Garrett Wade's Rate + Review Contest Winners

September 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Bench-Top Utility Anvil (18B02.03)
Great for small work
This is a well-made anvil with a nice horn, flat top, lugs to screw it to a surface, and a kind of odd 1/4" x 20 screw hole in the bottom. I suppose you could use that to attach it to a camera tripod but I'm not sure what else you might use it for. I wouldn't use this to forge a sword, but for small work it's great. I plan on using it for riveting leatherwork and for knife handles’ rivets. It would also be great for shaping small sheet metal objects such as jewelry. It will have a home in every shop.
- Gregory from FL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter (19S15.21)
Can’t go wrong!
We have been looking for a few years for a replacement for our worn out old-style fly swatter made in France. It was the most effective and deadliest to houseflies I have ever experienced. Needless to say, I was delighted to find virtually identical replacements at Garrett Wade. I bought the bunch of five, and should be set for a long time. Thanks Garrett Wade!
- Royce from NC

August 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Drop-Point Bush-Craft Knife (75A01.20)
Two Great Knives
These knives are excellent! Full tang construction, thick and sturdy blade, beautiful and extremely functional olive wood handles and a great leather sheath. The blades are the right length to be extremely functional. These are great camping or general use knives. I can't recommend them enough.
- Sean from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Rule Stop for Accurate & Fast Layout (16R01.10)
Another great quality product from Garret Wade
I'm a woodworker and this stop is very handy. I sometimes make several pieces of the same length, and this stop makes the job much easier and accurate. I’m thinking of buying a few more to keep on every ruler I have. Excellent quality and price. The stop has a nice heavy feel and slides easily on the ruler. Definitely a great product!
- Anthony from IN

July 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Stand-Up Dustpan and Broom (36E01.04)
Simple but artful
Love the Shaker simplicity of this set, which transforms utility into an art form. The size and fit are just right for our purposes, which usually involve sweeping up the dried-up leaves of our indoor ferns. The way the broom nestles on the pan handle when not in use is very pleasing for some reason. My wife likes to leave it out where people can see it.
- Thomas from VA

June 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Super-Penetration Garden Shovel (79W04.04)
Fantastic steel shovels - worth every penny!
Best garden shovels! Years ago we purchased a trenching steel shovel and recently purchased the Super-Penetration Garden shovel. We used the two to add a french drain around an island of interlocking pavers that support a 10x12 steel/aluminum gazebo weighing approx 800lbs. The french drain was quickly installed into a trenched perimeter thanks to the Garrett steel shovels. The shovels sliced thru the dirt and rock like a knife thru butter. Everything done within two 6-hour days!
- Henry from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter (19S15.21)
Fly Terminators!
We live in a cottage on the lake and love everything about it, with the exception of our yearly unwanted guests: The flies and their buddies. Being sick to death of the plastic swatters that announce their arrival to the varmints, I was more than thrilled to find these, which I remember my Grandfather having in his barn for killing horse flies. I promptly ordered the mega pack, so we could have them upstairs, downstairs, outside in our breezeway, and also give one to my neighbor (she's thrilled! :) ) and I'm taking one down to my 84 year old Dad in NC tomorrow. He spends a lot of time on the porch of his lakefront condo, and the yellow flies can be a real pest there. We may have a contest to see who can send the most to the great beyond! Thank you for stocking them! My plastic ones will be in the trash by morning.
- Jeannene from OH

May 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Telescoping Ladder (11A04.03)
Perfect Extension Ladder!
No more than 5 minutes after opening the package, I was on my roof. It’s that easy! My first concern was the sturdiness of the ladder, but it really is built like a tank. The feet of the ladder are extremely slip resistant while the locking and compression release system is very reassuring. If for some reason I needed to purchase another telescoping ladder, I would look no further.
- Dan from MO

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Leather Grip Bypass Pruner (19S02.29)
On the hunt for a perfect pair of pruners for a very picky horticultural husband, I came across Garret Wade's French Pruners. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship and integrity of Wade. I purchased these and am happy to report my husband was elated! They cut tree limbs like butter and their beauty is incomparable. The leather handles with matching holster is eye appealing, practical for use and excellent grip. Definitely everything promised from the website.
- Christina from FL

April 2019 Rate and Review Winners

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Quick Feed Chain Sharpener (45T01.02)
Why why why didn’t I find this years ago! Did all my chains to like new condition. After I used it a few times to get the rhythm down, I dug out an old chain that got toasted on an unseen rock that was under a tree I was cutting. Could never get it to sharpen or cut right. After doing 4 passes (and filing the rakers for correct depth) the chain cuts like butter. This is a must have if you cut a lot of wood.
- Richard from NC

March 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Foldable Sewing Scissor (02B09.01)
Perfect traveling scissors!
What a lovely pair of scissors! Perfect crosscut and they fold into this tiny leather bound pouch! I love to travel and scissors or cutting implements have been severely limited on the airlines. No More! This perfect pair of folding scissors is allowed by the airlines and the quality is without compare. It is so nice to fly and have a perfect pair of scissors for knitting or sewing. Do not stop offering this wonderful quality traveling product. My sincere thanks.
- Lynn from VT

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Vermont "Slack" Dry Duster (29B01.02)
Virtually identical to the one my grandmother used! Cleaning baseboards is a necessary evil I'd rather not endure but this slack mop makes it so easy to maintain them in addition to clearing the daily accumulation of dog fur while keeping my hardwood floors looking beautifully "waxed". I can't sing the praises highly enough of this well-made tool that also brings back nostalgic, sweet memories which (almost) makes cleaning a pleasure.
- Erin from CA

February 2019 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - 3 Duck Target (with dart gun) (58T01.30)
Well constructed, Beautiful craftmanship
Well constructed and remarkable details of both the double barrell shotgun with hen target and rotating duck target. Impressive toy and stand alone piece that is timeless in appearance. I highly recommend the commitment of purchase! Once our little one is of age, we are certain this toy will be amongst his favorites (as it is ours)! Delightful!
- Amber from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Brass Cased Knife (02E05.01)
Beautiful piece of history
This is truly an awesome little knife, and a piece of Japanese blademaking history. Looking at the top of the blade, it is readily apparent that it was forged from a core of soft shingane steel for the edge surrounded by a harder kawagane jacket, exactly like a katana. Razor sharp right out of the box, it is a friction folder but is solid enough it has not even come partially open in my pocket. The thumb switch or chikiri on mine allows for it to be opened one handed. I moved house right after getting this and cut numerous ropes and boxes with it, and it is still sharp and beautiful. Getting my son one too. Between the storied history of the higonokami style folding knife and the quality and beauty of the knife, I highly recommend this one to anyone who appreciates a beautifully-made Japanese blade.
- Jameel from CA

January 2019 Rate and Review Winners

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - British Army Knife (58B01.01)
British Steel
Brilliant! I purchased the two bladed version. Among my several pocket knives, this one has become my favorite. It is truly a beautiful and classic style knife. The straight blade opens to an angle slightly less than the handle, which makes cutting open boxes a pleasure. The can / bottle opener is the appropriate tool for opening my pint bottles of English ale. This knife makes a great gift for any Anglophile you may know, and will last a lifetime.
- James from PA

December 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Vermont "Slack" Dry Mops (29B01.01)
"Slack" Dry Mop
My Mother always used one of these on hard wood floors. My neighbor uses these wool mops in her home and beach cottage. I feel some things just work well and stand the test of time-this is one of those items. The wool strands with lanolin literally grab and hold dust and pet fur. My entire house is hardwood and tile; this mop does a great job and I do not have to lug out the stick vac every time I do the floors. I have three dogs and three cats; daily dusting is a must so that you are not overtaken by dust bunnies. This mop is a game changer, saves me time and aggravation. I highly recommend this dry mop to anyone who wants a quick and easy way to clean wood floors between vacuuming. Thank you Garrett Wade!
- David from VA

November 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Garrett Wade Push Drill Bits (69P01.02)
I have a collection of antique "egg beater" drills. My habit when boat building or restoring is to set up several with a different sized bit each and have them readily at hand. These are still the best cordless drill available when driving bits are not required. The push drill bits are nearly identical to the original bits furnished with these hand drills. The only difference being the shank machining required for locking the bit in the push drill chuck. This style bit does not bind like a twist bit when using the egg beater drill.
- Robert from RI

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Small 4" Solid Brass Bell (87A01.44)
Beautiful bell, got what I paid for.
Beautiful bell that sounds great. This is my door bell and its plenty loud enough with a rich brass clang to it. As a past sailor, I can appreciate a good brass ships bell. It is replacing an older cheaper bell and it really added some class to my foyer gate. Bigger house? Get a bigger bell from Garret Wade, you won't regret it. FYI, it didn't come with any brass screws (kind of bummed me out) so you'll have to hit your local hardware store or go digging in your jar of screws.
- Shawn from CA

October 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Limited Edition Leather Tool Bag (15A02.19)
More than a tool bag!
I absolutely love this bag! But, I'm not using it for tools...I carry it as an open briefcase in and out of my office job. A fist full of file folders fit perfectly (height & width) when I want to take a few things home to work on. Plus, all the misc items I used to throw into a briefcase and were impossible to dig out don't get lost in this bag because I can see what I'm looking for. AND, the blue leather is sweet.
- Lisabeth from MI

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Italian Bypass Loppers (44C01.03)
Worth every penny I paid for it and more!!!!
I am incredibly pleased with this fantastic Italian tool..It worked so easy--like cutting through soft butter! I specifically sought out an European lopper. It was worth every penny I paid for it although I did get it on sale!! Remarkably easy for me to reach up and prune my firethorn bushes. I did the job in one third the time and no thorns because the long length of the handles allowed me to reach into the thorny branches without ever puncturing my arms like in years past!! The cutting was effortless because of the sharp blades. If you are as fastidious about your tools as I was, be careful cleaning off the blades. They are the sharpest blades I have ever encounter and I was glad for that razor-sharp cut to my branches. This is what makes the tool so valuable by saving time and taking care of your trees and bushes with precision cuts. The workmanship of this lopper is old-world craftsmanship. Thank you Garrett Wade for carrying such a fine tool!
- Mary from NJ

September 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Green Horn Trapper Knife (15T02.02)
Nice Knife with Some Good Features
I recently picked up this knife during a sale and am well pleased with it. It has pros and cons but more of the former than the latter, and most of the cons are "fixable" at any rate. The dark green bone is subdued and attractive and the slabs are well matched and symmetrical. I really like the size---3 7/8" closed. Most full size trappers are 4" or more closed, and mini trappers are around 3 1/2" closed. This knife fills that gap well, and provides a good sized blade while comfortably filling the hand, all the while maintaining its pocket friendly size. And at only 1.9 oz., it's lightweight for a trapper.
The pull is moderately firm, maybe a 6 on a 1-10 scale, which is perfect for my tastes. There is a deep and wide nail nick, set just forward of the hump, which provides for easy opening. And the knife didn't come with any of the annoying little faults you will often see: blade rap (blade hits the spring in a spot when closed); proud pins; or a tip that sits just above the well so that you get a little prick to remind you it's there!
As for the "cons", the main one would be the very thick blade stock, with almost no distal taper (thinning of the blade as it approaches the tip). If you like a very sturdy edge with a more obtuse angle in the 20 - 25 degree range, this won't bother you. If, like me, you prefer a "slicier" blade with an angle of 15 degrees or less, you'll need to thin this one out a good bit. I did that,and given the thick blade stock the result was fairly wide bevels, but it now cuts like a champ.
The finish was a bit rough, especially along the spine and the edges of the liner, but a short session with some fine sandpaper took care of that. In addition, this knife has a sharp, squared off tang, which some folks like and which many expensive knives have as well. I like smooth contours, though, so I spent some time rounding that off. There are some very minor gaps between the spring and liners, but no worse than commonly seen on more expensive knives. And while the blade isn't perfectly centered when closed, it isn't too far off and there is no blade rub at all. There is no indication of country of manufacture nor blade steel on the knife, only "Garrett Wade" stamped on the blade. Joe at GW, who was great to deal with, told me that it is a China made knife. No idea what the steel is but if I had to guess I'd say 440A. Once I got it properly thinned out, it has taken a very nice edge indeed.
Finally, Joe and the other folks at GW provided really excellent customer service, both via email and on the phone. This was my first GW order, and I was impressed.
In sum, for the bargain price I paid, this is an attractive knife with several excellent features. Well worth it.
- Andrew from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Telescopic Fruit Picker (11G12.18)
Impossibel task -SOLVED!!!!!
The Telescopic Fruit picker - FINALLY the solution to the almost impossible task of picking ripe persimmons with no damage to the fruit! All the other fruit pickers I tried mangled or tore the fruit because they use tines, like a lawn to pull them off. H Then I tried the coffee/soda bottle can with “V” notch, same thing. They left the stem and mangle fruit hanging on the branch. Not fair for the birds to enjoy and not me! So - it was get the ladder out, climb the ladder, hand cut some off the branch, drop in the bag, climb down the ladder, move the ladder to the next branch as I go around the tree then out the ladder away. Unfortunately, the fruit ripens at different rates over a couple of weeks so you don't get them all at once. Now I just grab my Fruit picker, go around the tree, get the ripe ones, and done until the next few are ready. I have had as many as 400 persimmons on the tree, so I leave it you to imagine the time savings, not to mention the wear and tear on my ladder and my knees! Summing it up – one of the best, most efficient and effective tools for picking persimmons have ever found – thanks to the Garrett Wade team for coming up with it!!!!
- Pete from FL

August 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Vintage Sheep Shears (02B13.61)
What Are Those?
At first glance I had no idea what this thing did. Sheep Shears?!? So, I read the description, considered buying since they were on sale. My grass seemed to grow overnight after being mowed just Saturday. The lawn was hairy around the edges. One day I tried to trim the grass with scissors while sitting at the top of my entry way. It's a small area, I am not that fanatical. Plus, the scissors couldn't cut through the thick grass. What? That memory convinced me to buy the shears. Best of all. when I got them, they are much longer than they appear in the picture. It's been either raining or too hot to do anything outside but I will trim around the edges of the front yard. I can also stand to do it, because I have a brick wall, waist high, surrounding the lawn. So, this is a practical purchase to groom the grass in 5 feet of walkway and front edge of the lawn. I am pleased with this tool and glad I bought it.
- Denise from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Japanese Digging Knives (16E02.01)
Best Gardening Tool Ever
This is the second one we have bought so two of us can weed at the same time. It is absolutely the best for weeding, strong enough to cut through pesky tree roots and other garden chores. We chose the carbon steel version since maintenance/sharpening is an easy chore. It took some time to find this exact model we originally purchased elsewhere - websites are mostly showing similar looking, probably not as well-wearing tools. Thank you, Garrett Wade for still offering this one.
- Anne from ON

