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Bestseller Cut & Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves
03P03.07 Green Safety Garden (med.)

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03P03.08 Green Safety Garden (large)

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03P03.09 Green Safety Garden (x-large)

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03P03.13 Orange Safety Garden (med.)

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03P03.14 Orange Safety Garden (large)

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These Safety Garden Gloves provide maximum protection against punctures, so that you can work with confidence around thorns, old splintery lumber, and sharp wire. These gloves will provide superior cut protection. They are designed using two layers of cut and puncture resistant fabric, plus one more for added structure. The palm-side surface fabric is slightly tacky to aid in gripping long or slick tool handles. Excellent for handling cacti, planting rose bushes, or when working with any plant with severe thorns or scratchy or sharp growths. Washable, breathable, and stretchable.
Note: Palm side only is puncture proof, not the back. The use of special high-tech, cut- and puncture-resistant fabric, initially makes these gloves a bit stiffer than ordinary ones. This stiffness will ease with use.
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Overall Rating
  • Great gloves for nasty thorns

    Lewis Miller , 1/14/2021 Extremely well made. The padding is very durable and thorn resistant. The gloves do need a few wearing to relax them.
  • Best gloves for almost any task.

    J Duncan Crump, 11/1/2020 Excellent durability. Excellent puncture resistance (I do battle with a jungle of blackberries.). Superb dexterity.
  • Puncture resistant golves

    WILLIAM, 7/27/2020 Are as advertised, but limit use with hand clippers when removing vines.
  • Eno47

    Michael J. Eannone, 6/29/2020 Fits great and works well. What else can I say.
  • Work Gloves

    William, 6/27/2020 great gloves for yard work
  • Not great

    Frank, 6/24/2020 Fit well but protection is only on palm side of glove. Sides and top of fingers and hands are not protected. I got stabbed often.
  • Can't wait to use them!

    Marilyn E., 6/9/2020 If Garrett & Wade comes through as usual, these will be just what I need to get through blackberry brambles and 3-ft high nettles. I have long fingers and always have a hard time getting gloves that I won't poke through at the finger tips. These fit snuggly, which will improve dexterity, and the fingers are long enough. The wrist closure is strong without being too tight. They are stiff, but I can tell that they will soften up with use. the palm and finger tip material looks and feels like it would repel snake bite (but I won't test that!) I'll add to this review after I give them a try (when it stops raining....)
  • Great Gloves but run a little small

    Mary Jean Varble, 5/22/2020 Having been using these while cutting out invasive rose bushes. Have not gotten a single thorn bite. love them. only problem is I should have ordered large. the lining, I think, may make them a little smaller than normal medium. Still they arenot extremely tight ir anything and I love the.
  • Snug fit Good Gloves

    Bill Earner, 5/10/2020 Nice snug fit. these cloves allow me to handle throrns and anything else in all my outside work. Could have used the size chart above on ordering forms though.
  • Perfect Fit

    Anthony , 5/2/2020 Excellent
  • Tough Love for your Hands

    Charles D. Schulte, 5/3/2019 Very good work gloves for tough yard work!
  • Garden gloves

    Louis, 12/4/2018 The glove are very high quality. I highly recommend them.
  • Present

    Bonnie, 11/5/2018 Got them for a gift for someone, they said they liked them.
  • Improved Cut & Puncture Resistant Garden Gloves

    Doug, 10/24/2018 These gloves were a gift and the recipient is very impressed with them. Great protection around the yard with thorny bushes.
  • gloves

    Ralph DuBois III, 9/26/2018 Cut and puncture resistnace to palm of your hand is great but the back of your hand suffers terribly when working with brush or barbed wire. The back of the gloves should be made of leather.
  • Garden Gloves

    Genee Morrissey, 8/27/2018 Bought the garden gloves. They are very stiff. Hopefully, they will loosen up as they are used. Cannot attest to their resistance as they have not been used yet.
  • Perfect for unconventional use AND in the garden!

    LuAnn Willinger, 8/11/2018 Perfect for my unconventional use to capture a feral cat without getting slashed by her claws. It worked perfectly-thank you. Look forward to using in the garden and when re potting my cacti.
  • Not what they are cracked up to be.

