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03P03.07 Safety Garden Gloves (M)

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03P03.08 Safety Garden Gloves (L)

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03P03.09 Safety Garden Gloves (XL)

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03P03.10 Safety H.D. Work Gloves (med)

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03P03.12 Safety H.D. Work Gloves (XL)

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These gloves offer maximum protection against punctures - whether thorns, splinters, wire, or needles - as well as provide superior cut protection. The blue colored Safety H.D. Gloves are designed for very tough work, using 2 layers of special puncture and extra-cut-protection fabric. They excel at barbed wire work, demolition, and materials handling (such as broken glass).

The Safety Garden Gloves are maximally puncture resistant, using 4 layers of special puncture resistant material with good cut protection. These excel at heavy duty gardening, especially with cacti or other plants that have severe thorns. Both are machine washable, breathable, and stretch.
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Size Chart

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Overall Rating
  • Heavy duty garden gloves

    Steven, 11/20/2017 Heavy duty garden gloves are NOT made of steel; I have not found a glove that will protect you against all types of garden thorns or "spikes" such as those found on citrus trees.....However -- these gloves are the best I've found..... I use them in difficult brush / thorn conditions including mature desert cactus. I would recommend these gloves to anyone looking for that added protection. Of course -- we all must use some care when working in areas where plants can bite us... So be careful and make sure you have this pair of gloves on...you won't be sorry.
  • puncture resistant garden gloves

    Larry Self, 11/9/2017 they seem to work as claimed. Will put them more to the test this spring.
  • the med sized safety garden gloves...03P03.10

    Ann M Bettis, 11/3/2017 I am very happy with the garden gloves as we live surrounded with cactus. I also appreciated the quick service
  • No Good Against Our Thorns

    Bob Grace, 10/16/2017 Bought these for handling pyracantha. Was excited to try them out, so walked over and grabbed the pyracantha. Ouch! Thorns came right through. Now I'm looking for some barbed wire, but I'll be more cautious next time.
  • not at all puncture resistant

    yondan20, 4/9/2017 These gloves are not puncture-resistant. They couldn't handle a simple rose stem. At least Garrett-Wade accepted the return & gave me a full refund. Given how many people complain about these, I'm surprised that Garrett-Wade still continues to promote them as puncture resistant.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Puncture Resistant Gloves. We're sorry that you weren't happy with them. We've forwarded your comments to our product specialist.

  • Gloves don't protect from blackberry thorns as stated

    Deena Rumsey, 3/2/2017 The first time I wore them the blackberry thorns went directly into my hand. The gloves also came apart at the seem within 4 uses. What a waste of money!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Puncture Resistant Gloves. We're sorry to hear that they were unsatisfactory. We’ve had a long run of success with these gloves but it is not immediately apparent why this is happening. We’re not sure how long it will take to figure out the problem so for now, please accept our apologies. Please return them to us using the label which was included, and we will issue you a refund. We would like to have our quality control inspect them to see why this happened
  • Does not work for blackberry bushes

    Sara Bush, 2/27/2017 The Green (Garden) Puncture Resistant Gloves do not work for blackberry bushes. The first vine I grabbed all the thorns went right through the palm in to my hand. I strongly do not recommend these for working on blackberry bushes.
  • John Benmour 1/1/2017

    John benmour , 1/1/2017 Very helpful stil need to be careful on sides of fingers thorns can get through
  • Just what I needed

    Beverly Roe, 1/1/2017 These gloves are perfect for handling sharp and other hazardous items. I am so glad I found these and look forward to using them on a regular basis. They are truly a safety glove. I highly recommend.
  • Work gloves that fit

    Marsha Inman, 1/1/2017 These gloves are very high quality and fit my husband's hands - it's hard to find good extra large work gloves. It's winter, so we're looking forward to see how they function, but they already seem of higher quality than any we've had.
  • Only place to purchase these gloves!

    Becky Fidler, 12/23/2016 I bought theses type of gloves several years ago from Garrett Wade. My husband either lost or misplaced them. This company is the only one that we found that carries these type of gloves. They work fantastic!
  • WOW! Just WOW!!

