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Bestseller Ratcheting Hand Pruner
18A09.03 Ratcheting Hand Pruner

Available 01/27/2021


18A09.04 Replacement Blade

Available 03/11/2021


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This clever update on the classic hand pruner provides additional power to your grip by means of an internal ratchet. All cast aluminum, with rubber grip on the handle backing. Enclosed scissor-style finger loop provides added protection. Blade is carbon steel with non-stick coating, and can be replaced easily via a bolt in the side of the handle. Features a locking mechanism, plus a nifty little oil pad that slides into the handle, allowing you to clean and oil the blade on the go.

Using it is easy and intuitive--as you meet maximum resistance while exerting pressure on any difficult material, just relax your grip a bit and the ratchet resets with the jaws in place, giving you the power for an extra squeeze. It’s almost like an extra gear on your pruners, and gives your hands that bit of extra strength after a long day’s work. We recommend also buying a replacement blade (offered here) for your ratcheting pruner, to allow you to keep working while you sharpen or repair the original.
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Overall Rating
  • Pruning without the Pain

    Judy Jansen, 12/23/2020 Purchased these as gifts as I already have them and love them. Boy do they make pruning so much easier. Very good quality and arrived in a timely manner. I would definitely purchase them again. They make great gifts.
  • Excellent Quality

    Tonya Shoults, 12/15/2020 Bought as a gift for my husband. Wonderful quality and fast shipping. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Sturdy but nimble

    Tanis, 10/17/2020 I have had so many pruners and all of them feel good but give up the ghost fairly quickly. These are sturdy and will last. They are light and easy for my small hands to grip. I'm not very strong so the Rachel action gives me sufficient power to do all my gardening.
  • Ratcheting Hand Pruner

    THOMAS J POWERS, 10/7/2020 A fantastic heavy duty hand tool! AI have fifteen pecan trees around my house and can easily prune them with this ratcheting hand pruner, plus I can order replacement blades for pruner. It is a great hand tool.
  • Very Good so far

    George, 9/18/2020 Just purchased the Ratcheting Hand Pruner and have only used it once so far, but so far so good. It's very comfortable in the hand, and easy to use. It cut through branches and bushes up to 1/2" diameter. I haven't used the spare blade yet.
  • Awesome Ratcheting Hand Pruner

    Susan Babinsky, 9/12/2020 I purchased the ratcheting hand printers for use in a fairly large yard with quite a few roses. These are very smooth operating and easy to latch and unlatch with one hand. They are better and sturdier than my old pruners because they are made of metal and have a replaceable blade. The ratcheting action makes the job easier and quicker! I couldn't have asked for more!!
  • Excellent hand pruner

    Chris, 9/7/2020 Ratcheting action is very smooth. Grip is comfortable. Easy to operate even with a hand disability.
  • Perfection

    terri brody, 7/24/2020 This hand pruner is perfect-my arthritic thumb feels really comfortable, no staring-best I’ve ever had, highly recommend. I did buy an extra blade.
  • Ratchet pruners

    Steve Morse passionate gardener landscaping, 7/19/2020 Great quality tool...like everything i've ever got from you..very well made
  • Good purchase

    Elizabeth, 7/17/2020 Purchased these trimmers to replace existing another pair. These work very well and can handle some thicker branches. They do a great job!
  • Excellent Pruners!

    Michael Loscheider, 7/13/2020 I am a volunteer crew leader on the North Country National Scenic Trail so I generally see a fair amount of trail work with tools. I just purchased the pruners and they work beautifully. Many crew members (2 and counting) liked them too and have placed orders. I would recommend them.
  • A bit flimsy

    Tonie Irene Caron Dunham, 7/5/2020 I like the feel in my hand, and the spring action, but the over all pruner feels a little flimsy compared to my other pruners. Since I bout them as part of a set to have handy by a small garden that is farther away from where I usually keep my tools, they’ll do.
  • Great Pruners!

