled to cut through tree roots and the like. Had a bottle brush tree removed and all the roots left behind were hindering me from planting in the area. WOW!!! these bad boys cut through those roots like a hot knife through butter. Wish I'd bought sooner. Thanks Garret Wade
  • Anvil type lopper

    Eric Rankin, 3/31/2018 Best lopper I could find.
  • Not opening as well

    Steven Bias, 1/6/2018 I've had the heavy anvil loopers less than a year, and the opening mechanism is already not working. They worked great, however, up to the point they wouldn't open without effort on my part.
  • Loppers

    Dennis, 12/19/2017 I was impressed by the description and specifications. The ratchet is very well designed and works very efficiently and effectively. Excellent value for the investment.
  • Prunning Loppers

    B. Carlson, 12/17/2017 Very sturdy, high quality product. Makes shrub and small tree trimming easy.
  • Best EVER loppers

    Fran Blank, 12/16/2017 I was impressed with my loppers before I ever used them. I could feel the built in quality as I unpacked them. The ratchet and extension handles give my work more range and save me time. I teach basic pruning classes and will be sharing my new loppers with my spring classes. I always stress that "you get what you pay for" when you buy tools and these loppers are the perfect example of those words. Thank you for a well built tool!
  • Impressive,but not yet tried

    Marion Bush, 12/16/2017 Got these for our son-in-law, so haven't had a chance to use them yet. That said, I am impressed at the quality of the tools and the feel of them in my hands. I hope he will enjoy them, too!
  • Truly "A Cut Above"

    Perry Kurtz, 12/13/2017 I have never before seen loppers of this quality and with unique feature: Telescoping Handles. For me, it means that not only do I have outstanding quality loppers that I know will last and last but also I don't need to buy two sets, one for long reach and one shorter!
  • Now these are Quality Garden Tools!!!

    Karen Shaner, 12/9/2017 These are the best quality tools that I have ever seen. I am so happy I finally put my foot down and purchased tools that will last a long long time. Got so tired of buying new tools every other year that kept falling apart. These puppies will probably out live me and perhaps even the next generation.
  • Makes short work of small limbs!

    Scott, 12/9/2017 Great tool. Made short work of the limbs on a small tree that came down in my yard recently. Will get many years of good use out of this lopper
  • Nice

    Scott Anderson, 12/7/2017 Nice products.
  • Lopper Blades

    ks, 11/7/2017 The replacement blades for the anvil lopper were EXACTLY what I needed. A bit tricky to install but was successful in the end.
  • Way too heavy

    Diane , 11/5/2017 These loppers were so big and heavy that I had to return them. I use my loppers for long periods of time, and these would be mighty tiring. Grips were too big for my hands and the cutting heads too large to get into small spaces between branches.
  • Ratcheting loppers

    Clifford Wylie , 11/3/2017 Got ratcheting loopers to cut legs,neck,and hambones while cleaning deer
  • Replacement blade

    Shawn, 10/25/2017 Great service. Fast shipping. Perfect fit.
  • Awesome Product

    William Gootee, 10/22/2017 Excellent piece of cutting instruments for all types of tree, bush and general cutting. The Loppers are awesome and work with precision cutting without using a tremendous amount of strength. So easy my wife can use them. I highly recommend the Loppers. Customer service goes above and beyond helping with questions and parts.
  • Fine tools

    Thomas Remar, 10/17/2017 Anvil Loppers: These are massive machines. I use these instead of chain saw. I bought anvil loppers years ago and jumped at the chance to buy both the anvil and bypass loppers. Just fine tools.
  • Super tool

    Thomas Remar, 10/17/2017 Super tool. After IRMA we have much to trim and prune, and this tool does the job.
  • REAL Mans Anvil Loppers

    David Gonzales, 10/10/2017 I have owned probably twenty different make and models of so called "heavy duty" pruners in my life. NONE compare to these. This is my third set....NOT because I wore them out, but because I gave the first set to my Mother, the second set got kidnapped by my brother after he tried them out, and I cannot live without a set always at the ready for my next trimming/sizing job. I cannot say enough about what a quality, job rated tool they are. I seldom need to use the fast and easily adjustable handle extensions, but if I do, it is because I am tackling branches that require a saw to cut through them, and are WAY bigger than ANY other lopper could cut through.
  • Works Perfectly

    Dale Hupe, 10/9/2017 These loppers are exactly what I need to clear brush. Easy and smooth cutting.
  • Fabulous!

    Judith Landolt-Korns, 10/8/2017 Love these clippers. Makes thicker stems so much easier to cut. I have arthritis in my hands and can work longer than before. I'll never buy any other kind!
  • Loppers

    David W. White, 10/1/2017 Excellent product. Works than the one I own now.
  • Quality tool makes the job easy

    sue kirkpatrick, 9/16/2017 Life long gardener, now in seventies and will not tolerate tools that make work harder. This tool is slightly heavy for an old lady but is easy to use and does the work for you. Extension handles and ratchet gear means one tool for many tasks.
  • If you have to cut 1/2" to 1-1/2" dia. branches - U need this!

    Kevin, 9/9/2017 This anvil lopper is TOPS with branches from 1/2" in dia. to 1-1/2" in dia. I used it for several days straight on a big pruning job and it exceeded my expectations. The spring-loaded blade opening and ratcheting features were terrific and very much appreciated.
  • Nice lopper

    Marina Bonaventura, 9/7/2017 Well made tool, easy to use.
  • Nothing like the right tool for the right job.

    Dave Misconish, 9/5/2017 My neighbor lent me his Heavy Duty Anvil Loppers and in less than a minute I knew I'd be looking for a place to buy a set of my own. I'm a guy who lives by the saying, "Nothing like the right tool for the right job" so I immediately ordered the set of both (Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper and Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper) and am delighted that I did. Not only did I order the set, but I also ordered a spare blade as a gift to my neighbor as he's had his set for many years- although they still performed brilliantly, I thought it was the least I could do to return the favor!
  • Simply The Best Loppers

    John from Western PA, 9/3/2017 I absolutely LOVE these loppers. I got the pair of them and use them constantly. They basically take the place of one of my smaller chainsaws. The extendable handles are wonderful since you do not have to stand on a ladder or any kind of support to trim higher branches. In addition, the extendable handles make it easier to trim the centers of large shrubs without getting poked by the outside branches. The ratcheting mechanism makes it so easy to trim thicker limbs with little effort. If they ever break, I will definitely order another set. I am totally spoiled by these loppers, and as a one-man landscape crew, cannot do without them. Thanks for a Great Tool Garrett Wade!
  • Nice large capacity.

    M. Pressler, 8/19/2017 Nice sharp blade with capacity much larger than anything that can be found a L's or HD. Comfortable to use. The extendable handles are nice but the torque generated when fully extended seems to put a great deal of strain where the handles connect to the cutting assembly. Hope to get many years of use from these loppers. They seem to be a good product for the price.
  • Best

    Dave merson, 8/13/2017 Best lopper ever made. I had my first one for 12 years. Order another to replace mine when the ratchet gear wore out.
  • A Great Help

    Gayle Larson, 8/12/2017 My neighbor loaned me her pair and their use made me a believer so I bought myself a pair. They made for quicker work on my project than my old lopper and the racheting made the difference. I recommend these for your next project!
  • My husband LOVES this set of two loppers!!

    Shanan Roth, 8/12/2017 I got this set of 2 loppers for my husband for his birthday, after the handle broke on his previous set. He REALLY likes these, and said they are much heavier duty than the previous loppers. He esp. loves the metal (aluminum?) handles, that extend easily on both sets. Also, they both ratchet and are able to cut through relatively large, green branches "like butter!!" Great gift!!
  • Loppers

    Phil Moerschell , 8/12/2017 Excellent tools

    PS, 8/9/2017 I love this lopper. I am female and lack the upper body strength of a guy, and this thing gives it to me. This is a great tool! Thankyou for making it. The ratcheting is a great thing!!!
  • Works Well

    Joe Crider, 8/5/2017 Got it to replace my old one. Works much better than one I had. It is rather heavy but not overly so
  • Super Lopper

    Bob Noren, 7/25/2017 Great Product. Love it. Much better than the lopper I am replacing.
  • Lopper

    Helen Kendall, 7/22/2017 a very good lopper. I needed a strong lopper to cut volunteer juniper trees The extension handles give me the additional leverage to cut these small trees. I especially like the slide mechanism on the extension. Good for heavy duty use.
  • Great Lopper!!