July 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Matched Hand Pruning Shears (23K05.11)
My title says it all. My pruner arrived yesterday, and I literally cannot stay out of the yard. Don't let the price fool you. This pruner has already cut things I thought I would need my Japanese saw to do the job! It performs like it is cutting through butter. Oh, one more thing, the pruner does not stress your hand. This is really nice, since I have developed a touch of arthritis in my right hand. My husband thought I was kidding, until he tried it for himself, now I am ordering one for him! Order one for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed. With 28 acres to keep up with, I better order several. Thanks again Garrett Wade, you never let me down!
- Jayne from FL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Soil Condition Test Kit (14N10.22)
Soil tester
I love this thing, my flowers seem happy my grass is happy. My lawn was a mess when a bad concrete worker poured slurry on my lawn some years ago. I feel like I know what I'm doing now. I have mulberry, crabapple, pine, oak, catalpa, evergreen, gingko, and maple trees, along with bamboo all needing different pH.
- Ming from MI

June 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - French Gardening Pruners (19S02.29)
The full-size model -- still going strong, 6 yr+
These French bypass shears are a mainstay in my garden, month after year. I really put them through their paces. Grips are still tight (I used the same wax/oil preservative that I mentioned for the small size pair, and the leather is still in fine shape even though I clean the blade and hinge with soap water if they get too gunky. Blade stays sharp and works well on dry wood as well (usually bypass are not as good as anvil for this job). A customer wrote in another review that there was a problem with a "gap" between blade and the fixed jaw. The tool is adjustable via the screw nut -- a small wrench or even a channel lock plier is sufficient. Just a little turn is enough, do it after you're touched up the edge with a fine grit diamond honing paddle. Don't crank it too tight, just enough so that you hear the "schick" sound of the blade contacting the jaw, and the handles still spring back when you let go. I can get mine to where they will cut thin paper -- at that point the branches don't stand a chance! With heavy use, I need to adjust the screw about once per season.
- Philip from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Humane Mouse Catcher (45A03.01)
Finally caught
It works. After having caught several mice and whittling down the population, one stubborn mouse remained, a clever mouse, one who would not go near any trap of any sort. He remained free for about six months but was fooled by this trap two days after we put it out. I set him free about two miles from the house. See ya, Mr. Mouse!
- Edward from NY

May 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Flat Half-Moon Colander (39A03.05)
In the past I've used a big bowl strainer to strain noodles and stock and it's such a hassle, especially with the fine mesh. Mine was looking pretty ragged so I took a look at this. It works really well, and it's so much quicker to rinse off than a fine mesh bowl strainer, not to mention much less obtrusive in my cabinet than a big bowl shaped mesh strainer is. I don't have to wash the mesh out tediously and I don't have to wash an extra bowl. I just pour out the noodle water and put the noodles directly into the serving plates, or pour the stock I make into the container(s) I'm going to store it in. Really happy I impulsively bought this. The accompanying optional copper funnel is great too. It's bigger and sturdier than I imagined from the picture. I believe the strainer will last a lifetime with some care around the springs and such, and the funnel will last a lifetime for sure. The funnel is so pretty it could be used decoratively too, I definitely recommend it if you're cooking stuff that requires keeping the liquid.
- Ryan from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Laguiole Le Fidele Knife (01B01.14)
Le Laguiole
I own several French made knives, and was attracted to this one due to the ebony scales and the extra length for a folder. The finish of this knife is beautiful. It does not come truly sharp, but just a few minutes on a stone brings a razor edge. Also, there is quite a bit of residual polishing compound, which is easily removed. With the length and heft of this knife, I have taken it with me to restaurants as my personal steak knife, which gives great satisfaction. The included leather sheath is a further delight to the senses. For a new folder, I do not find it too stiff. It is tight, as it should be, but not excessively so. This will be a proud possession for many years.
- Randy from MI

April 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Israeli Combat Knife (04D04.08)
The Real Deal!
Now that's a knife! Where have we heard that before? In this case it certainly holds true. There is a reason why Special-Ops Heroes all over the world are issued and choose to have this knife. It is simply the best! If you want a sheath protected knife that will hold up to anything, whether it is for camping, hunting, fishing or an absolute Life Saver for Self Defense, then buy this knife! This is now my #1 go to knife. Thank you J.W.M.
- John from NJ

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Japanese Log Saw (66M02.01)
Your Favorite Saw
If you don't use the Garrett and Wade Japanese wood saw then you don't yet realize it is your favorite wood cutting saw. I bought my first one about 15 to 20 years ago and over the years it has proven itself to be a great workhorse of a saw. It is still useful even with some missing teeth due to hitting buried steel in a dead tree. I use my saw for many applications from cutting firewood to cutting timbers when building sheds for our birds and farm animals. I recently decided it was time for an upgrade to a full set of teeth and have been out cutting wood with the greatest of joy and ease since it's arrival. Wonderfully light, and super sharp. Best saw ever for a variety of wood cutting needs. Thank you Garrett Wade for this fine tool and for the speedy shipping on my recent purchase.
- Kenyon from MA

March 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - French Nail Trimmers (02B13.08)
SO easy to use!
Finally, a toenail clipper that cleanly cuts my very thick nails. The ergonomic design puts the cutting edge at an angle to the handle, so it's easy to clip. This is a feature I've never seen before and it is helpful to anyone who's not a contortionist in Cirque de Soleil.
- Steve from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Raker-Tooth Pruning Saw (68C01.02)
When I read the description of this pruning saw for the first time, I immediately thought of my sister-in-law and decided to buy it for her with no hesitation. During the last ten months, she, by herself, has been struggled with clearing a wooded lot for her 1000-square-feet house. After work and on the weekend, she patiently cut down trees, one by one, in conflictual feelings... With a pleasurable yet stunning surprise, she told us, "This pruning saw makes my 24"-heavy-duty bow saw and my 20"-heavy-duty sharp-cut handsaw look like children toys. Believe it or not, I can now find satisfaction in cutting trees and truly experience the joy of strolling through the woods." With an indescribably bright smile on her face, she told us, "What-A-Saw!!!"
- Michaela from NM

February 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Historic Kitchen Paring Knives (02B13.13)
Really good fruit knife
I bought the fruit knife and I already had the paring knife that I paid way too much for elsewhere.The paring knife is a classic, but after cutting up one apple the fruit knife became an instant favorite. It's a light knife that feels excellent in my hand while I'm chopping up this mango. Blade shape is great for slicing through fruit and the vintage design is so good. I've learned I can implicitly trust old french kitchen things. I've also learned most store importing them mark them up through the cathedral roof.
- John from MD

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Micro Tool Set (72A01.06)
Micro Tool Set
I actually am a retired dentist. Most of these individual tools in this micro tool kit are just like a lot of the tools I used to use in the dental practice that I sold a few years ago. I needed to restock my tools for any thing that might come up in my home crafts and hobbies that I am now doing. Thank-you for this nice set.
- Stephen from OR

January 2018 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Brass Capsule Multi-Tool (43A03.01)
A superb gift
Bought this unusual item as a gift for my husband, who will be 93 in September. He'll receive it on his birthday. We have bought many other tools and knives here, and all are beautifully made and well worth the price. This fine small set is not only useful but a treasure. Reminiscent of the old days when fine craftsmanship outdid mass production of cheaper tools. The catalog has many drool-worthy items, especially the knives. As long as you're in business, shoppers will have a source for unusual things as well as more common things lovingly made. Thank you.
- Sylvia from NV

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Vintage Marin-Style Kitchen Knives (02B13.43)
My new favorite knife
After losing my previous favorite knife a couple years ago, I've been searching high and low for a new favorite knife and I think this might be the one. Just received the 5" knife today and it slices beautifully. Very sharp blade, feels good in my hand, cuts nicely through tomatoes, onions, flank steak, and, I'd imagine, anything else I could possibly need. Love this knife and look forward to using it in all my food prep!
- Courtney from MI

December 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - A Mini Pliers/Cutter Set of Six (80K02.05)
Great Little Pliers at a Great Price
I recently bought a pendant to give as a gift, but wanted to put it on a shorter chain. Though I have some smallish tools, none of them where quite right for gripping and holding the tiny connecting loops of the chains. This set of pliers saved the day. I was able to use the bent nose and needle nose together to get a good grip on the loop and easily pry it open without causing damage to the necklace. Having the set, with it's variety of types of tiny pliers made it easy to do this delicate work. These pliers are extremely well-made. They are sturdy, have a little spring loaded action and a non-slip coating that keeps them from sliding around in your hand at a critical moment. The case is another big plus. I have some other tool sets that came in flimsy plastic cases that soon cracked or broke at the hinges. The tools now lie scattered in my toolbox, making it hard to find the one I need. These tools are firmly strapped in all together in a heavy duty folding case. They'll be there when I need them for future jobs.
- Catherine from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Drop Point Bushcraft Sheath Knives (04D02.32)
Beautiful and functional
We have things that are beautiful but not necessarily functional, like a statue. We also have things that are functional but not necessarily beautiful, , like a screwdriver. But to have things that are both functional and beautiful, now those things add spice to ones life. This drop point Bushcraft sheath knife is one of those things. I have the 4-1/4 inch carbon steel blade with the graceful, polished, Peruvian walnut handle, full tang, made in El Salvador knife with the well-made, functional, substantial leather sheath. Who would have thought that we could get beautiful tools like this from El Salvador? It's a keeper!
- John from MD

November 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Portable Leather Tool Bag (15A02.07)
Grandad's New Tool Bag
Regarding the Garrett Wade Portable Leather Tool Bag; I can report that this item is extremely well-built, with high-quality materials and tried and true old-school design. I bought this bag for my father for his 72nd birthday. He has been the family's handyman for the past 50 years and he is still going strong! For the past 20 years he has carried his tools in a non-descript, cheap canvas shoulder bag with a broken zipper. Dad deserved a proper upgrade so that he can carry his hammer, screwdrivers, fasteners and battery-operated power tools in style! He loves this leather tool bag because he knows it will long outlive him and can be passed-down to his grandson when he is gone. Dad also likes the way that the stiff leather construction of the bag with its flat-bottom design allows him to set the bag down without having it tip over, spilling his tools on the floor. No matter how fast he drives or how sharp a curve he takes in his Highlander, he knows he won't be picking up screws, nuts and bolts off the floor of his SUV when he arrives at his destination to do his work, since the bag will stand firm against his "Grandad G-forces!" Thanks, Garrett Wade, for making my Dad's birthday a special one!
- Ryan from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Leather-Cased Tape Measure (12A03.03)
Tale of the tape
Have you ever tried to use a standard metal tape measure to determine the length of materials with which to wrap something in a spiral. Good luck. This little tape is not only perfect for projects like that, but it automatically locks in position as you pull out the tape. It also allow you to retract the tape in small increments, which is very handy. Well made, perfect size and practical. I bought it as a gift for my son to use in his workshop, but like it so much, I plan to order one for my own use.
- Keith from ID

October 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Vintage Bathtub Boat Toy (45B01.13)
Childhood Memories
Why did a 48 year old man buy a bathtub toy? I saw it in the catalog and it jogged my mind -- I had one of these some 40 years ago. It's definitely vintage, old school better quality plastic and molding than any tub toy my son had. Now he and I are both too old for it so it'll sit on my desk as a remembrance of my youth. For that it was worth the price of admission.
- Carlo from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Lie-Nielsen Solid Bronze Trimming Block Planes (25P07.01)
Low Angle Bronze block plane. The Gold Standard of planes!
Right out of the box, extremely sharp. This was my first experience using such a small plane and it did take some time getting use to it. But it is like a fine surgical instrument. I had shavings getting caught too, but I realized I was trying to take too big of a bite. Adjusted the blade back some and it worked like a charm! I did catch myself hitting the thumb wheel while in use loosening it up and having to readjust. Once I figured out how to use such a small tool with my huge mitts, things ran very smoothly. Looking forward to my next Lie Nielsen plane, if I could just figure out which one I want! Psssst....I want one of each.
- Scott from SC

September 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - New Zealand Peasant Knife (04D02.01)
High-End Cutting Tool for Little Expense
I can report ZERO complaints regarding my New Zealand Peasant Knife! For a surprisingly low price I acquired this cutting tool that has worked wonders around my workshop, woods and household. Yes, it is an archaic design for a folding knife, but it is expertly crafted,combining old-world quality and style with 21st Century technology and materials. You really cannot beat the edge-retention and sharpness that is achieved with this tool and its finely-ground carbon steel blade. The blade is left partially "in the black" from the forging process which adds character to the piece that one usually only sees on custom-built pieces. It has made short work of saplings and small, low-hanging limbs on the trees and shrubs in my yard and after that it chopped vegetables in my kitchen with precision and the ease of a well-honed blade. Following that, I successfully stripped the plastic coating from some narrow-gauge copper wire, enabling me to repair the porch light outside my front door with no damage to the blade. For the money I paid I got a fantastic all-around knife for general purpose daily use. Another nice detail of this knife's design is that the retention screw that serves as the joint for the folding blade is adjustable to increase or decrease the tension on this folder's blade, enabling the owner to customize the ease of opening and closing this folder. I recommend buying the sheath with the knife, as it is simple, but handsome and makes carrying a tool of this design somewhat easier. Thanks, Garrett Wade, for an opportunity to own this piece at a reasonable price. I suspect that these blades will be increasing in cost to the consumer at some point as word spreads about the quality this manufacturer produces around the world's cutlery collectors and enthusiasts. It's just such a unique style of knife and it works great!
- Ryan from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Vintage Toy Russian Gas Station (45B01.15)
Vintage 1960's and 70's Toy Russian Gas Station
I bought this toy for my daughter's husband whose birthplace is Russia. It is so hard to find something special for him. I have not had a chance to talk with him yet, but my daughter said he was very surprised and delighted with it and could not believe I could find such a wonderful toy for him. He works very hard so I sent it as soon as I ordered it; sometimes the best presents are the unexpected ones. Thank you for helping me find such a unique gift for such a nice "son".
- Mary from WI

