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Clearance Professional Come-Along Pullers
Made right here in the USA
60R05.01 Come Along Rope Puller

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60R05.03 6 Ft. Cable Puller 2 Ton Cap.

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HD Pullers (or come-alongs as they are often called), are used for a variety of serious tasks in the country and in recovery operations anywhere. Most city or suburban dwellers will never see one of these in action, but anyone with a country home or a rural presence will be very familiar with them.They are always kept at the ready.

We've looked at a lot of these (most are made in Asia) and we decided that the made-in-the-USA models are the best - hands down. They're a bit more expensive, of course, but when your safety is at stake, it pays to be be smart.

There are basically three styles: Rope, Strap and Wire Cable. Each has very specific advantages in ease of use, flexibility and raw power (Pullers can vertically lift about 50 of their rated pulling capacity). All slip hooks are steel drop forged and other steel parts are heavily plated. Ratchet leverage is huge and "notch-at-a-time". Letdown is standard.

Made In The United States.

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  • Great tool!

    Bubba4u, 8/11/2018 I hate those cable pullers. They kink up and are a pain to work properly. The strap puller is just the best item for my needs.
  • Strap come-along puller

    Catherine, 7/27/2017 It worked! We are both senior women and needed to pull a small camping trailer into the garage, up an incline. The trailer dolly is useless for inclines (we tried). We wanted to be able to do it ourselves and we can!
  • Good tools

    TMunhall, 12/31/2010 Haven't used it yet but the quality of construction looks far better than any of the come-a-longs I see in local stores or other catalogs.
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