    Deb Hazel, 12/20/2016 I have been looking for a good safety glove for my husband and these are perfect! Lightweight protection is hard to find! Thank you Garrett Wade!!
  • Top Quality Working Gloves

    Sandy, 12/19/2016 My nephew works in construction, and was excited when he received these. But, he was thrilled when he used them. Durable, yet still enable dexterity for serious work.
  • Half the job

    Denny Blew, 12/19/2016 I give these gloves a top rating for front finger and palm protection. They are quite resistant to rose thorns. Unfortunately, the manufacturer quit at half the job. The backs of gloves offer zero protection. So when you grab, it's all good, when you pull back or brush against stems, thorns go right through the unprotected backs.
  • Buyer

    Jack, 11/27/2016 Gloves were exactly as advertised! Great protection while working in the garden or on the farm especially with fencing problems.
  • Great Glove

    Happy Customer, 11/22/2016 Really love these gloves for working on fencing.
  • Great work gloves for outdoors

    Ned, 9/19/2016 Received these gloves as a gift and after two years of hard work in the yard they finally have had a blow out. Great protection and very comfortable. Look forward to leaving a pair at the ranch as well as the home.
  • Great Gloves

    Jay Idol, 8/1/2016 I purchased these specifically to trim my palm trees. I have yet to suffer the cuts I usually get with other gloves. I highly recommend these gloves and will purchase more in the future.
  • Not as good as expected

    john, 7/28/2016 Too slippery to hold anything; puncture resistance is fair. the hand portion of the glove fits well, but the fingers were all too long.
  • Garden Gloves

    Nancy S. Golden, 7/26/2016 I used them once and the rose thorns went right through. The back offers no protection for the back of one's hand. My leather gloves were far superior.
  • XL Glove that really is XL

    Barbara, 7/18/2016 This is the second pair of the same gloves I have purchased. My son has very large hands and we usually can't find anything that fits. These gloves fit very well, are sturdy and should last for many years
  • Gloves torn proof

    Harell, 6/30/2016 The gloves work well we do alot of outdoor work and these gloves work like a charm.
  • Gloves Galore

    Carla Wilkerson, 5/16/2016 We have lots of gardens on our property and use gloves constantly. We need products like these gloves that are durable, dependable and lasting. I have found this brand to be very reliable and protect my hands super well from thorns, bramble, and other plant debris.

  • Gloves

    Leland White , 5/3/2016 Great gloves for my wife. I will order a pair for me.
  • Great Garden Gloves

    Mike Soper, 4/3/2016 Puncture proof? No. Puncture resistant? Ok, whatever. Still need to be careful with barberry, pyracantha, and quince. Nonetheless, the best garden gloves I've ever owned. Great for grubbing and getting into it with your hands. Unlike leather and cotton, they don't get soggy or saggy when wet. A little stiff at first, but after a break-in, quite dexterous.
  • Great gloves!

    robert williams, 3/4/2016 I live in cactus country and am always outside cutting brush or moving old wood. These gloves are the first I've ever had that REALLY protect me!
  • Not Cactus Proof

    Tom T, 3/4/2016 Won't deter cactus from getting through glove in the designed area shown as protection. Great for picking up and holding objects with good grip material on finger and grip area provided. for pruning cactus.
  • The right gloves for the job

    Kelli, 3/3/2016 Finally a pair of gloves for pulling blackberry brambles.
  • Too Slippery

    Bruce Madden, 1/5/2016 Much too slippery to hold anything; puncture resistance is "fair"; maybe the manufactuers can come up with a "tackier" outer surface; can not recommend until this changes
  • Tough but not Grippy

    Darryl Carter, 7/12/2015 Glove would receive a better rating if the side of the fingers were a tougher fabric....because it's a light stretch fabric, thorns poke through the area on the sides of you finger which is really not good. The palms are tough which give a false sense of protection until you try to pick up a thistle, then its a painful prick. Additionally, the tough fabric in the palms have little to no traction for holding on to things, so you must remove this glove to keep from dropping things like bottles or plastic parts...especially if that are slightly wet...kinda defeats the purpose of having a workglove. They need to go back to the drawing board on these gloves.
  • Not Much Protection

    Dave, 6/1/2015 These gloves are NOT very puncture resistant. I bought the HD gloves for handling shrubs with thorns, and I have a tree with thorns. I picked up tree trimmings and shrub trimmings and the thorns immediately went straight in to my palm and fingers. Not recommended!
  • Wouldn't Buy

    Ray T., 5/30/2015 These gloves are more protective that other leather work gloves for sure. However, they are not puncture resistant to tough briars, barbed wire and other sharp material. They also have a hard outer side on the palm that is rather slippery when trying to carry things like tin roofing and other hard objects. I really wanted to like these gloves but I would not buy another pair.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Safety HD Work Gloves. Your opinion means a lot to us, and we have forwarded your comments on to our purchaser. Please feel free to send them back for a complete refund.
  • Work Gloves

