Professional Pruning Saws

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Professional Pruning Saws
For serious trimming work
86B01.01 12-1/2 In. Professional Pruner

Available 10/23/2020


86B02.01 14-1/2 In. Professional Pruner

Available 10/25/2020


86B03.01 22-1/2 In. Professional Pruner

Available 10/25/2020


86B02.02 Leather Scabbard For 86B02.01

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These professional-grade tools, made in the USA, have been used by road crews and arborists for over two generations. The Large Pruner has a 22-1/2" 6tpi blade, curved for full power throughout the stroke, and deep gullets for rapid chip clearance. It will really do the job fast. The two smaller saws have special tri-grind Japanese-style teeth. They have 14-1/2" (closed handle) and 12-1/2" (straight handle) long blades respectively. Both have great balance, and the latter is particularly light in weight.

You can see the sheaths for the Professional Pruning Saws separately here.

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Overall Rating
  • Saw Goes Through Wood Like Butter

    Andrew C. West, 9/1/2020 Goes through branches and small logs like butter. Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. My only grip is though it is technically "made in the USA," the blade is from Japan so I felt misled on that advertisement. I really wanted to buy a saw that was 100% made in the USA.
  • Fantastic saw!

    George Lawrence, 7/4/2019 I have had the large 22" saw for a bunch of years now. I added straps to the scabbard to turn it into a back pack, and use it for clearing trees that fall across mountain bike trails here in VT. The saw works really well, and can make it through hardwoods 1-1/2 feet in diameter.
  • Great saw!

    JD , 11/6/2018 Great saw, scabbard a little pricey though.
  • Quality at it’s Finest

    Eric W, 7/8/2018 Outstanding, quality product! Highly recommend!
  • Saw

    Marlene Newman, 11/13/2017 The blade is made in Japan.
  • Comfortable, sharp, elegant

    Jack, 4/30/2017 14.5" closed-handled saw, with the Japanese blade. I like the way it fits in the hand a lot better than the straight or folding kind. It cuts fast and clean, though I do wonder about the challenge of sharpening or setting this tooth pattern. I sanded the varnish off the handle and oiled it. Much better. I was a little surprised that another manufacturer's name was on the saw and blade, and that the handle was laminated, but neither gets in the way of its feel or efficacy. If I lost it, I'd buy another right away. Also, the closed handle lets you hang it on a stub while you move your ladder. No need for a scabbard.
  • 22 1/2" Professional Pruner Saw

    Gus Muelelr, 4/7/2017 Saws are high quality. Come sharpened properly and ready to cut.
  • 12-1/2 In. Professional Pruner

    Laura Bagnall, 3/28/2017 This is a great saw for women. Sharp and cuts thru branches that are in your way and you can take care of it yourself. I just got it this Spring and I used it to finish pruning my fruit trees as well as removing broken limbs from my other trees
  • 12.5" Professional Pruning Saw

    Bill Clearwater, 12/8/2016 I was very impressed with the quality and finish of the saw. The 12.5" saw is perfect for my garden and my ever growing trees and shrubs. It will be a valued tool in my garage for many years.
  • Quality saw, extraordinary scabbard/sheath

    CMG, 5/4/2016 Former forester. The small saw will be adequate for most tasks. It is well made and retains its sharpness fairly well. The scabbard is better constructed than the saw - extremely heavy duty leather. The attachment is a little strange, but it would be unwieldy to attach to a belt anyhow. This is worth the price and will make anyone think twice about firing up the chain saw on every occasion.
  • Great saw and Scabbard

    Michael J Evanich, 4/22/2016 Quality made Saw and Scabbard, Very sharp saw , satisfied with my purchase . Thanks.
  • Oleander Haircut

    Sandy Thiel, 3/20/2014 We have a lot of oleanders. They make great hedges. And about every 5 years they need a haircut. My husband is sure I am killing them. Using these saws (two sizes) and your great loppers (two sizes) and some hand pruning shears, the job is as easy as it can get. I have never had a bit of trouble with the tools and appreciate how well they are made and that they stay sharp. Which is why I just bought the smallest of the saws to add to my well used collection.
  • Pruning Saw

    Pete Schmidt, 1/3/2013 This is an awesome tool and works very well. It was shipped and received fast. Great products!!
  • Use As A Pole Saw Blade.

    Tony Lawayne Lunnie, 6/26/2012 I put this on my pole saw Marvin head and use this along with my pole saw work and can now go on big jobs any size branch and get the job done so quickly I can hit at least 3 jobs a day with it in record time. I highly recommend this blade to be rigged on a pole to cut very large limbs with ease. Get rid of your little bitty blade and go up to this one and u can put this on a pole and get any job done faster. I have been cutting for over 25 years and with this on my Marvin saw head work is very easy.
  • 14-1/2 Pruner

    Steve, 11/10/2011 WOW! Clamped this pruner to a 20 foot pole and was amazed as it snored through a 6 limb 25 feet above the ground."
  • Great Limb Saw

    Jonathan, 4/14/2011 This is a very sharp saw. It has aggressive teeth and really cuts well. It made short work of some dogwoods and lilacs that I trimmed this spring. I haven't tried it on any larger trees but it really seems to work well.
  • 14-1/2" Pruner w/ Scabbard

    Jess Dixon, 12/31/2010 I like everything about this Pruning saw. I just found myself wishing it weighed a tad more. It is very sharp, making the scabbard important to protect the teeth of the saw and yourself. This will send you to the ER quickly if not careful. The handle is comfortable. I will be using this a lot.
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