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Sale Professional Soft Jaw Pliers
Keep you from ruining hardware
91P05.04 Soft Jaw Needle Nose Pliers

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94P04.01 Slip Joint Soft Jaw Pliers

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94P05.01 Soft Jaw Pipe Pliers

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94P05.10 Slip Joint & Pipe Pliers Set

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Standard wrenches and pliers can easily ruin surfaces such as bathroom fittings, polished brass hardware, or the plastic trim on your car. Quality tools with protective surfacing are the answer, but are hard to find locally. We finally found some excellent ones in Japan. They cost a bit more, but the money you'll save replacing damaged hardware and fittings makes them a true bargain.

The standard slip-joint pliers have special resin jaws, formed to grip from the end as well the sides. Maximum capacity about 1-1/2". The pair of pipe pliers are spring loaded with greater capacity (about 2-3/4") with two sets of jaws included: one for curved surfaces like pipes, the other for angular surfaces like large chrome nuts. The needle nose style will reach way into otherwise inaccessible narrow places. Jaw length 1-1/4".

You can get replacement jaws for these pliers here.

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Overall Rating
  • Really Nice Soft-Jaw Pliars

    Michael Dito, 8/17/2020 Just what I needed to unscrew a threaded muzzle protector on an old Bersa .22LR semi-auto handgun. Will be very usefull for other items also.
  • Great pliers

    Louis, 8/5/2020 Great pliers for installing shower heads and faucets without marring. I gave it a 4 star because of price and shipping costs.
  • Perfect tool for the job.

    Randy, 5/3/2020 The perfect tool for loosening chrome bathroom fixtures. They are high quality and non-marring. I am very pleased with them.
  • Pliers

    Michael J, 10/14/2019 Great Pliers ,Quality made. Very satisfied with my purchase . Thanks
  • Perfect solution to a kitchen problem

    William R., 9/14/2019 Purchased specifically to allow me to open a pepper grinder that didn't have enough "neck" to grip by hand. Works perfectly.
  • Professional Soft Jaw Pliers and extra Jaws- These are GREAT!

    Bruce, 8/10/2018 I have often wanted pliers that protect shinny surfaces from being scratched. I looked for them at "Big Box' stores and did not find and finally ordered here. I am very pleased with these
  • Maybe better than Dads

    David Simpson , 7/28/2018 Needed to help a close friend change plumbing in her new but high shower. I knew if it was scared there would be h#%& to pay. Nobody at even the big box stores nor my favorite local hardware knew of or had softened pliers. I had a pair my Dad gave me ( many moons ago) but on a Katrina mission someOne liked them better me. I discovered yours and there are very well made and came with spare jaws covers. Seem even better then the old ones I had. Well done and thanks a lot Garret Wade.
  • Great pliers

    Alec Reeve, 12/11/2017 Awesome tools, a must have for the tool guys and gals out there! The big pipe channel locks and needle nose come with a spare set of soft jaws. Great tools very useful.
  • Excellent Set

    Kent, 11/25/2017 Great quality product. Protects the surface well from being scratched.
  • Perfect Pipe Pliers

    Jim Halloran, 10/17/2017 Iuse pliers to free up some medical equipment I use...some of it plastic. This tool gives me the capability to do that without fear of damage.
  • works as advertised

    ken satoyoshi, 10/1/2017 xtraLong handles provide goodGrip & pressure. slipJoint adds verstaility.
  • Great fit

    kazcon, 6/12/2017 I've wanted and needed a set of soft jaw pliers for a LONG time. Caught these on sale so I am set. Nothing more frustrating when putting in a new, costly kitchen faucet without having to wrap the wrench in a piece of cloth so you don't damage the finish. The 'channel lock' pliers are perfect. Very pleased.
  • great

    julia hartman, 1/3/2017 they have already come in handy. I would have liked to have some extra nylon pads to attach because I will be using them a lot.
  • cool

    julia hartman, 1/3/2017 they did the job, tightened the bath fixture without leaving a scratch. I think they are a bit over priced. the area they can clampdown is larger for some of the things I hoped to use them for.
  • Holding delicate items

    Victor M. Lee, 8/9/2016 Excellent product to avoid damages on delicate items
  • Great Soft Jaw Pipe Pliers

    Susan Tolley, 7/25/2016 Excellent tool to adjust things that cannot be scratched. I first bought the regular pliers, then liked them enough to get the pipe pliers. I have tried every other method (rag on the pipe, removable little rubber thingy), but this is the best. Only downside is I cannot determine how hard I can hold on to something without damaging the pliers.

