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Professional Digging Tools
Designed for those unusual tasks
79W08.01 Root Cutter Spade

Available 12/15/2020


79W09.01 Trencher Spade

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Professional gardeners like to work with efficient tools that let them get the job done fast and with as little “tool-fuss” as possible. The alloy steel blade and handle are carefully heat treated to be exceptionally strong and and is fully welded. Handles are plated or painted for protection.

The narrow Trencher Spade (2-3/4” wide blade lightly serrated on one edge) can be used for a variety of tasks, but our favorite is digging narrow trenches to bury drain lines and small pipe without no creating a monster of a mess in your yard. The Root Cutter shovel has a 5” wide blade and is heavily serrated on one side. It will blow right through the tough stuff – as its name implies. You will not find these tools locally as they are made for professional gardeners. Highly recommended. Next Day & 2-Day Air Shipping not available for this item.

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Overall Rating
  • Trencher spade

    Lani, 11/23/2020 Super fast shipping, product is just like described
  • Spade

    Rhonda Tackett, 9/24/2020 Great item! Just what I was looking for!
  • Worth Every Penny!

    James, 5/17/2020 I bought the 3" trench spade hoping that it would make the job of putting in 300 feet of 10" root barrier edging a lot easier. I tried the spade for the first time this weekend! Let's just say there was no cussing, no extra work and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it cut through my rocky soil. The chiseled edge was popping rocks out of the way with ease! The half-moon scoops the dirt out of the trench easily and quickly. I am very particular about my tools, and this spade has a super high quality build. I am really impressed. My only disappointment was that some of the paint came off before I had really done very much with it at all. But, in the grand scheme of things, I'll take a well built, quality tool that has lost a little paint over something pretty that doesn't do the job. And yes, this tool is worth every penny.
  • trench spade

    Teresa, 5/21/2019 My husband wanted a trench spade so my first stop was Garrett Wade. Love the selection and quality of the products. He was thrilled with the spade and is adding new tasks to his list for using it. It is exceptional quality and I hope to be able to use it too!

    Richard Rogers, 4/26/2019 My wife asked me to MAKE her a specific gardening tool, and I immediately went to the Garrett Wade catalog to see if there was one already available. I couldn't imagine that she was the only gardener to EVER want one like she described, and I was RIGHT!! The Trencher Spade was EXACTLY what she had described!! She LOVES this tool so much she is telling FRIENDS about it!! THANKS, guys, you saved me a bunch of work AND made me a Hero!!!!
  • Excellent Craftsmanship and Functionality

    Gene, 3/21/2017 I received my Root Cutter Spade last week and put it to work the day I took it out of the box! The craftsmanship of this tool is excellent, very clean welds, and its structure is very stout. The design of this spade, with its sharp edges and thick blade allows for great functionality and efficient use. I am sure there are plenty of people out there that have tried to use a tool or implement that is not designed to last or are simply not strong enough, a quality tool makes work enjoyable! If I begin to enjoy my work by having the right tools, then I need more products from Garrett Wade! Thank you for your craftsmanship and ingenuity in design!
  • Excellent spade

    KCPortland, 5/9/2016 Trencher spade performs exactly as described. A pleasure to use to lay pipe for sprinkler systems, and to make narrow trenches to reconstruct lawn borders. Also good for digging out holes in japanese spurge for other plantings, and to cut through other tough plant materials.
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