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06A03.01 Professional Weeding Sickle

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Japanese made (called a Nejiri Kama), the 4" drop forged blade is razor sharp. The twisted (not welded) shank, provides great strength and durability and the shape of the Sickle is very carefully designed to be comfortable and allow your arm motion to quickly scrape the dirt surface and remove shallow rooted weeds. This is a beautiful and highly functional gardening tool, and you'll use it all the time. Only 12" overall. An elegant tool.

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Overall Rating
  • A simple tool that makes weeding almost fun

    Ron Rosenberger, 10/6/2020 I purchased the weeding sickle as a gift for my husband. He loves working outdoor in the yard so based on the reviews, I thought we would try it. He is so impressed with the quality and functionality of this tool. He raves about it each time he weeds . He also maintains it has cut weeding time by more than half and just as important, it makes weeding almost effortless.
  • A Gardener’s Indispensable Mighty Helper

    Mr. Kevin Gerard Bradley, 9/12/2020 An indispensable soil clearing and cleanup tool ????. Makes the thought of tidying up my garden a less seemingly daunting task !
  • Handy, strong and sharp.

    RICHARD MITCHELL, 9/10/2020 Extremely handy in clearing unwanted grass and vines from a bank and from under a cyclone fence. Handy digging and cutting out unwanted young trees and weeds.
  • Best Weeder

    Veronica , 8/21/2020 This is my favorite weeding tool. I have owned several. It makes weeding fun. It comes with a plastic blade protector.
    This could be improved and could be made of canvas and not plastic. The grommet is a nice feature as you can use it to hang the tool. It was delivered promptly.

  • Little tool

    Pat T., 8/5/2020 Love this little handy tool. Pull weed out easily with it.
  • Professional weeding sickle

    Cindy, 7/26/2020 Best weeding tool around! I do organic vegetable gardening and willl not use chemicals and this is the perfect tool. Very sturdy and excellent made for long time use. I only ordered 1 but definitely will order another for additional helpers!! Very strongly recommend. Fast and easy delivery.
  • Left or Right

    R. Bennett , 7/21/2020 Great overall quality and useful for weeding to edging. I would like to find a left handed version of this tool.
  • Great tool

    Kay, 7/17/2020 I love the long handle. I worry about snakes in the weeded area and this tool has long. I can see what I am doing and can weed between the plants and the weeds.
  • Great Tool

    California 2020, 7/4/2020 This weeding tool works great. I created a weed growing area between a block wall and the new fencing which was difficult to reach. This tool has the perfect handle length to reach the block wall and cut through the weeds. Saves my arm. Nicked some cement a couple of times, but no damage to the blade. Rinsed it off after and added coconut oil. Looks like new. Tools are important to any job in the garden. I like this tool and will order another one shortly.
  • Great tool

    Thomas Maholski, 5/21/2020 I used to watch locals use these when I was stationed on Okinawa. I should have bought a dozen there. Best weeding tool I ever used.
  • The best hand weeder hand's down!

    Ninja boots, 4/23/2020 An amazing tool that beats every other hand weeder ever! Has a great weight and hand feel. Been using it to clear an overgrown section of the garden. It skims just under the surface, cutting roots as you go. At the end of the day, I hit it with a damp sponge to get off dirt. Once a week, I've hit it bees' wax as a rust inhibitor to make sure this last several life times.
  • Well worth it

    Ray, 4/16/2020 Very comfortable and efficient to use. A must-have tool.
  • It's a Keeper!

    One Tired Grandma, 7/25/2019 Best garden tool I ever used. Well worth the money. But, dang it, I don't know where I put it (used it a couple of weeks ago). Can't find it. Gonna buy another and put a GPS tracker on it! :oD
  • Love it!

    Betty Walker , 6/22/2019 Makes me feel like a Weed Warrior.
  • Best weeder ever!

    Deborah Behrend, 2/19/2019 Best weeder we have ever used. Really gets the roots out. This was a replacement for one the dogs hid on us after a hard day in the garden. Couldn't keep the garden clean without it. Easy to use and holds its edge well. Fast and efficient.
  • My New Best Friend!

    Ms A, 1/10/2019 Weeding flowerbeds in Florida is a never ending task. This tool makes weeding faster and less tiring than traditional pulling or hoeing. Best tool ever!
  • Excellent weeder

    James, 12/9/2018 Turning out to be my favorite gardening tool. Was introduced to this design years ago by some older gardeners. Have never been able to find this item until now at Garrett Wade.
  • The Weeder

    Clark Ward, 8/27/2018 My wife calls this tool her digger. It is the best weeder ever.
  • Comfortable, Gets Rid of Weeds Quickly

    Gary, 5/9/2018 The tool feels comfortable and does an excellent job ridding the garden of weeds. Using it has saved me time as the blade is sharp and with a quick swing the weeds are uprooted.
  • Great weeder

    Judy Nicholson, 11/12/2017 This is my favorite tool and the best small weeder I have ever used. I just bought my second one. It appears that I use it so much that the bolt that holds the metal blade in the wooden handle has loosened and there is no effective way to tighten it up again.
  • Can't get any better than this!