August 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Rainmaker-Aerator Nozzle (25W04.12)
Rainmaker Nozzle
When I first used this nozzle I was dissapointed in the water flow - very light. Then I used it on my deck planters and flower boxes. This is simply wonderful! No wasted water as there is better control and aim with this nozzle. It is just like rain. Buds, flowers and delicate leaves are neither crushed, torn, nor 'beheaded'. I plan on purchasing another for my from yard. NO LEAKS - no wet shoes from drips!
- Kathleen from NH

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Lifetime Garden Hose Rack (39A01.05)
Buy it; you will like it.
I like hardware, and this hose rack is just fabulous. It's made of beefy aluminum, has no cast ridges or imperfections, and is amazingly strong. The three bolt holes are quarter inch, and allow the rack to be either through bolted to a thin wall or lag bolted to a thick wall. All in all, it's very handsome and holds a lot of hose. Buy it; you will like it.
- Robert from MA

July 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Cabinetmaker's Chisel Set (10T15.01)
Best tools on the bench
Best tools on my workbench. I bought this set almost 20 years ago when developing a new cadre of woodworking tools. They have outlasted nearly everything else. I am still impressed at the workmanship, the quality steel and the handles, while worn from thousands of hits and hand pushes are in good shape. I will purchase a new set for Christmas for a fellow woodworker. You get what you pay for folks. With Garrett Wade you get the best. Properly stored and maintained, their tools will last to pass on to the next generation. Thank You Garrett Wade.
- M. Forrest from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Ratcheting Hand Pruner (18A09.03)
Safe Pruning!
These pruners are amazing. I am taking on the project of reviving a long neglected garden. I hurt my arm last year using a lopers for the same project. As a musician, taking care of my arms is a top priority. I saw these pruners recommended in a magazine article and thought they might be a little more ergonomically friendly. I've used them several times and am delighted by them. The ratcheting mechanism kicks in automatically making thicker branches much easier to prune. My small hands can operate these easily and without strain.
- Ann from WI

June 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Professional 4-Tine Gardening Fork (79W07.01)
My new favorite garden tool
This is a replacement for a very well used garden fork that finally had enough. It is not as graceful (the dead fork was forged iron with an ash handle) but it does a finer job in the digging category. My other fork was many years old and had more recently been used to dig out over 120 feet of poplar roots after I had the trees removed ... how I wish I'd had this fork then! Flat tines are great when one needs to get into compacted soil, the design of these tines look flat in the picture, but they are somewhat triangular on the back side, which makes digging a pleasure. Even without a digging pad, the foot rest to assist are a bonus, my old fork was lacking, they make the job just that much easier. This fork will last a long time and will be a joy to use! I have not shopped at Garrett Wade for years, but they were first to mind when I was looking for a new garden fork.
- Cathy from WA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Quick-Change Hose Fittings (62K13.10)
Quick Release Hose Connectors
We live in a climate that is cold, yet dry, in winter. When there isn't snow on the ground, it can be warm enough that grass and plants need watering. So, we go several months of the year connecting and disconnecting hoses frequently. Over the years, we have tried numerous quick-release hose connectors. The connectors from Garrett Wade are superior, by orders of magnitude, in both materials, craftsmanship and function to any other connectors we have owned in the past. We have them on all of our hoses, and have purchased them for our son as well. This is a high-quality item that works as advertised. It has made us committed Garrett Wade customers.
- Stanley from CO

May 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Single-Blade Pocket Knives (01B01.01)
Truly a Winner
I must confess I had been eyeing these interesting looking knives for far more than an entire year before deciding to treat myself to one of the small versions. As an amateur pocket knife enthusiast with a penchant for fine workmanship combined with old-world design, I wasn't entirely sure I would be happy with it. I needn't have worried. As usual, Garrett Wade's product description was completely accurate, and this little tool is of excellent style, materials, and quality. It's truly a "winner"! I'm already figuring out how to justify ordering one of the larger versions to add to my modest collection. If you appreciate both art and engineering, I highly recommend this knife.
- John from CO

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Western Log Saw (20F01.01)
The Saw of the Gods
If you are uncomfortable with the thought of every single passerby literally stopping in their tracks to watch you buck through logs like the man you are, then please consider another wood-chewing option. This saw can cut through red tape and decimate lumber swiftly and violently, all the while looking cooler mounted above your fireplace than grandpa's old turkey blaster. With this saw, the only "work" you'll be doing is digging the woodchips from your gaping picket fence smile as you handle this masterful creation. With each push/pull you take you'll be pleasantly reminded of the fine craftsmanship you possess that feels more like an extension of all the best parts of you than a lunky hand tool. The saw is made in America and will cause bald eagles to swoop in for a closer look to admire the rugged cutting edge of this toothy, saw dust spitting work of art. Don't miss your chance at becoming a real live patriot lumberjack hero and the cause of much saw-envy to all that are fortunate enough to see it in action.
- Justin from MI

April 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Multi-Shower Nozzle (35A01.60)
Amazing German Multi-Shower Nozzle!
This German-made nozzle is better than all previously nozzles that I have purchased over the years, and because it is so solidly built, I expect it will probably be the last one that I will need to purchase. The all-metal construction makes it feel sturdy in my hands, and the definite click that I can hear when changing the perimeter rim for the various water patterns, gives me confidence that the pattern I select will not shift during the watering process. Incidentally, there are 10 different settings to choose from which makes it easy to go from one planting area to another with no problem. One thing that I particularly like about this nozzle is that there is a flow-valve knob which allows me to use a heavy or light or somewhere-in-between flow of water depending on whatever I need for my different needs. The fast flow is great for filling fountains, and the light flow works well for newly planted flower beds. The last feature that I think is worthy of high praise is the easy way that this nozzle connects up to a hose. It comes with a very solid quick connector that allows me to attach and detach the nozzle from the hose with a simple easy motion. And best of all, there is no leaking whatsoever and I can enjoy watering just the plants without watering myself!
- Clenise from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Kell Honing Guides (62J02.14)
Time Saver
I am a luthier and a slave to edge tools. Those include chisels, plain irons, spokeshave irons, and more. And, when one is dependent on such tools, the time spend sharpening them is a concern. I have tried many guides, and a lack of consistency and the resultant time wasted is an issue with most of them. The Kell honing guide is a quality tool, well thought out and simple. It gets high marks for repeatability and snd squareness. Additionally, it will accommodate the shorter wider blades found in spokeshaves. The Kell guide is a time saver.
- Gary from MI

March 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Hand Forged Camp Hatchet (04D01.33)
Hoffman Blacksmithing Camp Hatchet
Like all carefully sourced products from Garrett Wade, this hand forged camp hatchet stands out as an exceptionally crafted tool. Liam Hoffman's design for this small axe is both efficient and beautiful: the hand formed haft is comfortable either held near the fawn-foot style end for chopping, or choked up toward the lug for closer work with the blade. It is sublimely weighted and is capable of medium strength lateral chopping, as well as feathering a fire-stick with its super sharp blade edge. The real genius, however, is in Liam's interpretation of the shape of the axe head, and the particular finish he creates. Each mark speaks of his hammer, while shaping the head, and each axe head will be unique in that regard. The mirror polished finish on the edge of the blade is in contrast to the hand hammered finish on the rest of the head. The quality of the belt sheath is superb. It is a joy to own and use this extraordinary tool.
- George from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Transparent Storage Boxes (06E01.07)
More than just for shop use.
I'm addicted to these little boxes! I use them for screws, washers, buttons, neeldles (I'm a seamstress). They are also great for beads and findings (I also make jewelry). The large ones are great for router or drill bits. They have endless uses. I'm sure that somewhere in Garrett Wade's customer order info there is an accounting of just how many of these things I've purchased. I don't want to know. My husband asks every time a GW box arrives just how many storage boxes are inside. I agree about those awful stickers though. I was happy to see that part of the last batch I ordered had the label loose and inside the box. Huge improvement!
- Linda from CA

February 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Coir Doormats (66C01.02)
A real workhorse that's great looking too!
I live on the coast, and sand is my constant foe. One of the hardest places to keep clean is the area around the door from my garage to my kitchen. I have tried everything imaginable, but there is a constant trail of sand and yard debris into my kitchen. I bought this mat to put in the garage, outside the kitchen door, and it has solved my problem one hundred percent! Simply walking over the mat cleans shoes completely. An added bonus is how nice it looks. It would be easy to believe I just put it there to decorate! This mat is a real workhorse, and I plan to get one for every door.
- Kristin from NC

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Inside/Outside Caliper (65N02.02)
Just buy it!!
Lord Kelvin said if you can measure something, then you know something about it. I have both simple mechanical steel and electronic digital very accurate Vernier Calipers. I did not need this one. That said, it looked neat and I bought it. It is my favorite of the three as it is well made, simple, small, and the easiest and most convenient of the 3 to quickly use. Markings are very clear and easy to read in both inches and centimeters. It is ideal for simple measurements of things around your desk or work bench.
- William from LA

January 2017 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Italian Dressmaker Scissors (65S01.07)
Not just for fabric
They feel like an old fashioned pair of scissors that you might have had thirty years ago. They are heavy in the hand which makes cutting extremely easy. Probably the sharpest set of scissors I have tried in a very long time. They cut smoothly and with very little effort. Unlike cheap scissors where their cutting surface may or may not cut all the way along it's edge, this set will cut all the way from the joint to the tip without losing any of it's sharpness. You will be impressed with just how consistent these edges are. You will like these for just about any soft cutting you need to do. So far they have not failed me in the least. If you are interested in a quality pair of scissors, buy these, you will not be disappointed.
- Ralph from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Daring Books for Girls (25L04.03)
Get her nose out of the phone and into a book!
As one who makes it a habit to gift books to the youngsters in my life, I've found these books to be amazing, interesting and exciting learning tools for children of all ages. Much of the material is classic, all of it is moral and informative. It harkens back to a day when society was more polite, considerate, compassionate and concerned with personal aspirations. I highly recommend these books as gifts for any young ladies on your list.
- Al from MI

December 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Fire Starter Kit (70B04.01)
Oh, I've seen fire...
It's mid-December and the snow is falling. No reason to build an outdoor fire for a while but I had to sacrifice one of these bundles to satisfy my curiosity. The wicks, wood and wrap are all impregnated with wax, likely paraffin. The wood sticks are about the size of wooden kitchen matches. Touching the wick with a lighter brought instant flame which methodically moved into the bundle. As stated, it burned strong for about 15 minutes. There's a fair amount of wax that will drip over the course of the burn so you may want to confine this to outdoor applications.These will find a permanent place in my camping gear. It's hard to say if the bundles will melt a bit in the heat of summer so best to keep them stored separately in Zip-Lock bag or similar container.Thanks GW for an excellent product!
- John from WI

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Sliding Song Whistle (76W01.01)
Sliding Song Whistle
While this made in America slide whistle is easy enough for a 6 year old, I purchased it for my 60 year old husband and 16 year old dog. Our dog Rags loves to sing and she and my husband can really do a job belting out a song with their new instrument. It has brought such fun that we call it doing the "Slide Whistle Rag". It is so much fun, I would recommend this large and beautiful whistle for all ages. Whether you are a 2 legged or a 4 legged being, way fun for all. Beautiful, big and really sturdy and I like that it's a USA product. Two thumbs and two big toes up. Definitely a 5 star product.
- Paula from TX

November 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - H.D. Shop Mechanic's Vise (18B02.01)
H.D. Shop Mechanic's Vise
I have been purchasing products from Garrett Wade almost from the beginning-1975. Their product descriptions have always been accurate and this vise is no exception. I was shopping for a vise and saw prices ranging from $40 to $2000. I don't know what a $2000 vise feels like but it can't be that much better than this vise. IMHO. This is a very nice vise, well worth the money. It does everything shown in the video with ease. It slides smoothly in and out as well as rotates easily. I added a set of Olympia Magnetic Vise Jaw pads #38-695. for soft materials and that's all the options this vise will need. I expect it to last for decades.
- Mark from OH

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Rope Hoist/Block & Tackle (60R06.01)
Block & Tackle
My husband bought this to help build a hoist. He lost his right leg 4 years ago. He built a tripod hoist in the bed of his pickup so that he can load and unload his wheelchair. This allows him to be much more independent. He made the first hoist piece by piece. At the time he couldn't find a block and tackle. Your product will save him lots of time - and help keep him as independent as possible. He can load and go and be out and about. Thanks!
- Gretchen from CA

October 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Arborist Pruning Saw (68C01.02)
Great pruning saw
The purchase arrived just in time! My husband was struggling to remove a four inch limb from a live oak with a bow saw. Another limb which he wished to leave on the tree was too close to allow for the use of the bow saw. I brought out the large raker pruning saw for him to use. It was just the right tool to handle the job in a very efficient manner. The curved graduated size of the blade is a dream design.The job wasn't effortless, but certainly made easier with this well designed tool! I appreciate that the saw comes with a cover that fits tightly back over the teeth of the saw. This will be my go-to pruning saw for years to come! Thank you, Garrett Wade for making such good tools accessible all in one place.
- Connie from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - 53X Digital Microscope (28B03.15)
Carson 53X digital microscope.
Educational, and lots of fun as well. The natural world is a whole new place now that I can view it close-up! Looking at a mosquito bite or a wound is interesting as is the printer head on my printer, knife edges, a drop of pond water, catching a spider....Wow! I was able to look at an assassin bug up close, What a monster that was! This is also useful for identifying flower parts for identification and classification. I will enjoy and amaze my friends for a long time with this.
- Marcia from NM

September 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Historic Odd-Job (23N03.20)
Quality not normally found in today's market
I enjoy collecting and restoring antique tools. Although this is a "NEW" production tool, and not an antique, it has that flavor that you usually only find in very old antique tools that were made more than a century ago. So... a year ago I purchased this for myself for my Christmas present. The workmanship was great and the tool has a solid feel about it that just reeked of quality. My son-in-law saw the tool and was impressed with it too. He made comments about how much he liked it quite a few times, so for this Christmas, I bought him one of his own.
- Loren from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - BioLite Portable Stove (63A01.02)
Great job BioLite!
I bought this stove thinking the fuel supply would always be available and my thoughts were correct. Anything that burns is fuel for this stove and it works perfectly! It is amazing how quickly it will bring water to a boil and you should be ready to stir soup to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pot. Everything in this package has been designed and produced perfectly. BTW, Demonstrated it to a friend, she purchased one and it was just what they needed for this year's vacation camping in Maine.
- Karl from PA