    Marcia, 7/21/2017 I received my first GW Lopper several years ago and have loved i! Unfortunately, the handle slide mechanism broke, so I decided to buy a new on...at72 years old, this should be the lady's last one and heirs can fight over it!
  • Loppers on Steroids

    Roy B. Ward, 7/17/2017 Excellent quality, mechanical advantage and easy to use. Look forward to many years of use. Glad I found Garrett Wade
  • Anvil Lopper Heavy Duty

    John, 7/17/2017 Stud Lopper, none better
  • Ultra Sturdy

    Stephenie, 7/12/2017 Husband breaks everything but these are doing great. Needed something ultra sturdy and we're very impressed. Back order was a little sad as his Father's Day gift arrived late but was pleased with customer service and very pleased with product.
  • Lots of saplings and no pain in arms - Wonderful!

    Steven McIntosh, 7/12/2017 This past weekend I removed over 100 tree saplings from a property we are acquiring next door - five years of non-maintenance to deal with! Using our newly acquired Garrett Wade Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper, the big job was accomplished in a few hours with no persistent impact on my tendonitis and other lower muscle issues in both arms - a first. The ratchet mechanism really made a difference especially on the thicker (2") trees. Then, I extended the Lopper to trim pine branches obstructing the driveway which gave needed clearance without using a ladder, another first! Purchased as a pair, looking forward to using the Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper on another project of size. What a great tool and value you are offering - quality that is reasonably priced and just as effective as claimed. Thank you, Garrett Wade!
  • Good loppers make good neighbors!

    Mark, 7/9/2017 I bought a second set of loppers -- for my neighbor! Not that they were being borrowed too often -- they weren't, but that I hated to see them struggle like I used to. The blades slice through branches and limbs that usually would require a saw. More than once I've broken a handle of a lopper purchased from a garden store. Not these.... Their handles are tougher than I am! Good loppers make good neighbors!
  • Great Tools!!!!

    Rich Larsen, 7/8/2017 My wife picked up one of the anvil loppers many years ago at one of the warehouse stores. It has been one of my favorite yard tools ever. It cam time to get a new blade and I thought I would never find one until just before I gave up I found them here at Garrett Wade. I was so happy I bought the set with both anvil and pass through along with some replacement blades just in case. I plan on making a gift of the duplicate to my neighbor who has wanted some from the first time he saw me using them.
  • Makes easy work of hard labor

    J Pruette, 7/7/2017 These loppers are excellent. First, they are very pretty and shiny. Next, they have comfortable handles so my hands don't get bruised. Third, they have a ratchet mechanism. I didn't understand how this worked at first: If you are cutting a branch and it gets too hard to press the handles together, the ratchet allows you to pull the handles apart again, but the blade stays snug around the branch. Pushing the handles back together again gives me greater leverage. What this means: as a middle aged housewife who's husband takes too long to get around to clearing branches, I can now do it myself! These babies tackled every job I asked of them. And they still look pretty and shiny. Worth every penny.
  • Excellent Bypass Lopper

    Piet, 6/2/2017 I purchased the anvil and bypass loppers as a set. So far I've only had opportunity to try out the bypass loppers, which work quite well. The bypass mechanism provides very noticeable mechanical advantage. It allows me to cut tough green branches and palm fronds with much less physical effort than my old Craftsman lopper. Extendable handles are another great feature. When extended, they provide both additional leverage and reach. All told, this is a well-designed and well-made tool.
  • Loppers

    michael, 5/18/2017 Its been about two weeks since I received my heavy duty anvil and by pass loppers, which I bought as a pair and they work great. I have used the anvil loppers to cut up old tree branches that I cut last fall and the adjustable handles do a great job giving you added leverage on the branches up to 2 inches with the help of the ratcheting unit. The handles can be adjusted in seconds a great tool I have been looking for, for years, but didn't trust the ratcheting part, I was wrong. The anvil loppers work just as good trimming trees and brush around the edge of my property, they really make yard work a lot easer .
  • Cuts well

    CM Kelly, 5/15/2017 Very efficient tool. Cut through really thick canary palm branches. Extendable handles helped me reach branches I previously needed a ladder for. Well made.
  • Premium Pruning Lopers

    Paul E.Farmer, 5/13/2017 These are by far the best lopers I have ever had.Lightweight but strong.
  • Effective and efficient tool

    Big Burly, 5/13/2017 This is THE tool for the projects that lie ahead. Makes a tedious task easy to do with less elbow grease needed. Recommend highly. Well made, and ergonomically designed.
  • Premium Pruning Lopers

    Alan Ruff, 5/11/2017 I bought these loppers to replace 3 pair that have either bent or broken. Wow do they work. i did not have to wrestle with the branch. The loppers just cut them clean, much less effort. The only thing to get used to on the anvil loper is that it resets to wide open each time requiring more pulls to squeeze down to the size of the branch. Cut 2" plus diameter branches no problem. These broke the old loppers.
  • Premium Pruning Loppers

    Pat Rankin, 4/18/2017 I am pleased with my new Pruning Loppers. They are very easy to handle. I have all ready used them on my yard. They are great working with the smaller bushes. I always get my brother a gift card from Garrett Wade for Christmas and this year I am asking him for a gift card from them also. Thanks.
  • Premium Pruning Loppers

    Pat Rankin, 4/18/2017 I have all ready used the Loppers and they work great. I thought they might be too big for me (74 years old), but I trimmed up several big bushes with them. I was very pleased with them. I couldn't find any in the Home Box stores around me that were not made in China. I think they are AWESOME. Thank you!!
  • Top Shelf quality

    Mark, 4/10/2017 I am a pro gardener .I buy stuff all the time.These are not only made like Sherman tank,but they perform superbly.Will buy my other pruners from GW when they wear out.
  • bypass loppers

    Harry R Archer, 3/20/2017 to get a better rating the tool needs to do the work for me. Delivered in a timely manner. performs function very well and easier than other similar tools
  • Blades

    Michael Lawson, 3/20/2017 Very good replacement Blades
  • Love this product

    Michael Lawson, 3/20/2017 Great pruning tool - I especially like the ratchet style - lops through anything I need to trim
  • lopper

    roger england, 3/18/2017 This lopper wasn't as good as my other one. I needed to do some work on it before the jaws would open up. But after some work I finally got it to work as well as my other one.
  • Garrett Wade pruning loppers

    Bruce, 3/11/2017 So far, I am impressed with this tool. I have worked in landscape maintenance for 26 years and used a lot of different tools manufactured by many brands. This is the first ratcheting lopper that I've ever used and today was just my first day with it, but my first impression is that Garrett Wade has put their name on a really good tool. I am not yet fluid with the way to utilize the ratcheting, but I was able to work my way through some very hard wood just by persisting for a few extra seconds. The mechanical advantage is striking. I found the telescoping handles to be fast and easy to use. The overall weight of the tool is quite light, considering the extra weight that the telescoping handles must have added. Overall, I have a good impression. I might buy more for my crew in the future!
  • Great product!

    Edward, 3/5/2017 Excellent product! Easy to use, even for those with limited upper body strength. I was unable to prune 2 inch hardwood with my previous pruners, but can do so with ease now.
  • Outstanding

    Tim Burress , 3/5/2017 Outstanding pair of loppers. Cut through a 2 inch limb with no effort. Even my petite wife had no trouble using them.
  • Both heavy duty loppers

    Edward Jones, 2/28/2017 I bought the pair of loppers and have used each of the once so far. Very easy to use and both do a great job of cutting 2" limbs. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • Premium Pruning Loppers are the best

    Larry Hill, 2/28/2017 Well I told my wife that I needed a better bypass pruner for my birthday. She did some research and hit a homerun. The heavy duty Premium Pruning Loppers are like nothing I have ever tried. They extend out for those out of reach branches that I could not safely reach before. I can now cut 2 to 2-1/2" branches thanks to the jaw capacity and the ratcheting mechanism. I had to get my saw out before I got this for anything over about an inch. And the blade just slices through so nice and clean with no damage to the tree. You can even order replacement blades down the road when you think it's time for a new one. So if you do a little or a lot of pruning and you're looking to get the best bypass lopper pruner there is then look no further than Garrett Wade's Premium Pruning Loppers. Don't waste your money on anything else.

