Replacement Jaws for our Professional Soft Jaw Pliers

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Replacement Jaws for our Professional Soft Jaw Pliers
91P05.06 Repl. Jaws (6 Pc) for Needle Nose Pliers

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94P04.02 Repl.Jaws for Slip Joint Pliers

Out of stock


94P04.03 Replacement Jaws (Slip Joint)

In stock


94P05.02 Repl.Jaws (2 Pc) for Pipe Pliers-Round Objects

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94P05.03 Repl.Jaws (2 Pc) for Pipe Pliers-Square Object

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These are the replacement jaws for our various Professional Soft Jaw Pliers. All are made of a special resin designed not to ruin surfaces such as bathroom fittings, polished brass hardware, or the plastic trim on your car.

Select the corresponding style based on the which Soft Jaw Plier you purchased. They are very easy to replace yourself with a screwdriver.

Please note these only fit our Soft Jaw Pliers. See the link above for the actual pliers. These are just the replacement jaws. Made in Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Good tool but has limitations

    Carmine Esposito, 1/1/2019 Good tool to have for items that have a nice finish that you don't want to mar. The downside is that the grip on the item in the jaws of the tool is a bit slippery, so it is hard to get a good bite. If an item is stuck on and you are trying to twist it off w/ the tool, it will likely slip on you.
  • Soft Jaws

    Stephen Shecora, 4/1/2018 Soft Jaws works great on fragile chrome both in the Home and in the Garage working on your favorite HotRod! Will not mar or scratch soft medials or wood.
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