August 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Emergency Car Battery Jumper (04D03.19)
Emergency Responder Tool Kit Necessity!
I haven't had to use the jumper yet, but as a member of my local (rural) fire department I am keeping it in my response vehicle and expecting it to be helpful quite often. Having a very large district which includes hundreds of square miles of forest land, no phone or power service, we are frequently in need of jumping vehicle and needing extended battery life on our mobile devices (primary for GPS tracking and searching). I'm keeping this unit charged and close at hand in my emergency response tool-kit and recommending it to my colleagues. Thank you.
- Raphael from NM

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Special Wide-Area Floodlight (04D04.44)
Excellent for walking at night
I have limited eyesight in very low light; so I use a flashlight when walking after dark. The typical problem with this is that, even if the flashlight is very powerful, it only throws a narrow beam of light, which doesn't illuminate my path at all well. This wide-area light is both powerful and properly directed to give me a good look at the ground ahead of me.
- Wilbur from DC

July 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Binocular & Monocular iPhone Adapters (28B03.17)
Saved me from an upgrade!! Thank you Garrett Wade!!
Wasn't it great that our neighborhood squirrel tried to straddle the old clothesline pole and tree trunk to get to our lighthouse birdfeeder the day this arrived? We got great photos of our little circus high wire act while he hung in midair trying to steal seeds from the not so patiently waiting birds. Of interest, we live in the area of many feral cats (neighboring cat person sponsors a catch /release neuter/spay) so they too were standing by… great, great pictures!! Well worth the investment. Now we don't have to upgrade the phone because we already have upgraded the camera!!! Thank you Garrett Wade!!
- Cheryl from OH

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Biolite SolarPanel 5+ (63A01.06)
Great charger!
This solar recharger is great! It took less than 1/2 a day to fully charge when left on my car’s dashboard, then brought my reader up to full charge almost as quickly as a wall socket would without depleting its own battery as it did. Light weight, very thin and portable. Can't wait to take it camping next week!
- Eric from DE

June 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Collapsible Drinking Cups (43A01.01)
Excellent Small Cup.
Received my two small collapsible cups today. Very well made and glad they are stainless steel.. My mother had one which was plastic. After she died I kept it for several years until it cracked. I really didn't think they were still made and was delighted that I found your company. I keep one in my purse and my son keeps one in his car so that when I take my Chihuahua out during summer months, I can give her some water as she is only small - five pounds. And she doesn't like to stick her head in a large cup, so she is happy and I am happy. I thank you and Sassy (my dog) thanks you for still making the small cups!
- Anice from WA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Lightweight Respirator/Dust Mask (18D01.01)
Respirator / Dust mask
This is one awesome mask! It's really low profile and snug fit has me so happy to finally own it! I am making flutes in July and the dust last time I made one really hurt my breathing. This is amazing - and I can easily wear my glasses and or goggles with it. I'm also allergic to cut grass - so I'm planning to keep it with me when I'm out and about during the summer. Thank you for such an amazing product!
- Mary Ellen from IL

May 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Black Micarta Survival Knife (56T01.04)
Beautiful knife with black Micarta handle in a gorgeous sheath.
When I opened the box and held the knife still in sheath I was in knife heaven, a true beauty The handle sticking out was gorgeous so I quickly unsnapped the beautiful sheath and held the knife. My first word truly was WOW nice , real nice. Holding this knife you have no doubt you have a work horse in your hands or an excellent addition to my collection. The blade is fantastic and sharp as can be. It has excellent weight and balance like it was made just for my hand I am impressed. The picture gives justice to the knife but not like holding it in your own hand. I would highly suggest this knife to any friend or any other knife collector. If you are going to work with this knife I hope you have someone to hand it down too, it will last several lifetimes with proper care.
- Brian from NJ

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Japanese Angled Root Cutter (11P23.05)
I live in the country, and my garden has been plagued by vines since the beginning. This tool is fantastic for sawing through roots that are too tenacious to dig out. The teeth do a formidable job, and don't get clogged with soil like others I've tried, so it remains usable until I finish for the day. I like the handle length for stuffing in my back pocket. It's a good idea to apply some bright paint or wrap colorful tape around the handle to make it easier to find when you set it down.
- Lynette from MI

April 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Adventure Kit (07A01.23)
You need one more than you think
This isn't the first of these multi-tools I've had. I always keep one in my pocket while helping Habitat for Humanity build houses. It's my backup tool; my holdout tool; it's what I go to when something needs to be done *now,* and I don't have time to go to a toolbox and rummage. So when I lost mine, I *HAD* to have a replacement. I didn't need the compass; I have better ones, but at Garrett Wade's pricing, it's practically free. And the set comes in a metal box with a plastic window that practically begs for repurposing. For gift giving, this set can't be beat. Tip: Don't forget this tool and leave it at the jobsite. You'll never get it back.
- David from OH

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Survival Stove (97B01.01)
Fantastic, useful stove!
I used this stove inside a snow cave built with my two sons, with ventilation at the front and roof. As another reviewer stated, it runs great on pine cones and small chunks of branches. It is very cheery, and has a way better smell than fossil fuels. Also, I used it to burn out the end of a broken pitchfork handle. The forced air makes a really hot fire, and if you pre make some charcoal, you could probably do some forging. The steel socket got cherry red at night with it. Fantastic stove with renewable fuel source!
- William from OR

March 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Nail & Wire Cutters (62K14.01)
Arthritis sufferers best friend
I was a little sceptical of the claims made about these cutters. They turn out to far exceed my expectations! They do cut common nails like butter, and hard drawn wire used in fences, electric fence conductor rope, musical instrument strings and orthodontic arch wire with ease. The compound jaw action is the secret and the hardened jaws take on every thing I need to cut. The sister offset "flush" cutters also are great. I have practically stopped using my carbide jaw diagonal cutters all together. Two stellar additions to the tool box I wish I had long ago.
- John from MD

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Restorers Pry Bars (59T01.10)
High Quality Tools For Demo Work And More
These 3 pry bars deserve some recognition. I used them to help remove some cabinets in my kitchen. Within minutes I had the cabinets off the wall and using these prybars made it seem like nothing. Easy to use and heavy duty. These will last a lifetime and have many uses. Thanks GW for another well made product.
- Darrell from FL

February 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Telescoping Extension Ladder (11A04.03)
A great little ladder
I have one of those huge, heavy, folding ladders that I use pretty much exclusively to climb to the roof to clean off skylights and to blow off debris from trees. It's a great ladder, but with my bad back, it's a bit much to deal with. This is perfect - it is tall enough to extend about 1.5 feet over the roof, letting me climb safely to the roof, and it weighs far less than my other ladder. And it packs down to just 2 or 3 feet high when not in use, and only maybe 3" wide. The tubular aluminum is quite stiff, and the plastic feet give a good grip. My only complaint is that it's a little tricky to get to collapse back down, but I think that will become easier with time. Oh, and now I think I'll need to get rid of the old ladder...
- Gregory from FL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Short Hiking Machete (04D04.19)
Nessmuk lives!
Arrived today and is nicer than I thought. Very HEAVY duty and well made. Metal, handle and sheath finish is tops. Came SHARP too. Well balanced, easy to maneuver. Did some preliminary cutting and it works as good as it looks. This "Nessmuk" style of knife dates back to the 30's and is an excellent survival basic. Definitely worth the price.
- Steve from WA

January 2016 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Cold Steel Search & Rescue Knife (04D02.29)
A fantastic tool
This knife is a work of art as well as being highly functional. It is so simple and unadorned and yet does everything a good "into the woods" sheath knife should. The knife feels very solid and well balanced. I enjoyed using it so much after I got my first that I bought another to put in my bail-out bag for the boat. If you appreciate knives for how well they do their job, this one will fast become your favorite.
- Jonnathan from ME

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Copper Watering Cans (87A01.37)
Excellent watering can (Medium)
The medium watering is very handsome and solid. It's made of relatively thick copper and the spout, its support and the handle are brazed to the body with nicely done brazed joints. Overall workmanship is very good. I ordered the medium can together with the small can, so we can have a set. Both cans were packed well so they did not have any dings and scratches from shipping. I will most likely order the large can at the start of spring.
- Bogdan from FL

October 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Tool Kits For Small-Crafts Work (88H04.02)
Tools For The Modeler
The advanced set of model tools is a wonderful addition to any model builders tool box. The set of clamps are outstanding and very useful. I build wooden ships and love this kit. Everything is very finely made and extremely needed through out the building stages until the model is built. The very fine brass clamps and the small hand clamp is also of high quality and made much better than the other ones I have used. You can mix and match the small pins and little clamps to hold any small part you need to work on plus the cost of the set is much less than buying each alone. The best model tool kit for the price!
- Edward from FL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Lightweight Respirator/Dust Mask (18D01.01)
Breath With Glasses On..
Lightweight protection. No gasping for breath wearing this little gem. Glasses fit easily over top of mask. Double folded design keeps the seal maintained without constant adjustment. Paper masks absorb moisture this mask does not. Easy filter replacement. Can be washed because it's rubber. Of course remove the filters before doing so, I highly recommend this dust mask ,great for woodworking especially sawing
- George from GA

September 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Japanese Hatchet (19S13.01)
Kindling Splitter
I've been looking for something like this for quite some time. I have Parkinson's Disease and worry about splitting kindling with a regular hatchet by holding the wood in my left hand while the right hand is running the hatchet. One bad twitch and there goes a finger! I place the Japanese tool on the wood where I want to split it with the left hand and use a hammer to whack the tool back with the right hand - no fingers in the way!! The tool holds the piece of wood to split upright rather than my fingers!
- TK from NM

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Lifetime Garden Hose Rack (39A01.06)
A Hose Rack For The Ages
Have you ever thought, as I have, that "a good hose rack is hard to find." Well, dispense with that thought and dispose of those rusty, flimsy pot metal things,those ugly plastic hose reels, and purchase the most solid, stylish, functional hose rack that you will ever find. This is quite simply a great, beautifully-designed product.
- Thom from NY

August 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Grass Trim-Shears (45T02.16)
Quality Tool
As a fellow who is always looking for tools that will make my life a little easier. I was happy to find these Italian grass shears. I've been looking for another pair to compliment my Saboten grass shears. This way I have a pair when I send the others to Carbondale to be sharpened. These really are nicely made as are any of the Italian tools sold here and other places. These rank right up there with the Japanese Saboten's. The price of them isn't that hard on the pocket when you stop to realize for a few bucks more you are getting a tool that is many times superior to the "cheaper" ones you find in the BIG BOX stores. I believe anyone who has a need for something like this will be happy to own them. I do have Shindiawa gas trimmers but sometimes you not only make a mess but if you bang a gas powered trimmer off of drain pipes and down spouts you wind up in trouble. These trim nicely around and under pipes. I believe they are a great option for places a gas trimmer might cause grief.
- Bob from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - European Hunting Knife (45T02.01)
This Is One Beautiful Knife!
This is one beautiful knife! The Italian inspired Spanish workmanship is nothing short of outstanding! It has perfect balance and the feel of it in my hand is like it was designed especially for me! I was very pleased to receive it with a beautiful BLACK sheath, instead of the brown one pictured on the web site. The well constructed black sheath perfectly matches the black handle, and sets it off just right. This was my fourth recent order from Garrett Wade. I ordered two sets of the "Two Handsome Folding Knives" (one set for me and one set for my twin brother's Sep 11 birthday), and the "Bowie Sheath Knive" which I have not yet received. I am a knife collector, with over 60 special pieces proudly displayed on a table on my patio, and this European Hunting Knife will be displayed prominently as one of my very best knives! Thank you again Garrett Wade for having such a great selection of quality knives in your inventory. I will be a regular returning customer from here on out!
- Garry from CA

July 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - "Hurricane" Oil Lamps (51T01.01)
I am right around the corner from age 89, but I do remember at about the ages of eight to ten, staying for a week at my Grand father's house. That was a house that he built and it was too soon for the new fangled "electricity" . There were oil lamps of all descriptions in every one of the six rooms and "Hurricane Lamps" for portable lights. I was taught to fill and light and CARRY them for the adults. I have used my three lamps for over two weeks now, every night, and just a few minutes ago I ordered three of their big brothers, the same size I struggled with as a boy. I am proud of the fit and the finish, indeed the total strength and workmanship of my lamps.
- Tom from AL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Coil-Steel Mud Mats (66C01.07)
Great Mat!
Very nice mat! We've always had the regular outdoor mats, the last one being made out of tire material. The problem has always been the mess. With any kind of "material", even made for outside use, there is always a problem with saturation when it gets wet. Air doesn't circulate so it really never dries out and the underneath can produce mold and just be grungy! I wasn't sure how good it would look, but it looks terrific. Nice, neat and clean. And light enough to pick up and shake out, which I also had a problem with before. Very, very pleased with this mat.
- Carolyn from OH

June 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Trim Saw (86B01.06)
The Best!
This is well designed, sturdy, and practical tool. It requires minimal set-up out of the shipping container, and during usage, is light enough to allow me to easily get to the high, and especially, hard to reach places. Each section securely locks and unlocks during assembly and breakdown. Overall, highly recommend!
- Lee from TN

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Window-Mounted Thermometer (45A02.01)
This is Great!
This thermometer is great and I've tried a bunch of different ones. I don't understand when some reviewers said it didn't stick to the window. I followed the instructions, used the adhesive pads provide and bang! It's been up on my window for approx. 2 years. It gets rained on, snowed on and in direct sunlight and shade. No problems with it coming off. EXCEPT when a wife who wasn't paying attention raised the window it was attached to and snapped of the rubber mounts it used to adhere to the window glass. Our fault not the thermometer. I'm going to try and figure out another way to attach it to the window again. All I can say is it's been great for me and looks so cool.
- Mark from MD