    Shaun W Robertson, 5/11/2018 We repair and maintain over 50 miles of barbed wire cattle fencing each year. I tried these as an alternative to heavy grain elkskin gloves, which is the standard for everyone who does fencing on a regular basis. The fit of these gloves is excellent, with the exception of the thumbs, which, for some bizarre reason, are oversized relative to the other fingers. The stretchy fabric backing is nice for breathability but you have to be very careful not to get poked on the back of the hand or above the protective layer that is ONLY on the palm and the sides of the fingers (more about this below). Working with barbed wire you simply are going to have wire wrap around your hands and wrists sooner or later so this wasn't a deal killer for me if the other selling points of the glove stood true.Now for the bad, which will keep me from buying any more of these in the future. First, the leather or pleather or whatever junk is used to cover the interior and actual protective layer is obviously just for looks. It didn't last three hours of the first day pulling wire and was totally shredded by the end of the day. But, that doesn't affect the functionality of the protective layer, which is a series of little plastic discoidals that keep the barbs from penetrating and seem to be very effective. Not only that, but the fit gets better after a few hours of hard use.The worst though, is for some absurd reason, the thumbs are not wrapped with the protective layer the way the sides of the fingers are. Anyone who has ever been around barbed wire knows that the tips of your fingers and the sides of your thumbs (particularly the insides) get hammered the worst. The tips and sides of these fingers are wrapped wonderfully, the sides of the thumbs--horribly and unpleasantly less so. All in all, you're better off with a good pair of elkskin gloves if you are a serious fence builder.

  • Heavy duty garden gloves

    Steven, 11/21/2017 Heavy duty garden gloves are NOT made of steel; I have not found a glove that will protect you against all types of garden thorns or "spikes" such as those found on citrus trees.....However -- these gloves are the best I've found..... I use them in difficult brush / thorn conditions including mature desert cactus. I would recommend these gloves to anyone looking for that added protection. Of course -- we all must use some care when working in areas where plants can bite us... So be careful and make sure you have this pair of gloves won't be sorry.
  • puncture resistant garden gloves

    Larry Self, 11/10/2017 they seem to work as claimed. Will put them more to the test this spring.
  • the med sized safety garden gloves...03P03.10

    Ann M Bettis, 11/3/2017 I am very happy with the garden gloves as we live surrounded with cactus. I also appreciated the quick service
  • No Good Against Our Thorns

    Bob Grace, 10/17/2017 Bought these for handling pyracantha. Was excited to try them out, so walked over and grabbed the pyracantha. Ouch! Thorns came right through. Now I'm looking for some barbed wire, but I'll be more cautious next time.
  • Does not work for blackberry bushes

    Sara Bush, 2/27/2017 The Green (Garden) Puncture Resistant Gloves do not work for blackberry bushes. The first vine I grabbed all the thorns went right through the palm in to my hand. I strongly do not recommend these for working on blackberry bushes.
  • John Benmour 1/1/2017

    John benmour , 1/1/2017 Very helpful stil need to be careful on sides of fingers thorns can get through
  • Just what I needed

    Beverly Roe, 1/1/2017 These gloves are perfect for handling sharp and other hazardous items. I am so glad I found these and look forward to using them on a regular basis. They are truly a safety glove. I highly recommend.
  • Work gloves that fit

    Marsha Inman, 1/1/2017 These gloves are very high quality and fit my husband's hands - it's hard to find good extra large work gloves. It's winter, so we're looking forward to see how they function, but they already seem of higher quality than any we've had.
  • Only place to purchase these gloves!

    Becky Fidler, 12/24/2016 I bought theses type of gloves several years ago from Garrett Wade. My husband either lost or misplaced them. This company is the only one that we found that carries these type of gloves. They work fantastic!
  • WOW! Just WOW!!

    Deb Hazel, 12/20/2016 I have been looking for a good safety glove for my husband and these are perfect! Lightweight protection is hard to find! Thank you Garrett Wade!!
  • Top Quality Working Gloves

    Sandy, 12/19/2016 My nephew works in construction, and was excited when he received these. But, he was thrilled when he used them. Durable, yet still enable dexterity for serious work.
  • Half the job

    Denny Blew, 12/19/2016 I give these gloves a top rating for front finger and palm protection. They are quite resistant to rose thorns. Unfortunately, the manufacturer quit at half the job. The backs of gloves offer zero protection. So when you grab, it's all good, when you pull back or brush against stems, thorns go right through the unprotected backs.
  • Buyer

    Jack, 11/27/2016 Gloves were exactly as advertised! Great protection while working in the garden or on the farm especially with fencing problems.
  • Great Glove

    Happy Customer, 11/22/2016 Really love these gloves for working on fencing.
  • Great work gloves for outdoors

    Ned, 9/19/2016 Received these gloves as a gift and after two years of hard work in the yard they finally have had a blow out. Great protection and very comfortable. Look forward to leaving a pair at the ranch as well as the home.
  • Great Gloves

    Jay Idol, 8/1/2016 I purchased these specifically to trim my palm trees. I have yet to suffer the cuts I usually get with other gloves. I highly recommend these gloves and will purchase more in the future.
  • XL Glove that really is XL

    Barbara, 7/18/2016 This is the second pair of the same gloves I have purchased. My son has very large hands and we usually can't find anything that fits. These gloves fit very well, are sturdy and should last for many years
  • Gloves torn proof

    Harell, 7/1/2016 The gloves work well we do alot of outdoor work and these gloves work like a charm.
  • Gloves Galore

    Carla Wilkerson, 5/17/2016 We have lots of gardens on our property and use gloves constantly. We need products like these gloves that are durable, dependable and lasting. I have found this brand to be very reliable and protect my hands super well from thorns, bramble, and other plant debris.