    Tim Thomas, 2/25/2017 I bought the 2 pair of lopper. The quick release on the anvil unit is such a time saver. this pair of loppers has significantly reduced my use of my pole mounted chain saw.
  • Tough effective loppers

    Harvey, 2/20/2017 I use these loppers to control cedar (junipers) in our Texas pastures and they are outstanding. Do not let references to "garden" tool make you think these are less than really tough, effective tools. Make sure to learn to use the ratcheting function properly for the thicker branches and this tool can make you a candidate for the "Lopping Hall of Fame".
  • Garden tools

    Charlie, 1/31/2017 Excellent Product. Brought the set worth the money for 2 garden tools. These are not for commercial use. Home owner yes
  • Bypaass Loppers

    William Greenlow, 1/31/2017 This is the best tool anyone could have in there garden inventory. With the adjustable arm length you can reach into thorny bushes with out harm.
  • Christmas present

    Richard Roon, 1/29/2017 Solid well made. Sadly it is winter here so cannot use. Glad to receive both loppers this christmas . Awaiting spring

    Frances, 1/21/2017 Quality products! !! With the ratcheting, loppers are easy to cut limbs. Like the ease of the handle extensions. We have a lot of trees and limbs to trim, so they get a lot of use. Works well on both green & dead wood. Liked so well we bought a 2nd set. Highly recommend :-))
  • Chompers

    John Sekerka, 1/16/2017 Sturdy, well made. As good as advertised on the site :)
  • Loppers

    R C Noble, 1/3/2017 They work as good as they work

    clyde boodasingh, 12/19/2016 excellent product
  • Not for the professional gardener

    Mike Ward, 12/6/2016 I am a professional gardener in Arizona USA. The conditions here are much harsher than in other areas and require a stronger tool than is usually required. A few years ago I purchased a tool called the "Trail Blazer" which is this tool by another name. Actually, the trail blazer is the anvil version not the bypass version. I bought the bypass version this time as it is stated that it is for green wood and not dry wood. The anvil version is for dry wood. This tool is very light weight, by that I mean the construction is with thin metal. The tool is great for the home gardener who will use it occasionally but not, in my opinion, a professional quality tool
  • Amazing Loppers

    Judy Snyder, 11/26/2016 Have used one of these loppers for years in maintaining our forestry farm, and was lost without them when they were recently stolen along with our four wheeler. The loppers were the first tool I replaced after the loss of all my forestry tools, and I was delighted to see there are now 2 styles, and I bought both of them. There isn't another lopper available that can compare with these, I am sure! I've used them for years, and would have a hard time caring for the farm without them.
  • Excellent Product

    RJ, 11/15/2016 Fine tool, given as a gift, used on green and dead wood which it cut through effortlessly with ratched mechanism. Recommended to others
  • Rated Best, and I Was Not Disappointed!

    Richard Weber, 11/13/2016 I recently needed to replace my loppers for farm maintenance work. My old ones were a good brand and not cheap but kept coming apart when I put serious pressure on the handles. I like good tools and did an internet search for best rated loppers and came up with Garret Wade tools. Went to their website and was going to order when I saw the special for the two types of loppers. So glad I did. Top quality and they work.
  • Great tool

    Sondra, 11/7/2016 I was given this lopper by my husband since he knew that I liked pruning our trees. It is fantastic since I don't have to ask for his help or get out a saw. The fact that it extends makes it all the better. Giving as Christmas gift to my brother. He'll love it.
  • Extension Fail

    Jorge de Goicoechea, 11/3/2016 Love the loppers other than the extension do not stay engaged
  • The best weapon in the War Against Buckthorn

    Gerry Leone, 10/31/2016 I bought this pair of loppers for my wife after one of her friends brought over her two pairs. Her friend had raved about them to the point where my wife decided I could give them to her as an early Christmas present (two months early). She absolutely loves them. They're powerful enough for her to use without a lot of effort, and they really make her feel effective in her War Against Buckthorn. So my Christmas shopping is already finished!
  • Replacement Blades

    Dottie Lankard, 10/21/2016 Love these loppers but constant use dulls the blades. We finally ordered replacement blades and downloaded the instructions on how to replace them. The how to replace instructions were difficult to find on the website. I call customer service and he directed me how to find them.
  • Great Products

    Dottie Lankard, 10/21/2016 These heavy duty tools are built to last and withstand children use and abuse. Great products!
  • Love these Loppers

    Dottie Lankard, 10/21/2016 I supervise a vocational shop program for a school district. We have been using these loppers for several years. Easy to use, especially for students that are vision impaired. They learn how to use these loppers by identifying and counting the clicking actions.
  • great tools

    stan garnett, 10/19/2016 Excellent quality on both loppers. Way better than the box store stuff. These will last me a lifetime!
  • Last Forever

    lct3991, 10/17/2016 Great lopper product, engineers really did their job with the ratcheting mechanism. Thank you, Garrett Wade, as my dad always said “ you get what you pay for” great price. Ordered -Superb for Heavy Work, Premium Pruning Loppers , 11G12.10 they arrived promptly. Both worked as good as advertised the quick push button handle extenders are fantastic & very light.
  • Fantastic lopper

    Rog, 10/15/2016 Love the lopper. Had one like it and it lasted for years. Just gave it to my grandson and I bought a new one for myself.
  • Heavy Duty Bypass loppers

    Terry, 10/15/2016 These loppers perform well, but when extended and cutting heavy brush I have doubts to the handles holding up without bending.
  • Amazing item

    Heather hannabass, 10/4/2016 Anazing
  • Amazing product

    Heather hannabass, 10/4/2016 Amazing product
  • Amazing product

    Heather hannabass, 10/4/2016 Amazing product
  • Love this Lobber

    Sandrap roman, 9/20/2016 Fantastic. We have gone through 3 loners in the last 2 years. Living in the woods and 11 fruit trees calls for a lot of trimming. These do the job and more. Takes little to no effort to cut through a 1-2 inch sapling. I love the ratchet feature. Never saw that before. And you can extend the arms with the touch of a finger. Magnificent.
  • Mrs

    Nancy Clement, 9/12/2016 This is the best loppers we have ever had. We can't say enough good things about them.
  • Finally, lopping shears one can trust to last forever.

    Robert Dakin, 9/10/2016 I don't remember how many lopping shears I had thrown away; their shelf life was pathetic. I had been borrowing A neighbor's shears for the past few years. He's a widower and didn't know where his wife had bought them. I am more than willing to pay for high quality and bought the Garrett Wade shears after exhaustive internet searching. After thorough testing,I am confident that the Garrett Wade shears will be the last I will ever have to buy. Well worth the price.
  • great long lasting product

    john newton, 9/6/2016 Great product. I have have had for 5 years and just replaced the cutting blade ($7) for the first time. have recommended to 2 or 3 other people who agree - they are the best.
  • Great piece of yard equipment for homeowner.

    Albert Whiteside, 9/3/2016 These are the best loppers one could buy. They are heavy duty and really give leverage when handles are extended. This is second pair that I have owned. I keep one at my lake house and one in town. Cut large branches that would need a hand saw otherwise.
  • They do the job.

    Jerry Gibbons, 8/29/2016 These things really work. We have a lot of brush and trees on our ranch and these loppers really do the job. A great value.
  • Cut it out!

    Steven McWethy, 8/28/2016 The ratchet allows me to cut through even the toughest limb with ease. Great tool.
  • Great for larger limbs

    John Wagner, 8/27/2016 The ratchet action takes some getting used to, but makes work easy on larger limbs in contrast to the struggle I have had in the past with other loppers. This tool is well made, rugged and expected to last a long time. Also, the cutting blade is replaceable.
  • Pruning loppers

    Aaron Glover, 8/14/2016 It feels well made, heavy to hold, but the cutting edge of the lopper, did not cut very well, I went to my old stle wooden handle one I own, sharpen it and did the do.
  • Bent pivot head

    Karl Vauter, 8/8/2016 I'd have given a "5" but I bent the steel pivot head and haven't been able to use them since! I DID like them before they gave up the ghost and purchased two more to replace them!
  • Best Ever

    Jim Ertresvaag, 8/5/2016 This is a premium quality heavy duty pruning tool. Racheting action makes pruning hard wood branches easy. This is a must have tool for anyone with trees or bushes. Great tool!
  • Liked these so much, we bought two sets

    KJ, 8/2/2016 Both the anvil loppers and the bypass loppers are fabulous. We have two homes and I was so happy with the performance of the tools, that I bought a second set for the mountain home. I use them to trim mesquite, juniper, oak and pine. The anvil loppers are perfect for those branches that are too thick for regular loppers but thin enough that you feel silly using a chain saw. The bypass loppers are sharp and effective. They are a little heavy but a small price to pay for such effective tools.
  • best design in the world

    Raymond, 8/2/2016 best design in the world, this is the only one I found that fulfilled the design in my head, I found only this one after long search worldwide
  • best design i ever see

    Raymond, 8/2/2016 very strong tools, best design i ever see
  • Quaility!

