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It'll make you feel like you're in an old movie
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45A04.01 Historic "Aviator" Goggles

In stock


45A04.02 2mm Green Lenses

In stock


45A04.03 1mm Gray Lenses

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45A04.10 “Aviator” (all lenses)

In stock

Regular Price: $67.55

Special Price $59.95

Harley Davidson riders, pilots of historic open-cockpit planes, even bicycle riders concerned about blowing dust or roadside particulates - you've never seen anything as cool as these are. If you want to instantly stand out from the pack, this is one way to do it. Plus, they really work perfectly. Aluminum frames, very comfortable cushioned leather face padding and a middle hinge that is totally flexible, ensure that they are going to fit well - guaranteed.

Clear 2mm thick curved plastic lenses are standard but accessory lenses are available: Medium Gray (UV protection) and Bright Green (adds to sharpness of sight in sunny environments that also are shaded - moving from light to dark). The fact that the eye-protection function works extremely well is pretty terrific, but the added plus is that these are a huge amount of fun to boot.
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Overall Rating
  • Very good for keeping debris from eyes and fit around breathing masks I have

    Sheila, 11/5/2017 Just right for me...they keep yard dust from my severe dry eyes tho must remove glasses to use. Hardware store goggles just don't fit with glasses/without and create humidity dripping to obstruct view...Now I understand actual prescription lenses can be bought for some goggles but, whoopee...the cost is phenomenal
  • retro goggles

    Donald Bahn, 9/10/2017 In every way these goggles are very classic. Great detail in the frames and unique look overall. This style is rarely found except in old photos. Real leather, no plastic. Comfortable, lightweight and excellent fit. They are however a light duty use item. Well made, but thin materials. I purchased all the lenses the thin gray lens slides behind the green lens making a better darkness for day ues. Very satisfied overall.
  • aviation goggles

    Ann V, 5/22/2017 The goggles are cheaply made. The head strap is cheap cheap elastic. The nose bridge looks and feels as though it will not last for more than one or two uses. I returned the item because of the poor quality.
  • Perfect gift item

    Wendy, 1/14/2017 Perfect gift for my hard to buy for brother who just finished restoration on his vintage motorcycle! Love them!
  • Look cool but only fair.

    Topher, 12/15/2016 The lens frame is flimsy. The headband not very substantial. The smoke replacement lenses are not pre-curved
  • Classy Classics.

    Steve, 4/18/2016 In every way these goggles are very classic. Great detail in the frames and unique look overall. This style is rarely found except in old photos. Real leather, no plastic. Comfortable, light weight and excellent fit. They are however a limited, light duty use item. Well made, but thin materials. I will be using these only for show and limited wear at various vintage bike events where they will have the perfect look. Also purchased the gray lens, a good addition. Very satisfied overall.
  • Cheaply Made

    Mitch McInelly, 12/17/2014 These goggles are very flimsy and cheaply made. The lenses are thin and the headstrap will break easily. It's way overpriced for what you get, and looks much better on the website than it is.
  • Eye Goggles

    Michael Latzke, 10/5/2014 These goggles are a lot of fun they are a match to old ww2 tank drivers and bikers for the Americans in the war they are well made with real leather and fit perfectly. I wanted them for my bike but get the tinted shades to go with if you can.
  • Shades For Goggles

    Michael Latzke, 10/5/2014 A must if you get the goggles, I change them over right away and they are just right tint for my rides.
  • Fit Perfectly

    Joel, 12/19/2013 These classic-looking goggles fit perfectly. I can wait to wear them while riding in our convertible!
  • Goggles

    Stev, 2/25/2013 Shaped/clear lenses distorted; shaped/green lenses cracked/sharp edges at bottom, little distortion; photo grey (1mm) lenses physically smaller that either above, ill fitting & allow too much air to pass to be practical. Ideal for the look", impractical for actual use (i.e. motorcycle riding)."
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