Rare Vintage Frozen Food Knife

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Rare Vintage Frozen Food Knife
purpose-built to cut through frozen food
01B06.31 Rare Vintage Frozen Food Knife

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While some types of kitchen knives can perform multiple tasks, one thing you don’t want to use most knives for is cutting through frozen food as it ruins the blade. Instead you’ll want this French made Vintage Frozen Food Knife, forged decades ago in Thiers and recently found in a warehouse. The aggressive serrations of the blade profile is literally a saw pattern, to make quick work of cutting through foods that have been frozen solid like box-es of vegetables, fish filets, ground beef, steaks, or even whole chickens. Perfect for ensuring you don’t defrost more than you want. With an 8" Stainless steel blade, 13" overall. Sure, you probably won’t use this that frequently, but when you need it you’ll be glad to have it. They are very rare these days . Limited quantities.

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