    Brenda Robey, 6/30/2020 Have stiffness in my fingers and find some tools hard to use. These pruners have been fantastic--very easy to grip and so sharp that they do a fantastic job!
  • Hand pruner

    Marianne Reimer, 5/25/2020 Bought as a birthday gift for daughter-in-law, she absolutely loves them
  • Best pruning tool

    Alice, 5/18/2020 Best pruning tool ever and very well made. I also like the pruners because they are light weight.
  • Ratchet pruners

    Dan Riordan, 5/16/2020 Great primer! My wife is really liking it.
  • It all about the tools to make a job easier

    Beth Frydlewicz, 5/12/2020 Ease of use is the description I tell my friends. Gardening has just taken a new turn in my life. This tool simplified the pruning of tree and shrubs. With weaker hands, I needed to find the right tool. Ratcheting Hand Pruners were the answer.
  • Great Pruner

    TONI, 5/6/2020 I've had ratcheting pruners in the past but this one is more sturdy for its size and comfortable and easy to grasp and prune with.
  • Ratcheting hand pruners

    Bobby M., 5/5/2020 Good hand pruner but the lock is difficult to slide shut.
    I had to file a little off to make it work, also it's quite a reach for small hands to grasp.
  • Love ‘em

    Marcia, 4/18/2020 Love this pruner! Works great for my small, arthritic hands! Ordering was easy and item arrived very quickly.
  • Good product.

    Roland, 4/4/2020 Works Great (sorry about that a pop up add just blocked my view while writing this review) Cuts well, and clean. Ratchet works great. Only down side was the replacement blades were out of stock, so when I need one I will have to pay shipping all over again. Lock works perfect.
  • Superb value for the money

    Judith, 4/3/2020 Just what I was looking for. I have small hands and had no problems with these clippers. Locking and unlocking was not an issue when I realized you had to give it an extra squeeze to do so (I saw some people had trouble with this). It is a beautiful tool and top quality all the way - I thought I would have to pay twice as much - so such a pleasant surprise. I have a well planted large yard and I absolutely love how much easier you've made the spring clean up!

    Paul, 1/31/2020 I purchased a copy cat on eBay last year. The saying "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" is so true in this case! I repaired the knock off more than once. The GARRETT WADE RATCHING HAND PRUNER WORKS GREAT!!!! It is very well made, high quality. As for the knock off? I think I might add them to a yard sale!

    Cheryl , 12/29/2019 My husband gave me this pruner for Christmas. It wasn’t a surprise because I picked it out, saw it last summer but never got around to ordering it then, when I needed it. Anyway, I’ve only trimmed flowers for a vase but I can tell I am going to LOVE using the pruner when Spring comes in a few months. It’s sturdy & solid in your hand, the ratchet device works great too, overkill on a rose stem but I get how it works!
    You won’t be disappointed with this hand tool !!!!
  • Excellent even when abused

    J M, 12/12/2019 I bought this pruner 8 years ago and have never cleaned or sharpened it until this year! I know, I'm embarrassed. But I must say they have been my only pruners and have done a fabulous job on all kinds of plants and shrubs and even small tree limbs.
  • Excellent Shears with Flaws

    ABID, 6/23/2019 First, on the quality and usefulness - very solidly built and the ratcheting feature really does make cutting larger diameter branches easy work. So from this perspective, I highly recommend these.

    But, there is a design flaw - the cleaning pad that attaches to the top is too easily removed unintentionally - on the first day of use, I lost mine while pruning thick rose bushes. I suspect the cleaning pad assembly rubbed against a branch while I was pulling out the shears from the branch thicket and fell off. Second, in a small spot near the blade, the paint has chipped off.
  • Wonderful tool for sustained use.

    Jonathan, 6/12/2019 I fell in love with these pruning shears while clearing underbrush in Florida. My hands are strong, but not used to sustained long days of snipping, but these slippers really help. They are comfortable, ergonomic, and the ratcheting feature enables them to cut through thicker material easily, so one doesn't have to change tools as often. Excellent blade durability and sharpness. After a year of heavy, albeit sporadic use, I bought another so my son or wife can help. In that regard, the price for the value cannot be beat.
  • Ratcheting is the Key!

