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Bestseller Professional Gardener's Digging Tool
This Heavy-Duty digging tool is simply spectacular
79W05.01 Professional Gardener's Digging Tool

Available 03/15/2021


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There is something very impressive about this rugged tool. 12" long, it's designed and made by a USA firm that only makes tools for the professional arborist/gardener.

Professionals need to work with tools that are super-sturdy. The 7" long, curved blade is welded at a right angle to the handle, and one edge is deeply serrated - and sharp - to cut roots and vines. The grip is large, so that it is "all business", and the hand-guard keeps the knife from burying itself in the soil. The belt loop holster lets you keep it at the ready. And the tough alloy steel blade is specially heat treated for strength. This is a world-class tool that we are very proud of; we think you will agree. 12" overall.

Made in the USA.

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Overall Rating
  • Pro Digging Tool

    Enrose Anton, 10/1/2020 I have only used this hour-hori knife (aka "Pro Diggin Tool") about a half dozen times and it has performed excellently. The ergonomic quality of the offset handle seems to be a great feature over my prior hour-hori knife. The only reason I did not give it 5 starts is because it is heavier than I would like (and than my prior knife).
  • Best gift ever

    Frankie Hoff, 8/20/2020 This is my second Hori knife. I love my first one that was given to me as a gift. I’m gifting my second one to my Doctor that has taken such great care of me. He is an avid gardener and I couldn’t think of anything better than his tool. I just know he will love it!
  • Indespensible

    Mark Wayne, 7/16/2020 This tool in always with me when in the garden. Incredibly strong and versatile. Will work great rock hunting.
  • Soil knife

    Nancy Urankar , 7/11/2020 The best soil knife I have ever used. Heavy but balanced. Love the hand guard that many soil knives don’t have. So pleased- I bought 2 for fellow gardeners as presents. I consider it my most important hand tool.
  • Love it.

    molly, 5/21/2020 Love it.
  • Best Weeding Tool

    M McGregor, 5/4/2020 A superior weeding tool that strikes the right balance between a garden trowel and a weeding fork.
  • My most useful gardening tool, but ...

    Gaylon Cook, 5/1/2020 This has become the most valuable tool for gardening of the numerous tools that I own. I give it 5 stars.
    However, the Professional Digging Toot could be much more valuable for persons who are right-handed. This tool is engineered for gardeners who are left-handed. For right-handed gardeners, the cutting edge should be on the adductive side of the tool. An individual exerts much more power and dexterity in adducting an arm or a manual tool than in abducting it, just as an alligator manifests much more power in adducting its jaw than in abducting it.
    The tool can be turned upside down to place the incisive edge on the adductive side, but when that is done, the tool feels awkward, and it does not cut as well as it otherwise would because the notches (serrations) are not angled optimally. In addtion, an upside-down has a convex upper surface, eliminating the concave scoop.
    Placing the notches on both sides would not be optimal because the area for scooping would be diminished.
  • Best Gardening Tool

    Jan, 4/20/2020 My neighbor is a master gardener and offered me the use of this digging tool. I ordered one for myself after I left the garden that day. Amazing and so versatile. I love it and will never do without it.
  • Digging tool

    Jan Wunschel, 4/19/2020 Great quality heavy weight tool. Wished it had the serrated edge on both sides
  • The best available heavy duty garden digging-tool

    Richard Goldstein, 10/1/2019 Lots on inferior imitations. My experience, this is the best designed/constructed heavy duty garden digging-tool available.
  • Great purchase

    Jonathan J Martindell, 2/9/2019 Looking forward to using this in the garden this year. Very well made.
  • Quality and handy

    W O HUNTER, 12/26/2018 Well made with quality. For the serious gardener who always wants an adaptive tool handy.
  • Digging Tool Rocks!