    Lisa Palmer, 8/1/2017 This gardening tool is just what I needed to rid my flower garden of those tiny weeds with strong roots! Without a doubt, the BEST HAND TOOL I've ever purchased!
  • Great Tool!!

    Vinny , 7/6/2017 What can I say...This tool is great!!!!!It allows you to get really close to the plant without disturbing the plant itself. It gets right down to the root of the weed and slices it off like warm butter. It is sharp right out of the box. Now if will only stop raining I can finish the weeding with my new tool. Thanks!!
  • Fantastic tool for "close up" weeding!

    Virginia Heick, 6/13/2017 Solid, sleek, wonderfully designed tool for getting small to medium sized weeds; esp. those that are "up close" to plants. Also good for weeding larger areas in the garden and targeting small to medium sized weeds. This tool is very sharp and slices quickly and effectively to remove weeds from the garden.. it is a fantastic design, esp. for those who like to get close to the action and really clean out the weeds. You can move very fast with this great tool and make the garden look great. I love it!!
  • Best tool ever.

    JesseJames, 5/5/2017 This is a great tool for working close areas. It is very sharp and cuts easily.
  • Easy fix to short handle

    Stephen Bosch, 4/29/2017 For those of you who think the "handle" is too short, remember that this is not meant to be a scythe. You need to get as close to the root as possible to cut as much as possible. If you want a longer handle, go to any home improvement center, buy the handle of your choosing (broom, axe, metal tubing), cut it to your desired length, remove the sickle from its handle, drill the right size hole into the end of your new handle and jam the sickle in, using adhesive bonding of your choice.
  • Professional Weeding Sickle

    Jay R Larsen, 4/28/2017 Ideal for cutting small weeds. Works well.
  • terrific tool

    Jane Gary, 3/25/2017 This is one of the best weeding tools I have ever used. It was so god I gave two more to my gardening friends and they love it too!
  • good looking tool

    John VanCamp, 2/7/2017 Haven't had an opportunity to actually use the tool yet, but I can tell that it is well made, and I suspect that it will do an excellent job once the weeds start coming in.
  • Good buy

    David, 8/19/2016 Solid construction.
  • Great Tool

    David Holland, 7/31/2016 Here is a tool that really does the job. When I was in Japan on business, I noted that this was the only tool used by the personnel in the fields doing the weeding. I now know why this was the case.
  • weeding sickle

    Christine , 7/31/2016 I love this tool it's great
  • Weeding sickle

    Nancy Busby, 6/27/2016 At first was really worried about it being to short, but works perfect! Works perfect on the pesky ferns!
  • Death to Thistles!

    Pamela, 5/31/2016 At first, I was going to send it back as it just wasn't up to the job I originally bought it for. But now, I'm going to keep it. The sharp edge does a nice job above ground slicing off weeds but an even better job at slicing the root below ground. So much for those thistles! If I didn't have to hold the above ground vegetation taut, I'd give it a 10. Still wondering how to sharpen it.. no response from GW on this one.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    "Thank you for your review on the Professional Weeding Sickle. We’re glad to hear you are enjoying it! We apologize you didn't receive a reply to your question. Our Two Sided Carbide Sharpener, item #63C01.01 should do the trick.

  • Good tool

    Deborah, 5/31/2016 This replaced an inferior brand one that broke at the weld. This one is so strong it will never really.
  • Excellent weeder

    Bunny, 5/8/2016 Very sharp tool. Great for little weeds aroung desireable plants. A bit of a learning curve for me, but once I got the hang of it, it worked great.
  • Superior quality/price kama

    CMG, 5/4/2016 This is superior for the money, featuring a durable handle and very nice balance. The price is fully justifiable due to a high quality blade which is forged and twisted - it will even stand up to reasonable prying in addition to its designed task. I have another Kama which is also twisted, but it is not as well made as this one (and, being larger, is less maneuverable); past experience shows that the welded versions will eventually break if used frequently and aggressively, If you have never used this sort of tool, precision weeding will change your gardening; if you are hesitant to 'try' a new type of tool which is somewhat expensive, know that you are purchasing something which is exceedingly useful and a one-time purchase. I have used Kamas for over 25 years, some of those professionally, and to improve upon this one would be exceedingly - and unnecessarily - expensive. One of my best purchases from Garrett Wade.
  • Weeding made easy.

