Professional Arborist's Cutoff Saw

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Professional Arborist's Cutoff Saw
Extra-large pruning capacity for larger branches
18A01.06 Professional Arborist's Cutoff Saw

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When you're working off the ground and need to reach for a hand saw, you don't want it to be under-sized. This model by Berger in Germany fills that bill. With a curved 13" blade and Japanese-style tri-grind teeth this is an extremely aggressive cutter that will handle a larger cutoff job efficiently. And the black ABS scabbard hanging off your belt keeps it at-the-ready at all times. Highly recommended if you like pro's outdoors tools.

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Overall Rating
  • Professional Arborist Cutofg Saw

    BV, 9/12/2018 Excellent saw it's my 2nd one I lent the first one to a friend it's the last I've seen of it
  • Best Arborist Saw I've ever owned!

    Jeanne Hannah, 6/10/2017 Perfect Saw for my Lilacs....I have over 150 in my collection.
  • Professional Arborist's Cutoff Saw

    Ron Wasserman, 4/18/2017 This is an excellent saw; the blade does not bind and makes quick work of even large branches. Wind gust recently came through my yard leaving many large branches that I was able to cut up.
  • Cuts like a champ

    Dennis, 8/1/2016 Definitely a high-quality product. Cuts like a champ
  • Tree Saw

    Dave Chase, 7/14/2015 Very effective sharp saw.
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