Professional Floral Scissors

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Professional Floral Scissors
Hot-forged, thru-hardened & fully double-plated nickle chrome
With micro-teeth
11A01.02 Professional Floral Scissors

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One of the 2" long blades has micro-teeth (much like fine hair scissors) to hold the flower stem securely when cutting. These are quick and easy, and very comfortable to use with generous finger holes. The through-hardened blades are short so that you can maneuver through a bunch of stems just to where you want to snip, with full size gently curved handles for plenty of reach and leverage. A very fine tool that we recommended highly.

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  • The airport has them now!

    Joyce, 3/25/2016 I purchased these scissors about 20 years ago. I use them for everything. I recently went to the airport and they were confiscated...I immediately logged on and purchased another pair. Once every twenty can I complain. I highly recommend them.
  • Fine Craftsmanship

    Michael Young, 7/29/2014 I was pleased to see that these scissors were made by the same German firm that produces many of the scissors used in my trade. They were finely finished, cut precisely, and will not bend, distort or let woody stems slip down the blades. They are adjustable, easily cleaned, and could, if ever needed, be resharpened. They just feel good in the hands. My hands are rather large and gloves make it hard to use, but my wife's are not. She loved her pair and sent one to the daughter. One glove for the left hand is good enough for me. We have a yard" filled with plants and these shears have seen some use without any signs of any problem."
  • Clean and Sharp

    Michael Young, 4/25/2014 German engineering strikes again. The micro teeth on the blades hold round stiff stems as the blades cut. The mechanical advantage of the handles makes most cutting nearly effortless. The handle rings are comfortable and sized for those with larger hands too. I bought two and am ordering two more as gifts.
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