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Clearance Pro Screw-Loosening Impact Driver Set
Unfreeze bolts and screws the professional way
61G01.01 Small Impact Driver

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A frozen screw or bolt can present a tough problem. The professional way to handle this is to use an impact driver. The Large Impact Driver comes with 13 separate bits: 4 slot, 4 phillips and 4 hex (4, 5, 6 & 8mm) plus a 3/8" socket drive. Simply place the correct bit in the impact handle, then strike the end of the heavy steel handle to crack the screw loose. The rotary force is automatic.

Our companion Small Driver is specifically for small scale fasteners (slot or phillips screws and hex head bolts 3/16", 1/4" & 5/16" in diameter. When you need one of these tools, you really need it. Reversible, of course. We strongly recommend both sets for a full range of capacity.

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Overall Rating
  • Good tool!

    Pete, 9/29/2019 I've looked for one for a while for those smaller screws. It's very effective.
  • Impact Driver Set

    Jim, 4/19/2019 Excellent
  • Impact screw loosener

    Philip gianfortune, 4/13/2019 Great for stuck screws.
  • Impact driver

    Alan, 2/7/2019 Works very well. Light impact with 3# hammer. Do not beat it !!
  • Works great on stubborn gun screws

    William Fendley, 9/24/2018 I've used the small driver to remove stubborn screws on old or new guns. I use it with the hollow ground tips made to fit gun screws. It minimizes the risk of the screwdriver slipping and messing up the screw or the finish. I do wish it had came with a case but for the price I can't complain for a very well made tool.

    Jim, 9/3/2018 Works great on the smaller screws.. Fits into smaller spaces than the full size model. Easy ordering and arrived shortly after
  • Marvel Schebler carb work

    James Keys, 5/25/2018 Tool worked very well. Used it to take apart old Marvel Schebler carbartor and install new float check valve.
  • Very nice

    Roy Olson, 4/27/2018 Very nice tool, perfect for small screws nuts and bolts, I highly recommend this fine tool!
  • Scope Mount Removal

    David Wallace, 4/6/2018 Needed to remove rifle scope mounts to install new mounts. One tiny 6-48 torx flathead screw would not release after penetrating oil and much pressure. Ordered this tool and put project on hold till arrival. Tool came within a week. Inserted #15 torx and rapped with leather mallet...screw came free with no damage. Finished mounting new scope and saved all hardware.
  • Impact drivee

    Chuck eastman, 1/1/2017 Disappointed the small set did not come in a storage case as well. Used the large impact and worked perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone who works on trucks and cars
  • Excellent tool but it was missing a piece.

    Jay Brooks, 12/26/2016 I actually rate the product quality as "5 Stars" but I marked it down because the large impact driver set arrived without a very important piece, the socket that goes between the square impact drive and all the hex bits. This was a Christmas gift and I didn't notice the piece was missing in time to return it so I had to go look for a socket at a hardware store. The missing piece is clearly shown on the product photo so I assume that it is supposed to be included. However, I would not want to discourage anyone from buying this tool because it is really useful and of good quality. I'm guessing that this was an accidental oversight at the factory--such things can happen to anyone.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Please accept our sincerest apologies for this item not being complete. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will check to see if the others are fully equipped.
  • impact driver set

    martin, 12/13/2016 a good product, can't beat the price. the only negative is the delivery. it took way too long for the delivery. if you're not in any hurry , then i recommend buying.
  • Where Have You Been?!?

    Mills, 8/24/2015 This is, without a doubt, the best money I have spent on a tool in a long time. No more wallowed out or wrung off heads on screws, any more! Before I got this set, I was frustrated in trying to remove brass screws in 50 year old oak. I thought I was going to have to drill every one out. After receiving the sets, I removed over 100 brass screws without a hint of a problem. The large set has the "heft" to deal with the problem, and the small set can get into the tight places. You don't take a knife to a gunfight! These are great products that I highly recommend.
  • Not needed much, but a lifesaver when it is!

    Joe Doyle, 6/23/2014 I ordered the Large and Small Impact Driver sets without a real need, but I figured that they would be a good set of tools to have on hand for those few times in life that you need them. Well, no sooner did I receive them, then I put them to work. I obtained a few pieces of 1920s / 1930s woodworking machinery, and set to work disassembling them to make sure that everything was in working order. I found a few screws that were not going to move with just hand pressure, so I broke out the Impact Drivers. The large driver is a snap to use. I placed the proper bit into the driver, lined everything up, and smacked the end with a hammer. The force generated easily loosened the screw, and I was then able to use a regular screwdriver to back it out the rest of the way. The smaller driver was also used, but I had to make sure that I used less pressure when striking the butt of it, as the screws are obviously more delicate. Two lighter taps on the butt did the trick, and the stuck screw was loosened. All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase. I was able to get these drivers on sale, and they have already given me more than their purchase price. I definitely recommend the set to anyone that does anything with their own tools. You will thank yourself for purchasing them the first time you use them.
  • Impact Driver Set

    Rich, 9/10/2013 There is nothing like this set when working on old machinery with is abundance of stuck screws. Well made and easily controlled, when used in combination with a a loosening fluid, I have yet to meet the stuck screw that couldn't be freed.
  • Bigger Than Expected!

    William Lawson, 1/17/2013 The larger impact driver in this set is much bigger than expected and ought to handle any job I might need to apply it to. The smaller one is a handy size and is more likely to be used for solving smaller day to day workshop problems. Both look like they are up to any job you might need them for.
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