    Andrea Pratten, 12/25/2018 Husband is rock hounding, loves this tool
  • Good tool

    Carol Del Favero , 12/10/2018 Haven’t used the tool because it was bought as a Christmas gift, but it appears to be very sturdy and useful
  • Best Garden Tool Ever

    Kristabeth Balchak , 12/1/2018 I received the Professional Gardener’s Digging Tool as a gift, thoroughly researched by my boyfriend looking for the perfect gift for me. His researching paid off! If I could only have one garden tool, this would be it! I keep the tool handy on my belt as I work through the garden. I like the way it feels in my hand, cuts into the soil, perfect for weeding, I can even use it as a small trowel to quickly plant cuttings. It also has a serrated edge on one side for quick trimming. I have recommended the tool to my gardening friends and just recently bought another one as a gift! Best money ever spent!!!
  • Designed for a lefty?

    JS, 1/11/2018 Isn't this a left-handed tool? If the business end is the serrated side, a right-hander has to lead with the convex back of the knife to use the serrated edge. Pictures 2 and 3 show a left-hander comfortably using the tool; picture 7 shows the predicament a right-hander is faced with.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your interest in the Professional Gardener's Digging Tool. The tool isn't really “handed” because the handle is round. For making cuts, it's quite easy to switch back and forth (rotate the tool) between the serrated edge and the non-serrated edge. The tool is comfortable to hold and use in either position. This is what you're seeing in the picture where Anthony is cutting Rhubarb stalks with his left hand (he’s actually right handed). The same is true for digging weeds or planting, it works well in either hand. But if you’re still not sure, remember that we have an excellent 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with it, just send it back within 90 days of receiving it for a full refund. We pay return shipping - a merchandise return label is included in every order.
  • Sturdy Tool

    Gary G, 11/5/2017 A solid tool for the garden. I plan to use it tomorrow for the first time to plant garlic. When I opened the package I was so surprised to learn how sturdy and well made it was. It should last for decades!
  • Not sharp enough...

    Ann, 9/18/2017 I bought two of these (one for me, one for my sister) and we both notice it's not very sharp. I attempted to cut down my hostas with the smooth blade and it did not go through easily at all. I ended up using my pruners to cut them down which is tedious. I expected more from this given the price. Instead of sending it back, I had my husband sharpen it and now it works much better. The blade guard is nice and the blade itself is heavy and well forged, it's just not sharp enough to cut down perennials.
  • It cuts, it slices, it dices!!!

    Sara , 8/10/2017 I am cheap, cheap, cheap as a baby bird in the nest but was desperate for something that would help contain my unruly liriope. I am no gardener so I had no place to look for help except to reviews. And it was my birthday. This was worth every penny my sister (did I mention it was my birthday?) paid for it. Sturdy, practical and it REALLY does the job. Before I could barely get the blades of the liriope...not I can dig up the extensive roots in a flash. Short work but long on function! Can't recommend it highly enough.
  • ultimate garden tool

    ken, 6/20/2017 great product,bought two of them. very rugged,well made
  • The best

    Louise Smith, 6/10/2017 This is not just the best digger I've ever bought it's about the best tool of any kind I've ever bought. It's only competition is the hand drill I bought from this company a few months ago. It's amazing how good this tool is. It will make me a better gardener!
  • One-Tool-Wonder

    Kelly Reed, 5/19/2017 WOW!!! How exciting a tool that can take on the earth. On a more serious note, this is a well built, super sturdy tool that digs, cuts, and can be found (red handle)- I'm so happy with my purchase. From preparing my vegetable garden to digging up ferns along the woods edge I wouldn't chose anything else. A one-tool-wonder (it can do it all!). I highly recommend this tool to all!
  • Pro Digging tool

    Gerald Orzech, 5/19/2017 Great for planting small plants and digging weeds. Very durable.
  • Rugged and reliable

    CHW, 5/12/2017 Sturdy, well-made, excellent for digging up saplings and tough weeds; I really like this item. I'll be purchasing more to give as gifts
  • digging tool

    mike, 5/7/2017 works great
  • Great Hand Tool for the Garden

    John White, 4/23/2017 Well built hand tool that serves several purposes in taking care of the garden. I am always digging in to the soil for planting or weeding and this tool is great in helping with that.
  • Pro Gardners Digging tool is GREAT

    Tim Droddy, 4/15/2017 This tool is amazing! It is tough, strong and durable as opposed to there digging implements I have purchased in the past.
  • Replace bending garden trowel.