May 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - German Circular Sprinkler (39A01.10)
Best Sprinkler Ever
I love this sprinkler. It is completely adjustable. The rotation mechanism works so well, there is no extra lingering at the outer parameters like on so many other sprinklers. You know the kind, where the outer edges get twice the water as the middle? Not with this one. Smooth. Efficient. The base is heavy enough so that it stays in place without having to put a rock on it, or wrestle with the hose. The nozzle can be adjusted so that the water flows in a high arc, or kept low, or anything inbetween. I want another one!
- Vincent from OR

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Analog Watering Timer (76C01.15)
Analog Timers
I use the timer to keep the water level in my pool to maximize tie effectiveness of the skimmer. We live in a very hot area and the water level will drop a lot in a few days. The timer keeps the level where I want it while we're gone for extended periods. Analog timers are easier to set by me or my pool techs.
- Dave from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Cold Steel Search and Rescue Knife (04D02.29)
Simple / Strong / Sharp
I ordered this knife because I have seen them used, abused, and, in most instances, carried in preference to other similar knives, either issued or purchased outside the military. The handle is non-slip under almost all conditions. One exception might be bare-handed in very bloody conditions. leather or imitation leather gloves seem to solve that problem. The blades are sharp enough, unless finished with 6000 grit paper and a float stone then stropped with rouge. The Rockwell hardness is good, but the hardness has not made the blade brittle or soft. I found the steel easily sharpened with diamond stones or ceramic rods and the edge holding very good against most materials, including steel reinforced fabric and other exotic materials not usually encountered. This is an excellent, no frills, working knife,; big enough for most work, but not too big to cause it to be clumsy or hard to maneuver in tight places.
- Michael from MD

April 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - European Hunting Knife (45T02.01)
A Very Well-Crafted Made Knife
First off let me just say WOW!!!! This knife has more then exceeded my expectations. A gorgeous hunting knife that has been Italian inspired, but made from the heart of Spain. If you are looking for a well crafted knife for either display or every-day use for whatever your craft is then this is knife for you! I guarantee it will put a big smile on your face. I truly would like to thank the company of Garrett Wade for making such an amazing well made knife! Your friend Corey :)
- Corey from LA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Glass Surface-Magnifier (24T02.12)
Good Looks
I first saw one of these in the chart room on a Coast Guard cutter on which I served in the 1970s. The one I purchased recently from GW works just as well. I am glad to see that modernity has not ruined a good design.
- Tom from AL

March 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Premium Watering Nozzles (25W04.11)
Great Nozzle
I live on a small homestead-style farm in rural Oregon, and we use a lot of hoses and nozzles here, in the garden, greenhouse, and at the barn. They get frequent use and lots of exposure to the elements, and I've yet to have a plastic nozzle, even a well-made, seemingly sturdy one, last more than a single season. This is my second purchase of the versatile spray mister model, and I've also purchased three of the pistol grip model. They're very pricey--especially this spray mister one--but over time, not having to replace them, because of their sturdy all metal construction, makes them worth the premium cost to me. And it's an extremely versatile nozzle, especially due to the knob on the back which controls the volume of water flow, so you can have anything from the gentlest of spray mists for delicate or young plants to a hard focused stream for blasting off dirt. Highly recommended.
- Judson from OR

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Professional Soft Jaw Pliers (94P04.01)
Scientific Instrument Restoration
I restore scientific instruments particularly 19th and 20th century surveying transits and tools made of brass. These soft jaw pliers are especially useful in taking apart and reinstalling the soft bras fittings without damaging the various parts. They are excellent for this purpose. They give good grip with just the right pressure needed to loosen corroded components on the transit that have aged over the years. Would definitely purchase again. Always great service and just the right tools for the job at hand.
- Robert from CO

February 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Humane House Mouse Catcher (45A03.01)
The Bait Stealer
I had a small guest, that was seen several times in our kitchen, however he eluded and kept himself fed for quite sometime taking the peanut butter off of several types of traps. That is until I got this one, a little peanut butter on a saltine and he fell for it. The best part is I was able to release him outdoors and this really made my wife happy. Very well built, a quick rinse off and some time in the sun and it's ready for the next uninvited thief.
- Matthew from AL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Universal Screw Starter (17P01.01)
An Awl for All
This is a very well made tool. It not only looks but also works great. Every woodworker knows that a guide hole should be used for every screw. Today, with battery powered drills, a hand screw starter awl is not essential; however, some of us are impatient, to put it nicely. I bought this tool as a reminder not to set a screw before making a starter hole. It's easy. I can carry it with me, and if I'm just too "stubborn" to get my drill, I can use this beautiful tool. In the meantime, it has a place of honor in my shop, just waiting for its ridiculously lazy owner to do some work.
- John from MD

January 2015 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Stainless Kitchen / Household Shears (13K09.17)
Quality and Ability at its Finest
Claus has never made a less than superior tool, and this pair of shears is no exception! I gave several pairs as gifts and all comments were the same. All said that they were "heavy", but the balance and shape made up for that. Both ladies they were passed on to were impressed with the fact that they came apart for cleaning and that I could sharpen them if they ever became dull. My personal pair has seen some pretty heavy duty use boning animals and cutting nearly everything that needed cut. I haven't sharpened them yet, but am looking forward to doing some for friends who insist in putting them in the dishwasher. Maybe they will hold up against the dishwasher if they aren't put in the basket disassembled. Again, these are really fine tools and should serve several generations if even minimally maintained.
- Michael from MD

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Handy Small Garden Axe (69A01.11)
Perfect Sidekick
I live on a good sized ranch and I'm most always outside working. I'm a petite woman so this axe is perfect to have with me, whether it’s tucked into my belt or in my tool basket. I'm certain this tool wasn't designed for large jobs. With that being said, it’s perfect to get small trees out of the way or chopping briars down at the base. I only wish there were a leather sheath so it could be easily carried on my belt. This axe isn't extremely sharp, but for its purpose, it’s plenty sharp. I did have my farrier use his grinder to sharpen it some because Texas tends to have tough vegetation. It’s very easy to sharpen. I've not had any issues with the axe head loosening from the handle. This little guy is my sidekick.
- Jennifer from TX

December 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Professional 4-Tine Digging Fork (79W07.01)
Finally Found What I Need
I am 76 years old and single and I love roses that need to be planted in deep holes with amended soil if you have clay. Yesterday I used this with the Super-Penetration Shovel to dig a hole. It had rained 2 days before, so the ground was soft but sticky. I successfully dug out a 24x20 hole. The tines are strong with long tapered points which were very helpful when I took out one 13x9x8 inches concrete block and several smaller ones that the construction worker had buried when the house was being readies for renovation. They easily penetrated between the 'rocks' so I could wiggle them out and then used the shovel to help loosen them and finally lift the heavy 'rock' out. Also managed to dig out the long yellow roots of some weeds. I need to dug out more holes, but I am glad to have these tools now. I made sure to wash the sticky clay off the tools before I took them into the house.
- Francine from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Know Your Knots (21T02.01)
Knowing Knots
I first learned about knots when I was young and in Boy Scouts. That knowledge was invaluable throughout my life, from the military to around the house, to fishing and managing the boat. Unfortunately many boys today do not learn about the skills of knot tying and the proper way to attach items. Including my grandsons who missed the Boy Scout journey. I find your book and the knot tying kit to be a perfect way of introducing them to the subject and helping them learn an art that they will need in the future. The product is complete and highly instructional. Thanks.
- John from PA

November 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - German Convex-Edge Axes (77A01.02)
Wow! I mean Wow!
Wow! I bought this axe for the history alone and I must say how thrilled I was when the axe showed up at my door as promised and I was able to "play" with it immediately. The razor sharp edge shaved the hair off my arm right out of the box! I used it to fell a small 10" tree that afternoon. It felt good in my hands and perfectly weighted for easy chopping. Although I fly jets for a living, my great grandfather and great uncle were blacksmiths. So were their fathers. Looking at the hammer marks on the head made a connection with me and my heritage. I show everyone my axe who will stand still long enough for me to retrieve it from my shop. I really want the splitting axe now!!
- Charles from LA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Talon Pegboard Toolholders (09K01.01)
Simply the Best
Finally! My pegboards are all 1/4" but the big box stores only stock 1/8" hooks. On top of that the plastic "hook keepers" designed to hold the hook in place never stay put - one little bump and they fly across the shop like a kid's rubber band gun ammo. Not so with these! Big, beefy, and with ingenious mounting pegs they STAY in place!!! Who'da thunk, huh? Brilliant! I started with a few of the pegs and plier holders and like them so much I just ordered flat shelves and shelf tool holders. But please - ignore this review and don't buy any of these. I may need more and don't want to risk them running out :-)
- Todd from FL

October 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner (11G13.03)
Best Pruner For The Price
In 32 years of home ownership, I have had to purchase several pole pruners to keep my redwood trees from growing over my roof and rain gutters. The HD pruner from Garrett Wade is the best quality and best performance pruner that I have found, and is well worth the low catalog price. I don't understand any of the few negative reviews that I have read. The adjustable length pole is long enough to cut anything within a safe distance from the ground. Any longer and the danger would increase from heavy limbs falling on you, and a longer pole would be harder to control when the limbs fall. It definitely cuts larger diameter limbs than the pruners available from the big box home stores. The double pulley system and long pull length makes large limb pruning easy, where with small pruners it would be impossible. The saw blade has very large teeth for much easier sawing, and has a hooked end that keeps it from slipping off of the limb being cut. I think that this pruner's quality and performance makes it a bargain at this low price.
- David from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Large Folding Pruning Saw (23K04.04)
Great Quality
I recently bought some blades similar to this for my electric Sawzall and was very impressed with the speed and ease they cut through branches, limbs, small stumps, roots and also the technology that creates these blades. I haven't used this particular blade yet, but I really like the heft and feel of it, it looks like a precision instrument. I also like the heavy chrome plating on the metal parts for the handle and the fact that it has two locking positions for the blade, I look forward to using it for fine pruning my fruit trees this fall.
- Hugh from CA

September 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Two-Tone Air Horn Set (59S06.10)
High Quality Fun
At 66 years old with back issues, I use these on my walker, shopping basket and rollerator. They sound great,can be as loud as you need and best of all they make people smile and even laugh. And they are pretty proficient at sending this message: Look out, folks, out-of-control geezer headed your way.
- Paul from DC

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Professional Loppers (44C01.03)
Greatest Lopper
I was trying to get rid of the sage brush that has been taking over or fields. I ordered the lopper because the one I was using was not doing the job to my satisfaction. WOW want a difference, this is great for limbing trees or cutting down sage brush, it makes the job so easy, with the long handle & sharp blades it makes the work so much easier. I am getting a lot more done than I ever thought I would. I am amazed at how share the blades are & that they keep their edge even with lots of use. Great tool I am a very happy customer!!
- Pat from MT

August 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Personal Machete (04D04.16)
Solid and Ready to Work
Arrived, and I was immediately pleased with it - this machete is not long, but it's sharp, heavy, and well-designed. The nicely-shaped handle fills the hand (I have large hands, and it fills my hand completely - be warned!), and will not slip out easily. The blade is heavy, sharp, and well-curved, with the 'sweet spot' of the striking/cutting edge near the tip, but not too near. It's not a fast, agile blade, but one designed to cut with authority; For all that, though, it's agile enough for what you need it to do. It powers through saplings and wild grape vines without hesitation, and goes through lesser obstacles like they're not even there. The personal machete is so effective that it makes handling brush-clearing fun - fun enough that I have to defend my right to use it. I may be ordering a couple more, just so I can keep mine! The encroaching scrub had better take heed!
- Laird from DE

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Japanese Angled Root Cutter (11P23.05)
Looks are Deceiving
When I first received it, I was disappointed at the size, and its weight made me think it was flimsy. How wrong I was. Today I put it to the test and task after task it passed with flying colors. It cuts through roots easily and fits just right in the hand. I cut grass roots, plant roots, small branches, dead banana tree leaves and sliced open bags of potting soil. This blade is a must for any gardener, professional or hobbyist.
- Raul from TX

July 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Traditional Cargo Oil Lamp (87A01.20)
Cargo Lamp
I have collected kerosene lamps for a number of years and ordered this one because of its catalogue appearance. Most of your customers will want it for its striking appearance, which is exceptional. I have not had any excess difficulty with removing and extinguishing the burner assembly but all should be aware that it is removed through the bottom of the lamp. I used a common potholder to facilitate that maneuver. As noted elsewhere, the main body of the lamp does get hot to the point that it cannot be grasped with the bare hand. Also, readers should note that there is no integrated glass chimney although the burner component has flanges to grasp such a chimney. You may be aware that while oil lamps do not require a chimney while kerosene lamps usually burn cleaner and brighter with one.
- Edgar from MI

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Italian Sheath Knife (45T02.06)
Work of Art
This Spanish (not Italian as the name implies) knife and its matching sheath are nothing less than works of art-- actually a drawback because I can't bring myself to use them. The design, materials, and level of finish on both knife and sheath are beyond any commercial knife I have ever purchased. I can't say much about performance yet, but the knife is razor sharp and certainly looks like a great cutter. I think it will be a fine camp and hunting knife in spite of its small size. Very classy and handy.
- Robert from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - French Made Nail Trimmer (02B13.04)
Excellent for the Money
Well, I've been carrying a pair of these for the last 40 years. The first pair came as a gift from my brother and went with me everywhere. These WERE marked INOX (Stainless Steel) and MADE IN FRANCE. They were fantastic! I lost them when deployed in "Gulf 1" in 1990, and bought another pair, made in France, and they were terrible! The cutting jaws were mis-aligned, and they just did not do the job. Being a gunsmith, I filed on them, and got them to work. THEN: I found Garrett Wade, and bought a pair from here. FANTASTIC! Not polished like a mirror like my first pair, but they worked like a dream. The second "Made in France" set went into the trash. I'm heading back to the middle east as a contractor, and am buying a back-up set to take with me. These are the "real deal!"
- Harry from NC

June 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Porsche Tractor (02A12.02)
Birthday Hit
It gets harder every year to find unique gifts for my father. As a long-standing collector of model cars/trucks/tractors and tools, we've just about given up finding something he doesn't have. I turned to Garrett Wade with the hope of finding a new tool and found the Porsche tractor. What a hit! He was amazed at the workmanship (how do they round the tin like that?), studied the documentation (it looks just like the factory model), and sat happily on the floor with the tractor running in circles around him, changing the gears and speed. While I would hesitate to recommend the tractor for my young grandson (who we think could break an anvil) his great-grandfather certainly enjoys it and will, I know, give it a place of honor in his display case.
- Melanie from OH