    Laszlo de Simon, 5/25/2019 It's the perfect tool for aging hands that have lost their grip due to arthritus and age! I'm able to breeze thru my garden prunning, once again, because I'm no longer limited, thanks to the ratchet function on this tool. Highly recommended!
  • Great for Seniors

    Rebarae, 5/2/2019 These pruners are a wonderful product for someone like me who has grip problems with their hands. Makes the job so much easier!
  • Excellent hand pruner

    iceblinkluck, 4/29/2019 We love these hand pruners. They cut excellent. So far, they easy cut all of the these we need to prune. We love them. They will help us for years. Can recommend them. Would buy them again also!
  • Love my Racheting Hand Pruners

    Korrie Dempsey, 4/27/2019 Just came in from using these - they made short work of what could have been a tedious job. So easy and practical - LOVE THEM.
  • Outside liver.

    Peter, 4/15/2019 I started using ratcheting hand pruners immediately. Not only do the work well on heavier wood, they quickly cut small softer material without having to squeeze repeatedly. Totally excellent.
  • Pruner

    Terri Payne, 4/13/2019 So much easier to use. I don’t have to use both hands to cut a branch or tougher vibe.
  • Great pruners for everyone

    alphawoof9, 3/30/2019 This ratcheting pruner keeps me from carrying both a pruner and hand saw when working my orchard and blueberries. Easy to cut through thick branches with ease. Doesn't take huge strength to use.
  • Ratcheting hand pruners

    Mike Edington, 2/16/2019 These were a present for 83 year old grandma. She used them to trim her grape vines. Worked like a charm and took a load off her wrist/hand. Thanks Garrett.
  • Better Than Expected

    Pete Bromley, 1/22/2019 It has been cold and miserable, but I had to go out to my orchard and give the pruners a try. They exceeded my expectations. The ratcheting cutting action made even 1" branches fall in two or three grips. Cleanly cut the branches. Can't beat that!
  • would have rated as 4.5*s

    ken satoyoshi, 11/28/2018 I would have rated this pruner as 5*s if it were bypass vs anvil. it 'makes every cut like cutting through butter! ' I totally agree that 'these pruners fit (comfortably) and cut everything with ease.'
    re the replacement blade, I must reserve comment until the original blade needs to replaced @which time I would also comment on its life expectancy.
  • Excellent Pruners

    Abram, 8/16/2018 These pruners are the best I have used - bar none!
  • Ratcheting hand pruner puts me back in the garden I love.

    Debbie Furrer, 8/14/2018 Wish I found this ratcheting hand pruner sooner! This pruner makes it so much easier to prune in my garden, The ease of use allows me to spend more time in the garden without hand fatigue and blisters, As an older gardendener this pruner makes caring for my plants a joy again instead of a chore I put off, Thank You Garrett Wade,
  • Ratcheting Hand Pruner

    Mary Kaufman , 8/13/2018 Wonderful to work with! Easy to use, easy on the wrist and hand!
  • Incredible ratchet pruner!

    Karen Bazinet, 7/23/2018 The ratcheting action makes every cut like cutting through butter! Amazing and no more blisters on my fingers from big projects. Having bought them in your buy one get one sale i have a spare now too!
  • Ratcheting Hand Priner Makes Me Strong

    Roberta Frizell , 7/16/2018 This design works very well for me. I have had shoulder and hand surgery on my right major extremity. I love the increased power the racheting design delivers. It’s a great tool
  • I'm in love!

    Karen LeBeau, 5/25/2018 Is it possible to have a love affair with new pruners? Mine just arrived and I ran around the yard trimming all sorts of things to try them out. They are terrific. My hands are on the small side and not very strong but these pruners fit nicely and cut everything with ease. I had another ratcheting pruner that was not successful and I hated it. Why didn't I buy these sooner?
  • Double edge cutting

    David Bahr, 5/19/2018 This pruner double edge blade that that enters a sheath allowing it to cut on both sides of the blade. The ratchet feature results in more consistent clean cuts. The product description talks about an oil pad (which did not come with mine). It looks practical but I do not see it as an essential item for maintenance. I would like to see a hand trimmer with with longer straight scissor tips designed like this for tight cutting areas.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Ratcheting Hand Pruner. The oil pad should be there. If you look at the very last photo in the series of images on the page for the pruner, you will see a demonstration of how the pad slides out. It's a little tricky to remove. If you are having some trouble with it, please feel free to call our technician at 1-800-221-2942. He'll be happy to help.