    Alan Armstrong, 10/28/2016 Bought this to replace the garden trowels that kept bending on me. The dirt in our yard is hard or full of roots.
    It is an impressive tool.
  • Excellent

    Anice King, 8/6/2016 Received this Friday very well packaged. This is very well made and has its own sheath which is nice for protection. I will be ordering more garden tools has mine have seen better days.
  • One of my favorite gardening tools!

    Pam Aleixo Lis, 7/25/2016 I am a professional as well as personal gardener and this tool is multi faceted in its use - it digs, it cuts, it pries! It is well balanced, comfortable to use and beautifully constructed. Worth every penny! I expect it will last a long time! Thanks!
  • New favorite tool!

    Jan Lloyd, 7/3/2016 I use this tool both in my home gardens as well as landscaping - I've used the straight blade hori-hori style for many years and after reading a review decided to buy the WG Pro Digging tool. It's more ergonomical and easy on my tendonitis wrists, the red handle stands out when left in a bed, and the handy belt is easy to slip the tool in and out of. I'm very happy with this tool!
  • Best hori-hori ever!!!!

    Mary Hofmeister, 6/25/2016 I bought the Pro Gardener's Digging Tool (hori-hori) for my daughter who uses it for work and on her own garden. She loves it. She had nothing but praises for it. Her last hori-hori broke but this one looks so strong she can't imagine it ever breaking. She really likes the offset blade which really helps with digging. I'm so happy I got this for her.
  • Best ever digging tool

    Carol, 6/21/2016 I was up late one night, could not sleep, was trolling the internet looking for a trowel since I lost mine in our recent move. Even the the cost was high, I knew I had to have the Digger Tool. The new homestead has hard clay soil, lots of roots. It was invaluable tool that I needed to plant all the perennials that I brought with me. Thanks Garrett Wade!
  • Pro Gardeners Digging Tool Is A Dream

    Lynda, 6/20/2016 This tool enabled me to remove three or four tools from my gardening tool belt! We are replacing our entire front lawn with drought tolerant plants, succulents and grasses; this tool makes the job so easy, even in hard clay soil.
  • Worth every penny

    Katie, 6/17/2016 Worth every penny. It makes gardening easy and fun. I wish I had bought this years ago.
  • Pro Gardener's Digging tool

    Carolyn McNally, 5/29/2016 This is a life saver, we have clay soil and trying to dig with a regular hand shovel was impossible. The Pro-Gardener's Digging tool did the job with ease. My new super hero.
  • Perfect garden tool!

    Susan, 5/12/2016 Great tool! The blade has remained sharp after 2 years of use…I take it with me whenever I'm working in my raised beds or cuts thru the hardest materials and is a great weeder! I gave one to a friend; told her she had to have one!
  • My favorite thing

    Jeff, 5/2/2016 Totally worth every penny. This is great for uprooting vines, grasses, mushrooms, and other weeds. It also was useful for seeding. Awesome
  • Digging tool used to find treasure.

    Matthew, 4/2/2016 This tool will be perfect for cutting and pulling 12" diameter grass plugs out of the local park fields searching for treasure. I like hunting with my metal detector. Pull the plug up and out with six inches of dirt still connected, find the treasuse, and put the plug back. As if I was never there.
  • Gardeners Digging Tool

    Diana, 9/22/2015 A good tool can make any job easier and this is the best digging tool I've ever used. Even with the dry summer ground it cuts through it with ease. Well worth the price!!!!!
  • A Fine Tool

    Skip, 7/5/2015 Very beautiful tool. Good, balanced weight. Feels solid in hand. Handle grip is not cheap plastic and appears durable. Looking forward to many years digging in the dirt.
  • Show-Me-Shovel

    Jeff Ross, 5/27/2015 The grip and hand guard are perfectly suited to the task of difficult digging in roots and hard soil. Serration side is useful for dislodging obstructions and shaping. This is a new favorite toy/tool.
  • Must Have For Gardeners

