Professional Grafting Tools

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Professional Grafting Tools
The classic way to improve your work as an arborist
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45T01.15 Standard Grafting Tool

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45T01.16 Large Grafting Tool

Available 11/27/2020


45T01.17 Replaceable Double English Grafting Blade

Available 11/27/2020


45T01.18 New Grafting Tool Anvil

Available 11/27/2020


45T01.07 Replacement V-Notch Blade

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45T01.08 Replacement Omega Grafting Blade

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45T01.09 Replacement T-Bud Grafting Blade

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47A01.01 1/2 lb. Grafting Wax

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47A01.02 3/4" Grafting Tape

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Professional Grafting Tools

Our Italian made Professional Italian Grafting Tools are designed to cut both the scion (the shoot or bud to be grafted) and the rootstock, the main plant onto which the graft will be made (usually chosen for its strong roots). Proper alignment of the two parts is essential to the viability of the graft – it allows a structural union that does not impede the essential transfer of nutrients to form as the graft heals.

Check out our blog for some tips on how to get started in grafting.

Available in a standard that fits stock up to ½” and a large that accepts stock up to 1¾”. Standard size grafting tool cuts V-grafts, Omega grafts, and budding or T-grafts. The book Grafting Fruit Trees, an introduction full of instructional illustrations, is included with both tools. Additional tools recommended (whether you are an apprentice or experienced) are a Curved Grafting Knife, Special Grafting Wax, and a roll of 3/4" wide Special Paraffin Grafting Tape.

Italian Grafting Tools

Grafting is a fascinating and challenging aspect of gardening. It is used to adapt plants to unfavorable soil or climate conditions, repair damage, and control pests. Grafting allows the gardener to provide a longer growing season and a greater diversity of plant varieties. A gardener with a few skills and a professional grafting tool can actually assist nature while increasing his garden’s bounty and enjoying a very rewarding endeavor. For over four decades, we’ve been your source for the tools that have been proven to work for generations.

For information about maintaining the Standard or Large Grafting Tool, please read our Grafting Tool Maintenance and Blade Replacement Guide.

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  • Italian made Professional Italian Grafting Tools

    Maria, 6/18/2020 This Manual 3T grafter makes very precise cuts and is capable of making three different types of graft with one tool. You will be able to make interlocking graft, Omega graft and Gemma graft with the interchangeable blades. All you need to do is to loosening the two screws that are on the head and to replace with the desired blade to meet the various types of plants that respond differently when they are cut, so you can use it on trees, fruits, vines, flowers and so forth. For example, on fruit trees you may use Interlock cut because these plants have little sap so with this type of incision the sap rise faster and allow it to attach to the mother plant.
    It simplifies tremendously the horticulture graftage technique to make a cut on the mother plant and then all is needed is to join the male and the female by matching the two and to match the two parts on one side only so that the cortexes are aligned. This tool is a God sent for amateur grafters such as myself.
    I called the and spoke with John Wolfe that was very knowledgeable and explained to me how to use the tool, gave me some important tips and also sent a video for reference. Thanks to this awesome tool, grafting is a breeze. I now can do graft even on small plants or on young branches with great precision, you do not need to sever the whole plant with the advantage of being able to save it in case the graft fails. I am very impressed and I definitely recommend the 3T grafter to any aspiring horticulture enthusiastic that want to ease propagation for it is the most cost effective way of raising a particular type of plant using this natural engineering process.
  • Husband Satisfied

    Kaitlyn Beeson, 4/19/2020 Purchased for my husband. He has been snipping everything, attempting to graft our fruit trees. He seems very happy with the product. Good quality tool.
  • Grafting tool

    Mark, 4/14/2020 Great tool.
  • Grafting tools accessories

    Dorten C. Bickham Jr , 10/23/2017 Just what I expected..sturdy heavy gauge materials..will work effectively..
  • Manual grafting tool

    Edgardo Pacia, 9/17/2017 I have more than 500 mango trees and this tool is very useful. The best tool I ever had.
  • Great

    Mariana gomez, 8/9/2017 Great tool!!
  • Update

    Richard Hafner, 4/3/2017 After contacting Joe Wolf, I was able to tweak the block and it now works perfectly! Makes cutting much quicker! Great tool!
  • Professional Italian - Standard Grafting Tool

    Steve, 3/29/2017 When searching for a grafting tool, look no further! Solid, well-built construction that makes good clean cuts. And the budding anvil/blade is a great feature so you can get the most out of your scions!
  • Clean cuts.

    Eric, 2/28/2017 Work great, hope to have a 90% success rate or higher out of 1000 grafts this year.
  • Works Incredibly Well

    Lou Neo, 1/22/2017 It worked well right out of the box, got a few grafts done quicker than ever before. I cant say if they took yet but I will say, they fit together perfectly and I know I gave them the best opportunity possible.
  • Ms

    Donna, 12/30/2016 Looks like a very comprehensive tool. Can't wait to try it in the spring
  • Love this

    Donna, 12/30/2016 Great little tool!
  • Mrs

    Lauren McWhorter, 12/23/2016 A wonderful all purpose grafting tool that my husband loves!
  • Standard grafting tool

    Jose, 7/3/2016 Great tool to have must have two lots of fun Been grafting left and right gets the job done.
  • Regular Italian grafting tool

    Jose, 7/3/2016 Great tool to have Been grafting left and right must-have tools lots of fun
  • Works like a charm!

    Glen K., 6/14/2016 Works like a charm! The Italian grafting tool cuts three patterns all of which which produce a very high rate of success. Also YouTube has a number of videos which shows how to use the Italian grafting tool and the excellent results.
  • Grafting Large Rootstocks

    Humberto Guitron, 5/16/2015 Very precise cuts that increase the percentage of success on every grafting activity. Precise cuts on large stocks, but prefer to use the conventional grafting technique for plants of this proportion.
  • Above Average

    Matt, 9/23/2014 Tried it on disposable cherry and apple branches in late summer worked pretty well, but is not a substitute for practice with a great knife. Success will be had with this tool.
  • Works For Me!

    Clark, 2/2/2014 Tried a few saddle graft tests today and it makes precise cuts on pencil sized wood.
  • Grafting Tools

    Forrest, 12/21/2013 The grafting tool and supplies are fine quality and work very well. Although my grafting skill set needs some improvement. I recommend these tools.
  • Nice Tool

    Bruce, 4/7/2013 Good tool, I recommend it.
  • Best Place To Buy

    John P., 3/31/2013 Garret Wade has by far the best price on these tools!!!!!! and the only one I found that carries the large grafting tool. They are well built and work well!!!! Once again thanks for the great price on an exceptional tool set.
  • Great Grafting Tool!

    Jan, 2/17/2013 I got interested in fruit tree grafting and wanted a better and safer way than using my sharp pocketknife. I purchased the standard grafting tool. After only a few grafts I can see it does accurate cuts and makes the job faster and easier. So glad I got it!
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner February 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Janet!!
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