    Joe Chandler, 8/1/2016 Wow, these are hefty and well built tools at last. I am tired of spending money on average tools that make you struggle to do the job. These are not average. Good tools make jobs easier and these are good tools!
  • Pruning Loppers

    Steve Carter, 7/31/2016 Excellent product. Really gets the job done easily. Love the extendable handles.
  • only the best

    mateo tafoya, 7/19/2016 I'm retired and I work for fun (plus a little money and I only buy the best tools because I don't want to have a conniption fit.
  • Best Pruning cutters I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edward, 7/18/2016 By far the best looking and best performing pruning cutters that I have ever owned. Cuts even the biggest limbs and small trees with a minimum effort. If you want the best made pruning cutters made, look no further!
  • Great ratchet loppers

    Filena, 7/16/2016 The ratchet loppers that I had got lost in our move from TX to FL. They were wonderful. I ordered one from the internet and it was a huge disappointment but when I received the ones from you I am so happy with the quality and they worked so well. I am 82 years old and I can use them with no problem. I ordered the combination and I am so pleased. Do not hesitate to order these. They are the best I have ever seen or used.
  • Premium Pruning Loppers adequate

    Charles Valley, 7/10/2016 The ratcheting action is great. The handles are aluminum and seem flimsy when extended out. The smaller lopper handle keeps sliding off and won't stay on. Frustrating!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for reviewing the Premium Pruning Loppers. We're sorry you are having trouble with the handle. Please give our technician a call to resolve this issue.
  • Customer service a winner!

    D Steffanie Steele, 7/6/2016 Garrett Wade customer service is top notch. UPS had a fumble on delivery and GW followed through for me. The loppers are just what I wanted and needed!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're happy to have cleared it all up for you. Thanks for stopping by to comment! Glad to hear you love the loppers!

  • Well worth the extra penny

    Michael, 7/5/2016 Getting the combo is the way to go. Both amazing tools. If you only get one, you'll wish you got both once you see how beefy and yet easy it is to use these guys. Like budder.
  • Great pair

    Mark Johnson, 6/27/2016 I am a tree guy. Not professional, but I have a lot of trees and shrubs. I believe in proper care and pruning. I bought the combination anvil and bypass tools. They are excellent. Well constructed and very useful.
  • Premium Pruning Lopper blade

    Shirley Pourciau, 6/25/2016 Very pleased with quality and promptness of delivery. Loppers are all fixed and
    back in service.
  • Could not be happier

    John Major, 6/19/2016 These are by FAR, the best I have ever used. My previous unit had the gear that makes it ratchet broke. After I ordered the new unit , I asked if your company might have the gear, they did and offered to send it to me at no charge. That's what I call real customer service.
  • Long sought after

    Rich Larsen, 6/19/2016 My wife found the anvil type several years ago at a wholesale club (Sams or Costco) and bought a pair. Several neighbors have seen me using these and have wanted a pair but could not find them. I just stumbled upon them here at Garret Wade They are absolutely great!!!! Mine are about ready for a new blade so I am very happy I found them.
  • Everything I expected and then some.

    george kalin, 6/18/2016 I got the one for green wood and could not wait to use it. Mother Nature cooperated and sent us a good windstorm. There were some fairly big limbs to test this loper. The results are EXCELLENT. The adjustable handles and ratcheting mechanism made easy work of the limbs. She deserves SIX stars.
  • A+++ Product

    Thomas payne, 6/14/2016 Best loppers on the market. the telescoping handles make this a very powerful tool.
  • Excellent buy when you get the pair!

    Thomas, 6/14/2016 These are by FAR, the best I have ever used. With these 2 loppers and a bow saw, there is nothing safe in the yard!
  • Rate of tools

    Wade Cavenaugh , 6/13/2016 Love the tools best I have ever used.
  • Loppers

    Henri, 6/12/2016 Used these same day received. They performed excellently.
  • Great set of trimers

    Arthur Weidner, 6/12/2016 Well built and function great,it will do the job.
  • Pruning loppers

    Virginia, 6/5/2016 I ordered this lopper for a friend. This is the 3rd one that I have purchased. I gave one to my brother and kept one for myself. They are wonderful loppers
  • Handy tool

    Jonathan Lipman, 6/4/2016 I bought the ratchet loppers, my third set. The first set was from whoever was marketing them before Garrett Wade and I followed them to their new home to buy more. I keep one in each of my several vehicles to deal with overhanging limbs and branches and, in the winter, pesky snow-laden pine boughs that intrude onto my steep mountain gravel road. They are invaluable for those situations that don't warrant a chain saw. They get daily use.
  • Best pruning loppers!

    Leslie, 5/31/2016 Awesome. Works similar tothe anvil loppers. Can get through large branches with less strength . I'm older now, and these help me get the work done with less frustration.
  • Loppers

    Kris Vanlaanen , 5/30/2016 These loppers are strong and sharp
    Just the quality I expected from garrett wade
  • Heavy duty looper combo

    Richard, 5/30/2016 Received a ratcheted anvil lopper as a Father's day gift years ago. Loved the ease of cutting with it as did my wife and it was frequently borrowed by our kids. It was finally time to buy another one and I saw the combo on sale so I bought it. Now I got a his and her lopper so we can work at the same time. Great loppers and I recommend them to every one as they are so easy to use.
  • Love these loppers.

    Dawn, 5/29/2016 Love these loppers. I have already showed them to some friends.
  • Premium Pruning Loppers

    Tom, 5/20/2016 Only one thing to say. I love this tool!!
  • Premium Loppers

    Leon, 5/17/2016 I like my new loppers. Built really good,cut well.I like design.
    One thing is,its heavier,then expected.,
  • Happy

    Charles, 5/16/2016 The best, hardest working tool on the farm. I got two of 'em.
  • These loppers were a sound purchase!

    Tom S, 5/7/2016 The description of the Pruning Loppers in the GW catalogue was most informative and got-my-attention. Then, I proceeded to read the available reviews and was a little hesitant about purchasing the loppers but the majority of reviews were supportive. Now, having put my new loppers to the real test, my yard, I am very pleased with their ability to cut solid green tree branches with minimal force and the ability to increase the arm lengths with push-buttons really is a great labor saving feature. Having an impaired shoulder, these loppers do not exacerbate my shoulder condition when cutting tree branches as other loppers have done. I highly recommend these loppers!
  • heavy duty anvil loppers

    Donna Tanck, 5/7/2016 About a month ago my husband broke his anvil loppers that he had brought 10 years ago at Sam's. He was lost without them and pruning work on our farm was piling up as he had nothing to trim with that worked to his satisfaction. When I found the loppers on your website, at the unbelievable price, he was beside him self with joy. When he saw that you could order both types of loppers and get a discount, we did it. We also ordered the set of three hand trimming tools and since it was our first order we also received a pocket knife. Since he has received them, the pruning and trimming has not stopped, I even started helping as the tools are so easy to use. I found the anvil loppers on another company's website for $249 on sale. We are now getting ready to place another order as I found some great toys that my young great nephews will throughly enjoy. Plus my husband has found more tools that he can use. What a great company!!!
  • Premium Pruning Loppers

    Donna Tanck, 5/7/2016 What a deal!!! My husband has not stopped talking about the pruning loppers since they arrived. He has been looking for quality tools for years and was so happy when I found your website. The prices are unbeatable the quality top notch. Thank you so much for quality products and excellent customer service. He has been drooling over your catalog that came with our first order and getting ready to place another one. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
  • Premium Pruning Loppers

    Keith Owen, 5/6/2016 Just got the bypass Loppers last month and have used them on the job last week.They worked great so far love how the handles extends and locks for hard to reach limbs.Very pleased so far.
  • Great until the arms fell off.