    Mike, 5/19/2015 After years of dealing with gardening trowels that bent in our heavy soil, this tool really works. Heavy duty tool that will not bend with heavy use. The price was what kept me from buying it before but now will say it is worth the price.
  • Best Investment I've Ever Made

    Ohio Rita, 5/11/2015 I read all the previous reviews and really wanted this knife. I've got flowerbeds with gobs of roots running all through them. For a long time I couldn't get past the price but finally decided it might be worth it. It's the best investment I ever made for my gardening. Very heavy-duty knife. Glad I took the plunge.
  • A Spade That Works

    Lynne Andrews, 4/14/2015 This digging tool is amazing. What tough stuff is in the ground...this tool will just dig and cut right through it...even though is is not a knife. Serrated edges make short work of any gardening and does it fast.
  • Go Getter

    Cphil, 4/13/2015 I bought this tool for my wife since she's a fanatic about gardening. She absolutely loves this digging tool!
  • Best Digging Tool I've Ever Owned!

    Kate, 8/7/2014 This tool is phenomenal, and since I am always mislaying it somewhere in the garden, my husband suggested I buy another, so as to always have it on hand! Thus my second order for a very sturdy, well balanced tool. Thank you, Garrett Wade.
  • Made To Last

    Ronald, 8/1/2014 This tool is made to last years. Very heavy duty and dependable. Digs into the hard packed soil easier than any other tool I've used before. Will be enjoying this multi use tool knowing it will not bend or break and takes less effort to use. No more smashing my knuckles against rocks and such with the knuckle guard. High Quality built to last. The root cutter is good for smaller roots not huge ones but that's to be expected.Takes out smaller weeds with a quick brush and larger ones don't stand a chance. Get's them nice and deep. Easily makes the perfect size holes for new plantings and loosens soil in a breeze. Well worth the money for a well made heavy duty professional digger. Will be keeping this oiled and clean!
  • Makes Planting Fast!

    Jennifer, 5/19/2014 This came yesterday and I used it today. Planted two flats of flowers so fast....cuts through the soil making the perfect size hole. Can't wait to use it to split my hosta's!!
  • Hori Hori Knife

    Tim Koester, 4/19/2014 I have not used this type of tool in my garden before this purchase. Once it arrived and I started to use it I realize that this is a tool I did not know I needed. The knife has a great balance and has a sturdy feel to the knife. I first attacked several blooming dandelions and was very impressed. The knife slipped into the soil easily and was broad enough to easily loosen the soil. The knife is long enough to open the soil to a good depth and the point easily cut the tap roots at a good depth of the soil. This is my new favorite gardening tool; I strongly recommend it.
  • Great Tool

    Robert, 4/8/2014 This tool is wonderful for weeding or planting. The offset handle helps a lot with leverage. Great quality build - feels like it'll last forever. I really like it. The only downside is the blade is not as sharp as Japanese hori-hori I've used in the past, and the serrated edge does not cut that well against bigger roots or thick clumps of them. I'd say have this tool for digging and heavy weeding, and have a hori-hori for finer weeding and for any cutting/slicing needs on-the-go. Essentially, great product and have a hori-hori, too!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner April 2014 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Robert!!
  • My Wife REALLY Digs This !

    Marvin Howard, 3/14/2014 My wife is an avid gardener but is decidedly NOT a tool lover. I've seen her struggle with inferior tools in her garden for years. The drill" with getting her things that I KNOW will help her is this - I get her the tool that I know will do a superior job and will actually last for more than a season, and then I watch it be ignored for months (sometimes years) until one day, I'll see it in her hand and in USE all the time. I have bought several tools from Garrett Wade in the past months but this tool was a shocker! She was using it within a day of its being delivered! AND it has stayed covered in dirt and garden debris ALL THE TIME. It has become her GO TO gardening tool! She also loves (and constantly uses) the Super Penetration Shovel I got her through GW for Christmas. Great EXTRA QUALITY garden tools!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2014 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Marvin!!
  • The Best Garden Tool Ever

    Dick Mossey, 12/15/2013 Bought for the wife to use. She really loves it. A very sturdy tool that should last a lifetime. May be a little pricey, but worth every penny.
  • Super-Tool

    Mark Sullivan, 11/11/2013 Quite simply the handiest, most rugged garden hand tool I have ever had. I literally don't start any yard work without slipping it on my belt.
  • Great Digging Tool!

