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Pyro-Master Wood Burning Tool Kit
$ 53.4
Decorating wood or leather surfaces by heating tools and shading is an time-honored crafts technique. Write, make patterns, or draw pictures. All you need is a suitably designed (115V) pen for heating, and enough decorative variety so that you can achieve the detail you are looking for. It's a lot of fun for those artistically inclined, and can also be used to brand your own woodwork with a distinctive logo.

Here is a fine kit made in England designed for USA current (115V). The iron takes few minutes to heat up to working temperature. Let it cool down before swapping tips unless you have insulated tweezers. Different woods will char (i.e. color) at different rates, so always test before beginning a session of creative work.

Comes with a large variety of 19 Solid Brass tips. Some are pointed, some are spatula shaped for shading, and others are simply used to imprint various patterns (about 1/4" in size).
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