    David Benfield, 4/30/2016 Worked great until one of the arms fell off. These loppers cut up to 1 1/2" branches very easily and they greatly reduced the strain on my arms. However after a short time, one of the arms fell off. I glued it back in place, and soon the other arm fell off. A few months later one of the arms became loose while I was cutting a branch...the arm partially slipped off while cutting, thus damaging the arm beyond repair. Great tool if the arms stay in place.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Heavy Duty Bypass Loppers. We're sorry this happened. Please call our technical department at 1-800-221-2942 for assistance.
  • Great, need to get two so I don't have to share

    Michael Wilson, 4/25/2016 Finally I found replacement blade, love love love the anvil lopper. Can't live without it. The people that only rated this product a one star-what on earth did they try to cut, a pipe ? Love the product!
  • Save Money and Frustration, Buy the Best!

    Bill Conaway, 4/14/2016 I received my new Garrett Wade Bypass loppers yesterday, Impressive.
    I have gone through at least three, in the last 30 years, purchased from the well known box stores and brand names that don’t cut cleanly, the extending handles change length when you don’t want them to and the handles brake.
    All of Garrett Wades critical leveraging and cutting components are made of metal, cutting is clean on large and small stems and the ratcheting action makes cutting large branches a breeze. The positive stops for extending the handles eliminate the possibility of changes while in use.
    If I had purchased Garrett Wade’s Bypass Loppers 30 Years ago I would not have needed any others.
    Bill Conaway
  • A trip to the dumpster.

    Jerome Watson, 4/13/2016 I was working in the woods when this pair arrived. I tried them both on a couple of 2 1/2 inch branches. I immediately threw my old, more expensive lopping shears in the dumpster. The ratcheting action is great and significantly reduced the required effort. Thanks.
  • Customers were happy with this item.

    David Lind, 4/12/2016 These are the best pruning tools ( I bought the set) I have ever used. Very high quality and durable, with the ability to replace the blades when needed. Light weight and strong with adjustable length handles. Truly outstanding equipment.
  • They sure work for me!

    Sharon, 3/8/2016 I'm old and have cancer so gardening is therapy. So far these loppers have helped me get control of a rose bush, privet hedge, fig bush, apple tree, several unwanted trees, and next I'm going to reduce my out of control Kiwi vines. Do I like these loppers? No, I love them. The extendable handles are great. I can cut stuff without bending over and I can reach stuff a lot taller than I am at 5'3". They cut through thick stuff easily enough that I can do it with my poor strength. I'm cutting this short to go out and get those Kiwis.
  • well made

    garry erbaugh, 3/4/2016 I bought these loppers for my wife because she does a lot of pruning where she works. They are very well made and they just have a feel of quality. These two tools have really made her work easier and that is good for both of us.
  • Pruning Loppers

    Bill , 3/4/2016 These arrived today, and my wife immediately identified some appropriate chores. I tackled some limbs and brush that had broken my last set of snips, and these worked very well. The expanding handles give greater reach, but also require a much wider span to open. A little hard when you are reaching high, but once I could get on the limb, the rachet made short work without a hard pull. Look forward to more testing, but they work good and look like they will hold up.
  • Versatile Energy Efficient Loopers

    Larry, 3/4/2016 I am a volunteer at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden and find these loppers slow
    Me to work my shift tirelessly. The extensions allow me to trim many trees without a ladder.
  • First time GarrettWade customer

    T.G. Pfeifer, 3/4/2016 Best pair of Loppers that I have ever seen! Heavy duty,made well,cut branches nicely.Priced in line with competitive good quality tools.
  • Great Pruning Loppers

    Bob Grau, 3/4/2016 NICE!!! Just tried these out for the first time yesterday. Smooth operation, well built, and great cutting with ease. Love the extension ability of the handles too.
  • Very Good Quality

    Hooyah524, 11/12/2015 These are truly good loppers. My first order of anvil loppers had broken one of the gears, but I'm not sure what happened because my wife was using it at the time. I returned them thinking she couldn't have enough strength to break them ( yeah, yeah, I know it's a sexist comment). Anyway, I return them with no questions asked. In time, I realized that I really missed them, so I reordered another of the offered pair. I'm happy with them...again. Only now I don't loan them to anyone; especially "you know who".
  • Very Pleased..

    Mike R., 9/9/2015 So far I'm well pleased with this product. Check back after Fall pruning. cmr
  • Bought For A Gift To My Son

    Patricia Huffman, 8/1/2015 This garden tool seemed like the work horse for the garden we were looking for. I bought it as a birthday gift for my son. He recommended Garrett Wade products to me.
  • Best I Have Used By Far

    Reid A, 7/17/2015 I have used the bypass loppers for almost five years and with over four thousand varied fruit trees in our orchards they have held up extremely well: no problems whatsoever and our Vietnamese workers are very very impressed that they have lasted so long. When I return to Canada I will definitely buy more to bring back.
  • Pruners

    Clifton Brown, 7/17/2015 Both of these pruners are very well made and easy to use. They feel very solid and should last for a very long time.
  • Excellent Loppers

    John Lyon, 7/8/2015 These are a great set of anvil pruning loppers. I bought them to replace a set that had fiberglass handles that broke in use. The aluminum handles in these loppers seem much more sturdy to me. I also appreciate the fact that the handles telescope to extend my reach. The blade is very sharp and the ratcheting mechanism greatly increases the cutting force that can be applied. I am very pleased with this product!
  • Get The Job Done

    Ann, 7/7/2015 I use these loppers to prune tress and shrubs around the house and to also cut back mesquite and other brush off of roadways. They are quite sturdy and seem to be well made. So far I would say that they are the best loppers I've ever owned.
  • The Best Yet

    Michael Young, 6/24/2015 I read reviews by others prior to ordering these loppers. The only ones that concerned me was one which stated that there were cheap plastic parts in high stress areas. If there are those parts they must be of Delrin Plastic. I used these right out of the box to replace my sprung loppers which have been straightened twice and are showing stress lines at the blade bases. The anvil cut lopper was used on dry red oak, ash, ash, red cedar, and maple. If the branch fits into the considerably wide jaws it will cut. It may take two or three resets of the ratchet mechanism, but that is quick and intuitive after the first use. The bypass blade lopper was used to cut the same wood pieces, just smaller green branches. Again, the ratchet mechanism had to reset itself up to three times for thick branches, but they all cut easily and cleanly- and close enough to the trunk so that the wounds will heal quickly. The extension of the handles was a worry. I was sure that the increased length would bow or worse, bend the handles. Neither lopper bent and the bow caused by heavy branches was not enough to really concern me. One nice feature is that the mouth opening remains the same with the arms fully extended. The ratchet mechanism proved itself right there. I have only used these loppers for a total of six hours, but they haven't failed me yet and the work got done quietly without the danger inherent in chainsaws or the flukes common to reciprocal saws.
  • Toughest of the Lot

    Gordon White, 5/19/2015 Just received and immediately put to use. Both of the loppers are awesome! They cut through branches my other loppers would never be able to. They are not cheap but well worth the price.
  • Lopper Love

    Judy Cafmeyer, 5/16/2015 These loppers are really wonderful!!! The ratchet feature and extension handles makes pruning trees and bushes much easier and certainly within my reach!""
  • Premium Pruning Loppers

    Scott, 5/15/2015 On large branches, these anvil loppers do the job. The ratchet moves right through dry and green wood fairly quickly. Only faster way would be to use a chain saw, but not very practical when trying to make clean cuts. Good value.
  • Did Not Disappoint

    Tom Harvey, 5/6/2015 Very high quality and worked as expected. Love the telescoping handles. Well thought out products.
  • Gear Failure

    DAG, 4/6/2015 Works great on larger green limb that other loppers are a struggle. Avoid dry and hard limbs. The internal gear is only light cast metal or plastic, it fails under extreme hard and dry material rendering the loppers useless, no repair or parts available.
  • Great Product

    Carl, 3/20/2015 I bought both the by-pass loppers and the anvil cutters. I ordered them before reading the reviews so when I did read them I was worried by the negative reviews. I need not have worried. I had an apple tree that I had let go for a few years and needed trimming way back. While nothing would make the job easy they did they job perfectly, handling limbs up to 2 inches (I measured) without balking. I would highly recommend either or both. Afterward I ordered Garret Wade's carbide sharpening stone which brought them and my old by-pass lopper back to sharp like new in minutes. Very pleased...sore but pleased.
  • Smooth Cut, Versatile, Easy To Use For An Amateur

