Professional Stropping Kit

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Professional Stropping Kit
Designed and made for us in France
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38A02.01 Stropping Kit

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38A02.02 Optional English Bridle Leather (backed)

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38A02.03 Optional Jar of Strop Rouge

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38A02.04 Extra Gold/Grey Napped Leather (backed)

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Hand stropping removes the micro-burrs from the edge of a cutting edge that inevitably result from any grinding or honing process. Stropping is the final step usually skipped, which produces the razor like edges that denote a really sharp plane blade, chisel or knife. And the reason that it is skipped is the lack of a good stropping surface.

Leather surfaces traditionally make the very best Strops and this Kit includes a stiff-backed wood frame, two special (3 x 12") leather surfaces fixed to wooden paddles fitted with rare-earth magnets that clip in the frame. The leather surfaces are used sequentially: initial stropping with the napped (rough, gold or gold/grey colored) leather and finish stropping with the smooth leather (brown). Extra napped leathers are available if you wish to use different honing pastes. Complete instructions are provided.

To get an exceptional edge for fine knives, an optional premium English Bridle Leather surface is also available for super finishing. This is a thoroughly professional kit and will provide results that you will find astonishing. Highly recommended for the demanding tool lover.
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Overall Rating
  • Stropping board and english leather strop.

    Richard , 11/13/2017 The magnets hold the strop well, and there is little movement of strop on the handle.
  • stropping board

    dave, 2/27/2017 quality product , and it works
  • No surprises

    J.C., 1/25/2017 As usual the products sold by GW are first rate and always as described. This tool is an addendum to my sharpening schedule. I've used strops to put the finish on the finished edges of my woodworking tools as well as my finer kitchen knives and sometimes even my pocket knife gets the treatment as well. If you've never stropped, you don't know what you're missing.
  • Unique set

    Oskar Muriel, 1/20/2017 Good set but would be better if pastes were included.
  • Owner

    Michael, 7/6/2015 I returned this item, not what G-Wade normally has for sale. I was not impressed with it at all!
  • The Cutting Edge

    Charles, 7/4/2015 This truly is the cutting edge of strops. I was delighted to have and use this fine device. Well worth its price, I am able to draw out the finest edge of the tools I use, thanks to this.
  • Beautifully Sharp

    Charles, 6/12/2015 Sharpening is a continual activity of the crafts person. If we want to do quality work we should sharpen to the ultimate that we can. Spending time in the process with high quality honing strops like these makes for a better experience and permits a refined edge. I am very happy with them, they work for me.
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