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Professional Manual Chainsaw Sharpener
$ 137.5
Now you can sharpen your chain in the field, quickly and precisely. Made of precision machined, solid anodized aluminum, this Sharpener is basically a precise, easy to use jig that allows you to rapidly rotate solid carbide, helically ground tooling against the dull tooth, and then step-and-repeat this action with the next tooth seconds later with great accuracy - easily alternating right and left facing teeth as you sharpen the blade.

Heavy users of chainsaws (fire fighters, woodsmen and loggers that work remotely for extended periods etc.) have needed a superior and reliable way to resharpen quickly and accurately in the field. A plain file is no better in those circumstances than it is sitting on your back porch. Despite the great success that customers have enjoyed with our two popular Italian Sharpeners, they can be useless when 115 V current is simply not available.

A USA firm now makes a spectacular tool to solve this serious deficiency that pros can often face.

The standard configuration for this Sharpener is with a tooth angle of 30°, which will accommodate almost all chainsaws. If you have an unusual model or special circumstances that requires a 25 or 35° tooth angle, we have a special Guide Bushing for that circumstance.

Make no mistake about it, this beautiful tool is not cheap, but its function is so good and so quick and so accurate, it is really a bit of a thrill to use it.

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