    Gordon Kulberg, 3/2/2015
  • Anvil Lopper

    R. Monte, 2/24/2015 The loppers work great until they don't. The anvil loppers have a gear inside its frame that makes everything work once that gear breaks which didn't seem that hard to do you can't fix it. Not so heavy duty as they would have you think.
  • Had Problems

    Liz from LaGrange, 2/8/2015 My bypass loppers only lasted two years. The plastic inside the extension handles disintegrated. The loppers really worked great while intact.
  • Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper

    Larry Stivers, 1/20/2015 Functionally, this a great set of loppers. I've saved a lot of time and strained muscles over firing up my my chain saw for 2-3 branches or trying to cut them with small, light-duty loppers. I rated these at 4-stars (rather than five) because one handle routinely slides off the handle attachment on the cutting head. Whatever holds the handle on is out of sight up inside the top of the handle. If I cannot find a better option, I will have to put a screw through the outside of the top of the handle into a hole in the attachment...a pity to have to do "shade-tree" repairs on such otherwise well\made equipment."
  • Awesome Loppers

    Stephen McLaughlin, 12/31/2014 Right out of the box the high quality of the bypass loppers was very apparent. The construction is top notch. The telescoping handles work smoothly and clicked readily into place. They cut through tree limbs like butter. For some bigger limbs the ratcheting mechanism worked flawlessly. I would highly recommend these loppers
  • Very Satisfied

    Carl Youse, 12/15/2014 These are the best thing since Bubble Gum! So easy to use and well worth it's money!
  • Best Clippers Ever

    Bill, 12/14/2014 Purchased these for my wife and the are the best we have ever used. Easy for her but heavy enough for me to cut bigger limbs. The expandable handles allow us to reach limbs without a ladder.
  • GW Pruning Loppers

    Miller Ross, 12/12/2014 Both the anvil and bypass loppers are built rugged for heavy duty use. The extension handles enable a user to reach higher while pruning. The loppers are top quality and should last for years
  • Very Good Pruner

    Ken Stevens, 12/11/2014 The extendable handles give you leverage when you need it but still lets you work in tight places when you don't. Very good capacity on green wood.
  • The Best Yard Care Item Ever

    Terri, 12/6/2014
  • Great Loppers

    Eric Z., 11/29/2014 Fantastic Loppers. Absolutely the best I have ever owned. Excellent quality. Time to go do some trimming!
  • Great Loppers

    Loudy, 11/23/2014 I've owned these loppers for approximately two months and have used them extensively cutting over-growth bushes and trees. Thought I had broken them several times, but no way. These loppers are tough tools and easy to work with. Bought them as a pair and very glad I did. Highly recommend them.
  • Diane Dahlgaard, 11/17/2014 We have a lot of trees on our property, so we need good equipment that is easy to use. My husband likes how easily the handles adjust & also the quality with which they are made. We will definitely shop for other tool needs here.
  • Anvil Lopper Blade Replacement

    Don Windle, 9/28/2014 Great service! I couldn't figure out how to install the new blade. Joe in technical talked me through it after emailing instructions. Now my Lopper works great again!
  • A Landscapers Greatest Purchase

    Andrea, 9/2/2014 I used a friends pair of loppers and decided to get a pair of my own.These are the sharpest and most durable of all the pruners I have. I can use them for hours and my arms don't get tired. The ratcheting mechanism helps cut through bigger branches like butter!
  • Works For Many

    Jane Richardson, 8/24/2014 Salem Housing's Community Tool Shed lends tools to volunteers all over the city of Flint. We are down-sized" community with many vacant properties. Volunteers are caring for this land - this is our third set of these powerful loppers - and they really make the difference."
  • Lopper Heaven

    Mike Irving, 8/15/2014 The Trail Blazer lopper is more than expected. It takes the place of a small chainsaw, therefor, it is much safer.
  • Highest Quality

    Ron, 7/26/2014 These are the best pruning tools I have ever seen or used. They cut clean and have heft and weight behind each cut. You feel like they could cut anything. The anvil lopper looks and feels like it could cut kryptonite even though it was designed for dead wood.
  • Premium Bypass Loppers

    Judith, 7/21/2014 The loppers arrived last week and today, were put to the test. They made quick work of demolishing two old shrubs that were slated for removal. They performed beautifully and will make a grand addition to my garden tool arsenal.
  • The Best Loppers

    Bob Nicholas, 7/20/2014 We have had a pair of these anvil loppers for years. They are essential for heavy duty lopping. Even though they work as well as ever, some months ago we decided to get a backup because excellent products that never wear out may not make enough profit to be made in the future. Our local stores were unable to find or order them. Garrett Wade not only had them but had a sale on them and their companion loppers! Thank You! Sincerely, Bob Nicholas
  • Great Loppers

    Paul, 7/3/2014 I am so pleased with these loppers. After struggling with lighter weight, non-ratcheting loppers, it is so easy to cut branches and to clear up fallen limbs. These two loppers are so easy to use and cut with. I highly recommend them.
  • Loppers

    Virginia Hoskins, 6/13/2014 My loppers were replaced by Joe Wolfe. An excellent person.
  • Anvil Lopper

    Faye Jackson, 4/28/2014 Best lopper I have ever used, I am 75 and I can cut limbs as large as is recommended for this tool.
  • Best Lopper Ever!!!

    Ben, 4/24/2014 The performance of these loppers far surpassed my expectations. I trimmed/sculpted and ornamental tree and removed an enormous overgrown bush. The loppers were excellent for removing very small tree branches as well as 2 plus trunks of bush. The ratchet mechanism is smooth and effortless. Fully extended, the handles added leverage and were very solid. All descriptions on website are understated. Truly a fine tool. Can't wait for my next lopping!"
  • Best Lopper!

    Kathleen Thom, 3/18/2014 We have an on-going trimming project with 3 Mesquite trees in our back yard. This is the *best one I've ever used! Love the 40 inch extension. The ratcheting gear takes all the stress away from my neck & shoulders when cutting through thick branches. It cuts through them, like butter! In the past, tree trimming was literally *a pain in the neck, no more!
  • Pruning Made Easy

    Dennis Frederick, 3/5/2014 The first thing I noticed when I got the package was how well made these things were heavy strong and comfortable to handle. They bi-pass loppers quickly and easily removed branches 2'' thick with just a little pressure. the anvil loppers cut dead wood just a smoothly. These loppers are the best investment I have made to date. I would recommend Garrett Wade products to anyone. Money well spent.
  • Loppers

    Lana, 2/23/2014 The anvil loppers are outstanding! But the smaller loppers were defective. However, Joe Wolfe contacted me instantly and took care of me replacing the defective loppers. Customer service could not be better! Thanks! I'm making my second purchase tomorrow!
  • Awesome

    Ray Hein, 2/17/2014 Both work as stated. Fast clean cuts,easy to use,you wont go wrong with any product from Garrett Wade.
  • Anvil Lopper

    Tami Homen, 2/6/2014 I have used a lot of loppers in the last 20 years but the Anvil Lopper (by Trail Blazer) was indeed the best; worked the best EVER! I have not had any problems with the gears failing but the pin that extends the handle broke on one handle and the other is cracked. It isn't like I use these a lot but I would not have thought this part would be a problem and finding a replacement part has been difficult.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Heavy Duty Anvil Lopper. We are sorry to hear that you had this problem. Please contact our 1-800 number and ask to speak with our technician. He will be able to assist you. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Gear Failure

    Bud, 1/9/2014 Worked very nicely at first; then had problems with them hanging up; not wanting to ratchet sometimes. After about 3yrs quit working; due to ratchet gear breaking in half,
  • Best Loppers Ever!

