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Bestseller Premium Quality French Nail Trimmers
Superbly finished
Surgically Sharp
02B13.07 Toenail Trimmer

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02B13.08 Fingernail Trimmer

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02B13.09 Cuticle Trimmer

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02B13.20 Prem French Nail Set & Pouch

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02B13.70 Set All 3 Trimmers

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The French make some of the best personal care tools in the world - some of which never make it outside the country. Just look at the "box-style" pivot joints and the carefully shaped cutting edges. And the edges are very sharp so they cut easily and cleanly. These are premium personal-care tools that clearly stand out as first class. These are a bit unusual for us but the quality was so high, we just couldn't resist them.

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Overall Rating
  • Superb Cuticle Trimmer

    Hillary, 7/16/2020 Superb trimmer. Finely crafted with sharp matching blades. So pleased to have them.
  • Excellent tool

    Terry Ann Attaway , 6/30/2020 High quality tool. Heavy and sturdy. Works well. Will last a long time. Worth the extra money.
  • Poor quality

    Frank, 6/30/2020 The nail cutters were not sharp at all Very disappointed with this product
  • Toenail trimmer

    Scott Langenburg, 3/23/2020 Amazing tool
  • Great Product

    Larry, 1/21/2020 Very High quality trimmers. They are heavy and solid,will last a lifetime.
  • Make a great set better

    Michael Taylor, 6/13/2019 Top quality tools, these should last a lifetime with proper care- they are worth the extra money for the set. I would like to see a straight edge nail cutter for the big toenail, however- are you listening, Garrett wade?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Yes, we certainly are! Thank you for your suggestion. It will be considered. Thanks for your review on the Trimmers.
  • Excellent Cuticle nippers

    Elizabeth, 5/14/2019 Precision cut due to an excellent blade.
  • Great Product.

    Larry E., 1/28/2019 Quality item. Great value.
  • Premium quality well built easy to use

    Raymond Johnson, 1/3/2019 Premium quality strong well built contoured for best results Easy to use Definitely worth the investment
  • Outstanding cuticle clippers

    Susan Kennedy, 11/5/2018 For quite a while, I've been admiring the cuticle clippers, but hesitated to pay so much, but I'm so glad I finally decided to get them. Great quality -- am hiding them in my "personal" bag so only I will use them. Definitely a lifetime purchase!
  • Great Product

    Bud Lewallen, 11/3/2018 Great Product
  • Excellent

    Jim, 3/31/2018 Finger & toe nail trimmers are incredible, quick, precise & easy to utilize. Also the cuticle trimmer functions equal to the finger & toe nail trimmers.
  • SO easy to use!

    Steven, 3/30/2018 Finally, a toenail clipper that cleanly cuts my very thick nails. The ergonomic design puts the cutting edge at an angle to the handle, so it's easy to clip. This is a feature I've never seen before and it is helpful to anyone who's not a contortionist in Cirque de Soleil.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Steve!!
  • Great Value!!

    Evelyn M Hartman, 12/12/2017 Oh, Wow! These trimmers are fantastic compared to any others I've ever used!! (I'm 75 years old). They're worth every penny. I recommend them without reservation.
  • Sturdy nail clipper that does the job on tough toenails

    Madame X, 11/12/2017 High quality toenail clipper. Does the job on toenails, that tend to get thicker with age. The longer handle makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Superb Product

    Dlee6O, 10/9/2017 Superb product....just ordered a second pair for a friend. Sharp and easily manipulated.....greatly minimizes this effort - particularly as one gets older.
    Hence, worth the price.
  • Toenail Trimmer

    manuel macias, 6/20/2017 not easy to use
  • Good Tool

    Jumper, 6/3/2017 I have about six toenail clippers...this is the best, The shape of the cutting blades and the fact that they are at an offset angle makes it easier to locate it. The best feature is that the ends of the cutting edges stick out, so can cut a recessed edge.
  • French nail clippers

    Craig Weible, 5/30/2017 Wow! These toenail clippers are terrific! I've never used better and they work so well. Heck, I'd give them 10 stars! Well done GW.
  • Great Set

    Rob, 3/27/2017 great set to do mani/pedi
  • French Made Toe Nail Trimmer

    James Shea, 3/25/2017 Excellent product. The design with the slight angle is perfect. Similar clippers at the same price just don`t cut it! Very pleased with my purchase - as with any product I`ve bought from your company in the past.
  • Great buy

