Right Angle Torsion-Box Clamp

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Clearance Right Angle Torsion-Box Clamp
Works like magic when others don't
35N07.07 Right Angle Clamp

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35N07.70 Right Angle Clamp (2)

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This is the companion to the Face Frame Clamp . Its design makes it ideal for the classic torsion-box construction - holding a board up to 7/8" thick of any length.

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Overall Rating
  • Right angle clamps

    Ken Bayer, 11/6/2017 These clamps are a great substitute for a very long bar clamp. If you work alone like I do, you can't get a long bar clamp on a cabinet with pads to protect the edges.These clamps allow you to clamp one side at a time. I have six of them.
  • Quality Product

    Scott McElhearn, 12/20/2014 This was a welcome addition to our tools. My wife especially loves it as she has had many times in the past that this would have made the job easier. It is so easy to work with. Thank-you for quick service too. It arrived even faster than you said it would.
  • Gripe is that it does not grip

    William J Graff, 6/22/2014 The concept looks good but the piece that is on the hinge simply does not grip the diagonal piece of wood. I ordered two of these and they both will not grip. We looked through the packaging for a rubber to attach to surface and could not find anything. Concept looks good..to bad. I cannot figure out other reviews that seemed happy enough. I invited neighbors to see if I was missing something. No luck.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Right Angle Clamp. Our technician has recommended gluing a piece of 80 or 100 grit sandpaper to the 2 grip surfaces. We hope this helps. If you have further questions, please call 1-800-221-2942 for technical assistance.

  • Useful Clamp

    Stefan, 12/17/2013 The clamp is helpful when doing special projects. Its not an everyday clamp but it works when needed.
  • Pefect Box Clamp

    SDH, 3/3/2013 These are great for holding box corners during glue up. Easy to use and work great on small project where long clamps get in the way. I have make a few small rubber pads when working on delicate woods/projects. I have 4 and can do all four joints at one time. The die cast aluminum body is great, light weight compared to my many cast iron clamps. These are great, a recommend for every woodworking shop.
  • Right Angle Clamp

    Tim Bledsoe, 1/2/2013 The clamp does exactly what I bought it for. Facelifting cabinets and used w/floor stand I rigged it saved lots of time and time definitely is money.
  • Great item!

    Michael Wirth, 11/26/2010 Very simple and easy to use. Very easy to square and to align top edges. Well designed and setup is very simple given that only one vise needs to be screwed down.
  • Great Clamp

    Reed Jackson, 12/5/2009 This is one handy clamp. It is incredible in its versatility in assisting with construction of cases when you are gluing them up or aligning your projects. Buy at least two, but four of these clamps can really be a godsend when woodworking. A very handy tool you will get a lot of use from.
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