    WILLIAM, 4/11/2016 I was sure something like these were out there, but leave it to the GW CATALOG to let me know how to easily have a set.
  • Love 'Um

    Don Osborne, 3/31/2016 I do a lot of precision work that I can not mar. These tools will do the job.
  • Three wrench set is great addition for fine work!

    Dr. John, 3/30/2016 Like the soft jaw pipe pliers and the needle nose, these are a "gotta have item" for scuba gear, photo equipment, and electro-mechanical work. I put them through the test when I received them today.. They give just the right tactile feedback and pressure not to mar or deform delicate parts and fine metal finishes. I wish I had these available when I was running a biological research lab a few years ago, they would have been essential and would have saved me a few tense moments and the cost of replacing some plated brass parts.
  • Soft Jaw Pliers

    Robert, 1/9/2016 This is the best soft jaw plier in the world! It's worth every penny. It does the job without damaging my pipes. Highly recommend!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments! We're happy this tool works for you.
  • Scientific Instrument Restoration

    Robert Smith, 3/19/2015 I restore scientific instruments particularly 19th and 20th century surveying transits and tools made of brass. These soft jaw pliers are especially useful in taking apart and reinstalling the soft bras fittings without damaging the various parts. They are excellent for this purpose. They give good grip with just the right pressure needed to loosen corroded components on the transit that have aged over the years. Would definitely purchase again. Always great service and just the right tools for the job at hand.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner March 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Robert!!

  • Found at Last

    Tony Rumball, 1/21/2015 My son has been really wanting some of these for his locksmithing business. He was super pleased when I gave him some as a birthday present. Quality and performance exceeding expectations. Well done GW !!
  • Needed Tools

    Bronson Springstead, 10/22/2014 Been looking for something like this and found them in your catalog. Really work well even though I can't read the instructions!
  • Soft Jaw Pliers and Needle Nose Pliers

    ms277017, 4/26/2014 I rebuild electronic cigarettes and most of the atomizers screw together using O-rings to seal them. I usually find myself reaching for these on a weekly basis to remove the sections without damaging the metal. Some of these atomizers run $100-200 dollars and I could never set a regular pair of pliers on their surfaces. These work.
  • Neat Gift

    Pat, 12/8/2013 Look great and being given as a gift to my husband's brother for his crafting!
  • Only One?

    Tom, 2/25/2013 Nice enough pliers, but I only got one pair. Assumed that it was a set of 3 pair.
  • Soft Jaw Pliers

    Mike, 2/8/2013 I have had a pair of the pipe pliers for about 10 years, bought them in Japan. I use them for removing and installing military electrical connector plugs. They are without a doubt the best pliers for this purpose ever made. Although, they are sold for use with pipes, they work far better than the pliers that the connector manufacturers sell.
  • Soft Jaw Pliers

    Bill, 1/18/2012 I use them for pen making and repair. I also use the slip-joint plies for installation and repair of bathroom and kitchen faucets. I like them because it doesn't leave any marks. They hold up very well. Thanks, Bill
  • Soft Jaw Pliers

    Bill, 1/7/2012 Great idea and not available anywhere else as far as I know however the plastic grip portion is very brittle and breaks easily. Softer jaws would prevent this and provide better grip.
  • Soft Jaw Pliers

    Jim, 4/15/2010 These soft jawed slip joint pliers are ideal for removing/installing thread protectors on firearms so as not to damage the finish on the thread protector.
  • Nice Pliers

    Jeff J., 1/5/2010 I have looked far and wide for soft jaw pliers and these are the best I could find. The pliers themselves are not as nice as my Knipex but if you need soft jaws these work nicely. Docked one star for price, I think they are expensive (even on sale) for what they are.
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