Professional Task Light

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Professional Task Light
Adjustable for the perfect light
16T01.05 Professional Task Light

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Superficially, this resembles an ordinary “extension lamp” found on a clerk’s desk or shop table. It attaches to any edge by means of a 2" capacity screw-on clamp, rotates 360˚ around this base and has 32" extension arm with a “knee” in the middle that allows it a generous amount of reach. But that’s where the similarity ends.
So far the function is excellent, but the magical aspect to it is that the Hood contains 60 LEDs arranged in two rows. Each row has its own color of LED. One puts out blue-white bright light equivalent to daylight. Its “color-temperature” is close to Kelvin 6500K. The other row emits a classic incandescent yellow light common in most traditional interiors (3500K). Both rows come on when the switch in the hood is pressed. But that’s only the beginning, as each row has its own adjusting power button with 4 levels of output. The end result is you have 16 adjustable lighting options and can select the light quality that suits you best – perhaps one choice in the morning but then a different choice at dusk. The Lamp Hood is 3" wide and 19" long. It rotates up and down 180˚ and side-to-side, lockable in any position. Quite simply, it’s fantastic. We’ve never seen anything like it. Highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
  • best work table light period

    rick, 1/4/2020 Great Item glad we bought it really works as advertised and much more. Quality of materials and workmanship is top notch. Thanks Garret Wade excellent products and service.
  • It works for me!

    Wheelchair Wizard, 9/4/2019 Works good for me. Now I have to keep it away from my wife. It is important to have a large enough overhang to attach it to. Or adapt it to that it works.
  • Unique Work Light

    Norman, 7/16/2019 Great light. It allows you to create the light you need for the type of work or time of day. Much easier on your eyes being adjustable.
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