    John M Peterson, 3/4/2015 This is the second pair of these gloves I have bought for my wife. The first ones lasted several years and gave great protection. We are glad they are still available.
  • Not Puncture Resistant

    Loudy, 11/27/2014 Because my property has many, many blackberry bushes, I ordered these puncture resistant" gloves so I could pick up the trimmed blackberry plants without getting punctured by their thorns. First one I picked up during the first trimming today punctured my finger. These gloves are far from puncture resistant. I would definitely NOT recommend these gloves as puncture resistant."
  • Good Side/Bad Side.

    Steve, 11/25/2014 I bought these gloves primarily to use in removing holly which grows like a weed here. First the good. The protective side works well. I can even crunch the holly in my fist and feel totally protected. What's not so good is the rest of my hand is totally unprotected by the flimsy green material which does come in contact with the holly a lot. The design of the back is also bad with an opening to the skin at the back of the hand at the strap. Unfortunately they are a bit stiff and uncomfortable on the palm/fingers as well on the inside. So..with a few red spots on the inside of my hand and numerous punctures on the back of my hands, I'm not so happy with these gloves. If the protective side could be combined with leather backs maybe the problem could be solved.
  • Not as good as expected

    Kathleen, 6/29/2014 I bought these as I work with a lot of rose bushes. They are good gloves but definitely not great gloves for thorns. Not worth the money. I am disappointed.
  • Not for Cacti 2.0

    Jerry Tye, 6/28/2014 I have to agree with IKF. I bought these gloves (Garden Gloves) on your suggestion they were cactus thorn resistant. First day out, my wife went to transplant two Mexican Fencepost cacti in our front yard, and was bandaging up her hands before putting my own heavy leather gloves over the Garrett Wade gloves. You might want to field test these type of things before you make a claim. Please come on out to the desert with your new models. We'll be glad to put them to a real test.
  • Good Idea, Poor Execution

    Judson Roberts, 6/22/2014 My wife and I live on a small farm in Oregon that was a vacant property for five years, and we constantly battle the wild blackberries that spread across the property, as well as thistles that spread in the pastures. Both have very nasty thorns. We usually wear heavy leather gloves when cutting the canes and plants and hauling them out, but even those sometimes get pierced by the thorns. I bought a pair of these for my wife, hoping they'd offer better protection, but they're worthless. The puncture resistant material is only on the palm side surfaces. The back of your hand, and even the sides of your fingers, are only covered in a thin stretchy material of the sort that inexpensive garden gloves are made of, which offers no protection whatsoever. We're sending these back, and will keep using the leather gloves.
  • Not Suitable for Handling Cacti

    IKF, 6/9/2014 I bought the green (heavy duty) gloves, to move a dead and partially rotted saguaro at our vacation home in Baja Mexico. The very first time I gripped the cactus, thorns shot through the material and punctured my hand. These gloves may be suitable for handling smaller tapered thorns, like those found on blackberry bushes. But they are no match for longer thorns, like those found on saguaros and other cacti.
  • Great Gloves!

    Sharon, 5/4/2014 These are one of the best investments we ever made. I purchased two pairs of these several years ago (one for my husband and one for myself). After several years of use on black raspberries and roses, they are still performing beautifully. Thorns occasionally penetrate the green fabric, but that happens very rarely and mostly with brittle, dry thorns when I am trying to rush and not being as careful as I should be. I hope Garrett Wade continues selling these because I will definitely replace them when they wear out.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner May 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Sharon!!
  • Best Gloves Ever!

    J. Earle, 4/5/2014 These are the best gloves that have ever been made. We have a thorny vine that we dread to tackle every year. This vine gets wrapped in our bushes and is almost impossible to get out without being stuck over and over again! Well, this year it has been a breeze. The thorns have not punctured the gloves and it has made our work go quickly and pain free. Everyone should purchase these gloves. We wondered if they would be worth the cost, but found out they are worth every penny! You won't be sorry.
  • Great Gloves

    James, 4/5/2014 These gloves offer great protection. Look and feel great.
  • Super!