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Monkey's Fist Key Holder (18M02.05)
Sailor’s Knot
As a retired sailor, I know knots, and this is an authentic Monkey's Fist. In the Navy's early days, when ships were powered by the wind, it was used to weight the end of the messenger line sent over from one ship to another whenever a package was being sent between ships while underway. It continued to be used by our modern Navy up until a few decades ago. Of course, those were much larger; but the workmanship is the same. This one is well made. I highly recommend it to others who have an interest in naval history.
- Portia from AR

May 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Yankee Red Cap Screwdriver (67A02.01)
The Right Tool
I remembered my father’s reciprocating screwdriver from almost fifty years ago, it was my favorite tool in his tool chest! Alas, I lost track of that tool many years ago, and have never found a replacement until now. As electronics and high capacity lithium ion batteries have proliferated, there are other go to tools in my personal quiver these days, but when I saw the German Yankee Red Cap Screwdriver in the Garrett Wade catalogue, I immediately got one for my brother and myself. At this price, why not give it a try? I was not disappointed; it was everything I remembered, and more, as it was much easier to change the bits. This handy screwdriver has proved itself invaluable while doing an apartment remodel, removing electrical face plates, dogging down terminals on new switches and outlets, reinstalling the switches and outlets – tasks that my battery powered impact wrench was too much (not to mention loud, troublesome and heavy). I have used my Yankee for some small appliance repair projects, again where a powered driver may over torque delicate parts, and it was awesome! My plumber borrowed it while replacing a disposal and raved about it – he’s got one now too! Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you worked without it. As dad would say, "the right tool for the job…"
- Chanler from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Puncture Resistant Gloves (03P03.04)
Great Gloves!
These are one of the best investments we ever made. I purchased two pairs of these several years ago (one for my husband and one for myself). After several years of use on black raspberries and roses, they are still performing beautifully. Thorns occasionally penetrate the green fabric, but that happens very rarely and mostly with brittle, dry thorns when I am trying to rush and not being as careful as I should be. I hope Garrett Wade continues selling these because I will definitely replace them when they wear out.
- Sharon from OH

April 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Gardener's Digging Tool (79W05.01)
Great Tool
This tool is wonderful for weeding or planting. The offset handle helps a lot with leverage. Great quality build - feels like it'll last forever. I really like it. The only downside is the blade is not as sharp as Japanese hori-hori I've used in the past, and the serrated edge does not cut that well against bigger roots or thick clumps of them. I'd say have this tool for digging and heavy weeding, and have a hori-hori for finer weeding and for any cutting/slicing needs on-the-go. Essentially, great product and have a hori-hori, too!
- Robert from SC

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Spiral Hand Weeder (69A01.03)
Dandelion's Bane
For years I used Grandpa's Weeder, but had problems getting the taproots; they're really long with mature dandelions. With this tool I've pulled foot + taproots. There is a bit of a learning curve on placing the tool, you have to properly center it over the dandelion. The best time to use this is after it's rained, so the soil is soft and pulls easily. I find that I have to kneel down to really locate the center of the dandelion, so the short handle is actually a plus, as well as allowing for a full body pull when removing the plug of soil from the ground. I'm very pleased with this tool, and would recommend it for anyone dealing with weeds with long taproots.
- John from WA

March 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Gardener's Digging Tool (79W05.01)
My Wife REALLY Digs This!
My wife is an avid gardener but is decidedly NOT a tool lover. I've seen her struggle with inferior tools in her garden for years. The "drill" with getting her things that I KNOW will help her is this - I get her the tool that I know will do a superior job and will actually last for more than a season, and then I watch it be ignored for months (sometimes years) until one day, I'll see it in her hand and in USE all the time. I have bought several tools from Garrett Wade in the past months but this tool was a shocker! She was using it within a day of its being delivered! AND it has stayed covered in dirt and garden debris ALL THE TIME. It has become her GO TO gardening tool! She also loves (and constantly uses) the Super Penetration Shovel I got her through GW for Christmas. Great EXTRA QUALITY garden tools!
- Marvin from AL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - French Gardening Pruners (19S02.29)
"Jr" Sized Trim Pruner
Having used the full-sized bypass pruner for several years (still going strong) I decided to get the smaller trim pruner for harvesting fruit and herbs. It may not be as large as the other one but there's nothing light-duty about the way it's designed and built. And boy, its sharp. If you wash the tool regularly with soap and water as another customer recommends, I suggest that you waterproof the leather grips -- the "MinWax" combo oil/wax for furniture is ideal. Be sure the handles are thoroughly dry before applying, a cotton swab is fine to spreading it on, a couple coats may be necessary. Let dry before recoating, and several thin applications are better than just dolloping in on real thick. (the stuff is good for preserving wood handles on garden tools, too)
- Philip from CA

February 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - German Anchor Knife (02B04.01)
"Beautiful Steel"
My father was a life-long electrician and tool aficionado. I received a Solingen knife from an engineer friend in the "oil patch" years ago and when my dad saw that knife he looked at it reverently and used only two words to describe it: "beautiful steel". I gave that knife to him and he truly treasured it the rest of his life. When I saw this opportunity to replace it, I was sure I had to try, but wasn't at all sure that after 30 years, knives out of Solingen were still being made to those high standards. Well, this knife far exceeds the knife given to my dad (this being only my opinion as the "next generation on" of tool aficionado's" in my family). From its oak wood handle to the beautiful brass anchor inlay to the amazingly sharp blade, its truly the work of practical art that I hoped it would be. I too plan to treasure it for the rest of my life. And just to be sure its description is said the way it needs to be... "Beautiful Steel"!
- Marvin from AL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Small-Scale Clamps (10M06.10)
They Must Be Good ..
.. if they've been around this long. My dad ran a sheet metal fab shop in the 60's and I worked there in the summer. Being the boss's kid I got to do a lot of fun stuff. One thing was building a custom aluminum Buckminister Fuller dome on spec. Must have used a zillion of these to set up and then pop-rivet everything together. They grab and hold great. I have the feeling they go way back as my Dad worked in an aircraft factory during WWII and a lot of what he used he learned there. These could have been in existence then, although I don't really know. I would have bought these on nostalgia alone but they are super handy!
- Henry from CA

January 2014 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - XT8 Tactical Flashlight (73A02.01)
Awesome Little Light
This light is well designed for regular use. It comes with a belt holster which keeps it handy, but it is perfect for slipping into one of the leg pockets of my work pants (like carpenter's pants). It puts out as much light as my old 3 C cell Brinkmann while being much more handy to keep at your side all the time. I like the push button on the end cap and the fit and finish look top quality. The pocket clip is a bit stiff to hook it on my pants pocket, but once there it stays secure. I have not used it as a weapon as the literature suggests it could be used, but the scalloped bezel surround looks like it could certainly inflict some damage if you had nothing else on hand.
- Gene from IA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Mini Multi-Tool-8-in-1 (09B01.08)
Finally, An Ultralight Working Multitool
I confess to being a multi-tool collector and user. My wife and son know what to get me for Christmas or birthday -- when all else fails, go for the multi-tool. One would think that with the Leathermans, Swiss-Techs, and various knock-offs that I'd be a bit jaded. But this little one got me. I mean, who makes a multi-tool that only weighs an ounce and a half!? It's so light that I hardly notice it in my pocket. Best of all, though, is that the tools work. The knife cuts, and that is a big plus coming from a guy who obsessively sharpens all of his pocket knives. The screw driver screws and unscrews without getting distorted by the first job. The needlenose pliers actually meet evenly, and the highpoint is the flashlight. Unlike many multi-tool lights which tend to the feeble, this one is brighter than my mini Mag-lite. As far as I'm concerned, for everyday use, this multi-tool is like Karl Malden's American Express -- don't leave home without it.
- Jim from VA

December 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Universal Knife Sharpener (04D03.11)
Sharpest Knives
This is an inexpensive handy little tool that will provide your kitchen and personal knives with a consistently sharp holding edge. It is highly useful and well within your easy reach because it doesn't take up nay room. And while knives aren't sharpened to a dangerously razor edge level, they become effectively sharp and when dulled again from extensive use, their fine cutting edge can be restored in less than a minute--highly recommended.
- Carey from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Transparent Storage Boxes (06E01.07)
Perfect Storage Box
Great see-through storage box for small components and parts. The lower bins are large enough for up to 1-1/2" bolts and the upper tray has a handy tray and some dividers to allow a bit of "custom" fitting. The box has great snap fasteners to close and the reinforced corners protect the contents if you happen to drop the box. I also like the fact that the material allows the use of adhesive labels - I use clear with black lettering. I have several sizes and will continue to order this product.
- Glenn from OR

November 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Hi-Reach 19 ft Pole Trim Saw (86B01.06)
Neighbor Immediately Borrowed
Soon as my neighbor saw it, he asked to borrow. The next day we sawed approx. 8 to 10 limbs out of a large maple tree hanging over his driveway. He loved it and I also was much impressed with the usefulness and cutting ability of the saw. My neighbor & I help each other and part of my reason for buying the pole saw was for him to use to cut those limbs.
- Thomas from NC

Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Caframo EcoFans (25T05.01)
I purchased the Large Fan and love it. It sits on top of my hot wood stove and spins like crazy, using the free electricity it generates. Instead of just heating the large room it is in, my stove now heats the entire upper floor of my house. The fan wasn't cheap, but is worth every penny and should last for a very long time. It seems to be very well built.
- Thomas from CO

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - 4-Tine Digging Fork (79W07.01)
Strongest Fork Available
My parents taught me about gardening before I entered kindergarten, starting with planting sunflowers and pumpkins back around 1950. Its a great way to start kids -- sunflowers were taller than me, pumpkins were to heavy for me to pick up. Been gardening ever since. I take good care of my tools, storing them inside and dry. I've gone through many wooden-handled garden forks over the decades, the last handle falling off (*not* breaking) from dry rot inside the socket. This steel-handled, all welded steel fork with heavy tines should last me the rest of my life (and maybe one of my grand kids lives as well)! I think if I ever drove over it with my car a tire could be ruined from a puncture but the fork would be just fine.
- Dan from FL

October 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Model M30 LED Flashlight (04D03.30)
LED Flashlight
I've been cautious about spending a lot of money on a good LED flashlight. A year or so ago I bought one for both of our children, who were in college at the time. I finally broke down and bought the M30 Triton through your website. Just got back from a trip to Italy and used it walking along those narrow highways in the evening. Great flashlight. Very light and easy to carry. The diffuser was handy for use on the trail. Thanks so much.
- Brad from KS

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Steel Twist Gimlets (37J03.04)
Grand Dad's Gimlets
These gimlets are exactly what you said they are and do exactly what they are supposed to do. I remember when I used gimlets like these while I worked alongside my Grandpa at his workbench. Perhaps you can imagine my pleasure and joy when my Granddaughters, 8 and 10 years old, were excited when they saw the gimlets and gleefully used them to make screw holes on a new project. And thank you for the prompt service.
- Richard from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - French Nail Trimmers (02B13.08)
Tough Toenails
The trimmer is a finely made tool that any podiatrist would be proud to own. I was a mountain climber as a youth, resulting in thick toenails from jammed toes. These trimmers are designed to approach the toenail safely from the end, thus avoiding tissue injury. They are sharp and easily handled trimming toenails when others failed!
- John from UT

September 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Table-Top Oil Lamps (87A01.02)
VERY Well Made
I was more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of this little lamp. The fit and finish are exceptional. The knurls on the wick holder are somewhat recessed to the eye but not enough to prevent easy extraction or less star rating. Love the solid feel and weight. One would be well advised to adjust the wick to where it is barely proud of its keeper and trim any fuzz before first lighting. A timed test burn, while on vacation, shocked me when there was still an audible amount to slosh after an 18 hour burn! I was going to be happy with anything over 10 hours. A properly trimmed wick gives a very serviceable one inch flame, which grows to about one and a half inches once the font warms up in about an hour or so. This was with Klean-Heat brand fuel. It really keeps the kerosene smell out of the house.
- Bradford from WA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Japanese One-Handed Hoe (36J02.08)
Fine Tool
I have been using this tool frequently for over a year and it continues to be one of my favorites for planting seeds and shoots, weeding and neatening in my raised beds where I have done a fair amount of soil improvement to my rather heavy clay soil. It is well balanced and comfortable in my hand - a tool which is a pleasure to use. As Mr. Scott notes, it is well made and should last decades with reasonable care...
- Jonathan from PA

August 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Talon Pegboard Toolholders (09K01.01)
Well Done
These devices are well-engineered to perform a mundane task with the best possible results; pegboard toolholders that are securely fastened to the pegboard allowing tools to be properly positioned. I am very pleased with the results of having various items displayed upon pegboard with the knowledge they will remain in my intentioned configuration.
- Kenneth from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Work Sharp 3000 (76B01.01)
Work Sharp Sweet
I am a gunsmith of 39 years and full time custom gun builder for 12 years. I have never found an easy way to maintain my chisels until now. 30 minutes after I received my Worksharp 3000 I was sharpening everything in the shop, a lot of things I had put off until I "was in the mood" Don't have to be in the mood now. Flat chisels, gouges, even my lathe tools are spooky sharp and turn so much cleaner wood. I did purchase an extra glass plate and serrated plate and now I have all the grits covered. I can change grits in mere seconds, and keep on sharpening. I even use this for my engraving tools. Wonderful machine!!
- David from TN

July 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Extra HD Screwdriver Set (05R01.03)
Old Tanker
Gifts for my son and son-in-law to remind them and me of when I commanded tank units in the 60's. A great, sturdy tool that the crews treasured, kept rust free and never lost.
- Ed from NE

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Old Fashion Fly Swatter (19S15.21)
Old Fashion Fly Swatter
I am 81 years young and it is a joy to find an item built the old way and not with plastic. This swatter kills more flies per swat then any plastic one I bought before. So now it’s Garrett Wade before anyone else, if they don't have it I don't buy it.
- Bill from NC

