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Sale Professional Hex Shank 'Vix Bits'
Keep pilot holes centered
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23K01.16 Vix Bit 5/64" Hex

In stock


23K01.17 Vix Bit 7/64" Hex

In stock


23K01.18 Vix Bit 9/64" Hex

In stock


23K01.19 Vix Bit 11/64 Hex

In stock


23K01.20 Vix Bit 13/64 Hex

In stock


23K01.21 Set Of 3 Hex Shank Vix Bits

In stock

Regular Price: $21.65

Special Price $19.95

23K01.31 Vix Hex Shank (All 5)

In stock

Regular Price: $44.50

Special Price $37.90

There is almost nothing more frustrating when installing fitted hardware (such as hinges) than having your pilot hole accidentally run off center. The screw itself then tends to be drawn off center, spoiling the perfection you are striving for.

With their conical shaped guide and spring loaded inside drill bit, these Vix-style pro bits have a 1/4" hex shank so they will snap in and out of modern drivers, as well as fit any standard chuck. Replacement drills are available. Made In Taiwan.
  • Set of 3: 5/64, 7/64 & 9/64" drills for screw sizes ranging from 3 to 10
  • Set of 5 includes same as set of three plus: 11/64 & 13/64" drills for screw sizes 12, 14 & 16

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Overall Rating
  • Quality tools

    Steve C, 10/30/2017 These bits work great. Much beefier than my old ones.
  • good and bad

    peter cole, 10/17/2017 I had hoped they were made in USA however, the spring seems much stronger than friend's set i hsd borrowed, so i am hopeful
  • Vix Bits

    MF Fanelli, 10/2/2016 They actually work
  • Very Handy

    Chris, 7/2/2015 I picked a few of these up for my guys on a project we are working on. Helped streamline transfer punching and speeding assembly! Fast shipping from GW too and kicka** pricing!
  • Light Duty

    Simon, 7/2/2015 Poor chip ejection, soft alloy tips make these frustratingly ok " for occasional use. I purchased these on the advertised pretense that they were " VIX BITS " which they are NOT! A cheaply "Made in China" version of the USA made ones. I had already wore out a set of these after replacing my original "Vix Bits" set that went M.I.A. I returned these as soon as i opened up my package...not what i expected from 'Garrett Wade' "
  • Replacement Bits

    Bob Dietrich, 4/23/2015 Hard to find proper size replacement bits nice.
  • Not The Real Thing

    RLC, 2/4/2015 These are not the real US made Vix bits. The ones I received from GW were so badly made that it was almost impossible to drill a hole centered in the screw hole chamfer. The sliding mechanism had so much play in it that inevitably the drill drifted off center. And the sliding mechanism does not compress far enough for the drill to penetrate more than about an eighth of an inch. I ended up buying the real ones from another source and they are far better in construction and accuracy.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Set of 5 Hex Shank Vix Bits. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed in them.  The ones you have are indeed from Taiwan. If you would like to return them for a refund, please feel free to, using the return label which was included. You mentioned that you ordered real ones from another source. We have checked with our product specialist to see if there is a better alternative. He said that we have USA drill bits (only). They can be found on our website. The item numbers are 66K08.01 to 66K08.04. The sizes are 5/64 to 11/64th", and they are sold individually. He also mentioned that he could order the Full Taper Point Set, item #66K01.07, if you needed to order more in the future. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience."
  • Almost Perfect

    Bob, 9/20/2014 These work perfectly as advertised. One star deduction for not including a 5/64 hex wrench when buying a complete set. I like to keep a dedicated when to sets that require a wrench."
  • Hinge Installations

    Norvil Feguson, 8/31/2014 I just loved these drill bits as it is so much easier to center holes for installing hinges and accessories.
  • Excelente

    Jorge Sanchez, 7/29/2014 Muy buenas herramientas, excelente su calidad, hay para mucho tiempo en esta herramientas.
  • Vix Bits

    Tim , 7/7/2014 The Vix bits turned the very frustrating experience of trying to center the tiny screws on a brass butt hinge into a piece of cake. Perfect every time. Thanks Garrett Wade.
  • Great Price

    Mike Rowland, 6/15/2014 Great price for 5 bits.
  • Very Handy Tools

    Hal, 6/10/2014 These Vix Bits" take a lot of worry out of aligning and centering hinges and latches. Great to have in the tool box."
  • Why Did I Wait So Long?

    Cor R., 4/21/2014 I am a fairly cynical person when it comes to gadgets that purport to make my life easier, but the set of three hex shank Vix bits that I recently purchased simply work and they have definitely made my life easier when it comes to placing pilot exactly" where I want them to be placed. I am sure (I hope) that I am not the only person who has had problems in the past with installing mounting hardware because the my pilot holes ended up being off by "just a smidge..." This problem is now something that I do not have to worry about any longer and I am kicking myself for not getting the Vix bits earlier. The installation of my door hinges during my last project went without a hitch and to top it off, the installation of the hinges went much faster than ever before. Less frustration and less time is a good thing in my book..."
  • Vix Bit Set

    Kris, 3/3/2013 It's not easy to find a complete set of these bits. While the GW price is usually kind of dear, when they're on sale a lot more reasonable. Disappointments: The set did not come in a box (the catalog did not say there would be one, however). Also, some of the bits were engraved with the screw size, some were not. I fixed this by attaching a label to the barrel showing the bit size and what screw size #s they were for. I'll build a case for them later, right now they live in a small pouch.
  • Good product

    Daniel M Mueller, 1/1/2013 This set is a very good value. Works very smoothly. Drill is centered very well for precise hole drilling. End seats into projects well for accurate and quality finished product. Love using them.
  • Vix Bits at Work

    David Halley, 1/4/2011 I had bought a couple of centering bits from a local dealer and when I was at work doing installations of some very pricey English door hardware, my employer noticed them and mentioned that they were like Vix Bits but not as nice. When I got home I googled Vix Bits and the link that came up was my old pal Garrett Wade. I followed the link and to my surprise Garrett Wade was having a special on the very thing that I wanted. At the usual price I might have decided to wait another pay check or two before I sprang into action but at the special price I could have a whole set of Vix Bits for about what I paid locally for the two knock-offs. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that even though I made my order on December 20th during the Christmas rush, the Vix Bits were on my porch when I got home on December 23rd. Pretty amazing. I'm very pleased with my Garrett Wade experience.
  • Vix Bits

    Ran Sheller, 12/4/2010 Compared to other house brands these bits offer the best fit and finish of all I have tried. Price is great on a quality set.They drill straight, adjust easily, perform well and did I mention the price? If you been waiting, get em now.
  • Tumbleweed

    Steve, 7/7/2010 I got the 3 piece set and these all work great. They're good and solid with a nice sturdy fell to them. They really make drilling centered holes a snap
  • Waste of Money

    Thomas Smallwood, 6/27/2010 These drill bits perform exactly as described. However, I have been unable to find replacement bits, making these items worthless. Since they are longer than normal drill bits, regular bits don't fit. Had them for years, used them for days.
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