  • Best Pruner I've used!

    Jeff , 4/27/2018 The product was very sharp and easy to handle and use. The product was everything advertised. I purchased one for my son as well, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others.
  • Great Pruner

    Suz , 4/16/2018 It just looked like it would fit a woman's hand. Plus I was intrigued by all the bells & whistles!!
  • A Great Pruner

    Jim, 12/12/2017 A great pruner! While most people can use a regular pruner the ratcheting ability allows even people with less hand strength to groom their plants
  • Reliable pruners with good grip and ease of hard cutting.

    L. Marie Willard, 11/11/2017 Many fine features in this pruner. Good hand grip allows users with large hands but still good for smaller hands, also. Ratcheting takes out the hard work out of cutting tough limbs, like dried maple and oak. Rubberized grip cover keeps grip certaint even when wet or muddy.
  • great tool

    Robert Sienkowski, 11/6/2017 These are replacing a well used from a Canadian company about 10 years age. Great improvement especially the ease of blade changing and handle texture. Did most jobs my pruner used to do and gets into tight areas to cut
  • Fine Tool

    Thomas Remar, 10/17/2017 Excellent tool at a fine price point -- low. Cuts reliably, good color to help find tool if dropped in the forest. I bought two tools and am glad I did. The tool does have a thumb pinch point so watch where you put thumb.
  • Works Good, Built Great

    David Guinot, 10/2/2017 I’ve had a very inexpensive ratcheting pruner for some time, so I knew that, unlike ratcheting loppers like the ones Garrett Wade sells and which work heroically, the performance of ratcheting hand pruners can be disappointing. They’re still worth having at the right price though, and since my old set suffered considerable corrosion in a water-leakage incident, this set caught my eye. Construction is every bit as impressive as it looks in photos, so adding a spare blade to my order was a good decision. And the blade lock is one of the best-placed and easiest-to-use there is. But what I like best is the color. The bright-yellow color of the handles looks especially durable, and is important to me because of the amount of time I spend crawling around the bottoms of my shrubbery while using shears like these. They tend to get left on the ground a lot, and plain or dark colors tend to disappear, sometimes for days.
  • Best pruner EVER

    Todd Coates, 9/23/2017 Great tool. Had a hand pruner from Garrett Wade, wanted a second one and oh what a gem. You will NOT regret purchasing these. Best pruner I've ever owned.....and less than half the price I've paid before!
  • Safe Pruning!

    Frobnitz, 7/31/2017 These pruners are amazing. I am taking on the project of reviving a long neglected garden. I hurt my arm last year using a lopers for the same project. As a musician, taking care of my arms is a top priority. I saw these pruners recommended in a magazine article and thought they might be a little more ergonomically friendly. I've used them several times and am delighted by them. The ratcheting mechanism kicks in automatically making thicker branches much easier to prune. My small hands can operate these easily and without strain.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2017 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Ann!!
  • Ratcheting Hand Pruner

    Mary Harriman, 7/28/2017 Works very well. I am quite pleased.
  • So easy to use!

    Mary Stawicki, 7/28/2017 I could easily cut through branches up to about an inch in diameter. My hands are mildly arthritic and no pain after hours of pruning! My husband loves them as well even though his hands are very strong. They're just so easy to use!
  • Great Pruners (after some practice)

    Mary Steele, 5/27/2017 When I first opened the package, I was disappointed to find that the ratcheting hand pruners were a bit big for my small hands, but decided to try them anyway. Now, I think they will become my favorite hand pruners. It is a delight to be pruning on various trees and not have to go get loppers for the larger branches. Once I figured out how to adjust my grip on the pruners, they worked really well. I also like the attached oiled wool eraser to help keep them clean. Note that directions on the package read as if they were translated directly from the original Chinese and are rather amusing, if not all that clear. I went back to the Garrett & Wade site to review my understanding of the operation of these pruners.)
  • Back to beautiful flowers

    Margaret Winn, 5/13/2017 Very easy to use. My hands are not strong and these allow me to do my yard work with out being in pain and I can work longer to get the job done. Blade is sharp ,light weight and the color makes it easy to find if you lay it down.
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