    Ron, 3/12/2017 The best clippers for toe nails I have ever used. I used hate trimming my toe nails as they have been difficult to do with the "normal" clippers. With these I can easily trim close my thick big toe nails, in a few seconds.
  • Premium Quality French Nail Trimmers

    Timothy McAuliffe, 3/3/2017 The large spread of the "jaws" allowed me to trim my old football damaged toenails that grow up thick instead of out and thin with EASE !! Thought I was doomed for perpetual pedicures-no longer!!!
  • Toe Nail Pruners

    Darrah, 1/22/2017 Excellent trimmer. Great quality and the locking feature (bar holding arms closed) is spring loaded that releases with a slight squeeze. It would be great if it came in a box as the flared cutting edge tends to cut other surfaces.
  • Good deal on toenail clippers

    A. M. Marzolla, 12/13/2016 The clippers are fiery well made and easy to use.
  • Toe nail clippers.

    wayne zwickey, 12/9/2016 Best product I've seen - takes care of my nails, with no pressure. Would buy again
  • CJH, MD

    Carol, 12/8/2016 Best crafted and sharpest grooming tools for nails for someone with arthritic hands. Great product. Would recommend to all!
  • Look good, don't cut so well

    Benson, 8/30/2016 Surprised me but this is the first GW purchase which disappointed me. Bought because I was hoping they'd be a lot better than a Trim nail clipper or the like but they're not. The nail edges are ragged enough that I have to use a file afterward for a good bit of time. So, for me, a very similar experience to a standard nail clipper but with a far higher price.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the French Nail Trimmers. There is a chance that you received a defective pair. Please return them for a replacement using the return label which was included. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Overall Excellent Purchase

    An Ol' Kentucky Curmudgeon, 6/12/2016 Purchased the Fingernail and Toenail trimmer. The Fingernail trimmer was fine but the Toenail trimmer was excellent.
  • Best Toenail Clipper I've Ever Used

    Paul C Peterson, 3/4/2016 Finally a clipper that will open wide enough to handle my toenails! And sharp, too!
    Great leverage helps to get the clipping done!
  • Best Trimmer I Have Seen

    Jack Clark, 7/3/2015 I have been looking for a top quality toe nail clipper for years. While this one is a bit pricy, it is worth the money. It is very sharp and cuts cleanly. I highly recommend it.
  • evsan

    EV Sanchez, 5/1/2015 Quality was as expected but bulkiness of instrument was a problem, larger than I thought but will keep anyway.
  • Best I've Found

    George, 1/25/2015 This is an exquisitely crafted tool. It is a little pricey but after trying less expensive trimmers, it's definitely worth the extra money.
  • Not Clip Job

    Martin Checov, 9/26/2014 A brilliant product, hard to find without burning shoe leather; pricey but a worthwhile investment I am delighted to have had uncovered by the product sleuths at GW.
  • No Nonsense Nail Trimmers

    DEGaasterland, 7/20/2014 The usual drugstore nail trimmers slip off my fingers at just the wrong moment. These do not. Further they are sufficiently strong and sharp to achieve the goal. Good tools are expensive, and these are no exception, yet are worth it.
  • The Best Ever

    Rodney, 6/29/2014 I have used many cuticle trimmers throughout the years(60+) and these have been the best ever. They are very sharp and have held that sharpness since we purchased them. No question about the quality
  • French Nail Trimmers

    Frank, 2/25/2014 The French nail clippers are as good as described. I have been looking for a set this good for years. As of now, I do not have a big use for the cuticle trimmer, but will persevere.
  • Big Nick

    Lawrence Claas, 12/16/2013 Excellent product. Better shape than an ordinary nail trimmer.
  • Tough Toenails

    John, 10/3/2013 The trimmer is a finely made tool that any podiatrist would be proud to own. I was a mountain climber as a youth, resulting in thick toenails from jammed toes. These trimmers are designed to approach the toenail safely from the end, thus avoiding tissue injury. They are sharp and easily handled trimming toenails when others failed!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner October 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, John!!
  • Dene, the comfort seeker

    R. Dene French, 1/12/2013 I bought nail trimmers for me and my brother. They are a little pricey, but they are worth it to get a smooth, clean cut just like at the salons. They are very high quality trimmers!
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