    Sherry Marshall, 8/15/2013 A very useful tool especially in root bound soil. I use it for bulbs and also small plants.
  • Love, Love it!

    PJ, 7/16/2013
  • One Super Tool

    Rich Lickel, 6/28/2013 A friend of mine has has this tool for over ten years and has taken roots and stones out of the ground while breaking shovels and other tools. What is impressive is that my new tool looks exactly like her 10 years old tool. It definitely has stood the test of time. Thank you for this superior tool.
  • Ultimate Digging Tool

    Jeanie, 6/24/2013 This is the ONLY hand digging tool you will ever need to order. It is worth every penny. I have used my digging tool for aprox 8 years. The handle grip has faded a little from sitting outside though rain, sleet and snow, but the blade is still like new. I truly believe in Garret Wade. They deliver quality products.
  • Digging tool

    DPF, 5/5/2012 This is a great digging tool. It's strong, well-balanced and well designed. I do a lot of gardening and finally got fed up with cheap tools. I expect this one to last a long time
  • Digging tool

    John lazarus, 5/5/2012 Disappointed that the very next day after I ordered this item it went on sale. A heads up would have been nice or at the very least the discount could have been issued as a gesture of kindness. Item itself is as described and of good quality. I highly recommend it but it's a much better value if you can catch it on sale

    DED, 1/3/2011 Very nice design, very good balance and feel, nice sturdy handguard, heavy materials should last a lifetime. But blade surfaces are not smooth. Should be polished, or better yet, made of stainless steel. I'll buy a dozen when they do this.
  • digging tool

    Polly Hollan, 12/31/2010 I wish I had this tool 20 years ago! It is sturdy, with a good balance in the hand for digging up ornery plants and cutting through roots and vines.
  • garden tool

    Michael, 12/18/2010 I recently purchased this garden digging tool and have not had a chance to use it but it is top quality and I plan on using it around my home and exploring for minerals. Can't wait to try it out.
  • Best Gardening Tool I Own

    Deborah, 12/14/2010 If I only had one tool, this would be it. It is absolutely the best gardening tool I have and I use it for everything from weeding to container gardening to loosening up root balls. I am a professional gardener and Ive used this tool on every job for the last few years. It would be a wonderful gift."
  • Much better than the Japanese Digging Knife

    Chris, 10/17/2010 So, I first had the Japanese Digging Knife purchased from another store and after about a year of using it, properly, but vigorously, it just broke. The blade literally snapped in half. I decided to spend the extra money on this and I am ever so happy-JOY! The sheath is very handy and much better quality than what came with the JDK. The quality of this tool is much better too and feels much nicer to dig with. I will write back if this one breaks as well. :)
  • Not Ideal

    Baron Rojo, 9/28/2010 but Close
  • Ultimate Sod Tool

    PTR, 9/14/2010 This tool excels for working with grass sod. Great for cutting & trimming pieces. It also does an amazing job of slicing soil layers, digging out under the sod edges, and custom fitting pieces into irregular shaped areas. Expensive, but USA made of serious steel and worth it given the price of much inferior foreign-made tools sold anywhere else.
  • One for Each

    Laureen, 8/18/2010 Get one of these for everyone on your landscaping team. Make them happy and motivated. I've been thinking I need one of these on a long handle and the guy who used the pipe convinces me there would be a market for it. What USA firm makes these?
  • Live w/o THIS?