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Rattan Carpet Beater (96S03.01)
Rattan Carpet Beater
I love my Rattan Carpet Beater!! I grew up in Finland and as a child spent many a day alongside my mom whipping them rugs. Not until I was an adult did I realize how mentally ''cleansing'' this weekly ritual was. Get out those frustrations, plus get a clean rug, equals win-win, no? Thank you again for uplifting my life.
- Tuula from CA

June 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Setting Up Shop (070887)
My Shop
For many years, I have spent very happy hours in a small shop in the roof of my house, where I repair all sorts of things. I like to have the right tool to get the job done and Garrett Wade has been a jewel of a source to get just what I need. After all, as the saying goes, the right tool is half the job. Years ago I realized my interest was more intellectual than practical: I enjoy solving a problem even if I don't always have the skills to get the job done on the first try. Here too, Garrett Wade's often come to the rescue with the right type of pliers, the specific drill bit or an exceptionally creative screwdriver. I am now planning to expand my shop and am looking for ideas and examples to follow. The book I just bought will surely help me turn my dream shop into a reality.
- Luis from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - LED Camping Lantern (16A01.01)
Well made and bright
I got this as a gift for my husband to replace a large lantern that ran on the old 6 volt lantern batteries which are not easy to find. While this does not cast quite as nice a light as the old lantern it is bright, and is much smaller and runs on AA batteries. We will use it mostly as an emergency light but it looks like it would be great for camping .I was going to give this four stars because the LED's cannot be replaced, but then I found out that the manufacturer expects them to last 10,000 hours. I doubt very much I'll ever burn them out!
- Suzanne from RI

May 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Folding Pruning Saw (23K04.04)
Well Made
This wood saw makes short work of cutting limbs whether live or dead. Just had a heavy snow which bent and broke many tree limbs in the community. My Magnolia tree lost 3 limbs. Trimmed up the breaks and broken limbs in short order. Two of the limbs were 5 inch diameter. The blade flexes like a normal handsaw. The crosscut teeth cut with each stroke, to and fro. Well made compact handsaw.
- John from IA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Improved Yankee Screwdriver (08C03.01)
Improved Yankee Screwdriver
I bought the large screwdriver for my boyfriend because he had been looking for an old one in good condition. Being the good researcher that I am, I found Garrett Wade and could not have been happier with the choice to buy from them! Customer service was excellent and the package shipped very quickly. My boyfriend loves the Yankee screwdriver and bit set; he tries to use it whenever he can! Very pleased!! It works very well with little effort. The only thing I would possibly modify is adding a handle to the bit set for ease of carrying it around.
- Emily from IN

April 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Personal Machete (04D04.16)
Exceeded Expectations
I am in a wheelchair on disability so I don’t have much money. I buy about an item a year for myself and when I saw this in the catalog I just hoped it would be as nice as it looked. The balance and weight is superb, finish is top-notch and it fits in my backpacks ski slots as if made for it. Maple suckers-BEWARE!
- Scott from ME

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - M30 LED Flashlight (04D03.30)
Revolutionary Technology Leap
This light is a revolutionary leap in technology. I have been carrying an 18'' Maglite that has 5 D batteries for years. Not only is this light less than half it's size, a 1/4 of it's weight, it's 4 or 5 times as powerful. It also allows you the flexibility of illumination choices to suit your needs. I feel it is worth every penny of the cost and am very close to ordering my second one.
- Louis from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Unlimited-Length Cable-Tie (41B03.01)
Cable Strapping Gun
Recently I purchased a cable strapping gun because I had one 25 years ago and used it nearly every day. I had a fairly big project securing some electrical wire to the bottom of a wooden fence rail and about 1/3 of the way into the project, it started to falter. So I wrote a nasty review and email to GW, not expecting to hear from anyone. HOLY NO EXPECTATIONS BATMAN! It wasn’t long before I got an email from Susan M. who said GW would send a replacement, no questions asked. She was convinced I simply got a bad unit. It was delivered after a technician tested it. I’ve had the replacement about a month now and have used it at least 20 times with no problems at all. Awesome! In conclusion, you have impressed me because of Susan’s response and follow up to what could actually be called a minor problem. I probably would have just thrown it away, but now I am a happy camper and a lifelong customer of Garrett Wade. Thanks, Susan, for doing a great job.
- Chuck from AL

March 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Straight 13" Spade (79W01.01)
Straight Talk
This is the second straight spade we have purchased, both are well utilized in our firm's business of historic gravestone conservation. The spades and accompanying footrests are by far the favorite shovel of our crew - which is why a second one was needed. A terrific product that cuts sod around stones easily and is strong enough to use daily with no ill effects to the spade. Highly recommended if you have difficult digging jobs that require care around easily chipped/scratched objects like old slate and marble gravestones.
- Jim from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Wire Mesh Safety Guard (19R06.01)
Eye Protection
Outstanding eye protection for yard and shop. Affords excellent field of vision. The mask protects the fact from briars in the yard, stones from weedeater, etc. I used this weekend with circular saw and felt a good level of confidence with eye protection. Did not fog up at all and fits easily over eyeglasses. The sweat band in the head strap is a plus out in the yard. Highly recommended.
- Perry from NC

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Specialty Cleaning Brushes (45A03.06)
Simple and Effective
If you often find yourself without the canned air for blowing off your keyboard, this is the ticket. Cleans effectively, simply, and in the long run is cheaper than buying canned air. And it doesn't go empty!
- Paul from CO

February 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Boker Whittler's Penknife (05D01.03)
Woodcarver’s Tool
I hate to say how many carving tools I own, way more than I or any other carver needs. I have a thing for well made and well thought out tools. This knife was obviously designed for the serious whittler. I have a drawer full of pocket knives but I carry this one. I have found whittling to be a very satisfying and relaxing art form that allows room for the constant improvement of skills, it is a true craft. Boker is top shelf, this one comes sharp and ready to go. Perfect for figure carving or just shaving wood.
- Allen from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Italian Grafting Tools (45T01.15)
Great Grafting Tool!
I got interested in fruit tree grafting and wanted a better and safer way than using my sharp pocketknife. I purchased the standard grafting tool. After only a few grafts I can see it does accurate cuts and makes the job faster and easier. So glad I got it!
- Janet from CA

January 2013 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Gunsmith Screwdrivers (83R05.01)
Sign of a Good Craftsman
When I was a very young man I was told that there could be seen very often a certain sign of a craftsman, a man who loved his craft and the material with which he worked, by observing his tools. The tools themselves have a certain beauty about them and are not unlike old but comfortable sweaters or such with which a person has become familiar. I have been an artist and woodcarver all of my adult life and I have noticed that there is indeed a certain beauty about the tools themselves in the hands of one who loves his work. It is difficult to find such tools today, but your company really surprises me with the quality of your wares. They are not "cheap" by any means, but they are very good indeed, and they are beautiful to see, to hold, to work with. Well, as is often said:"You get what you pay for!" Thank you for being there for us.
- William from NY

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - German-Made Hand Drills (08C03.03)
Precision holes are what I needed
I started with the smaller hand drill with the intention using it for starter holes. I found the accuracy of my work was greatly improved over using an automatic center punch. I also discovered that even drilling steel was easy with this hand tool. I stepped up to the larger drill and frequently find it much more useful than the electric powered ones. In fact while working on a particular job my partner saw me installing a bit on it and said "I’m going to the truck .... I’m not using that 18th century technology!" Well by the time he got back I had all 5 holes drilled and tapped in exactly the right spot! I showed him how for soft materials you could chuck up a tap and make quick work of threads in the field. I am totally delighted with this tool and very pleased with the craftsmanship and balance. Plus the fact I enjoy doing the work "old school"!
- George from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Pewter Tool Key Chains (02R01.01)
Sadly my father passed away last year, and when I saw these key rings I just had to order them. You see, my father could fix anything and one of the things I will always remember him by is that he always had a crescent wrench with him ready to fix whatever might need fixing. So I bought all my siblings a key ring to remember him by and I now plan on ordering enough for all his grandchildren and his two great-grandchildren. Thanks Garrett Wade P.S. Great quality also!
- Noel from CT

December 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Four-Fold Wood & Brass Rule (88G03.03)
One Yard At A Time
I gave these to members of my family. They are beautiful and what surprised me is how my 8 year old grandson, Samuel, really liked it. The graphic lettering and cleverness of the way it unfolds makes it one the best gifts I handed out in 2012. With all things so electronic and digital--this brings us back to treasured things and time.
- Tom from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Sturdy Document Cases (96N03.16)
Sturdy and a good value
These cases are rugged and very functional. I use them for transporting papers mixed with steno pads, a couple of pens, and a few catalogs. Just thick enough to hold everything. The construction of them makes them uncrushable and though the closing tabs do sometimes pop off (they go back on), the design of the edges of the case makes it stay aligned and closed even without the latches. Also great for keeping tool manuals together with adjusting tools. I keep my table saw manual with the needed hex keys and screwdrivers for brake adjustment and throat plate switches all in one of these cases on a shelf right under my extension table.
- Sarah from NY

November 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Woodworker's Trimming Planes (83R01.06)
Great shoulder plane
I just got this plane in the mail today and it totally exceeded my expectations! The sole of the plane came flat and registered with the sides, the mouth was square. The only problem with the tool was that the blade was not ground square but it didn’t take that long to square it up. I think that for the money you would have a hard time finding a better shoulder plane.
- Justin from IL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - German Safety Goggles (45A04.04)
Looking Retro
Aside from looking goofy, these are great for most jobs where eye safety is important. I do a lot of automobile work so having good eye coverage is critical. And besides, looking retro is hip...
- Stanley from TX

October 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Real Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter (19S15.21)
Best Buy Yet!!!
Best swatter ever!!! Almost shot the husband when he said he spent $40 on fly swatters. I am in love now! Husband forgiven. One easy swat is all it takes. No more flies going through those plastic ones. We gave 2 away to friends and they love them too!!! Highly recommend.
- Susan from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Japanese Mitre Squares (49N02.01)
Not aluminum! Stainless steel!! The nicest speed square I have ever used.
- Joseph from TX

September 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Magnetic Storage Panels (29A01.04)
Wonderful Addition to Any Workshop
This is a wonderful product. Absolutely worth the price. Easy to install and the magnetic area holds just about anything. I use it for the tools I typically use all the time and found the convenience super. I started with 4 panels. I plan to add more in the future. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.
- Michael from PA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Woodworking Starter Set (02E05.01)
The Beginner
Arrived quickly and in a real beautiful box. I sharpened and honed the planes and used them to smooth some old cedar boards. They worked flawlessly even for this beginning woodworker. A real joy using these types of tools instead of power sanding tools and the like. I have never used a spokeshave before but I can already see that it will be very useful as I progress in my journey from welder to woodworker.
- John from OK

August 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Automatic Punches (78B01.01)
Well Made
I have had the deep reach punch for at least four years. If you take this thing apart you will really appreciate the quality of this tool. Very nice and well made. The tip has gotten a little blunt, but a quick point can be achieved in a couple of minutes on a sharpening stone.
- Tim from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Bevel Edge Chisel Set (19K06.12)
High quality, good price
I received these chisels a few days ago and I was very impressed with the quality of the rosewood handles and the steel for the blades. The chisels only needed some light honing to make them razor sharp. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a high quality set of chisels for a good price.
- John from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Hand Tools DVD with Frank Klausz (061043)
Good basics
Frank Klausz really knows his field. He presents the basics in simple terms. That made me wonder why I have been so lax at doing this before. Of course, it takes an expert to simplify a craft. I even liked Frank’s European accent. : - )
- David from FL

July 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Folding Scissors (02B09.01)
Fabulous Quality
My folding scissors that I had owned for over 40 years mysteriously disappeared while in my check-in luggage. I despaired that I would ever be able to replace them. Voila--Garrett Wade came to my rescue with these quality folding scissors in a leather case. I know I have my trusty scissors in my purse whenever I need them.
- Hannah from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Brass Cased Knife (02E05.01)
Sharp one
This is a good example of the Japanese laminated steel blades - very hard steel in the middle with tough softer steel on both sides - you can shave with it and it stays sharp - and it should last forever.
- Wayne from TX

June 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Work Sharp 3000 (76B01.01)
Can't stop sharpening
I got this in particular to sharpen some old knives I had sitting around the house. Best thing I have ever purchased! I have sharpened everything from my pocket knives to old rusty chisels and it leaves everything razor sharp and able to split hairs. I find myself using tools and knives just so I can go back and sharpen them again. It would take a book to include everything I have sharpened with it including my Darts! This tool is priceless to anyone who needs razor sharp knives and tools! And at this price there is no fail!
- David from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Versatile XHD Chisel Knife (18N11.55)
Heavyweight lives up to specs
Massive steel blade feels even heavier than the 5/16" claim. Took this directly outside and trimmed some small branches from a fallen tree. Good balance and the heft does most of the work. Brought it back inside to try more delicate chisel work on a hinge mortise. Smacked the thick blade back with a hammer. This beauty will take a lot of abuse. Now at home in my toolkit.
- Timothy from NY

May 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Parallel Moving-Jaw Adjustable Wrenches (62K15.09)
After years of trying to keep my beloved channel-lock pliers in the right notch as I tried to tighten a large nut, I have the tool that will end that frustration. The parallel jaws are just right, and while it's sometimes a bit balky when adjusting the size, once you get it where you want it, it stays there. Just Marvelous.
- Dave from NC

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Heavy-Duty Garden, Sidewalk & Garage Broom (34M08.01)
A Man’s Working Broom
This is my second broom. My best friend saw it and took it with him. He said, “I will return it”, and he never did. Oh well that's what friends are for. Great broom and it does the job. I recommend it highly if you have some serious cleaning up to do.
- Robert from RI

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Italian-Made Copper Backpack Sprayer (42T01.01)
Revised Review
I wrote a disappointing review on April 24th. Today I am highly satisfied. Garrett Wade contacted me and replaced the spray wand at no charge. I am back to spraying my roses! Thank you, Garrett Wade, for standing behind your items.
- Frances B. from OH

