12" Pruning Saw with Wood Holster

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12" Pruning Saw with Wood Holster
Japanese Tri-grind Fast-cut Tooth Pattern
11G12.16 12" Pruning Saw with Wood Holster

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A lightweight pruning saw of moderate size, simple to use and easy to tote, is a handy tool indeed for garden and lawn maintenance. A 12” blade and hardwood pistol grip carved to fit a natural arm and shoulder motion, and efficient line-of-sight cutting is ideal. With a Japanese-style tri-grind tooth pattern for super-fast cutting and clean, smooth results. The solid hardwood traditional holster has a belt loop for easy carry – you can safely “house” the blade on your hip and forget it until you need to put it to use again. Extremely fast-cutting; best suited for lightweight limbs and vines yet capable of cutting a heavier 3” branch when called upon. The saw alone weighs 6oz.; with the holster, 11oz. Handsome and every-day-handy, the Lightweight Pruning Saw is recommended for arborists, horticulturalists and home gardeners. A great value!

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Overall Rating
  • Good but a few detail improvements would make it GREAT!

    Terrence, 12/16/2019 This is a fine enough saw, and the wooden holster makes it unique. However, I find there are a few little disappointing details. First, the sticky stock label used on the wooden holster does not like to come off, and using chemical removers (which can damage the finish) must be resorted to. Second the blade could be a little more beefier and of thicker-grade metal but should be fine for most use. Finally, and most disappointing is the material used to create the strap at the top of the holster. It is simply cheap faux leather. Real leather, even if it cost a few bucks more, would be so much nicer. It is these details that drop this a star.
  • Best Saw Ever

    Gail Tusman, 2/13/2019 Purchased this again because it is my most-used gardening saw for 36 years. My old one is still functional, but just thought I deserved a new one.
  • Happy customer

    John V., 11/5/2018 Excellent saw. I used it to prune an oak tree in my backyard. No problem cutting through branches up to 3” diameter. Very sharp and very fast. The sheath is unobtrusive while going up and down ladder. I would definitely buy this saw again.
  • Great buy!

    Regina Myers, 8/31/2018 Best pruning saw I've ever owned. Cost less than the others I wore out. So sharp and easy to use for this senior!
  • Lightweight and sharp

    George , 4/6/2018 Lightweight but sturdy. And.. Sharp. Sharp. Sharp. Cuts through hard dry oak branches efficiently. Only one tiny problem, which is no fault of the saw. It's scabbard is for right-handed folks and I'm a lefty. That's OK.
  • A go-to

    bethany, 2/12/2018 This little saw makes quick work of all sorts of projects that seem like they should need "more" saw. But I keep grabbing this one, and it keeps doing just what I need with ease. Most recently, I built 60' of wattle fencing and it made quick work of all the trimming as well as cutting posts to length, etc.
  • Super Sharp, looks and blade.

    Jacob, 12/5/2017 This saw is as sharp as they come, both in looks and in functionality. Very light, yet sturdy design, and the grip is great! cuts through wood like the proverbial hot knife through butter, I could not be more pleased with this saw.
  • Sensible Protection

    Eric, 11/10/2017 Love this saw as a field and camp tool. A saw without cover is a future accident.
  • Great saw for price

    Joe Pytlinski, 10/23/2016 Great saw for the price point. My only complaint is that the handle could be a little more stable. Not as ergonomic for cutting underneath the branch. Also wish the sheath was leather instead of wood. However, the saw is very sharp and I am using to cut 4" white pine branches while suspended 30' in the air. Cuts pine branches like a knife through butter!
  • 12" Pruning Saw

    David Hine, 7/23/2016 Thanks so much for the great service and a most excellent pruning saw. For anything under 4" I consider this saw more efficient than my chainsaw. The "wound" that it leaves is very minimal. Working as an arborists I consider this saw a "must have tool." Thanks again Garret Wade people for delivering quality tools and excellent service.
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