  • Gloves

    Leland White , 5/4/2016 Great gloves for my wife. I will order a pair for me.
  • Great Garden Gloves

    Mike Soper, 4/4/2016 Puncture proof? No. Puncture resistant? Ok, whatever. Still need to be careful with barberry, pyracantha, and quince. Nonetheless, the best garden gloves I've ever owned. Great for grubbing and getting into it with your hands. Unlike leather and cotton, they don't get soggy or saggy when wet. A little stiff at first, but after a break-in, quite dexterous.
  • Great gloves!

    robert williams, 3/4/2016 I live in cactus country and am always outside cutting brush or moving old wood. These gloves are the first I've ever had that REALLY protect me!
  • Not Cactus Proof

    Tom T, 3/4/2016 Won't deter cactus from getting through glove in the designed area shown as protection. Great for picking up and holding objects with good grip material on finger and grip area provided. for pruning cactus.
  • The right gloves for the job

    Kelli, 3/4/2016 Finally a pair of gloves for pulling blackberry brambles.
  • Work Gloves

    John M Peterson, 3/5/2015 This is the second pair of these gloves I have bought for my wife. The first ones lasted several years and gave great protection. We are glad they are still available.
  • Great Gloves!

    Sharon, 5/5/2014 These are one of the best investments we ever made. I purchased two pairs of these several years ago (one for my husband and one for myself). After several years of use on black raspberries and roses, they are still performing beautifully. Thorns occasionally penetrate the green fabric, but that happens very rarely and mostly with brittle, dry thorns when I am trying to rush and not being as careful as I should be. I hope Garrett Wade continues selling these because I will definitely replace them when they wear out.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Sharon!!
  • Best Gloves Ever!

    J. Earle, 4/6/2014 These are the best gloves that have ever been made. We have a thorny vine that we dread to tackle every year. This vine gets wrapped in our bushes and is almost impossible to get out without being stuck over and over again! Well, this year it has been a breeze. The thorns have not punctured the gloves and it has made our work go quickly and pain free. Everyone should purchase these gloves. We wondered if they would be worth the cost, but found out they are worth every penny! You won't be sorry.
  • Great Gloves

    James, 4/6/2014 These gloves offer great protection. Look and feel great.
  • Super!

    Craig Chenevert, 2/25/2014 I was replanting a rosebush with my new garden safety gloves and before I knew it, the bush was replanted and I didn't get stuck once! Great product!
  • They work!

    Ted, 11/11/2013 I used them right away to clean out my gutters. In the past I sustained cuts and scratches on my fingers and hands as I have aluminum leaf guards that I have to remove before I can clean out the gutters. These gloves protected my hands from the metal edges. Great Gloves.
  • Fantastic

    Benjamin L Cameron, 10/22/2013 I have been looking for a pair of gloves in which will protect my hands from sharp objects, I fish a lot of fresh water and salt water and looking for gloves to protect against the teeth on fish, your gloves are great for that and they don't cost you an arm and a leg to buy them.
  • Best work gloves ever

    W R Breitwieser, 9/12/2013 I've purchased several items from Garrett Wade. All have worked as advertised. The gloves are a dream. I work with raspberries and I don't get any stickers in my hand. I'm going to try trimming my Russian Olives. That should really test it. I've ordered so many items that I think it would save time if Garrett Wade sent 10 items per month until I have one of everything.
  • Perfect Gloves

    Dave, 8/20/2013 I purchased these gloves for myself as I had a lot of wild thorn bushes growing in my yard. I found these were the only gloves I could get a solid grip on these plants with no worries about the thorns going through the gloves. I don't think I would grab anything with long thorns but do well with working around rose bushes and pulling the wild raspberries plants that tend to pop up in my yard.
  • Great Gift

    Heather, 1/2/2013 I gave these gloves to my Father-in-Law who does a LOT of work around the house outside and always seems to damage his hands. He was very happy to receive these gloves and that in turn made me happy :)
  • Great Gloves

    Peter, 6/8/2011 We purchased the Garden Gloves for my wife in size medium for my wife who has relatively small hands, and the gloves fit perfectly, feel comfortable and absolutely protect against those sharp garden hazards as advertized. Great gloves to last a lifetime!
  • Cactus Killer

    Paul Bona, 12/19/2010 Been looking for gloves like this - Cactus go thru everything... not these... so cool...
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