    Sharon, 1/5/2014 These pruning loppers are the best. Having the telescoping handles makes reaching high limbs easy without having to stand on a ladder (I'm just unstable on a ladder!) I can cut both large and small diameter limbs easily since the loppers ratchet closed. They are sharp and make smooth cuts. I've recommend them to anyone who needs to clip limbs and small bushes or shrubs in their yard.
  • Top Loppers

    Marjorie J. Burns, 12/19/2013 I bought both loppers, liked them so much I bought two more to give as gifts. Last month I bought yet another gift lopper. It's a way of spreading the word.
  • Weak Handles

    Dan Harriger, 8/19/2013 Ratchet cutters work fine. Heavier pair cuts through anything that fits in the jaws. However, be careful using either pair with the handles extended. They will bend and deform causing problems on retracting the handles back to their shorter length. I was concerned that they might also break. Use with handles extended only on lighter cutting tasks.
  • Product May Be Better Than This Review

    James L. Mson, 7/17/2013 Though lopper was used only briefly on just one occasion, it was purchased from you around 2 years ago and I realize it is much too late to complain or ask for any adjustment. Though this product failed me miserably, somehow I still believe it has the potential to be a much better tool than my experience indicates. Against my better judgement,I like the possibility of this lopper so much that I may gamble that this was just a fluke and buy the product again and pray for better results the second time around.
  • Quality Design and Assembly

    Laszlo de Simon, 7/1/2013 I finally splurged and treated myself to this excellent tool. As a believer in good tools make for more efficient work I was very satisfied with the quality of assembly and engineering that went into making this such an excellent piece of equipment. I highly recommend purchasing this tool, as it gets the job done with amazing power and ease.
  • Best Loppers Ever

    Sue, 6/25/2013 As soon as my new loppers arrived I put them to use. They are by far the best I've used. The telescoping mechanism works very well and they go right through thick branches that I would have had to pull out the pruning saw for with my old loppers. They look like they'll be easy to sharpen and lubricate also. There is a small spring that is part of the ratcheting mechanism that is somewhat exposed, so I would be somewhat careful not to get dirt in there.
  • One Part Failed

    Roger G., 6/17/2013 The button to adjust the length of the handle does not lock into place. The handle moves freely. this makes it difficult to use lopper. Is there any way to adjust or repair this problem?
  • Outstanding Customer Service

    Stan Alekna, 6/16/2013 Garrett Wade made everything right. I wish I could erase my original review because they went over and above.
  • Anvil Lopper

    Steve Jewell, 6/14/2013 I bought both loppers I am a landscaper and have had several loppers over the years , the bypass lopper is the best you can buy anywhere.the extending handles are great. the anvil lopper is very heavy-duty, handles ,mechanism, everything except the blade, it is too thin and the edge rippled the first time I used it, would be great if they did not cheap out on the blade.
  • Device Failed

    Stan Alekna, 6/8/2013 Purchased lopper in 2008 and used it very little. Ratchet mechanism no longer works so it's worthless and I can't find anyone to repair it. Just my experience.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Heavy Duty Bypass Lopper. We are sorry to hear that it malfunctioned so quickly. We've sold many of these without a problem so we think you may have received a defective one.  A replacement is on its way to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Pruner/Lopper Set

    Pete C, 4/7/2013 As the name of my city attests, we have quite a number of trees and large bushes in constant need of pruning and thinning. Recently I purchased the set of pruners/loppers. In a word, both of these are fantastic. The adjustable handles provide additional leverage force when needed. The large loppers easily cut through 3 thick dead, dried-wood branches with ease. My older loppers would bog down in much thinner wood and were not adjustable in length, my older loppers are in the trash. A very good buy and worth the price."
  • Best Lopper I Own

    John, 2/26/2013 I already owned the dry wood lopper. I used it to cut branches up on a large pin oak I recently cut down. After extensive use I managed to damage it by cutting branches beyond its capability. Desperate to complete the job, I disassembled the lopper, filed down burrs on the blade mechanism, reassembled it to find out it worked just like new. I decided to purchase this set as a spare to have if this should happen again. I would not spend the money if I didn't feel that these loppers are the best ones on the market. I have seen replacement blades sold separately on the internet as well.
  • Test of time quality

    G Nordstrom, 2/21/2013 I wanted to wait a while before I wrote my review - and I rarely write reviews. After almost two years of use, my bypass loppers are working as flawlessly as when they were brand new. The ratcheting feature is a great advantage when working with larger limbs and the extending handles gives me the extra reach I need to keep the ladder in the garage. They are heavy duty and high quality. The price is a bargain when you compare them to the quality of others. Personally, I prefer a bypass cutter and I would recommend them for a clean cut.
  • Anvil lopper

    Hd Sumner, 2/18/2013 Definitely heavy duty. However, a Maple limb 2.75 in diameter did get cut, but bent one handle near the hinge. It still works well. Suggest frequent lubrication.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for reviewing this item. We're sorry to hear that the handle bent. Please feel free to exchange it for another. We apologize for the inconvenience. "
  • Quality

    Don, 1/22/2013 Top-quality. The best pruners I have ever owned.
  • Quality Loppers

    James Pauley, 1/5/2013 I researched everywhere and these were the most versatile and highest in quality I could find. A real value buy.
  • Thankful

    Cathy Smith, 10/25/2012 These pruners are wonderful - my husband and I have a hard time cutting branches with regular pruners - these ratcheting pruners have been the best thing for both of us - they are so wonderful make my job so much easier that I ordered a set for my son - my neighbor kept asking to borrow ours because they were easier for her to use so I bought a set for her. I tell everyone about these tools.
  • Testing

    Robert Anderson, 8/25/2012 Tools work very well as designed. Seems to be made very well. Will need more time to see how they hold up under extreme use. I have used them for several days now and they cut like they just came out of the box.
  • Best Pruners

    Mery Valencia, 5/19/2012 I had many other pruners and really this is the BEST it chops like magic and they are well made too.
  • Ahead of the alders

    William De Armond, 4/14/2012 After years of trying to battle the brush, alders and salmonberry particularly, that grows uproariously in the SE Alaska spring, with cheap hardware-store pruners etc., I decided to go for these high-quality tools, and am glad I did. The difference is remarkable; one more reminder that quality tools are worth the price. With these and a small saw (now on order) the brush hasn't got a chance!
  • Volunteer's Helper

    Larry Bush, 3/31/2012 I volunteer at the Desert Botanical Garden and bought a Heavy Duty By-Pass Lopper. I'm in my 70's and these loppers have made trimming trees easier with the ratcheting action. I plan to get the Anvil Loppers next.
  • Easier Work

    Kenneth Hutchings, 2/9/2012 These are pruners are very well made. We have used the smaller loppers already and are quite pleased with them. The larger lopper will have to wait until Spring. They are a smashing hit with our family. Thank you.
  • Sloppy cut

    Frank Green, 1/30/2012 The loppers don't cut cleanly. The blades don't close tight, so even when the blade is razor sharp, a tough branch will separate the blades a the bottom of the cut. That leaves a torn branch, which invites infection. I don't see a way to tighten the blades.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry to hear that the loppers were unsatisfactory. Would you like to send them back and try another pair which our technician will inspect upon request? A return label should have come with your package. If it did not, please let us know and we will mail one right out to you. The replacement will be looked over to make sure they are not defective. Alternately, you may request a refund.

    Also,  please feel free to call our 1-800 number and ask to speak with the technician. He may be able to answer your questions about the blades not closing tightly.

    Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Great loppers

    Carl, 1/23/2012 I gave my son the bypass loppers for Christmas. Here are his comments: Not only is the ratcheting mechanism on those loppers cool, but the extending capability works really well, and fast. It only takes a couple of seconds to change the length and you hardly even have to think about it (except for how neat it is to do).
  • Best Loppers Yet!

    Bob Castor, 11/19/2011 I have a lot of trees and bushes on my property. I have owned 4 other ratcheting loppers and about 10 non-ratcheting ones over 25 years here. These are the best. I've used the anvil style to fill my outdoor fire-pit and for inside kindling. Recently, the bypass style came in handy for cutting pine and fir greens for wreaths.
  • Great tool!!

    Peter DiPietro, 10/6/2011 We have several old oak trees on our property and the dead limbs are impossible to cut. These loppers are so good, my wife uses them all the time to trim trees. She says this is the best tool ever"."
  • Heavy Duty and Strong

    David Gross, 6/20/2011 I bought these last December and then winter came before I could try them out. A bit heavy when extended at arms length, but the mass seems to provide needed durability and power, too. I've been pruning up a storm with clean cuts on branches and brush that I wouldn't even attempt with other tools that I have used. Pumping" the tool and using the ratchet for extra leverage gets the job done without over-stressing the extended handles or your arms. I don't know how I lived without them. Yes, the neighbors like them, too. They're bullet-proof."
  • Double the fun!