    Frank B G, 6/4/2010 We are outdoor prof contractors! Create & work in existing landscapes sometimes w/large roots, this tool my guys fight over-especailly when conditions are tight, they step on IT,1 guy had pipe over the handle, thought for sure it would break,(HE'd hav to buy it) but darn thing held up AWESOME! 2YRS STILL WORKS!BEST-BEST-BEST
  • Good

    MikeD, 5/25/2010 solid tool
  • Worth the price

    Laureen, 5/25/2010 My husband ordered this tool for me, even though I told him I didn't need it. The first time I used it I was hooked on weeding and warned him it was mine! It not only makes quick work of large and small weeds, but I stick it straight into the ground to the level of the shield and push up from it. If you have a bad knee like me, you will appreciate this. I push the tool in about two inches from the center of the weed, press backward and lift the entire weed out, smack it with the back of the tool, pick out the weed that is now clean of dirt and pat the dirt down smooth. It is so fast, so clean, and so perfect. We bought one for our master gardener neighbor and it is now her favorite tool and we have another person in mind that deserves it as well. It is delightful to give a tool that is so appreciated.
  • best weeder ever

    Diana, 5/2/2010 This tool is the greatest. You can get into tough soil, cut pretty big roots, and generally do anything with it. Unbelievably sturdy. Not for delicate work, but anything else goes!
  • Best Garden Tool Ever

    Jeanne P, 4/30/2010 My husband bought this for me years ago, and it is fabulous. It is strapped to my side every time I'm in the garden - I don't think I'd know how to garden without it. The offset handle seemed to reduce strain on my wrist.
  • constant garden companion

    allan r, 4/23/2010 absolutely indestructible. My favorite tool from the day it arrived.
  • Offset Handle Rocks!

    Maso4, 4/18/2010 I got this tool just in time to start my lawn edging project. Digging here is like penetrating concrete. This baby held up to the 4lb sledge (gentle tapping, of course) and really made the job tolerable it handled spots my spade couldn't. The offset handle and blade guard really set this one apart from the ordinary garden knives, imo. This is the best tool in my arsenal, may buy another one just because it's so awesome.
  • Back in the Garden

    Lynn, 4/18/2010 This tool has allowed me to garden despite the loss of my well-muscled helper. The length and strength of construction give me the ability to remove tough weeds and plant to the correct depth. I am grateful to have found such a well made tool.
  • Spectacular gardener's knife/digging tool

    Barbara, 4/15/2010 This is the best tool for digging holes for small bulbs, loosening heavy clay soil around a long taproot of a weed, prying up large rocks in the soil, and cutting tough small tree roots that have encroached into the garden space. It's the best small companion for a gardener!
  • Unexpected talent

    P.D., 7/26/2009 I recently used this tool to collect botanical specimens for scientific research. It worked much better than a common garden spade that bends the first time you exert leverage on the handle. The blade is so long and rigid that it easily digs under the root zone of most plants to allow for easy extraction. Great for planting bulbs too. The handy belt sheath also makes it an easy carry in the field.
  • Super Weed Digger

    Tom, 7/25/2009 By far the best made little tool on the market for getting down and dirty with weeds around your flowers. This tool is constructed with lovengivity in mind and peace of knowing you will have it for many years of hard weed and garden useage. ( I doubt you'll ever need buy another one unless you lose it) Highly reecommend it for your garden assortment of tools.
  • Lesch Digging Tool

    Edward Cox, 4/28/2009 This tool is sturdy and extremely well made. They are used by thousands of Metal Detecting folks who dirt fish for fun and adventure. The tool is also a gardners delight. The serrated edges is great for roots, the shar side also allows for grass plugs to be neatly cut and returned if your MD finds something below. Highly sought after and recommended.
  • grandma's review

    Arvilla Mullins, 4/15/2009 Great tool. Works for planting in yard and pots. Perfect!
  • Best Gardening Tool Ever Used

    John Fox, 4/9/2009 Bought this for my wife, but I may use it almost as much as she. We may need another. This tool is the most solid and sharp digging knife I have ever used. Cuts through roots with ease, strong and sharp enough to get into hard compacted ground to remove those pesky weeds in parking strips you never though you would get. Hands down one of the best tools in the shed. One of the first things to come out on any given gardening day. Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed!
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