April 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Oval Handled Cabinet Screwdrivers (37J01.08)
A Manly Tool
I bought this 10-inch cabinet screwdriver as revenge. Revenge for all the rusty screws that have defeated lesser screwdrivers. I'm tired of resorting to claw hammers and pry bars for disorderly demolition.
I was shocked when it arrived. Ten inches is only the length of the shank from ferrule to tip. With the handle, the overall length is 16-1/2 inches. The tip is a whopping 1/2-inch across. More than enough to man-handle any screw you might come across. It is a bevel, not a hollow grind. But I don't see it as a major issue. Unlike the 'Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set', which heavily sanded and rounded, no tune-up necessary. This tip is square and the bevel is freshly ground.
The grip is lightly stained and varnished. It has an oval profile approximately 1-3/4 x 2 inches at it's widest point. It feels very natural in the hand. No bumps or ridges to gouge your hand like smaller plastic grips. Enough handle to fill your hand...about the size of one of those squishy stress balls.
If you need maximum torque, the 1/2-inch round shank flattens down slightly to 5/16 and widens to 1-1/8. No need to use pliers. The flat area is over 3-1/2 inches. You can grab it squarely in the palm of your off hand. With both hands on the tool, you can lean into the screw to avoid cam-out. Twist away.
I wish I had found this magnificent screwdriver years ago. This is one tool that will be handed down to my sons...once they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.
- Alan from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Rugged Garden Multi-Tool (09A03.03)
Small tool packs a big punch
This multi-tool is an amateur gardener's delight. It's smaller than one might expect but much heavier, which indicates the quality of the tool. Switching from the little loppers to the small but sharp saw blade, for instance, is a breeze--and having all these tools in the same compact place at the same time has proven to be invaluable. Clean off each tool before folding it up, and trapped dirt inside the handles isn't as much of a problem as you might think. Highly recommended for taking care of small maintenance jobs.
- Jeff from CO

March 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Chainsaw Sharpeners (45T01.01)
Best Chain Sharpener
This is the best chain sharpener I have used. One was a knock off of a brand name sharpener. It was cheap and setup was constant. You get what you pay for. I tried my neighbors Oregon sharpener (it’s more than twice the price of Garrett Wade’s Italian sharpener) and it is not as easy to use. Setup and use is intuitive. I set it up using Garrett Wade’s re-written instructions. I first sharpened an old 28” chain that I didn't care if I screwed up. Once the sharpener is set up it is very quick. Even working carefully to make certain the set up had not changed, I spent much less than a half hour sharpening the entire chain. I spent some time cleaning up a few links and tried it out. FANTASTIC!!! It actually cut better than a factory chain! I am impressed. I highly recommend this sharpener, especially if you are a casual wood cutter and have trouble sharpening your chains. Over the years this sharpener will save you time and money, to say nothing of the safety of cutting with a sharp chain.
- Don from CA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Ergonomic Driver (08C03.05)
Great Tool
I purchased this driver to use with various driver bit sets I have acquired. It appears to be a well thought through device designed for the professional but also convenient for the occasional user. It is fully ratcheting, changing direction by rotating a ring. The handle is big enough (about an inch in diameter) to feel secure in the hand, and it has flat depressions on two sides that grip very comfortably. You can also pivot the top half over a bit more than 45 degrees to provide extra leverage when you need it. It comes with six bits stored in the handle, and I am using it with other bit sets. The bits are held magnetically. I have only used it a few times, but it is a very solid and comfortable driver. I expect that I will feel even better about it when I use it on a big job. For those not used to working, it is heavier than a normal screwdriver or non-ratcheting driver. You will notice the weight, but it is not as heavy as one would expect for such a solid device (probably because of the glass fiber construction), and it is very comfortable to hold.
- Mark from PA

February 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Behlen Solar Lux (NGR) Dye Stain (99P10.01)
Secret Stain of the Old Masters
Restoring an antique with red mahogany finish and want original museum quality color? Behlen Solar Lux NGR Stain in Medium Brown Mahogany is the EXACT color of almost all 1880 - 1950 Red Mahogany wood furniture and Mahogany finishes. It does not stain the wood - it DYES the wood and will not leave splotchy color ever. It’s always even and perfect regardless of wood. Brush it on, let it stand for 30 seconds and wipe it off. Beautiful, clear wood grain will show and spectacular ORIGINAL color. The stain does not sit on the surface as oil stains do which is why it is so even and perfectly balanced when it dries. It will NOT raise the grain. Try it!
- Stuart from MO

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill (69P01.01)
Why didn’t I buy one sooner?
I find that I reach for this more often than I ever imagined because it's so much easier to manage in tight spaces. Recently I was replacing some under-the-cabinet lighting in the kitchen with new LED lights. In the past, the electric drill made this job one that would usually lead to more than a few curses because it was impossible to see what you're doing and hold the heavy electric drill straight so as to not break the drill bit and to control it so I didn't come up through the cabinet. With the Yankee Push Drill you have so much more control and room to work. In addition, the drilling power of these bits is quite impressive. Works beautifully every time and it has such a nice weighty feel in your hand. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner!
- Thomas from VA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Gerstner International Large Rolling Cabinet (96M01.05)
Well Made & Useful Roll-away
I love this roll-away cabinet. I have the companion large chest and base, and don't worry about my precision layout tools or edged tools rusting due to the ability of the wood to modulate the humidity and temperature changes. There is a reason the old time machinists used wooden Gerstner tool chests, and tool protection is the key. Yes, it is imported, and that keeps the cost reasonable. The fit and finish of my units are excellent, and like another reviewer indicated, this set looks like furniture. I would not hesitate to buy another stack if I had the room for it.
- Dale from CA

January 2012 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Extra Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set (05R01.03)
Perfect Drivers
The Garrett Wade set of Perfect Handle screw drivers is just about as close as one could get for a modern version of the old H.D. Smith Perfect Handle drivers. The set is composed of 4 flat blade drivers. Each driver is well made and is shipped in an oiled plastic bag assembled in a thin cardboard box. The fit and feel of the drivers is good and is easily improved as follows... I just rub the wood with 0000 steel wool which knocks down any varnish whiskers. The result is a great feeling wooden handle. Overall I give these reproductions 5 stars and applaud Garrett Wade for searching out and carrying them.
- Art from CT

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Swiss Army Axes (04D04.11)
Great Ax!
I've been looking for a short-handled ax and I'm glad I found this Swiss Army ax! It's sharp and has a heavy, full-sized head on an ash handle. It works! It does the job on our two-acre wooded lot (tall oaks, hickory, poplar). I use a bow saw a lot, but I also need more than a hatchet to work in confined areas on downed branches, etc.
- Jerry from MD

December 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Tilt Top Table (15)
Carlyle Lynch Queen Ann Table
This, and Garrett Wade's other Carlyle Lynch plans, are sheer delight. Any true craftsman will appreciate Lynch's labor of love. Painstakingly measured from a classic antique original with instructions that suffice for the advanced wood worker. Could be executed with power tools, but really are a worthy candidate for hand-tool-only construction. These plans are almost impossible to find at any price, except at Garrett Wade. The cost is often less than that of those produced for the mass market dilettante. An inexpensive route to an heirloom piece.
- Shel from MA

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Micro Scissors & Micro Pliers (72A01.20)
Micro Scissor & Pliers Set
I must confess that when I placed the micro scissors and pliers set into my online shopping cart, I had only a vague idea of how I might actually use them. Now, two months and several dozen tied flies later, I can strongly recommend the set for use tying streamers, wet flies and anything requiring spun dubbing. I appreciate the precision and ease of use of the set, especially where spaces are too small for my clumsy fingers to fit. If you're even thinking about purchasing the set without a clear idea of how you'll use it, take the plunge, put it in your cart and you'll certainly be glad you did.
- Charles from IL

November 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Portable Nail/Staple Gun Kit (11B01.01)
More than a great nailer/stapler kit
I needed to replace my stapler and CO2 regulator. The kit price is almost half than replacing them separately. I used the kit to panel closets on a third floor apt. I used the CO2 to power framing and finish nailers in recent renovations on three floors and on exterior trim on a ladder. Very accurate gauge, dream to use in difficult spots, and works with my larger canisters, which the case should be designed to accommodate, my only criticism. Be careful to completely close and completely open regulator before and after each use, or risk breaking the gauge. Hardly use the compressor anymore.
- Jim from ME

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - German Convex-Edge Axes (77A01.01)
I am the director of a Bavarian/Austrian Folk Dance troupe which performs a traditional men's dance, called the Holzhacker (wood chopper). The performers represent Alpine loggers on a cold, winter day. As they dance, they slap their hands and feet to keep warm, then take up their axes and chop logs in rhythmic patterns to the music.
As you may imagine, it was exhilarating to find genuine Bavarian axes on your website! We bought several of them and plan to buy more. We appreciate the superb quality of these axes: the balance and artistic curvature of the handle, designed for smooth, efficient movements, and the natural materials which are not spoiled by stamps and labels. The clean, professional performance of these axes means that we can now give a cleaner and more professional performance as well. The musical ring is a nice touch! We also look forward to putting these axes (and our men) to work on a stack of winter firewood. Thank you for making these authentic, quality axes available to us!
- Tina from CO

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Super-Smooth Japanese House Scissors (10A01.01)
It is a well-known fact that seamstresses and home-crafters have made use of their husbands' tools for many years. This household is no exception. I have made a deal with mine: I'll leave your shop alone if you leave my sewing tools alone! He always wants to grab my scissors...just for a minute, Dear. When I saw these, I thought they would be nice to have around for his little purposes. Little did I know that they would rival the precision and sharpness of some of my better sewing shears! and I am so glad I did not tell him that I was getting them. These will remain in my sewing room, and I will be getting another pair to use around the house. I really was delightfully surprised at the quality - you won't be unhappy with the purchase. They are well worth the price.
- BYF from MI

October 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - 12 Piece Mini File Set (05R01.05)
12 Piece Mini-File Set
I don't know why I haven't bought a set of these files before. I bought individual files at tool sales, but they were cheap and cumbersome to use without permanent handles, and they were 'throw-aways' usually after one use. My new set of Garrett-Wade mini-files have several advantages for me: they address a range of needs, they are well made with permanent handles, they store in a secure case, and I save money in the long run not having to buy individual cheap throw-aways, and driving all over trying to find a hardware store that carries the one I need.
- Richard from TN

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - SOG Field Electricians Knife (04D03.04)
My Work Pal
Just purchased this knife; have been looking for something for work for about three years. I work for a computer connectivity company and cut cable. This knife helps me set gauge for my machine, strip lengths, and also has saved a lot of time with one hand opening, closing. It has become my everyday knife as well. Thanks. Keep up with these great products.
- Mike from MA

September 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Japanese Hatchet (19S13.01)
Whack and It Is Gone
I work with a team that records petroglyphs. Often there is a limb in the way of our efforts. One whack with this and it is gone. I like it better than the clippers, saw, and machete I have used. The weight means a lot of force comes from a flick of the wrist. I did modify the handle with electrical tape to cover the open slot in the handle that holds the blade. A never mind process. I suspect that this is the traditional method of attaching the blade to the handle. Would be nice if it was wrapped when the customer received it.
- Gary from NM

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Wood Handled Sliding Blade Knife (78B04.01)
The Perfect Rough Carver
Those people critical of this beauty simply were expecting something different. This is a screw lock-blade with an extraordinarily comfortable and beautiful wooden handle. It is not a push-button utility knife that one might get at Wal-Mart. My wife bought me one, and it lay unused for months until I had the right job for it, doing some hand carving of mahogany and walnut, and the knife is perfect. The blade is strong and sturdy and retains an excellent edge, even after carving mahogany and walnut, both tough hardwoods. It is a 5-star knife all the way, baby.
- Jim from VA

August 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - High-Tech Inspection Magnifier (30C04.07)
Great Accessory for Hobbies or Inspecting Small Items
Bought this for inspecting small machine parts but found many other uses quickly. Use it inspecting any small object you are working on for flaws or cracks indicating replacement. Light is invaluable as adequate lighting is almost never there when you need it. Will buy another for backup.
- Jack from FL

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Tactical High-Tech Mil-Spec XT8 (73A02.01)
Amazing Flashlight!
When I first saw these flashlight developed, I said "It'll be a cold day in August when I spend 80 bucks on a flashlight!” Well, I still marvel at this little light’s power each time I use it. No more bulky portable spotlights, this tiny unit does it, and fits in my back pocket. An excellent, solid product. Thanks!
- Ken from MN

July 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Face Frame Clamp (35N07.06)
Great Clamp
A great clamp, long needed. You may want to C-clamp the friction end in place--and you can easily remove the friction slide and C-clamp the unit's free end on material thicker than 7/8 inch. Once in place it holds great and stays there. The face frame clamp can also be used with a "positioning square" for precision work.
- Bob from NV

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Slo Set Glue (62J04.01)
True to Its Name
I needed a slo-set glue that allowed over 30 minutes open time. I glued three 86 inch pieces of bendable plywood together (I had to roll glue on 4 surfaces) around an irregular pattern that required dozens of clamps and several straps to keep in place. Thanks to this glue, I had over 30 minutes of time in which to do it and it was a solid job. I highly recommend it to anyone.
- George from PA

June 2011 Rate and Review Winners
Grand Prize $100 Winning Review - Ball Peen Hammers (05S13.01)
3oz.Ball Peen Hammer
After reading some of the reviews, I still bought the 3oz. ball peen hammer, thinking that whatever was wrong or less than desirable I could fix. After using it for a short while the string started to unravel. So I took it off and put my own on there, about four inches' worth along the handle with some Titebond glue. Much better grip and more of it. The head was a little loose so I whacked it with my 16oz. and got it good and tight. Then I drilled two small holes at the top and knocked in some slightly wider nails in place of a wedge. It'll never come off. Now I've got a good little hammer. It took a little work, but I enjoyed doing it. Now I would rate it a 5.
- Shade Tree Mechanic from TX

Honorable Mention $50 Winning Review - Folding Scissors (02B09.01)
Folding Scissors
Dear Garrett Wade, This is my fourth and fifth pair of French folding scissors. My own pair, I bought in San Francisco almost 40 years ago and they have had tons of use and are still perfect. I am always so worried that you will stop having them and we will all be worst off for the disappointment. What fabulous instruments they are. Love them being in a 'leather' snap pouch too. Don't ever stop doing what you are doing so well. Your service is excellent and all your wonderful tools are the best quality. Ahhh... but back to these scissors..... they are a wonder and magical to hold in ones hand. I take them out of my purse just to hold them. Thanks for the great and fast service too.
- Lynn from WA