2,500 Lumen Hi-Tech Universal Flashlight

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Clearance 2,500 Lumen Hi-Tech Universal Flashlight
Micro-USB-powered recharging
The best, most versatile rechargeable light available
04D05.21 2,500 Lumen Hi-Tech Universal Flashlight

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Using a special high-capacity lithium battery, the Versatile/Universal Hi Tech light can produce a remarkable 2,500 lumens. Recharging is accomplished via the supplied micro-USB charging cord, using a port in the base of the light. A lockout function guards against accidental activation. Aircraft-grade aluminum body, with a stainless steel bezel for protection.

There are Hi-Tech lights that throw a narrow beam over half a mile, and ones that provide an exceptionally wide scatter search beam. But the very best, most versatile light may be the Versatile/Universal Hi-Tech. Why? It’s a combination of excellent balance and overall function, plus simply the natural way it feels in the hand. This writer is very familiar with a wide range of full sized lights. Unless he has a specific need, he always prefers to pick up this one. It also slips comfortably in almost any pants pocket. Comes with Five Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Output & Runtime:
(2500 Lumens = 2 mins), (1200 Lumens = 12 mins), (800 Lumens = 2.5 hrs), (300 Lumens = 6 hrs), (50 Lumens = 50 hrs)
1000 feet
Light Pattern:
Strobe / Spotlight
Battery Type:
Permanent & Rechargeable (included)
Emitter Type:
Cree XHP50

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