Revolving Leather Hole Punch

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Revolving Leather Hole Punch
Precision crafted in Germany
15K01.01 Revolving Leather Hole Punch

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Whether punching new holes in a leather belt, repairing a canvas or vinyl tarp or tent, or whenever any need arrives to make a hole in soft material, this is the tool you’ll need. You’ve seen many like it, but this one is far superior in quality and function. If you don’t have one already, we can promise that before the year is out, you’ll wish you did.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Product

    Charlene, 9/20/2020 Perfect for leather goods
  • Leather Punch

    Sharon , 5/3/2020 Works great. Always reliable. Very pleased with it.
  • Hole in One or Two or More

    Richard Holloway, 4/3/2020 Wonderful and very useful tool!
  • just like old times

    Jessica, 3/15/2019 So pleased to find this quality hole-punch. I have a vintage one that I have used forever, and I have bought one of these for each of my children--it's a necessity!
  • Works well and economical

    CARL B SHELLEY, 2/3/2019 Ideal for resizing leather belts
  • Excellent

    Jennifer, 12/9/2018 LOVE this hole punch. I have horses and have had several hole punches that have never worked. Always too hard to use, always double punched holes. This hole punch is awesome - easy to use and nice clean holes. Highly recommend.
  • Good product

    George Sanchez, 7/7/2018 Great product well made very sturdy
  • Exactly right.

    Lori Umberg, 5/5/2018 Excellent! Bought this one to replace one I got from Amazon that’s wheel would not hold position while punching. This tool from Garrett Wade is fantastic. Extremely well made. Worth paying a little more for much better quality.
  • Great seller.

    A J, 4/3/2018 Delivered on time. High quality, useful tool. I'd recommend.
  • Improved Leather Belt Comfort and Fit

    John, 12/27/2016 My pants have either been too loose and starting to fall down or too tight and uncomfortable. And both could happen during one day. I've been losing some weight and my favorite leather belt needed another hole in it to be just right. When I opened my Christmas present from my wife, yesterday, I found this revolving hole punch from Garrett Wade and knew I had another quality tool and solution from them. I've just now easily punched a new hole in my belt and my pants fit so much better. They're very comfortable and secure now. I'm looking forward to using this fine tool again for other projects. Thank you for your quality tools.
  • Quality Tool

    Adam, 11/2/2016 This is a well made, solid, rotary hole punch. The punches are steel, removable & replaceable though shouldn't need to for quite some time. Made in Germany. Have only seen one other that is better made but also significantly more expensive at around $80.
  • Lots of Fun!

    Charles A Berg, 8/5/2015 This review applies to the whole list of things I recently bought. Being a retired engineer, I might criticize some aspects of this gear, especially the packaging. It is expensive enough to expect that the manufacturer might have provided individual boxes fir such items as snap parts and rivets/washers. But, forget that for now. (At 82 I have plenty of old medicine vials for that purpose.) The fact is that I am having so much fun learning elementary leather work with these tools that I just cannot complain about minor flaws is such things as packaging. Charles A Berg
  • Hand Held Hole Punch

    Edward, 6/12/2015 This tool is an excellent example of German manufacturing. Punch hole function works very smoothly and accurately. Recommended for those that work with leather, paper, cloth, canvas etc.
  • Quality

    Steve Van Kauwenbergh, 3/7/2015 I was a shoe repair man for 12 years. Worked my way through school. Punched 10s of thousands of holes in leather. This is by far the best!
  • Good Quality None Better

    Thomas, 3/1/2015 This seems to be the best quality tool I have ever found to date. I wish it was a little heavier but time will be the judge of durability. I have not had it long enough to determine the actual quality.
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