    Joyce, 3/29/2016 Bought one for myself and was amazed how fast you could weed an area. Liked it so well bought a second for my daughter-in-law and she loves it.
  • Great Tool

    David, 8/26/2015 Great tool to get the weeding done. I only wish to have purchased it earlier in the season. Well I'll be ready for next year.
  • Professional Weeding Sickle

    Mike, 6/29/2015 Very light in the hands; nicely balanced. The pro weeding sickle can get very close to the plant without disturbing it, thanks to the tapered sharp tip....oh, and an attentive hand and eye, for the blade is very sharp! When I received the sickle, I went out to the garden to try it out for a short session of learning how to weed with it; well, that short stint turned into so much fun that I continued to other flower beds scattered elsewhere on my property. Extremely happy with this little tool that accomplishes so much with little effort. Quality built product. Recommend highly for the serious gardener and weeder!
  • Weeding Sickle

    Scott, 5/15/2015 This is a neat little gadget. Typically, I use a weeding hoe, but find the hoe is not very handy in the raise bed garden and around my flowers when you have to get in close. I have been using it for several days and my garden and flower beds are looking great.
  • Sharp Sickle

    Blueknight7777, 12/6/2014 I haven't used it in the garden yet but when I received it and looked it over it appears to be a quality tool.
  • Light & Sharp

    Brian, 6/11/2014 Very light, comfortable, & easy to use. Takes weeds away now!
  • Weeder Review

    Rob Orton, 5/31/2014 This is a replacement for one I lost. It is very well made and sturdier than comparable sickles in other outlets. However, I think it is overpriced at $40.
  • Great Product

    Robert, 2/19/2014 A great tool; solid as a rock!! Great value.
  • Indispensable

    Alma, 2/11/2014 Very very happy to finally find this tool. I bought one at an auction and have been looking for another one since then just in case mine breaks or I misplace it. This is perfect for just about every weeding project but especially for grasses with thick root systems. It also allows you to pull weeds with the tip out of rows of carrots, parsnips, beets, etc. without much disturbance to your seedlings. It is almost effortless and I take it with me every time I weed. I can't say enough good about this tool. A word of caution though...always remember to cut away from is very sharp and I have sliced several boots open.
  • Stop Breaking Your Back!

    LDM, 8/18/2013 So this is the tool that has finally saved my back from aching while weeding. The handle is easy on my hands, with or without gardening gloves. The tool is just the right length for scraping through shallow-rooted weeds as well as for digging a bit deeper for the long wandering and matted roots of thick zoysia grass. I first used the weeder this summer to clear out an overgrown and neglected vegetable garden. Wow! What might have taken a day with a claw took only a few hours with this tool! Moreover, I used the weeder to get under the tomato plants that were growing untamed across each other and into the lawn. Not one tomato plant lost! I staked them and then got the remaining weeds with this weeder. So the weeder saved my back and my garden!
  • Best Tool

    Ruthie, 11/30/2012 This is absolutely the best weeding tool I have ever owned! Weeding is completed in at least one third the time it has historically taken. Bought two more for friends.
  • Japanese Weeder

    George Richards, 7/18/2012 I just finished weeding a plot a few days ago using this weeder for the first time and was very favorably impressed. I highly recommend it!
  • Essential Garden Tool

    APR, 7/10/2012 This tool is exceptional. It cut my weeding time in half. I don't know how I lived without it.
  • It Works!

    Annette Powers, 7/5/2012 Very nice for getting rid of the nuisance weeds without harming the flowers. Also nice for fluffing up soil that has become packed too hard for it to absorb water. I have been using this for a couple weeks and really love it.
  • Professional Weeding Sickle

    Ann, 3/19/2012 I received this tool as a Christmas gift. I adore it! It's super for weeding out grass roots without hurting the roots of the established plants. It's just plain super! The leverage factor makes weeding a breeze.
  • Well Made Tool

    Jack H, 6/14/2011 This tool is great for reaching in under low, delicate branches and pulling grass out that has crept into the root systems. It takes dandelions out by cutting the roots just under the surface. No more dandelions. Very well made. Sharp as a razor, just pull. I love it.
  • Love This Weeder

    Diane, 6/13/2011 I ordered this weeder in hopes it would be what I needed for close up removal of weeds near seedlings especially. I was not disappointed; this is the best thing ever! I love love love using it, easy on the hands/wrists, sharp point gets right to the weed as close as possible to seedlings, yet precision movement is possible to avoid cutting what you don't want to. Only thing I'd add is a sleeve to cover the blade. I carry it in my bike pack on the way to my community garden so that would be a nice safety feature.
  • Love It, Love It, Love It

    Minnie, 6/13/2011 Did I say I Love it? Well I do. Great addition for any gardener.
  • I've Tried The Rest - This Is The Best

    Tom Z, 6/15/2010 I am an avid gardener and have used all types of weeders (have probably 10) but this weeding sickle is the best by far. I can chop nasty roots, and slice through a patch of weeds like magic in no time flat - it's a real time saver. I'm going to order a spare in case I misplace this one and some for my kids too! Great job on this one Garrett Wade.
  • A Perfect Tool

    Carolyn, 6/1/2010 This tool has made more of a contribution to my garden than any other single tool I've ever used. It's quick, effective, precise, strong, and elegant. I'm ordering a second one because my husband (who was skeptical at first) loves it as much as I do.
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