Professional Manual Chainsaw Sharpener

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Professional Manual Chainsaw Sharpener
When power is not an available option
19C01.01 Manual Sharpener (Pitch A, 7/32" Cutter)

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19C01.02 Manual Sharpener (Pitch B, 3/16" Cutter)

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19C01.03 Manual Sharpener (Pitch C, 5/32" Cutter)

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19C01.04 Replacement/Optional 7/32" Carbide Cutter

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19C01.05 Replacement/Optional 3/16" Carbide Cutter

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19C01.06 Replacement/Optional 5/32" Carbide Cutter

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19C01.07 Accessory Angle Guide Pair (25/35 degree)

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Now you can sharpen your chain in the field, quickly and precisely. Made of precision machined, solid anodized aluminum, this Sharpener is basically a precise, easy to use jig that allows you to rapidly rotate solid carbide, helically ground tooling against the dull tooth, and then step-and-repeat this action with the next tooth seconds later with great accuracy - easily alternating right and left facing teeth as you sharpen the blade.

Heavy users of chainsaws (fire fighters, woodsmen and loggers that work remotely for extended periods etc.) have needed a superior and reliable way to resharpen quickly and accurately in the field. A plain file is no better in those circumstances than it is sitting on your back porch. Despite the great success that customers have enjoyed with our two popular Italian Sharpeners, they can be useless when 115 V current is simply not available.

A USA firm now makes a spectacular tool to solve this serious deficiency that pros can often face.

The standard configuration for this Sharpener is with a tooth angle of 30°, which will accommodate almost all chainsaws. If you have an unusual model or special circumstances that requires a 25 or 35° tooth angle, we have a special Guide Bushing for that circumstance.

Make no mistake about it, this beautiful tool is not cheap, but its function is so good and so quick and so accurate, it is really a bit of a thrill to use it.

Scroll down for size selection and other information and to see a video about how to use the chainsaw sharpener.
What Is Included
What is included:
Each Sharpener comes with one cutter of the selected size, one cutter handle, two 30 degree guides (holds all cutter sizes), two Allen keys for the grub screws holding the cutter and the angle guides, and a pouch with belt loop and shoulder strap.
Selecting The Correct Size
Selecting the correct size:
As a first step before ordering, check your manual or the side of your chainsaw's bar for the pitch, which should be marked there. The pitch* will be either (A) 3/8" standard (7/32" diam. file) typical of larger saws, (B) .325" (3/16" diam. file) typical for middle sized saws, or (C) 3/8" low profile (5/32" diam. file) typical of small saws. Each uses a different solid carbide sharpener. You need to be sure to get the correct one that works for you. You can call Garrett Wade Technical Support at 800-221-2942 for help in selecting the correct model.
Additional / Replacement Cutters
Additional/replacement cutters are available separately.

A pair of 5 degree offset guides that permit both 25 and 35 degree cutting are available as an option. At 25 degrees the chain will cut more slowly but stay sharp longer. At 35 degrees the chain will cut faster but dull more quickly. These are typically used to sharpen chains intended for cutting hard, dense wood or soft, dry wood respectively.

The body of the Sharpener is adjustable for height, width and the stop or pawl is adjustable for tooth length.

*Chain pitch is the distance between any three consecutive rivets divided by two - ie the average distance between two rivets.

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Overall Rating
  • Excellent sharpener!

    GB, 4/18/2016 The simplicity of the design is brilliant. I was able to set it up on the chain and balance it in a few seconds. After balancing, simply tighten it, slide sharpener (cutter) into the tooth, exert pressure using thumb screw, and rotate the cutter to sharpen the tooth. Quick and easy. The carbide cutters are super-sharp, much more so than standard chain saw files. Therefore, very little pressure is needed....I highly recommend this tool. Well worth the cost.
  • Great Sharpener

    Joe, 10/9/2015 I have been a several decade 'file' sharpener. I did research and chose this sharpener. Read the directions, before use. I ended up with three file sizes to cover my saws. It does take some extra time starting out. The manual says to set then leave the 'rear thumbscrew' alone for sharpening. For me it works better with minor adjustments at times as I file each tooth. This allows grinder tension to be adjusted as needed. Coming from manual filing, easy to do. The carbide tooth grinders easily shape the cutters very sharp at the proper angles.
  • Expensive, But Well Worth It.

    Chuck, 11/6/2014
  • Saw Sharpener

    Jr Harden, 10/26/2014 Slightly awkward to get started but once you get the hang of it , it goes quite easily and well. Works well overall and is faster than other products I have used. I cut about 20 full cords of wood a year and this sharpener is a great help. Just don't abuse it like some of you yahoos out there do and it will treat you right.
  • Excellent

    T.M., 1/27/2014 The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is by far the best hand sharpening tool I have ever used. I cut a lot of firewood each year. The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is a bit time consuming but the reward of a super sharp chain makes of for the time spent when cutting wood. My chainsaw cuts through wood like it was a brand new chain each time i need to sharpen them. I found that I need to sharpen my chains less often. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I can say that you stand by your product cause it works!
  • Sharpener Is Like Glass

    D1hammer, 8/6/2013 Sharpened 1 chain and the carbide cutter broke. Make sure you store the cutter in the protective case and don't jar it too hard because it is as fragile as glass. The handle with the cutter attached can't handle a drop of much more than a 3 inch drop on a work bench.
  • Awesome Tool

    Randal, 1/3/2013 Once I got the hang of the set up, this tool proved to be greater then my expectations. It saves me chain change out time and it gives you a professional sharp chain each and every time. My tool box will never be without it. It has paid for itself in just a few weeks on the job site and has lowered my cost of doing business.
  • Simply The BEST Ever!!!

    Jeff, 11/28/2012 After years of struggling with dull and poorly sharpened chains my problems are solved. This tool is without a doubt the best tool available for sharpening chains. It is FAST, PRECISE, CONSISTENT, and EASY. I am very impressed with the tool quality....great engineering.....this tool will outlive me. Simply the best!!!
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