    Craig Chenevert, 2/24/2014 I was replanting a rosebush with my new garden safety gloves and before I knew it, the bush was replanted and I didn't get stuck once! Great product!
  • Poor Fit

    Marco, 12/31/2013 Haven't had a chance to use them yet, but I will share that the fit of the glove is bad. Meaning that I ordered a large, just like usual, and the hand portion of the glove fit well, but the fingers were all about 3/4 too long. Never had a problem like this with other gloves. Also, FYI, there is not a lot of dexterity with these gloves.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Heavy Duty Safety Work Gloves. We are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with them and that they do not fit you well. If you'd like you may return them for a refund, using the label which came with them or, you may exchange them to see if the replacement is a better fit. We apologize for the inconvenience. "
  • Don't Bother

    Weeder, 12/29/2013 I purchased the heavy duty ones and both thistle and raspberry thorns still come through and stab me. I am still searching and find the thick leather gloves still the best defense.
  • Disappointed

    Rosemary Kuhlman, 12/1/2013 My husband is disappointed in the gloves. He works every day clearing land, moving logs, huge rocks, etc. he says the gloves are too slippery" to grip the logs and rocks very well. I thought they would be great gloves for him considering the description and the price. "
  • They work!

    Ted, 11/10/2013 I used them right away to clean out my gutters. In the past I sustained cuts and scratches on my fingers and hands as I have aluminum leaf guards that I have to remove before I can clean out the gutters. These gloves protected my hands from the metal edges. Great Gloves.
  • Fantastic

    Benjamin L Cameron, 10/21/2013 I have been looking for a pair of gloves in which will protect my hands from sharp objects, I fish a lot of fresh water and salt water and looking for gloves to protect against the teeth on fish, your gloves are great for that and they don't cost you an arm and a leg to buy them.
  • Not as rated

    Ed, 10/17/2013 I purchased the garden gloves as it said was good for cacti. I disagree as when I received them, I had some cacti to transplant and it was almost like wearing leather work gloves. I got spines in the gloves to prove it...

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Safety HD Gloves. We are sorry to hear they didn't work out so well for this purpose. A return label is on its way to you.
  • Slippery

    Steve, 9/30/2013 I ordered these gloves due to the puncture resistance. I thought they would make great diving gloves to capture lobster. My first use find the palm surfaces to be extremely slippery making if difficult to hold onto things. Maybe if they are not wet, this won't be so bad. Time will tell if it gets better.
  • Best work gloves ever

    W R Breitwieser, 9/11/2013 I've purchased several items from Garrett Wade. All have worked as advertised. The gloves are a dream. I work with raspberries and I don't get any stickers in my hand. I'm going to try trimming my Russian Olives. That should really test it. I've ordered so many items that I think it would save time if Garrett Wade sent 10 items per month until I have one of everything.
  • Perfect Gloves

    Dave, 8/19/2013 I purchased these gloves for myself as I had a lot of wild thorn bushes growing in my yard. I found these were the only gloves I could get a solid grip on these plants with no worries about the thorns going through the gloves. I don't think I would grab anything with long thorns but do well with working around rose bushes and pulling the wild raspberries plants that tend to pop up in my yard.

    Dan S, 8/11/2013 These things are supposed to be durable? And how does someone expect to get satisfaction from a 90 day guarantee? I'm going with another reviewer's advice and going cowhide, and I'll probably spray them with rubber to keep them dryer.
  • Great Gift

    Heather, 1/1/2013 I gave these gloves to my Father-in-Law who does a LOT of work around the house outside and always seems to damage his hands. He was very happy to receive these gloves and that in turn made me happy :)
  • Didn't Work

    David, 4/1/2012 I bought these to use with my cacti plants. Unfortunately, they didn't work as advertised. The thorns of the cacti went right through the gloves. I'll be looking for something else that might work.
  • Feeble Gloves

    Ranger Bill, 1/31/2012 I found the Garden Gloves to be useless. Did not protect against cactus spines, large or small. (The small ones got inside!!). Even rose thorns penetrated with ease. I pinched the glove in the handle of my pruners and the fabric disintegrated!! Stick with cowhide!!
  • Great Gloves

    Peter, 6/7/2011 We purchased the Garden Gloves for my wife in size medium for my wife who has relatively small hands, and the gloves fit perfectly, feel comfortable and absolutely protect against those sharp garden hazards as advertized. Great gloves to last a lifetime!
  • Cactus Killer

    Paul Bona, 12/18/2010 Been looking for gloves like this - Cactus go thru everything... not these... so cool...
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