    Michael, 6/15/2011 I bought the pruning loppers as a gift for a friend. My friend raved abouth them! Now I bought them for me. Happy Father's Day to me!
  • Loppers

    Don Hyson, 4/20/2011 I just received the loppers and have not yet used them. However, they appear to be quality built and should serve me well. They were less expensive than others I looked at and seem to be as good or better than higher priced loppers.
  • Must Have Loppers!

    Happy Gardener, 4/17/2011 Purchased last summer was immediately impressed by the size and craftsmanship then put them to the test around the farm pruning and lopping many trees and shrubs. I don't have much hand strength so I have always struggled with pruning. Not any more! I even wrote green" and "dry" on the handle so others would know which to use and not damage them when trying to "help". "
  • Premium? loppers

    Jim, 4/12/2011 Well, they looked pretty. Cut pretty well for about 20 minutes and then the handle fell off. Basically the pruner tang no longer engaged" inside the handle. For the life of me, I couldn't tell what had come disconnected as nothing appeared broken. It just wouldn't stay on. Used it until frustration set in as the handle kept falling off. Good news: Garrett Wade customer service was excellent and is sending me a new one. Hopefully THIS pair will be Premium loppers!"
  • Trailblazer loppers

    Marshall Hammond, 3/17/2011 There loppers live up to their name of Trail Blazer. I am a volunteer trail builder in our region and spend many hours building and repairing multi use trails on public lands through IMBA and the local bicycle club. I have found these loppers the best in their class for both green and dried limbs, brush and small trees. The telescoping handles add to their functionality by allowing extended reach without sacrificing leverage. I have recommended these to the club for our trail tool inventory.
  • They are what they look like!!

    M. Dimon, 1/3/2011 These things are massive, mean-cuttin son of a guns. They feel like they will last longer then me! Well designed!! GREAT PRODUCT!!! Your neighbors will envy.
  • A Cut Above!

    Michael, 12/18/2010 This a great pair of loppers! Great design and quality workmanship. Way to go Canada. Oh my, not from China?
  • The Best

    Leeroy Tracy, 12/12/2010 Well worth the money, the best loppers I have ever had! Nice quality tools.
  • Dynamic Duo

    Neil Vanik, 12/6/2010 I've reached that age when I want it right more than I want it cheap. These pruners really caught my eye, as replacements for my motley collection of pruners. The handle adjustments are fantastic, super fast, positive locks and exposed for lubrication as necessary. The blade heads are all business and the ratcheting action makes me fear for the trees"."
  • Loppers and jumbo pole pruner worth the $

    DeeAnna, 6/26/2010 I purchased the anvil and bypass loppers as a set along with the jumbo pole pruner (11G13.03). I am pleased with all three tools. We have used a variety of loppers to maintain our wooded property over the years. Some work okay, others (including name-brand expensive ones) have failed miserably. My husband and I are getting a lot of use out of all three tools -- each has its own particular strengths. These loppers both have extensible handles and ratchet mechanisms. Both of these features allow an average person to cut fairly thick branches with reasonable ease. If you are cutting something pretty light, you might not know there is a ratchet mechanism in the lopper. The ratchet engages when making a heavier cut, so you don't have to cut through a limb all in one go. Pull the handles together ... hear a click when the jaws lock in place ... open the handles ... pull again ... click ... repeat until the cut is complete. The extensible handles have two advantages: they lengthen your reach, and they give you more leverage to accomplish a tough cut. I was working close up with the handles in their shortest length and could not cut the 2 canes of a tough dogwood shrub -- I just did not have enough strength to pull the handles together. I lengthened the handles and the extra leverage allowed me to get the job done. If you can only buy one lopper, decide how you will use the lopper the most -- quick 'n dirty -or- careful and precise. If you will use the loppers mostly to prune living trees or shrubs, the bypass lopper will cut closer and be more precise. If you want the loppers for quickly turning big chunks into little ones, the anvil lopper will be faster and a little easier."
  • Cuts like a knife through butter

    B. R. Pool, 6/25/2010
  • Great Product

    Roncalli, 5/22/2010 Bought a set a few years ago, and use them all the time particularly the bypass lopper to lop branches off felled trees and cut my way through dense brush and thorn bushes. I have used the loppers so much that I am about to buy a replacement, since the cutter is worn out and not sold separately (or I'd just buy another cutter, the rest of the tool shows essentially no significant wear). Also be nice if someone would make a ninja scabbard so that the loppers could be carried over the back, they are somewhat bulky to carry around, tiring to carry after several hours of cutting through small trees and brush. Overall an excellent product especially for anyone who expects to do more than occasional pruning.
  • Premium Indeed

    Carlee's Grandpa, 5/18/2010 I bought both these loppers. I already had high quality, professional grade loppers, but thought I'd try these because they are said to have a higher capacity (able to cut thicker wood), and they were on sale at the time. I am very glad I bought them. Except in soft woods, the bypass loppers do not handle thicker branches than my other loppers, but in general they cut somewhat easier. The anvil loppers are exceptional. The ratcheting action really works to easily cut thru hard and dead wood, even that up to 2-1/2 or so. The extendable handles are handy and positive-locking; they will not work loose in use. Both loppers are a little heavy, but you'll get a lot done with them. They are quality-built and worth the money."
  • Powerful

    Gene, 4/18/2010 power and sharpness...easy and quick handle length adjustment...heft gives confidence and promises durability
  • Awesome loppers

    Molly, 4/16/2010 I've had my loppers for 2 years and I absolutely love them. They are so versatile and allow me (I'm kinda small) to do big jobs with ease.I consider them essential.
  • Best Ever !!

    Tom Michaels, 4/16/2010 These loppers are the best I have ever used. They cut with very little effort. The ratcheting system helps you cut large branches with ease. I've even taken down some small tress with the larger set. Very impressive cutters that are worth the money.
  • The job is done

    Dave Harris, 4/16/2010 These tools make the work of pruning mid size trees a dream come true... They do the job with little effort... A pleasure to work with.
  • Loppers

    David L. Kreutzinger, 4/15/2010 These loppers are twice the price of local hardware stores so I expected the best. They perform very well and all the features work the ratchet mechanism and the extendable handles were particularly advantageous and are a big improvement over what is available at a big box store. However, there was no quality control as the self locking screws used to secure the mechanism covers were loose on the heavy duty anvil loppers. Glade to see these were a product of Canada.
  • Great gift for son

    Jeanne, 4/15/2010 My son loves gardening so I gave him these loppers last Christmas as a gift. He was so pleased with them as they have the long arms to reach high branches and are made well.
  • Awesome!

    VA Gardener, 4/15/2010 Finally, a tool that really can handle the tough stuff! My husband got these for me for my birthday and I love them!

  • Excellent Loppers

    Joe Stefanko, 4/8/2010 I've been doing a lot of cleaning up and these loppers have been a big help. I am very pleased with them, and feel that they have been well worth the money.
  • Lopper shears

    Peter , 11/14/2009 This Anvil Lopper product is exceptional. I have cut beach saplings at ground level on several acres of forest land. At times I have to use the handle extension for extra leverage. There shears are truly professional and last for years in a semi industrial forest setting.
  • Great Customer Relations

    D.S.Fuller, 7/14/2009 First I ordered the Bypass Model but before it arrived I decided that I really should get the whole set,so I called and asked if I was able to get the anvil model and make it part of the special price offer for the set. They did this and were very courteous...Thanks Melanie & Another Gal,That unfortunately I didn't get her name
  • Great for Women

    Kim Lombardi, 5/1/2009 These loppers are great for women because of the ratcheting mechanism. Very easy to cut large branches by backing off on the handle and letting the tool do the work. I loaned them to my neighbors, both elderly women, who loved them so much they bought their own. Anvil lopper takes some getting use to, but a great value for a great tool.
  • Very Good

    Bill, 4/16/2009 Highly recommended
  • Love Those Loppers

    Neil, 4/15/2009 A friend told me about these loppers, and I took his advice and ordered both versions. The extendable handles make the product special for me, and when you then experience the cutting strength, you'll know why it is my favorite tool.
  • Best Loppers I've Ever Owned

    Tom - Olympic Peninsula, 4/15/2009 Best Loppers I've Ever Owned
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